My Second

May 2, 2014 – 2:13 pm


When I was a senior in high school, I had an experience, that my husband loves for me to relate and asked me to send it to you. I was a very popular girl, a cheerleader and budding model. I was dating one of the most popular senior athletes, named Kyle, in the school. Kyle was very cute, over six feet tall, blonde hair, blued eyed and muscular. I gladly gave up my virginity to Kyle the summer before our junior year and had regular sex with him after. Our senior year a black guy named Andre’ moved into our suburban town and when school started he and Kyle became fast friends being the two best athletes in the area. We often did things as a trio, going to parties and movies as Andre got to know people around town. Andre lived alone with his father in a rather modest home in a poor section of town. Although Andre was black he never talked like a player or had an attitude towards us. Andre’s father wasn’t home much and he didn’t have alot of money so Kyle often asked me to let Andre come with us on dates and stuff and Kyle, whose parents were wealthy, would always pay for the three of us, often making Andre uncomfortable.


My prudish father didn’t like Andre hanging around but he just warned me to be careful. Anyway halfway through the basket ball season Andre got hurt and had to miss two weeks of games. One weekend while the team went out of town. I had to stay at home with my little sister because my parents had to be out of town. The Friday night my sister went to our Aunt and Uncles to spend the night with cousins and I told them I was going to stay at home and study and talk on the phone. While at home the phone rang, and expecting a girlfriend I rushed to answer but instead it was Andre’. He was very depressed, near tears and asked to talk. We talked for a while and he told me he had fought with his father, who had stormed out and there was no food in the house and he wanted to be with the team anyway and so on. I listened and consoled him and was surprised when he said ” I know its alot to ask Jenny but do you think you could bring some food over? ” I hesitated because I knew my father would flip and Andre’ said ” its ok I’m sorry I asked, I know your by yourself” I felt very stupid and said ” No thats ok give me a few minutes and I’ll drop by” he said thanks and hung up. I hadn’t showered and thought i needed one but then thought Andre was probably very hungry and I’d only be there a few minutes anyway, so i threw on some sweats, grabbed my keys and took off. I picked up some sandwiches and went to Andres.



Once there Andre let me in, hugged me and greedily took the food and began eating. After eating Andre again thanked me and seeming a bit embarrassed asked me if I wanted a beer. I said no thanks I wasn’t a big drinker but he said ” c’mon its Friday and it’ll make me feel better to give you something” I said ok and he got us a beer and i sipped it. Andre asked me if I’d ever smoked weed and I said faked it once but that was all. He then pulled a big cigar out of a drawer and said ” this is a blunt, it gives a real good high” and asked if i wanted a toke. I said no and that i needed to get home but he lit it, took a long drawl and handed it to me with a smile. I decided to be a bit adventurous, knowing i could trust him as Kyles friend and took a long toke myself. I instantly felt a rush and took big drink of beer to cool my throat. I sat back on the couch and felt very buzzed. Andre smiled at me and said” you know I am secretly very jealous of Kyle” and I said ” you shouldn’t be your a good person too, money is not everything” Andre laughed and said ” no i don’t mean that, I’m jealous because he has the finest piece of ass for a girlfriend i have ever seen, and sweet too” I’d never heard Andre talk like that but because of the buzz, i guess, i let it pass and said. ” Thats nice of you to say, but I’m sure you could get many cute girls” Andre said ” Well i’ve had some fine black women, and one fat white girl but nobody close to you” I laughed because it seemed so weird to be talking like this with him. I said I really needed to go and Andre asked if I could do one more thing for him. I asked what it was and he said ” let me kiss you once, just once” I said ” Andre i can’t, kyle would be so angry” Andre then said ” I promise he’ll never know, just one kiss from a girl as beautiful as you will last me a lifetime” I laughed with embarrassment and starred at him. He was smiling at me meekly and i said ” ok one quick kiss” I stood in front of him and he pushed me down on the couch and knelt in front of me. I leaned forward and gently placed my lips on his, kissed him and backed away.


He said C’mon jenny a good one, please just one” I rolled my eyes leaned forward and this time he grabbed me and slid his long, thick tongue in my mouth. I kissed him back for a few seconds and the tried to back off, but he said ” just a little more” and kissed me again. I let him kiss me but then to my surprise Andre pushed his hands inside my sweats, inside my panties and slid a finger inside me. I gasped and yelled ” Andre No !!!” but he turned me and laid me back on the couch and yanked my sweat pants down around my ankles. I said ” Andre please we can’t do this, Kyle will hate me and I don’t like you that way” Andre looked at me in a way I’d never seen and said ” I’m sorry Jenny but I gotta get up inside that ass of yours, I can’t stand it that white boy gets all your stuff” I then thought i’d try a different tact and said ” Andre i haven’t showered, I’m all gross” but he just pushed my sweatshirt up over my breasts and my panties down over my knees and said ” my god girl look at that body you got the finest shit in the world” and slid his finger inside me again. I started to cry but he said ” bitch its gonna happen so you might as well get into it” I couldn’t believe he was talking that way but he put his mouth over one of my nipples and slid to fingers inside me and i involuntarily moaned and closed my eyes. I felt his fingers pull out of me and i opened my eye and saw him placing the head of his penis on my slit and i said ” Andre don’t” but before i could finish he pushed all the way into me and moaned loudly. I moaned to as I felt his hardness inside me. He began stroking in and out \while at the same time pulling his t shirt over his head. I looked at his hard, dark sweaty abdomen and suddenly felt a rush of warmth to my pussy. I thought ” i can’t cum now, not like this it would betray Kyle so much” but as i looked up at Andre and he said ” Oh god baby your pussy is to good, so sweet, so tight this is gonna be way to short honey” and felt him start to jackhammer his hips into mine orgasm began to wash over me despite my self i screamed ” Andre I’m going to cum” and as soon as i said it i felt Andre buck into my hard and saw his face contort and i forgot my orgasm and screamed” Andre don’t cum in me, i’m not on the pill !!!” but he gritted through clinched teeth ” To late bitch yo taken it all now” and he grabbed my ass and pulled me to him and i felt his hot cum squirting deep inside me> I’d never felt it before and orgasm quickly hit me again and i silently bucked my hips into him and came.


He pulled his dark slick cock out of me and said ” baby i so hope you pregnant, i’d love to see the look one some faces when they know i fucked yo fine ass” I was hurt and stunned but said ” Andre I know i kinda played along here, and i won’t say nothing, if you keep this a secret from Kyle” Andre replied ” well thats alot to ask I’d love to brag, but i’ll keep quite as long as you give it up to me again” but i said ” No Andre this was it this is what you wanted so please leave it at this” Andre smiled and said ” Ok baby it was worth it, my lips are forever sealed” I said thanks and asked to use the bathroom. Andre pointed towards a door and i went in and closed the door behind me. I used the washroom, washed up and realized I’d left my clothes in the living room so i looked out of the door and not seeing Andre i walked out to retrieve them. When i stepped out however, i was horrified to see Andres father standing holding my clothes. He was obviously drunk, wearing nothing but a pair of dirty white bikini underpants. He was a very big man probably six feet three or four and thick and muscular with a small round beer belly and very dark skin. I was so scared i backed up, grabbed a towel and yelled for Andre. Andre s father said ” I sent him out girl, its just you and me” I closed the door and said ” Please Mr. Jones my parents are expecting me home they are probably calling around town right now” Andre’s father then calmly said ” Ok I don’t want no trouble with them, come get your clothes” I sighed with relief and walked out but Mr. Jones grabbed my wrist and said ” C’mon girl you dont’ think I heard Andre say your parents was gone? ” I cried ” please Mr. Jones I want to go” and yelled ” Andre!!” but Mr’. Jones laughed, pushed me down on the floor right inside a bedroom and said ” I told you bitch, he gone ” I then noticed that his penis was very hard and so big that the large pink head and part of the shaft were protruding out the bottom of his underwear along his leg. I gasped and said ” Please don’t Mr, Jones, I haven’t showered and I’m dirty from doing it with Andre” But he replied ” Baby I love the smell of pussy, stronger the better and that little bit of cum Andre shot up in you aint nothin” He then pulled down his underwear and his monster cock sprang out like a spring, I just couldn’t believe that they could be that big ‘ how did any woman take that? I said ” I can’t do it any more sir” I’m sore from Andre” He laughed and said ” Baby you must be tight if that little thang made you sore, what am i supposed to do with this hard cock anyway” I suggested masturbation but he laughed and so getting desperate i asked if i could jack him off but he replied ” No baby I got to get some of the ass” Looking at the size of his dick i thought it would kill me to have it inside of me so i weakly said ” Can I suck you?”


He teased me and said ” suck what? ” ” your thing ” i replied. ” My cock?” ” yes” I said. He said ” Say it baby and maybe that will do” feeling a ray of hope I said ” Can i suck your big cock?” and he said ” that sounds nice baby, if you let me finger that little cunt while you do it maybe i’ll come faster” i said ok and he laid back on the bed and i knelt at his side on all fours and began licking the head of his dick. He immediately reached around my little ass and slid a long thick finger inside my pussy which was still wet from Andre. He said, ” god that is one tight little pussy baby, the boys must beg you for it” I was trying to suck him but the head of his dick was so big i couldn’t hardly get my mouth over it and he smelled pretty bad so i kept gagging. He finally said ” lick my balls baby, and my asshole that usually gets me real hot” my stomach curled but i lifted his sack and licked under his balls and he moaned, so despite the smell i flicked my tongue over his but hole and his dick pulsated and got even bigger. I couldn’t believe it but i thought he might cum so i licked his butt hard and at the same time he began moving his finger in circles inside me rubbing my g spot and placing his thumb on my butthole. it felt better than anything i’d ever felt so began moving my hips into his hand and licking him vigorously.


This went on for a short time and i felt like a big orgasm was building inside me and noticed i now had my butt in his face and started to move but he suddenly pulled my ass to his face and placed his tongue in my slit and i was over come. Despite my self i began moaning loudly saying ” oh god oh god” feeling an explosion coming. he grabbed my buttcheeks with his massive hands and pushed me forward on the bed until i was on fours in front of him as he licked my pussy and asshole as hard as he could. I was lost in the moment saying ” please please I’m going to cum so hard !!!” thinking he was going to give me the greatest orgasm that way. But i should have known better because as i was moving my ass in rhythm to his tongue it was suddenly gone and expecting it to be there and needing release i continued pumping my hips until i felt the head of his mighty cock pressing against the lips of my super slick pussy. I gasped and said ” No Please!!” But he grabbed my little hips and began pulling himself inside me. To my amazement my wetness allowed his monster cock to ease in me and despite the intense pressure of my pussy stretching much, much further than it ever had i realized it felt good. He moaned as his cock finally got halfway in me ” Bitch this is the hottest cunt in the world, i believe this is as far as it will go” He began moving in and out and i gasped, he said ” it hurtin’ you baby” and i hoarsely replied ” No sir it feels so good” this must of really turned him on because he started pumping me hard each time going a bit deeper until he was deep in me full tilt with his balls slapping my pussy as he pounded into me.


For a short time i thought the intensity with he was pounding me and the size of his dick were going to make me pass out as the pain was intense. he slid the tip of his thumb into my butthole as he was pounding and it sent me over the edge. i felt my orgasm building like it never had and i began screaming ” oh fuck oh fuck oh my god, i’m going to cum, i’m going to cum your cock is so good PLEASE PLEASE. He then began shouting ” oh sweet pussy, my sweet pussy take daddys cock baby, yeah yeah gonna light this pussy up baby, whos pussy is this baby whos pussy is it baby, say its daddys pussy bitch, say it” I screamed ” its your s baby its alll daddys pussy, oh god” He then, with a great thrust began shooting loads and loads of cum deep inside me, so much i could feel it gushing out as he pumped. He finally pulled out and i shuddered as my pussy attempted to recover from his girth. he rolled over and almost immediately passed out and i looked at his huge black, shiny dick and wondered how it ever fit in me. I stood up and my knees gave, and I could feel gobs of his come running down my inner thighs. I walked out into the living room, picked up my clothes and began dressing. Suddenly Andre appeared from a bedroom and clapped “quite a performance” he said. I said angrily ” I should have you two arrested” He laughed and said ” oh yeah what about Kyle?” I sighed and said ” the agreement stands right?” and he said ” Not now, I want you a couple more times for my silence now” I said ” Fuck you i’m tired of this, you promised” he walked back in his bedroom, returned with a boom box, hit the tape player and I heard my own voice screaming ” its all daddys pussy, oh god” I had my period 2 days later, thank god and got checked for STD’s which always came out ok.


Kyle and I dated for another year until college split us up, having normal sex many times although he often claimed i seemed more into it than i had early on. I slept with Andre two more times and gave him a blowjob to close the account. He begged me to continue with him years later but i blew him off. My husband now begs me to give him a call.


The end



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