The Caribbean Adventure Begins

April 24, 2014 – 10:54 am


Wow, it had finally happened and Linda couldn’t believe that she and Steve were actually out at sea. They’d sold there home and cashed in everything they owned to buy a late model catameran, and now were on their second week of sailing the Caribbean. Island hopping was quickly becoming a way of life and they were finding that the few locals they met can be extremely friendly. They were happy and enjoying the freedom of felling as if they were the only two people in the world, a couple of days while at sea they’d not even taken time to wear any clothes, just ran the boat and enjoyed each other.


Somewhere between the Cuban Islands and Jamaica, as the sun lowered, Steve had spotted a strong storm moving in. He’d found a small island and positioned their vessel into a small bay to get some protection from any rough seas. The storm hit about midnight, and Linda had been waken by the loud thunder. Steve told her to get back to sleep and he’d stay up to watch over everything. The next morning, Linda found Steve on the bow of the catameran drinking coffee and watching the sunrise, “Have you been up all night?” Steve looked around at her, “Well that storm scared me a little, I didn’t want us to lose anything, so I stayed here watching, then as it cleared I just wanted to see the sunrise.” Linda sit down and they kissed as the sun broke through the horizon. After watching the sunrise, Linda made a quick breakfast and Steve told her that he was really worn out, and that he thought he’d take a nap for a while.


While Steve made his way to bed, Linda began to think of how much she would love to feel his hard dick in her right now, but that would have to wait for a while, she wasn’t going to keep him up any longer. She mingle around the boat doing a few little odd jobs of cleaning and polishing, but just couldn’t get her mind off of Steve’s manhood unloading inside her, and the way he licks her cunt while fingering her wet pussy. Soon she decided to devise a special treat for her husband when he wakes up and she remembered how much he loves to see her with dress on, and to raise it up exposing her naked ass, no panties or bra to deal with, just hot flesh. So she decided that she’d put on a light, red dress that she had and go ashore to pick up some coconuts to make some pina~coladas for when her man wakes up.

The little island was really beautiful, and as soon as Linda got beyond the beach, she could here the sound of a water fall. As she approached the small fall, she noticed the it fell into a beautiful small pool, of the clearest water imaginable. She gazed for a few minutes, and began planning a little skinny dip for later on that day, when all of a sudden she heard voices. Several voices, of men nearing her, so she sat down beside the edge of some brush, and watched as five black men and one young girl walked up to the edge of the falls. They stood there talking for a minute, then all began to disrobe and dive one at a time into the pool. Linda sat there quietly, so as not to be discovered and watched as the five men took turns fondling the girl as they played in the water. Soon one of the men left the pool and ran over the rocks only to return quickly with a couple of pillows and a blanket. Linda was really getting a show for free, and eagerly watched as the men’s heads would float over near the girl, but she couldn’t see what was happening under the water, maybe if she were higher up she could, but she couldn’t move now for fear of being discovered. When the one young man who returned with the blanket found the perfect spot, he dropped the pillows and blanket revealing the an unbelievably huge black cock, Linda’s eyes grew wide as she stared with amazement at the size of that thing. “C’mon Mon, we’ve got to give her back tonight.”

As they others began walking up out of the sandy pool, Linda was even more impressed, and a little jealous, this light-skinned black girl, who was no more than eighteen was ravaged by five of the biggest, blackest cocks Linda had ever seen. She just sat there and watched the men positioned the young girl on all fours and one after another took turns feeding their cocks to her mouth, while another after another stuffed her from the rear. Linda was beginning to notice how wet she’d become and slid her fingers down, to her own moist cunt giving herself a slow finger fucking, as she imagined what it must feel like to have those big black cocks felling up her own hot, horny holes. Then suddenly she was startled as a big black hand covered her mouth, while another arm wrapped around her chest. “Oh my God, they’ve found me.” She thought. The man raised her up to her feet and yelled out, “Hey Mon, lookie what I’ve found in the bush?” The other four men all stopped and gazed up. “Four,” Linda thought to herself, “One had slipped away without her noticing.” As the man led her down to the group, the young girl ran to the rocks, gathered her clothes and scurried away.

“Where do you think she came from Mon?” one of the guys asked. “I d’know, but she’s ruined our initiation, with the princess.” Linda tried to struggle, but the man’s big arms were too much for her. “Ok lady, this is gonna be d’ deal. All au da mon’s, has da hard-ons. You as massed us up our pauty, so now you get to take da place au da gurl.” Linda looked at them one at a time, and they were all thin dark black men with nappy hair, but the one noticeable characteristic was that they all had huge dicks, now semi, they were all hanging halfway down their thighs. The man removed his hand from Linda’s mouth and ran it down, lifting her red dress to find her bare ass cheeks. He parted them and stretched his long fingers through to her moist cunt lips, just as two of the guys in front of her took her wrists and led them to their big dicks. Linda’s fingers tightened slightly around each of them, and she could feel the blood pumping through the bulging veins of each one as they grew from her touch. The man behind her nudged her to the ground saying, “Get down there, I say you take the place of the gurl!”

Linda dropped to her knees, and as soon as she was down, the man pushed her forward onto her hands. Before she could realize what was happening, she had a huge cock shoving itself into her wet cunt, and probing deeper and deeper, as another huge jet-black cock was parting her lips, filling her mouth with the taste and smell of a hot, black cock. “AAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” she cried out as the man in her forced his cock deeper than she’d ever had anything inside her before, then he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back as the man in front of her began fucking her face just as hard as the man in her from the rear. The other three men were now dancing around the threesome, chanting, “Fuck yoe white hoe, fuck yoe white hoe, fuck yoe white hoe.” Linda’s cunt was stretched to the max, with that huge, long cock, shoved all the way in, when she finally felt it stiffen even more, followed by several forceful squirts of sperm against her vaginal wall. Suddenly, the hand from behind released her head, and was replaced by the one in front grabbing her and forcefully stuffing his huge dick down her throat, causing her to gag, as he splattered cum straight into the back of her throat. He then let go of her hair, and slowly began letting his cock slide out of Linda’s mouth, leaving a river of sperm seeping from her mouth and throat. Linda looked to the side and caught the site of the guy who’d just raped her cunt, dancing along shouting, “I fuck da whity hoe, hoe, hoe, hoe, I fuck da whity, mon!”

Linda could feel the nigger’s cum dripping from her cunt, as the two who’d just abused her lifted her up and held her spread legs over another huge black dong. Then once, she was positioned on it, the dropped her letting the thing make it’s way deep into her cummy cunt. Now she was on top of another young negro, who obviously like her big tanned titties as he pulled them over the top of her dress letting them hang down, and began sucking one then the other, as he pumped himself up and down in her cunt. Another grabbed her long hair and stuffed another cock into her mouth. The others were still dancing and chanting while she was being sucked and fucked, by two young negroes with horse dicks. “AWWWWW, AWWWWWW, NO! NO! NO!” Linda shouted, as she felt a terrible burning in her ass. The last of the men, was stuffing his horse cock in her tight little white ass. She pulled away from the cock in her mouth and shouted “No Damnit, NOOOOOOOOOO!” as her ass hole was spread wider than she’d ever imagined it would go, and she felt the big black piece of meat make it’s way deep inside her anus, meeting the donkey-dick that was already in her cunt. Her eyes closed and she heard more chanting as she collapsed on the chest of the one on the bottom, and she felt the huge cock began pumping in and out of her ass, until it exploded deep inside her. Linda could again, feel every throb and squirt from the swollen cock as it filled her asshole with nigger sperm. then as that one removed his cock another replaced it, this time she welcomed the feeling, as it probed into her already stretched asshole, and began bumping against the other cock inside her dripping cunt. All this fucking and sucking, and now Linda was beginning to enjoy the feeling of these big black cocks as they ravaged her juicy, cum-filled hole. “OOOOGGGHHHH, AAUUUUUGGGHHHH, WHITE HOE, FUCK!” The man shouted as he trust one last time into Linda’s anus, unloading more hot sperm, just as the man on the bottom, bit her left tit and came also, squirting even more nigger sperm deep in her juicy cunt. Linda was then allowed to roll off the man, and laid there for a while listening to the birds and the water fall.

When she opened her eyes and looked around, the men were gone. All trace of them had left except the blanket she was lying on. Linda got up and with gobs of cum dripping from her ass and cunt, she made her way back to the catameran. Wen inside the cabin and snuggled against her sleeping husband. She was wondering if he could smell the traces of the men that had ravaged her earlier. She also still needed to be satisfied also, she need someone to suck her clit, just two seconds, that’s all it would take. Then she felt Steve’s hand slip down to her dripping pussy, his finger slid between her used cuntlips to feel the wet, dripping, semen, that had been left in her. “Good morning baby. I think somebody’s horny from how drippy her pussy is.” Linda just smiled as she stared away from him and said, “Huuuummm…maybeee!”

The End


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