It Was My Host Father’s Fault

April 16, 2014 – 2:53 pm


Ten years ago I was a 17 year old Polish exchange student to the USA. It had been my dream all my life, but I was a nervous wreck when my host family picked me up at the airport. “Monika, I’m Joe Oriwitz and this is my wife and my young daughter and son. We are pleased to have you stay in our home for the next year. You will have your own room and you will be part of our family.”


I was still scared, but as the days passed I began to love the family and my new room. I began to blend in real well and the same went for my new school. I spoke good English, but still had a bad Polish accent. Soon I felt like a normal American girl, running around with my friends and new family. With a pretty face and a sleek, thin 5’5 100 lb body, I also became a hit with all the boys at school. Although I was now looking at my host father as my real father, I began to notice Mr. Oriwitz a little strange. First, he asked me to call him Joe, and second he began to spend much time in my room helping me with my homework. I liked Joe, but did not want his wife to get the wrong idea. The most strange was the afternoon he took me to a farm by ourselves to horseback ride. We had ridden for about an hour, when I finally told him in a shy voice, that I had to pee. “Slip down over the hill Monika,” he said. As I did, I stepped out of one leg of my sweat pants and thrust a long awaited stream on the ground. The strange thing was, he wanted to watch, but I said no.


As the weeks passed, Joe was in my room every chance telling me how beautiful I was, and he would probably have to fight the boys away. I told him not to worry because I had a boyfriend back in Poland and American boys would only be friends. One evening before he got home, I innocently found a porno mag of black men with white girls in his office. I dared not mention it because in my country there were almost zero blacks and a Polish woman would never think of being with a black man. I had thought I would always keep this mum until one night while helping me with my History lesson, he told me he was amazed how big my breasts were for such a skinny girl. This gave me enough nerve to bring up his interrace mag. “That is just something I bought my mistake,” he said. “Beautiful Polish girls like you should never ever think of being with the black male. I will throw it away.”


The next thing I knew he came home early one eveing while my host mother and the kids were away and knocked on the bathroom door while I was getting out of the shower. “I am in here Joe,” I yelled. “Please go away until I get to my room.” As I came out and hurried to my room, I know Joe saw my back side covered with a towel. He was in my room like some old hound in heat before I could get the door closed. “Joe, will you please get out of here until I get dressed,” I pleaded. “Okay Monika,” he said. “It just drives me crazy to see your young body around here.”

“He’s hot for you Monika,” Christy said the next day at school. “Why not go for a older man?” “Christy, he is my host father. “Do you want me to make sex with my host father?. No way.” “I think it would be so kinky to get it on with a old man,” she said. “If not, I think you should think about making sex as you say to a black boy. I do it, Sherry and Angie do it. They are so….” “A black guy?” I yelled. “You all are making sex with black boys” What about Brian?” “Brian is just my boyfriend,” Christy laughed. “But he is nothing in bed compared to the black boys. Gosh Monika, they are so much longer, faster and can do it to you for hours. You should hear all the talk. All the black boys want you. They can’t wait to do it to you. Monika, this is America.”

I shrugged this new bit of trend off. I just felt I was put on earth for white boys and felt sad that all the girls just gave themselves to black boys for pleasure. That same evening I see this video in Joe’s office called “Blacks and Blondes.” Popping it into the VCR, I was shocked to see all these white girls performing all these sex acts with black men. I could not believe how huge they were. They had pricks bigger than a horse. It made me hurt just to think about it. Regardless, I knew my host father was into everything. I was just glad he did not want me to do this. No sooner had I retired to my room to study after dinner, than here comes Joe. He soon noticed I was braless and asked if he could see my breasts. When I told him no, he said he would like to masturbate if I would pull up my top. He was hopeless, but I finally convinced him to drop his sick idea.

Christy was again at it the next day; coaxing me to no end to let a black boy make sex with me. I ignored her, but at dinner that evening, my host father told me I had a phone call. Excusing myself, I learned it was Daran, a black boy from school. Not only did he ask me for a date, but told me his desire to be the first black to make it with me. Thankgoodness, Joe came in and I hung up. “Joe, you are hurting me,” I said as he pulled me in my room. “Joe, what is the meaning of this?” “That was a black guy, wasn’t it?” Joe said in a mad voice. “Monika, are you into black guys?” “No,” I whispered. “He is from school and asked me out, but I am not going. Don’t you believe me?” “I don’t know what to think,” he stormed. “All I know is, I will not allow any black to touch you.” “But you like white girls with blacks,” I said. “Joe, I saw your video. “What is with you?” “That was just a video someone gave me. Those girls are just tramps,” he said almost breaking down. I was now in total confussion. It was obvious my host father like interrace stuff, but now he was almost sobbing and hating the thought. It seem like he liked it, but not with me involved??????

“Make a deal with Joe,” Christy said the next day. “Tell him he can have you if he will let you go out with Daren. See my eye. Come out here and look at my Jeep. It and I are a mess.” “What the heck Christy?” I said as I saw her black eye. “Who did this to your Jeep?” “My boyfriend,” Christy smiled. “My parents were away and my boyfriend came by and caught a longer and faster black guy in bed with me. He was so mad, and when the black boy left, he slugged me. He then took a rock and scratched up my Jeep when he left. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw the black boy’s long dick. I have probably lost my boyfriend, but it was worth it.”

I was more confused now when I went home after school. As the weeks passed, Joe was in my room every chance he got. I was now allowing him to rub my breasts through my top as we did homework. Most of the time i felt dumb and mostly guilty, because I was close to my host mother, who knew nothing of Joe touvhing and wanting me so much for sex. Finally, the last month of my stay, Joe asked me to take a secret business trip with him. “My wife won’t find out,” Joe coaxed. “Just tell her you are going to spend the weekend with Christy, and I’ll pick you up after school. Please Monika?” “Okay,” I said in a shy voice. “But I want you to take the black video along. Do this and I will.” “Why do you want to take that stuff?” he moaned. “I don’t want you to watch that thing Monika.” After an ultimatium, he finally agreed. Part of me was excited, yet part of me felt guilt.

Telling my host mother the Christy thing, Joe picked me up after school and we were off for the 4 hour drive to Pittsburgh. “Do you know how long I have waited for this?” Joe said as i sat silent. “I had a erection on your 18th birthday. I hope you are going to enjoy this as much as me.” Checking in room 311 of the plush Hilton, I let Joe kiss me before he attended the evening business session of his meeting. I sat in the room wondering what it would be like to be with a man nearly 40 years old. When Joe returned, we went to dinner, then he bought a bottle of Vodka. After mixing it with Sprite, Joe asked me to dance for him. Popping in a Milly Vanilly tape, I began to dance and sway in front of my host father. “Take your clothes off Monika,” he said. “I want to see you.” “Okay, but let’s look at the video first,” I said. “Put it on and I will take my clothes off.” As Joe obeyed, I saw this huge black man doing it to this tiny little white girl. “Damm, why do you want to see these white girls with black men,” Joe said. “I hope you are not thinking about this.” I did not say a word as i removed my blouse to the music. My host father’s mouth dropped open when my bra was next. “Oh Monika,” he said. “I have dreamed about those big tits for so long.” Pulling me toward him, he began sucking my breasts like a starved nut. As he removed my skirt and panties, he then buried his face in my vagaia. I was not as nearly turned on as he was, but fell back on the bed as he licked and sucked me down there. His hard prick was soon exposed. “Cut that damm video off,” he yelled. “I want you Monika, but let me cut that damm thing off.” “Oh Joe, use a condom,” I pleaded. “You promised. We can’t take a chance of me becoming pregnant.” “Okay, I’ll do anything for your body,” he said. His face looked so hungry as I felt his prick enter me. Guilt of my poor host mother at home ran through my mind, but giving this man so much pleasure made me feel good. “Oh this is divine Monika. You are so young and your pussy is so big and warm. I want you all for myself. I know you love your boyfriend and I respect that, but I can’t stand you watching those black men on that video. Please don’t ever think of black men. I can’t stand it honey. Your body is too good to ever let a black. Monika, please tell me you will never………” For the next 30 minutes, Joe slammed me so hard that my teeth rattled. Finally, he pulled the rubber and held his prick for me to do him off. Stroking him, he shot it all over my breasts and tummy.

I wanted to sleep in seperate beds, but Joe insisted on sleeping with him. I suddenly felt like his mother as he asked me to hold him and never let go. Awaking hours later, I wanted to finish seeing that long black with that little girl. I suddenly jumped a foot in the air. “Damm Monika,” he yelled. “Why do you want to see that video? You want black men, don’t you” Damm you, you little bitch. You live in my house, you make passionate love to me, and all the time you want some black guy’s cock. That’s why your pussy is so big. Black men have stretched you.” “No I never,” I said breaking down in tears. “I have never. My boyfriend was the last guy before you. I just like to watch the black guys make love. Joe, leave me alone, I’ve got to pee.” As I was sitting on the toilet, Joe burst in. “You bitch,” he yelled. “You want black cock!” “Joe please, I’m urinating,” I said as he got down and began licking me as I I was peeing. “I don’t care Monika,” he said going after me anyway. “Just tell me you want only me.” “Okay Joe,” I said as he began to cry like a baby. “I don’t want any black guys. Come on in here and let’s talk. Joe get a hold of yourself and don’t cry. You have a wife and I have a guy back in Poland. I am just your exchange student. I let you make love to me and it was beautiful. I will return to Poland in a few weeks and life will go on. We can always remain friends, but we must never let anyone know about this night. I don’t want black guys. Here Joe, stop crying, please.” “I’m sorry,” Joe sobbed. “Will you hold me? I want you to hold me Monika and promise.”

Holding my host father and rubbing his head between my breasts like his mother, he finally fell asleep. As I continued to stroke his hair, I began to not only think, but know I wanted to experience sex with black men someday. I knew it was against my culture in Poland, but after hearing the tales from my girlfriends and watching the videos, I knew I wanted these huge black pricks in my stomach. I knew I wanted to marry a handosme Polish guy someday, but until that time, I wanted to try as many long beautiful pricks as I could.

“Joe, are you asleep?” I said. He was fast asleep in my arms. Oh Joe, poor Joe. I do love you as a father, but I do want black men very bad, and I pray you never find out.”



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