The Waxing

May 1, 2014 – 1:07 pm


I am a pretty prude person really when it comes to sex but that has really changed over the last few weeks. My husband has always wanted to engage in other sexual acts such as oral sex, different positions but I have always been reluctant to change. I have quite a hairy bush and it is a brownish black. My husband finally convinced me to go and get it waxed since it would save me from shaving all the time. I finally agreed and deep down I thought he would likely think that I would eventually let him eat me down there or something but that was the farthest thing from my mind.


I picked out this French lady who specialized in waxing the pubic area; her name was Michelle. She was an older lady around 43 with really dark hair and petit but really pretty. When I first went, she would have me take my jeans off and apply the wax to any showing pubes and then pull the wax off. It took a couple months before any results and also for the initial pain to subside. As I would lie on the table that was elevated so I could see everything, I noticed pictures on the wall of a large black man with Michelle. It was her husband or boyfriend but I wondered how she would ever be able to handle such a large man as far as sex goes. My husband is average size and a good penis but it would be hard for me to judge since I had only slept with him.


As I adjusted to the waxing, Michelle suggested that I get some slimmer cut bikini panties to increase the waxing area. I did this and slowly Michelle would start to wax right to the edge of my pussy lips. I was really starting to like this and the way it looked especially in my swimsuit. My husband wanted to see the results and I even let him get close to my pussy but not close enough for him to touch it. I think he really liked that. The next step, Michelle asked if I was OK to remove my panties to have her do the waxing. I was reluctant at first but since first going we had become comfortable with each other. She did the waxing in a private office in her basement so it was pretty safe.


We continued to do this for a little while and I was getting more and more comfortable with it. She indicated that the black guy in the picture was a friend and a business partner too but they had a close relationship as well. Slowly the waxing was reducing the pubic hair but I still had a lot down the inside plus back toward my bum. Michelle had me strip from the waist down and then asked me to raise my head up and hold it there. This totally exposed my pussy to her and this even made me a bit excited. She would do one side then the other and I would sometimes come close to orgasm by the time she finished waxing so close to my pussy. I knew she could probably smell my musky arousal.



One day I went in for the normal waxing and I was all comfortable and had my leg raised up waiting for her then all of a sudden the large black man from the picture came in the room and talking to Michelle as if she was alone. I was shocked and didn’t move then I realized the black man was staring at my open pussy that was likely glistening a bit. I struggled to cover up and put my hand over my cunt, Michelle got up and slowly led the man out of the room. She came back in and asked if I was OK, she said that Roger was sorry to barge in but he thought I was alone. I said I was fine but I was quite shocked since it was only the second man to see my pussy other than my husband. Michelle said that’s too bad since she said my pussy was quite nice in all respects. She said Roger would like to come in and apologize if that was OK. I said sure but mad sure I had the towel draped over me this time so he couldn’t see me. She called out to Roger who came in and said he was sorry, I looked at him and said it was ok but I looked away, I doing so I dropped down to his sweatpants and could see his huge member sticking out. God the thing must have been at least twice as long as my husbands and a good foot long. I didn’t realize I was staring then Roger cleared his throat. I looked up all read in the face and then Roger asked the unbelievable, “since I saw yours, I’ll show you mine”.


I don’t know if I nodded or not but Roger slowly pulled his sweats down and revealed his huge cock. It was black and thick as my wrist and long too. He slowly walked over to the side of the table where I was laying and stood there. I stared at his huge member then I slowly reached out for it and grabbed it. It seemed to pulse with power then I did something I had never done before, I opened my mouth and started to lick the end. I could smell his musky scent and soon I was trying to lick and suck as much of this beautiful cock as possible. I then realized that the sheet over my pussy was being pulled away and my legs spread. I stopped licking the big black cock and I could see Michelle starting to lick my pussy too. I turned to devour the big cock again but being an amateur at this I didn’t know if I was doing OK. Roger was moaning more and was starting to thrust his hips forward, I could not take much more of his cock in my mouth. He quickly stopped and moved down toward Michelle. As I gathered my senses, I noticed a video camera filming the whole thing put I was so horny at this point I didn’t care.


Soon Roger was positioned facing me at the bottom of the table and his huge 12″ dick pointed at my pussy. I slowly raised both legs like I do when I get waxed and he moved closer. I knew he was going to go twice as deep as my husband but I needed it now!! I could see everything as he put the huge head just inside then he moved it about to get all my juices around the head. Slowly he entered me, I could see that three inches were in with a magnificent nine to go. I never though sex could be so fulfilling and I wanted more. He moved so he had six or seven inches in me and went slowly since he knew I was tight for his big cock. Soon all twelve inches were in and I just had my third orgasm. The camera was focused to the big black cock going in and out of my pussy. I could see everything and I wanted more. Michelle was filming everything up close and I was going to cum again. Roger started to go faster and faster and I knew he would be coming soon, he thrust in and I could see my belly rise as his cock went into me to the hilt and he started to come. He squirted two or three times inside me then he grabbed his cock tight and pulled it out. He came around to the head of the table and pointed his cock at my face and I opened my mouth at once. Huge spurts of cum flew from his cock and onto my face and in my mouth. I quickly grabbed his ass and pulled his cock into my mouth to swallow the rest. My face was covered in cum and cum was oozing out of my pussy, Michelle quickly dove down to lick my pussy clean too.


Slowly I got up and thank the two of them for a wonderful experience. They asked that if I would mind coming back again to explore some of the other “business partners” and make some more movies. I forgot all about the camera film and wondered what they did. They said that Roger has a few friend and they have been filming Michelle with them and selling the films on the net to people. I was so fulfilled by Roger’s huge black cock that the thought of more of it was too much to turn down. I quickly agreed and said I would be back tomorrow for a “full length movie”. Michelle handed me a disk which contained the electronic version of the film. I grabbed it to look at it as soon as I got home.


I got home remembering how it felt to have that huge black cock in me and the thought of having more the next day made me wet. I loaded up the file on the computer and started to watch the events unfold in front of the computer screen. Roger’s huge cock filled the screen and best was my face was not shown too. I just started to watch it and my husband snuck up and asked what I was watching, quickly I said a friend gave it to me to watch. Luckily with my face not shown and my pussy all waxed clean my husband did not know it was me. He asked my when did I become interested in stuff like this, it was his dream to see me watch a dirty video. He commented on the big fuck the white girl was going to get and as the video progressed. We watched Roger’s cock going in and out all covered with my juice. One shot had Roger pull out and the view was of my wide open pussy. As Roger came, you could see his cum spurting out the side as he pulled out. As he moved up toward my face my husband was clearly getting excited but his dick was puny now next to Rogers. As Roger squirted in my face and in my mouth I forgot that at the very end I turned to the camera and licked my lips.


The End



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