College Fun

April 30, 2014 – 2:50 pm


I’d like to relate a favorite memory of mine from my college days. I played football at a university in Michigan and dated the same girl through school and a while after. Her name was Janet and she was a stunning blonde beauty. She was athletic, popular and very sexually innocent when we first began dating. She was a typical Midwestern girl, in that she was sexually shy and I had to really work to get her to try any new things. Each success was worth the effort however because Janet genuinely loved sex and would respond with gusto once convinced. After drinking at a party with her during our sophomore we went to her dorm room and had intense sex during which I finally persuaded her to try anal sex. She was uneasy at first but once I was in and she adjusted she really got into. Her ass was so perfect and the experience so great that I thought that was the pinnacle of our sexual relationship, but I was to find out that the best was yet to come.


Our junior year I heard a rumor that a black guy on the team named James was engaged to a really hot black girl and that they were into partying and swapping partners. I knew James a little but not well as he had just come to the school as a transfer. I noticed in the locker room one day that, like me, James was in great shape but unlike me unfortunately, James had a cock that hung mid way down his thigh and made even the most devout of us heterosexuals stare in awe. The more I thought about it the more I got hot thinking about James sinking that big cock into my innocent little Janet. One day walking across campus I saw James walking with a model like beauty. James waved at me so I walked over and said hello and James said ” Mike this is my fiance’ Nicole, Nicole this is Mike” Nicole looked up and down at me and said ” My what a cutie you are, where has Jamie been hiding you” I blushed and James laughed and told Nicole that I was the ball player that he was trying to become. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her she was so stunning. Her skin was a light chocolate color with perfect tone, she had large firm looking breasts and legs that looked four feet long. Nicole asked if I was dating anyone and I said I was and she said ” Well we’re new here why don’t you and your honey show us the town some night?” James said ” Really Mike we could use a tour guide around here”. So I said sure it would be our pleasure and we exchanged numbers and went on our way.


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I told Janet about it and she was excited to set the date so I called James and did. I gently asked Janet that night during our lovemaking if she ever thought about sex with another man. She quickly said no and asked defensively if I wanted another girl. I answered honestly that I didn’t but admitted I’d thought about watching her get fucked by another guy. Janet acted hurt briefly but then said ” I’ll admit I’ve thought that it might be hot to watch you make another girl cum like you do me” I then asked if she was interested in doing it for real and she said she didn’t think so, and we left it at that.


A couple weeks later we went out with James and Nicole. We went to dinner at a place where the owner loved football players and treated us like royalty. Afterwards we went to a club and were again treated like celebrities and given many free rounds of drinks. Janet and I danced a while and I noticed that during the slow songs she was really grinding into me and I could see the gleam in her eye that told me she super hot and eager to get alone. We went back to our table and James asked Janet to dance and she looked at me and I said ” Go ahead baby shake a leg” she giggled and followed him onto the floor. I sat down beside Nicole she said ” Michael, Michael that is one fine lady you have there” I thanked her and we watched as Janet and James danced seductively together. I took a drink and Nicole said ” They look hot together don’t they?” I smiled and admitted they did and she said ” She’s an innocent little thing isn’t she?” I asked how she could tell and she said ” A girl can tell” and laughed. I said that Janet was innocent but I was trying to teach her the finer points. Nicole then said ” Would you like some help?” I smiled again and said ” sure what do you propose ?” She aid ” James and I are very good at breaking in cute little innocents and I would desperately like to get in those pants of yours”. James and Janet returned and James asked if we would accompany them back home for a night cap. We agreed and on the way there Janet whispered in my ear ” Lets make this quick, I’m dying to have you inside me”


At their apartment we had a drink and James rolled a wicked joint that we all smoked. I was watching my Janet and she was really buzzing and hot. James put on some jazz and Nicole slipped out to the bedroom and returned in a very skimpy night shirt. James and Nicole kissed deeply and passionately in front of us. While kissing James lifted up Nicole nightie revealing her naked bush and slid a finger into her. Nicole moaned and laid her head back and the sight of her extraordinary body made me hard as a rock. I looked at Janet and her eyes were fixated on Nicoles bush. James and Nicole separated and Nicole sat beside Janet and said ” Baby do you like it when Mike licks your sweet little pussy?” Janet was still wordless but nodded her head yes. Nicole said ” I love to have my pussy licked but James really isn’t in to that, I wonder if I could borrow your man to help me out?” Janet turned her head slowly to look at me but Nicole grabbed her chin and gently turned her face so their noses were inches apart and said. ” And while he does that I want you to let James show you some of his magic, he is very gentle and will make you feel like a woman, ok?” Janet looked at me and a tear formed on her eye and I kissed her and said ” We don’t have to do this baby its up to you” and Janet said ” Do you want to?” I said that it was appealing but I didn’t want to hurt her and she said ” will you be mad if I do it” and I said ” Not if its what you want” James then took Janets hand and pulled her out of the chair and guided her to a couch across the room. Janets eyes stayed locked with mine until Nicole straddled me, blocking my view. Nicole kissed me deep and said ” Do you like what you see?” I said yes that she was gorgeous beyond belief and she begged ” Please suck my pussy baby I need it so bad”. Nicole then laid back on the floor, stripping off her nightie to reveal a body nearly as perfect as Janets and more exotic. I knelt between her legs and placed my lips over her clit. Nicole arched and moaned and i looked up and my eyes met Janets who was kissing James and lying underneath him on the couch. I saw James run his hand between Janets still clothed legs and Janet closed her eyes and laid back. I began licking Nicoles pussy in earnest and she was moaning and gyrating in rhythm, I slid two fingers inside her cunt and found the g spot behind her clit and sucked and rubbed while she screamed. After several moments Nicole grabbed my hair hard with both hands, arched her back and screamed ” Baby i’m gonna cum so hard, Please please please!!!!” Her pussy gushed , her body tightened, she whimpered for several seconds and then went limp. Nicole was panting hard but said ” Mike that was unbelievable, everyman should eat pussy like that!!” and then ” C’mon baby take them clothes off I wanna fuck you good” I began undressing and looked across the room and saw Janets jeans and panties on the floor. Even in the dark room I could see Janets shirt pulled up over her breasts and James sucking on her left nipple while he had two fingers working in and out of her little cunt. I couldn’t hear Janet making any noise but her eyes were shut tight and she was moving her hips in rhythm to James hand. Nicole took my cock in her hand and began stroking it and said ” Don’t they look hot together?” Nicole then pulled me forward and guided my rock hard cock into her slick cunt. I moaned as i entered her and then began rocking my hips, moving my cock in and out. Nicole moaned ” Oh god Mike fuck me baby, it is so good” I was tongue Nicole deep and banging my cock into her hard when from across the room I heard Janet say ” Oh James its to big, please wait” and then the tell tale ” Unh oh oh god OH OH” that told me James had gotten that monster cock inside my little babys tight cunt. I looked up and could see Janet with her neck arched and her teeth clinched as she attempted to adjust to his girth. I could see James hard black ass move in and out slowly as he let Janets pussy adjust. I was so hot I really began pounding away on Nicoles cunt and she heightened the enjoyment by whispering in my ear ” Thats right baby James fucking that little girl of yours good, he gonna turn that pussy out baby” I was so hot I felt like I would explode but I was trying to hold off and enjoy it for a while. That ended when I saw James pull out of Janet, Turn her over on all fours grab her little hips and slide that big shiny black cock into her cunt from behind. Janet arched her back and moaned loudly and the sight of James monster cock all lubed and shiny sliding in and out of that little ass I loved so much was overwhelming and I began shoot wads and wads of cum deep into Nicoles cunt. Nicole moaned, arched and whimpered again as she seemed to cum as well. I watched Janet as James was pounding into her little pussy and I saw her expressions change from pain to concentration and then pleasure as he continued to stroke. Nicole grabbed my hand and said ” C’mon lets join them” and then led me over to them. Nicole slid her hand down the crack of James ass and slid a finger into his asshole. James moaned and increased his hip pace until the wet sound of his cock banging in and out of Janets super wet cunt was louder than his moans. My cock was hard again so I sat in front of Janets with my dick right in her face> She opened her eyes saw my cock, looked up at me and then took it in her mouth. It felt awesome as James fucked her so hard she moaned over my cock. I could see James’ hard body tensing mightily as he prepared to blow deep in Janets cunt. I was surprised that Janet had yet to cum but just as the thought occured to me I saw Nicole climb under Janet and begin sucking and twisting her nipples. Janet pulled of my cock, looked up at me and said ” Can I cum Baby?” I put my fingers in her hair and said ” Let go baby, Iwant you to cum hard” That seemed to be her release because she began moving her hips in time with James and began slowly building saying over and over ” Oh God Oh god Oh my god” louder and louder. James felt her orgasm comming and increased his pace even faster so that her knees were comming off the ground with ever in stroke. Nicole, sensing the same, got up and while still twisting Janets nipple, leaned over her back and began licking her butthole. This finally pushed Janet over and she grabbed my hips, pushed her face into mystomach and screamed at the top off her lungs ” OH GOD ITS TO GOOD PLEASE PLEASE OH MIKE OH MIKE JAMES JAMES PLEASE IIII AAAAMMMM


CCCUUUMMMMMMINNNNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her body tensed, she bit into my stomach and then sagged and would have collapsed except James was still pounding and with one great he screamed and pulled out of Janet. Janet to the floor and Nicole grabbed James Huge cock and began jacking him off and licking his balls and asshole. James face contorted , he stiffened and then loads of thick white cum began spewing from his enormous head. He shot huge loads over Janets back and all the way up on my chest and stomach. He sagged and I laughed and so did he but Nicole said ” Somebodies still hard!!” and then pounced over and began sucking me hard. Janet appeared unconscious on the floor and James was lying on his back gasping for air, so I decided to go along. I got up got behind Nicole, pushed her head into the couch and placed the head of my cock on her asshole. Without saying a word Nicole swiped some of James’ cum off Janets back and rubbed it on my cock and her asshole. I pushed in and felt resistance but after some pressure, Nicole grunted and the head off my cock popped into her asshole. I began stroking feeling my juices rising and when Nicole screamed that she was going to cum again i couldn’t hold off and pounded her little hole until I shot cum deep in her bowels. We then cleaned up and the three of us cleaned Janet up, got her dressed and I carried her home.


Janet slept through her classes the next day and it took her another to recover but she did. We dated for several years after that and she always said she enjoyed that night but wasn’t interested in sharing me again. She always said that the sex with James was good but his cock was just to big to do it again. I did fuck Nicole a couple more times but James began to really try and get me to do him as well and that freaked me out a bit to much so I quit them.


I still see Janet occasionally and we talk and sometimes more. She models and is in magazines quite often and whenever I see here picture I think of her with James big black dick in her, and her asking me for permission to cum and I smile, real big.




The end


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