The Lesson

April 28, 2014 – 1:00 pm


As Deej and Carole left the theater after a not-so-good movie, he suggested, “want to get something to eat, baby?”


The petite blond smiled up at him and took his hand, “sure, Deej. Maybe a little something. That popcorn was too salty to eat.”


They walked hand in hand the short two blocks to the little hamburger stand, one of the few places open after nine o’clock at night in the small town. Despite their size difference, they made a nice looking couple. She was just shy of being five feet tall, short, wavy, blonde hair, a voluptuous body packed into a very small frame, with large breasts and tiny waist that flared into generous, but not fat, hips and a well rounded behind, all accented by the tight sheath dress she was wearing that night. Her body belied her tender age of sixteen, but her face looked even younger, her features tiny, except for her full lips, which invited kissing. He was six feet tall with an athlete-lean body, tapering from broad shoulders to a flat stomach and narrow hips, blonde, almost-crew cut hair topping a very handsome face. Anyone seeing the young couple would be struck by their suitability for each other, their clean-cut appearance, and their apparent devotion for each other. The ideal teen couple, many thought. They ate their small meal as they talked about the movie they had seen, in general just making small talk. When they had finished eating, they stood for a moment on the edge of the sidewalk, looking about at the darkened stores, observing the infrequent passing of cars, before Deej asked, “want to walk around some?”


Carole nodded, “mm-hmm. That would be nice. I’m tired of sitting.” They often walked around the downtown area at night, window shopping, talking, making plans for the future. There wasn’t much else to do in the Fort Lauderdale of the 1960s. You either went to a movie, watched television, or went somewhere to make out. Needless to say, the third choice is what Deej and Carole usually ended up doing on their date nights, and Deej planned for this night to be no different. They ended up on the next street over from the main drag and had stopped to look in a jewelry store window at the corner at Carole’s insistence. She wanted to look at the wedding ring sets on display and Deej didn’t object. Although there was a car parked at the corner next to the store, the streets were otherwise deserted, and Deej saw it as opportunity to feel Carole, something she usually accepted willingly.


Deej had his right arm draped across Carole’s tanned shoulders as she looked and pointed at the different rings wistfully. Agreeing with her each time she exclaimed how beautiful a particular set was, Deej had begun to rub the exposed skin of her upper chest, feeling the warmth of the crevice her large breasts formed at their meeting. Wanting to feel her nipples, Deej suddenly dipped his hand inside the top of her dress and pushed it inside her bra, cupping her right breast in his palm. Carole’s reaction was quick and one of shock as she grabbed Deej’s wrist and pulled his hand out of her dress, exclaiming, “Deej! There’s a man sitting in that car!”



Deej looked over at the car, but from his angle couldn’t see anyone inside the darkened interior. He argued with the visibly annoyed girl, “naw, there isn’t. There’s no one there.” Certain he was correct and she was not, Deej dropped his hand to her firm behind and cupped one cheek, giving it a squeeze. Carole slapped at his hand behind her. “Deej! Don’t! There is someone there!” Still unbelieving, Deej then reached around in front of her, his arm circling her waist, and reached to her crotch playfully. “Don’t be silly, baby. Besides, what difference would it make if there was someone there? It wouldn’t be the first time a man has seen you felt up.”


Again, Carole slapped his arm, then grabbing it firmly with her two little hands pulled it away from where Deej was desperately trying to feel her pubic area. “You’re wrong, Deej. There is someone there, and he’s OLD.” Her accent on old’ would have amused Deej if it hadn’t been for her refusal to do as he wanted with her. She had never been like this before, but always eager to do anything he wanted, any time, and he was both angered and confused by her actions.


Deej completely withdrew his arm from around the grim-faced girl and turned from the window, speaking over his shoulder as he walked to the curb, “okay, then, let’s go. I’ve seen enough.” His tone was gruff as he meant it to be, wanting her to know of his displeasure while hoping she would relent. Either Carole didn’t interpret his tone of voice as he intended, or she wasn’t going to yield to his demands this time, as she wordlessly stepped to his side and walked with him across the street, heading back in the direction of the theater where Deej’s car was parked.


Neither said a word for the entire four blocks back to the parking lot beside the theater. Deej was wrapped up in his thoughts of anger, then of planning his revenge on the reticent girl beside him. Carole had begun to realize that her boyfriend was angry and didn’t know what to say, so she walked silently. She didn’t know how to make amends and it was beginning to gnaw at her as they neared the car. All she knew was that she couldn’t stand it if Deej broke up with her. He was the only boy she had ever loved, even kissed, and she felt her life would end if he left her.


When they reached the car, Deej held the door open for Carole, still not speaking, then went around the car and got in the driver’s seat. Carole sat there silently, looking down at her clasped hands, wondering if Deej was going to break up with her, her mind racing for a means to keep that from happening. Then, as if nothing had happened, Deej put his arm around her shoulders and drew her to him, tilting his head to kiss her, his lips first lightly brushing her full, unpainted lips, followed by his tongue lightly probing, then opening her warm mouth as Carole responded, her heart seeming to jump with joy that this perfect boy would still want her to be his girlfriend.


The passion in their kiss deepened as their tongues danced together, then began to spread to both their bodies, the rapidly increasing breath from both caressing each other’s cheeks warmly. As he felt Carole’s eager response, Deej used his left hand to gently massage her breasts through her dress, his touch increasing the young girl’s passion dramatically. Deej used his right hand to stealthily unhook the snap at the back of her dress, then began to work the wide straps off of each shoulder to the middle of her upper arms. Pulling the now-willing girl slightly forward, Deej reached inside the open back of her dress and fumbled with the hooks in her bra, mentally cursing the design of the two metal hooks he had to undo before the bra would loosen. After several tries, Deej finally achieved his goal as he felt the elastic in her bra pull the strap apart in his hand, freeing her breasts from the tight restraint of the cotton material.


Deej’s left hand immediately moved inside the drooping top of Carole’s dress and pulled the unhooked bra off of her mounds of flesh, tucking it under her chin. His hand then pushed the material at the front of her dress down until it rested under the creamy white globes, both breasts now pointing forward, the youthful flesh non-sagging and firm. Deej’s fingers moved to the nipple on one breast and began to lightly roll it between his thumb and forefinger, feeling the soft, wrinkled skin grow outward with his manipulations, becoming hard and erasing the wrinkles. Deej broke off the lengthy, breathless kiss and bent his head to Carole’s exposed breasts, taking the nipple he had been massaging into his warm mouth, his tongue flicking the distended, sensitive flesh, pausing briefly to nip at it with his front teeth, then sucking on the nipple like a newborn baby, gradually enveloping the darker pink skin surrounding the nipple with his mouth. He heard and felt Carole’s breathing increase as he sucked on her tit, her breasts heaving as the passion overcame her. Deej moved his left hand to the hem of Carole’s dress and pulled it upward, having to pull the tight material first up one leg and then the other, until it rested at her rounded hips, revealing the crotch of her white panties, starkly contrasted against the deep tan of her thighs.


Deej rested his hand on the middle of the now bare thigh and Carole’s legs immediately parted invitingly. He returned his mouth to hers, resuming their feverish kissing, as he moved his hand up and down the inside of her thigh, marveling at the smoothness of her skin as though it was a new discovery. He brought his fingers up to the crotch of her panties and was pleased to find that her passion had dampened the double layer of cotton, further betraying her desire. Deej’s middle finger lightly probed against the cloth, making it sink into the hot, wet folds of skin beneath and causing Carole’s breathing to increase even more, the fingers of one hand digging into his shoulder as she felt the now-familiar touch. The probing hand moved up Carole’s flat belly to the waistband of her panties and began to work them downward, stretching the elastic to near-breaking, until they were just a roll of material encircling her curvy hips, exposing a curly triangle of hair slightly darker than on her head beneath her white belly. Using both hands, Deej pulled the rolled up panties down to Carole’s knees, then, lifting first one leg and then the other, pulled the undies over her shoes and dropped them on the floorboard. His hand returned to her now-naked crotch, first cupping the warmth in his hand, then teasingly running his fingers through the silky hairs and lightly down the swelling lips, causing the heated girl’s body to twitch slightly and her legs open wider with her pent-up desire. After a couple of minutes of Deej’s torturous stroking of Carole’s palpitating pussy lips, Deej let his finger enter the juice-filled lips, stroking the hidden entrance to her body, letting his finger lightly, agonizingly, brush the erect clit above the entrance, making the muscles in Carole’s firm thighs involuntarily tighten and loosen with each touch. It seemed like an eternity to her before Deej let his finger slide into the small opening to her pussy, and when she felt the finger sink into her hot insides, Carole raised her hips to meet the probing digit, eager for the sensations she had come to love since the first time Deej had shown her the pleasures of his touch. Just as quickly as Deej had begun his seduction of her willing body, he stopped, removing his hand from her very hot and wet pussy, and straightened in his seat as he suggested, “let’s go somewhere.” Carole nodded breathlessly, her face flushed with passion, then she pushed her bra down as she pulled her dress up to cover her naked breasts.


Deej started the car and pulled out of the dark parking lot. Once on the street, he steered with his left hand while his right hand rested between Carole’s still-parted legs, a finger stroking the blood-filled lips, wanting to keep her arousal at fever pitch. He headed toward the northwest part of town while he formulated a plan in his revenge-bent mind, not speaking to the pretty girl now sitting pressed up against him, eyes closed, her head resting against his shoulder, her breathing continuing in heavy, chest-heaving movement as Deej stroked and probed her soaked cunt.


It was only a few blocks from the theater in the middle of town to the place Deej had decided on as he drove and in a matter of minutes, he reached the area known locally as nigger town’. That was a typical name for black residential areas in the south of the 1960s. The races were still very much segregated, each race seemingly preferring to remain in their own area, with the only intermingling occurring on the job, if at all. Carole had been raised in Pittsburgh and, although there wasn’t quite as much segregation, each race’s attitude toward the other wasn’t any different than in the south. White women were often raised to suspect and fear blacks, often having the fear implanted in them that all black men wanted to rape white women. Carole possessed that fear and distrust, partly from ignorance, but mostly from family and friends often repeating unverified stories of the atrocities of blacks in general. Deej had decided to use that fear to teach Carole a lesson she would not forget and to exact the revenge on her for her earlier affront to his pride.


Deej drove down a couple of side streets in the northwest area, curiously observing the ramshackle condition of most of the houses populating both sides of the streets, interspersed periodically by a small business or two, with a few bars scattered throughout the community. Deej made a turn onto one street and saw a bar or night club of some sort about a block ahead with a few blacks standing outside on the sidewalk, a few appearing to be holding either beer bottles or bagged drinks. He quickly looked at Carole and saw her eyes were still closed, her mouth partly open, sensually breathing in short, rapid gasps as Deej rubbed her slit. He was relieved to see she hadn’t seen where they were, knowing she would have panicked at even the thought of being in nigger town’. He drove past the bar, counting at least six men on the sidewalk on the other side of the street, glad to see that other buildings in the area appeared to be closed and dark.


Deej drove straight for a couple of blocks before he saw what he had been looking for as he drove. On his left was a row of two-story warehouses, barely lit with one street light at the corner. Deej drove past the first two warehouses before he saw a narrow alley running between the second and third block building. He slowly turned into the alley, stopping at the entrance to let the car lights illuminate the darkness ahead. Deej could see that the alley went on past the two warehouses to the street beyond, but saw nothing else except the usual litter on both sides. “Perfect,” Deej thought, and pulled on into the dark alley about fifty feet before he turned off the headlights and stopped the car.


Hearing the engine stopping, Carole opened her heavy-lidded eyes and purred, “are we there?” Then, before Deej could answer, she realized she didn’t recognize their surroundings, causing her to add, “where are we, Deej?” Deej stuck his finger up her wet hole as he answered, “this is a new place I thought we’d try. That’s all.” Carole was looking around curiously, “what are those buildings?” “They’re warehouses, baby. Empty. Deserted.” Deej assured her, “this place is completely safe, baby. Won’t anybody see us.” He put her at ease by covering her lips with his as a finger probed her insides deeply, stroking the ultra-sensitive flesh, quickly giving Carole a chain of mini-climaxes, taking her mind off of the unfamiliar place, eliminating every vestige of fear.


Removing his finger, Deej began to slide Carole’s dress up her body, keeping his lips glued to hers until the dress was pulled up under her arms. Breaking off the passionate kiss, Deej ordered, “raise your arms, baby. I want you naked.” Carole instantly complied, eager to proceed with their lovemaking, helping Deej pull the dress over her head. As Deej threw the dress in the back seat, Carole slipped her bra straps off her shoulders and arms, tossing it after the dress. She cuddled her naked body against Deej, conscious of the effect her nudity always had on him, wanting him to touch her, finger her, kiss her. Carole remembered her shoes and straightened to take them off, but was halted by Deej. “Leave them on, honey. I want you to pose for me. I want to see you standing naked with nothing but your shoes on.” His request didn’t surprise her as Deej often wanted to just stare at her naked body, and she enjoyed modeling for him. Looking through the windshield and seeing nothing but the darkness, enhanced by the tall buildings on each side blocking the moonlight, she queried, “here, Deej? You won’t be able to see me.”


“No problem, hon. I’ll turn the headlights on. You just stand a few feet in front of the car and I’ll be able to see you in the lights.” Deej was surprised he had to explain, as it wouldn’t be the first time the not-too-bright blonde had posed in the headlights for him. A light appeared to go on in the pretty little head, “oh, I see. Okay,” she agreed, as she opened her car door, causing the interior light to come on and illuminate her voluptuous teenage body, her breasts barely swinging and jiggling as she rose from the seat, her curvy behind bathed in the warm light from the small bulb above. She closed the door and gingerly made her way toward the front of the car, stepping carefully in the dark alley, unsure of what might be underfoot.


As soon as Carole had started toward the front of the car, Deej leaned over and pushed down on the door lock button, then repeated the move on his door. Then he turned on the headlights and watched as Carole stepped in front of the bright beams, the cheeks of her ass undulating as she walked in the high heels. He wasn’t sure if it was that sight or the thought of what he was about to do, but he felt his dick begin to harden in his Levi’s and a warm stirring in his gut. Looking at the naked girl as she turned to give him a frontal view, Deej whispered to himself, “I’m really going to enjoy this. I’ll teach her a lesson she won’t forget.”


Carole struck her familiar poses for Deej, her eyes squinting from the bright headlights, enjoying being his model. As she turned around to give him one of his favorite poses, bent over with her ass facing him, holding her ass cheeks wide, Deej started the motor. The sound startled Carole and she quickly stood straight and turned to face the car with a puzzled look on her face, slightly raising her hands by her sides in a questioning stance. Deej put the automatic transmission in reverse and slowly let the car backup, amused at the look on Carole’s face when she realized what he was doing, her look changing from puzzlement to alarm in an instant. Deej smiled evilly, enjoying her predicament as he let the car back out of the alley slowly, stopping just as the rear end of the car exited from between the buildings. His smile became a sadistic laugh as he watched the naked Carole begin to run toward him, her tits bouncing up and down with each jarring impact of the high heel shoes on the pavement. The sight made his dick twitch and he rubbed it through the thick material, feeling it grow, as he watched the naked figure get closer, amazed that Carole didn’t stumble in the high heels while he continued to focus on the bouncing tits, feeling his nuts tighten as he watched the heavy globes bounce.


Breathlessly, Carole reached the car, pausing for a minute with her hands on the front fender, then making her way to the passengers’ door. She pulled on the handle and discovered the door was locked. Deej heard her through the closed window, innocently explaining, “the door is locked, Deej. Let me in.” Apparently, she thought Deej was playing one of his silly games, having no idea of his sinister plan. Deej reached over and rolled down the window a couple of inches and, in a cold tone of voice, informed the still-breathless girl, “naw. I don’t think so. I’m leaving you here.” Carole didn’t take him seriously, “aww, c’mon, Deej, let me in. I don’t like this game.” “I’m not playing, Carole. I’m dead serious.” Deej’s voice now had a knife-edge quality to it and, coupled with his words, made Carole realize it wasn’t a game, after all. The look on her face changed as if she had been slapped and her mouth fell open in disbelief. Deej could actually see the blood drain from her pretty cheeks as the shock of what he had said sunk in. “But why, Deej? Why? Why are you doing this?” Her voice became choked, tearful, pleading. “Why?” Deej sneered, “you forget that when I tried to touch you downtown? And you stopped me? That’s why. No girl treats me that way.”


Carole whined, “but I thought you forgot about that, Deej. I didn’t want you to touch me in front of that old man.” Not seeing a favorable response from him, Carole pleaded, “please, Deej, let me in. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She pulled on the door handle again, finding it still locked. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she continued to beg the silent Deej, “oh, please, honey, please, please.” Deej was unyielding as he leaned across the seat and coldly told the crying girl, “no, Carole, no. Like I said, I’m leaving you here. Naked. Then I’m going to drive down to a nigger bar I saw and tell them there’s a naked white girl up here. They’ll come here and find you and gang-rape you.” He saw the terror in her eyes as he spoke, and relished the effect his words had on her. Just like he knew they would. He had to torture her further, “you didn’t know where we were, did you?” Not waiting for an answer, Deej let her know. “We’re in nigger town, and the bar I’m talking about is only two blocks from here. It won’t even take them five minutes to find you. And there’s no place for you to hide, either.” He saw Carole turn and look up the alley as though she was seeing if he was telling the truth. Deej was immensely enjoying the mental torture, and asked the now shivering girl, “do you have any idea how many black guys would be in a bar on a Friday night, a payday?” He answered for her, “dozens! They’ll be raping you for hours!” His words were light slaps across her cheeks, and Deej watched as she buried her face in her hands and began to sob uncontrollably, managing to mouth please’ between her body-racking sobs. Her sobs were falling on deaf ears as Deej lifted his foot off the brake and gunned the engine, sending the car flying backwards into the street, turning the front wheels as he did so. He put the car in drive and looked over at Carole. She had fallen to a stooped position, her head in her hands, resting on her knees, her bare ass almost resting on the pavement. The sight almost made Deej relent, until his pride and lust took over, so he gunned the car on down the street, certain the naked girl was aware he had left and was thinking of his fearful description of what was going to happen.


Deej drove back by the bar he had seen earlier and smiled to himself when he saw the crowd was still standing around on the sidewalk. Several of them looked like they had just come home from a dirty day at work, looking like construction workers, while a couple appeared to see themselves as cool dudes’ and were dressed to the nines. Deej drove the car on by the men, aware of the curious looks he was receiving from those facing the street. He knew that few white men ever came to this community after dark and his presence would cause curiosity, although he was just as sure there was no risk of danger. Animosity, maybe, but every black knew that the white police force really frowned on blacks even threatening whites. There had been stories . . .


The car wandered aimlessly around the area for the next ten minutes, Deej being careful to not go down the same street twice, before he returned to the area of the warehouses. He slowly pulled into the alley where he had left the naked Carole, turning on his high beams as he entered the darkness, but couldn’t see her anywhere. He stopped the car for a minute and peered ahead, examining as best as he could the length of the alley, but there wasn’t a sign of a naked body anywhere. Now Deej was a little concerned, wondering if someone had found her and taken her somewhere. “What if she’s been found by the police,” he wondered, but quickly rejected that thought with the realization the white Fort Lauderdale police stayed out of the black neighborhood. He permitted the car to idle forward as he continued to strain his eyes for sight of Carole. Just as he was nearing the other end of the alley, Deej spotted several large cardboard boxes piled up against the wall on his left. He pulled up next to the boxes until his door was almost past the last box. Then he saw her. Carole was crouched behind the box, desperately trying to hide, certain it was a carload of blacks coming for her. As Deej brought the car to a stop, he saw her peek through her hands as though she was hiding behind her hands. When she saw it was Deej’s car, her tear-streaked face momentarily brightened and she immediately stood, then meekly approached the car, an arm across her breasts, the other hand covering her triangle bush.


Deej rolled his window down slightly, then waited for Carole to speak. Her words came out stutteringly, “p-p-please, D-deej, c-can I get in, i-in the c-c-car?” Gaining control briefly, she added, “I’m sorry, Deej. I won’t do it again.” The stuttering returned for a few words as she fought to speak clearly, “I-I-I, I’ll do anything you say from now on. I promise! P-please, Deej. I love you!” Deej rolled the window down a little more and prodded, “you’re not just saying that because I left you here, are you?” Carole shook her head emphatically, “no, no, honey. It’s not that. It scared me, but I’m more afraid of losing you than what you said you were going to do.” Sensing Deej was softening, she pleaded, “please, Deej, please, don’t break up with me. I promise I won’t stop you from doing things again.” Evidently not certain that was the answer Deej was wanting, she added, “I swear I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t break up with me.” The thought of him ending their short relationship brought more tears to her eyes. “Please, honey,” she sniffed. The power she was giving him made Deej’s head whirl. Just the thought that a girl so pretty would swear to do anything he wanted was so unbelievable! She had never lied to him that he knew of, nor had she ever misrepresented anything, so he knew she meant what she said. But Deej wanted to use the new power she had granted and tested her, “anything? You’ll do anything I tell you to do, Carole? You really mean it?”


Seeing he was ready to accept her promise, Carole nodded her head briskly, then repeated the words as she mentally crossed her fingers that Deej would believe her. “I promise I’ll do anything you want, Deej. I really mean that I’ll do whatever you say.” She dropped her hands to her side and stood facing him, hoping the sight of her nakedness would be the final persuasion. Deej pressed to verify his test, “okay, then. If I tell you to let a nigger fuck you, then you’ll do it?” His question shocked Carole. She hadn’t imagined that this boy she loved so dearly would want her to do such a thing. And with a nigger! As she hesitated, her mind battling her heart, she saw in Deej’s eyes a I thought so’ look and quickly blurted out her answer while she hoped it was just a theoretical question. “Yes, Deej, I would do that if you wanted. I swear I would.” Deej knew that Carole was most likely thinking his question was just a test of her promise, so he decided to let her know it was a test that she would have to perform to prove her words. “Well, then,” he began, “we’ll see. We’re going to pick up a nigger and you’re going to do everything I tell you to do with him. And I do mean EVERYthing.”


Carole’s heart sunk as she heard his words, finally realizing she would have to make good her promise in order to keep the only boy she had ever loved. Carole lowered her head and spoke softly, contritely, “okay, honey. If that’s what you want.” The chastened girl still held out hope that Deej was only testing her and wouldn’t make her do as he said. The soft words caused Deej’s dick to twitch and harden again with the realization that he could make her do the very thing that she despised and feared the most. The surge of power in his chest was more satisfying than the stirring in his loins, and he was eager to use his new power, his complete possession of the lovely blonde. Deej rolled the window down all the way and reached out to take a nipple between a thumb and finger, pinching it cruelly, as he invited, “okay, then, you can get in the car.” The pretty face immediately brightened and a smile replaced the tearful pout on her lips, her eyelids raising in her cute little-girl way, as she bounced around the front of the car. Deej couldn’t help but think how she reminded him of a little puppy that had been petted after being punished, thinking to himself, “if she had a tail, it would be wagging.” He leaned across the seat and unlocked the car door just as Carole pulled on the handle.


Carole happily dropped into the seat and slid over against Deej, her naked thigh pressed against his leg, her arms wrapping around his neck as she kissed his face all over gratefully. She couldn’t contain her joy that she had been forgiven as she repeated over and over, “oh, thank you, honey, thank you. I love you so much!” Deej’s hard was straining against his pants, so he exercised his new power. “Take my dick out and suck on it, sweet lips.” Carole didn’t hesitate as she quickly undid the top button and unzipped his jeans. Parting the open fly, she pulled his throbbing hard from it’s resting place against his leg and immediately dropped her mouth to the moist head, running her tongue around the tip before taking him in her small mouth, then sucking noisily as she moved her head up and down, her hand rubbing his belly and fingering his pubic hairs as she sucked.


Deej was delighted by her eager compliance at doing something he had to beg her for previously. That new-found delight made him feel as good as the sensation of her warm mouth on his slippery cock. Deej started the car and pulled on out of the alley, his legs spread as Carole continued to suck on his erection. He headed back to where the men were standing outside the bar and, when he was about a half block from the noisy bunch, stopped the car. “Okay, you can stop sucking now, baby.” Deej wanted to save his load for later, more intent on carrying out his plans than shooting cum down the pretty throat. Carole raised up and looked ahead through the windshield. Seeing the black men standing on the sidewalk, her heart sunk with the realization that Deej had indeed meant what he had said. Seeing that she was looking in the direction of the men, Deej instructed, “we’re going to pick up one of those guys there.” He pointed at the group even though he could see she was looking straight at them with apprehension on her face. Deej revised his statement, “at least, YOU are going to pick up one of them. I’ll even let you pick which one you want,” he added magnanimously. Deej then explained how they would proceed, “I’ll pull up just a little past where they’re standing, you can be lying down across the seat, and then when I stop, I want you to lean out your window just enough so they can see you have no top on and then you motion for the one you want to come to the car.” Deej paused, searching Carole’s face to make sure she was following his directions, then continued, “when he comes up to the car, I want you to sit up straight with your arms to your side and your legs spread so he can see your body. I’ll take it from there, but you have to do anything either he or I tell you to do.” Wanting to make sure she understood his last statement, Deej inquired, “do you understand that, baby? That you’re to do ANYthing you’re told to do?” Carole looked down at her hands folded in her bare lap, then murmured, “yes, Deej, I understand. I’ll do it for you.”


Deej patted her thigh, “that’s my girl. But I want you to know that if you don’t do every little thing you’re told to do, no matter what it is, then I’m going to put you out of the car and all of them do whatever they want to you.” He was silent a few seconds, then asked, “now, do you still want to go through with it?” Carole answered his question first with a question, “would you really do that, honey? I mean, would you put me out of the car? I thought you loved me.” Deej squeezed her shoulder, “I do love you, baby, but, remember, you did promise you’d do anything I wanted from now on. And if you can’t keep a promise, then I’ll have to find another girlfriend. Promises are made to keep, you know.” His words obviously made an impact, as she looked up from her folded hands at him, a cute little smile on her face. “You do love me, Deej?” As Deej nodded, her smile grew, then she assured him, “I’ll keep my promise, honey, you’ll see.” Deej bent and kissed her lightly, then declared, “I know you will, baby. Now, let’s see which one of those guys you want. Can you tell from here?” Carole studied the group intently, straining to make out their features from where they sat about two hundred feet away. She shook her head, “no, I can’t see what they look like from here.” “Okay, then, we’ll do things a little differently. I’m going to drive around the block slowly and you look them over as we go by.” Deej pulled the car back on the road and started slowly toward the men, the car only moving at the speed of a jogger. Even before they reached the group, several of them were looking at the car approaching so slowly, their curiosity aroused as many of them remembered seeing the same car go by earlier with a white guy in it. When they were just a few feet from them, one of the blacks saw there was now a pretty white girl studying them and grabbed one of his friends, who had his back to the car talking to another man leaning against the wall of the bar, and spun him around, saying something excitedly. At his words, all of the men turned and stared at the cute blonde girl as the car moved slowly, not more than six feet from them, appraising her with their eyes, whispering amongst themselves. Some laughing at remarks unheard by Deej and Carole as they drove past.


After they had passed the crowd of blacks, Deej asked, “well, did you pick one, baby?” Carole nodded, “I think the young one in the black shirt looked cleanest.” Deej mentally chuckled, “leave it to Carole to think of cleanliness,” he thought, then spoke, “okay, then. Roll your window all the way down and slide over next to it. I’ll go around the block and you can motion to the one you picked when I stop.” Carole pondered, “what if they don’t know which one I mean? They’re all standing together and they might all come.” Deej thought a moment, realizing she was right. “Well, in that case, call out to him. Just say hey, in the black shirt’. That should do it unless they’re all wearing black shirts.” “No, I think he was the only one,” Carole offered, then asked, revealing her reluctance to go through with their plan, “what will the rest of them think of me when I call out, Deej?” In an exasperated tone, Deej shot back, “well, what difference does that make? They don’t know you and you’ll never see them again.” His words made sense to the not-too-bright girl, and she agreed, “yeh, you’re right, honey. They don’t know me.” As she spoke, Carole slid over in the seat and rolled down the window, just as Deej rounded the last corner, heading back toward the men now standing at the edge of the road once they saw the car come around the corner.


Although Carole had already picked out the black she wanted, Deej still drove in front of the crowd slowly, wanting to give them all a good look at the knock-out girl sitting tightly against the passengers’ door. They wouldn’t be able to see that she was completely nude, but from where they were standing, they would be able to possibly tell that she was at least naked from the waist up. As he passed the group, Deej saw that he was right from their sudden exclamations he heard through the open window. One of them yelled out “oooweee!” Another voice boomed “hey, baby!” Someone else shouted the obvious, “man, look at that white chick!”


Deej enjoyed their reaction, but their crude remarks made Carole cringe more against the door, a frightened look on her face. Deej pulled up about two car lengths from the hooting and hollering bunch and, watching through the rear view mirror saw a couple of the men break from the rest and take a few steps toward the car, then stop, apparently not sure what the white couple was up to. Deej pushed Carol’s shoulder as he directed, “you better go ahead and call out to the one you picked before they all come over here.”


Carole quickly realized Deej was right and, barely leaning her head out the window, called out, “hey, mister. Mister in the black shirt.” Deej had to smile at her use of the word mister’, which few whites used when addressing a black in those days. He watched the group in the rear view mirror and saw that one of the two who had taken a couple of steps toward the car must have been the one Carole had decided on, as he was the only one Deej could see with a black shirt. Deej understood why Carole had picked that one out of the six or seven men on the sidewalk; he was a young black, maybe nineteen or twenty, and was dressed in a black silk shirt with gray dress pants, his shoes as shiny as his slicked down hair. The young black evidently wasn’t sure the white girl was speaking to him, as he pointed his thumb at his chest in a questioning gesture while mouthing the word, me?’.


When Carole nodded, the youth walked hurriedly to the car, apparently excited at the chance to see and talk to the pretty white girl. As the black stepped up to the car, Deej heard him exclaim, “g-o-d-d damn!” Then the young black’s face appeared in the side window as he bent down to look face to face with Carole. His eyes bulged with their concentrated stare at the unbelievable figure just inches from him and he seemed to lose all vestiges of an intelligent conversation as he stuttered, “m-man, wh-what are you doing!” Regaining his senses somewhat, he praised Carole as she sat there just the way Deej had told her; arms at her sides, legs half open. “Girl, you sure are beautiful!”


Deej was surprised at the youth’s proper language, having expected the typical black slang of the south, using sho’ for sure’, for one thing. Evidently, this was an educated black, and he had to mentally applaud Carole’s for her selection. He spoke to the youth still staring at Carole with his mouth open, appraising every inch of her supple body, “you like her, man?” The black vigorously nodded his head even as he spoke, “damn, yes, she is one fine woman!” Then he added to the compliment, “I ain’t never seen a white woman naked before, but she sure is prettier than any black girl I’ve ever seen.” Kind of a left-handed compliment, Deej thought, but agreed with the youth, “yeh, she is fine. And she wanted to meet you.” Seeing the black’s eyes light up with surprise, Deej asked him bluntly, “you want to fuck her, man?”


Again the eyes popped open in disbelief, the whites in sharp contrast to his deep brown skin, but he managed to stammer, “m-man, I sure do.” Unable to believe such a pretty white girl would let him do the unspeakable, he queried, “will she let me?” Deej laughed, “sure, she will. That’s why she picked you out of all those guys. She wants you to fuck her.” Deej reached out and pinched a tit lightly as he asked Carole to verify his words, “isn’t that right, Carole? You want him to fuck you, don’t you?” When she didn’t answer immediately, Deej pinched her tit a little harder, then repeated, “don’t you, baby? Tell him.” Carole quickly answered, mindful of Deej’s earlier threat, “yes, Deej.” The black was shaking his head, still in disbelief even after hearing the tiny girl speak, and Deej could see in the mirror that a couple of the other blacks that had been watching them intently were beginning to drift toward the car, so he invited, “well, c’mon, then, and get in. I know where we can go and have some fun with her.” The youth didn’t need another invitation, hurriedly pulling open the car door and dropping in the seat as Carole slid over next to Deej. As he got in the car, he saw his friends from the bar walking to the car, one asking “everythin’ cool, man?” The youth grinned and yelled back at the bunch, “everything is just fin-n-e, guys!”


Deej pulled away and headed back around the block so he could take them to the alley he had found. It seemed like a safe, private spot, and wasn’t far away. The youth spoke, “my name is Mac, what’s your’s?” As he asked, he stuck out his right hand for Deej to take. Deej shook the black’s hand, feeling the rough skin and strength of a manual labor in the handshake as he answered, “my name is Deej and this here is Carole.” Mac praised the girl whose thigh was now pressed against his, “Mm-mm, Carole, you sure are pretty. And you have a real hot figure, too.” He tentatively placed a hand on her leg just above the knee and felt her leg muscles tighten as she closed her legs slightly. Deej noticed Carole’s reflex action with her legs and curtly ordered, “open your legs, Carole. Let Mac feel you.” Deej pulled her left leg tightly against his as he spoke and saw Carole move her right leg against the boy sitting next to her. Mac began to caress the soft skin of her thigh, appreciating the smoothness and commenting on her tan, “you have a nice tan, girl. I like the feel of your skin, too.” Deej saw that he would have to give Carole directions on how to behave with a man, so he pushed on her shoulder and suggested, “give Mac a kiss, baby, to show your thanks for his compliment.” Carole immediately did as Deej said, turning her face to the black face beside her and giving him a peck on the lips. Mac wanted a real kiss and, putting one large hand behind her head, pulled her face to his, then smothered her small mouth with his, his tongue forcing it’s way deep into her mouth. While he frenched her, Mac moved his right hand to a tit and began to massage it roughly, pulling on the nipple and squeezing as much of the mound of flesh as he could fit in his large hand.


Mac continued to deep throat Carole’s mouth and feel her body until Deej pulled into the alley. Hoarsely, he commented, “yeh, this is a good place, man. I’ve done a few things in this same alley,” and he laughed at some memory. As he spoke, his left hand continued to rub Carole’s widespread crotch, while he stroked his pants where a conspicuous bulge had appeared. Deej inquired, “want to see her pose for us, Mac? Carole can put on quite a show. And when you see her standing and see every inch of that body, you’ll know what a good fuck she’s going to be.” The youth chuckled, “man, that sounds hot. Sure, let’s see what she has.” He opened his door and held his hand out for Carole, helping her out of the car, feeling her firm butt as she stood. Deej got out, leaving the headlights shining down the dark alley, and went around to the front of the car, ordering Carole as she approached, “you know what to do, baby. Stand out there a little ways and show us everything.”


Carole wordlessly walked to a spot about ten feet in front of the car and began to pose for the two staring at her from behind the headlights. She raised her arms above her head and stretched, causing her breasts to rise and point skyward. She spread her legs as she stood with her arms held high, letting the lights illuminate the fine blond down on her lower belly. Carole knew what to do, Deej having taught her what he like to look at, and she went through all the poses she could think of; turning slowly while cupping her breasts in each hand; turning her back to them, bending far over and spreading her legs wide while holding the cheeks of her ass open, revealing her tight-looking rosebud asshole perched above symmetrical, dark folds of skin ringed with a blonde fringe. The two men stood silently, only Mac producing a sharp whistle as Carole had bent over and showed her privates, while Carole continued her show, having to perform some poses several times.


Deej decided it was time and walked up to Carole as she stood facing them, her eyes squinting against the bright lights. Without preamble, Deej ordered, “squat down and suck me, baby,” as he unzipped his pants and removed his near-hard. Carole did as she was told, quickly stooping down, her legs spread wide on each side of Deej’s, her pussy open to the air, as she began to first lick his swelling head, then take it in her mouth, inch by agonizing inch. Deej moved his hips in sync with her sucking, his mind in a distant place so he wouldn’t lose his load in her too soon.


Mac had stepped closer to watch the pretty face take Deej’s cock, the sight heightening his arousal. He took his dick out and Deej couldn’t help but look at the size of it. The dark, almost black, muscle with purple veins that looked like ropes, was at least an inch longer than Deej’s seven inches, and appeared to be a good bit thicker. It was already hard from the show Carole had presented, and the sight of her sucking a dick was almost too much. As he gripped his dick tightly in one hand, Mac breathlessly remarked, “damn! She looks like she knows how to suck, too.” Deej only nodded as Carole’s lips met his pubic hairs and began the journey back to the head of his dick. He stepped back slightly, letting his dick spring out of the hot mouth, her sucking bringing him almost to the point of creaming in her mouth. Mac stepped forward before Carole could rise, “here, want to suck mine?” he asked hopefully as he held it out to the kneeling girl.


Carole shook her head and started to get to her feet, but was stopped by Deej’s sharp command, “do it, Carole. Mac wants you to suck him, so you do it.” She realized she had made a mistake and settled onto her haunches as she looked up at the grinning face of the black youth, waiting for him to stick that big, black thing in her mouth, thinking only that she hoped it was clean. She didn’t have to wait long, as Mac had quickly stepped between her legs and taken her head in one hand and his dick in the other, pushed the purplish meat against her half-open lips, forcing entry. The minute Carole’s lips encircled his hard cock, Mac groaned, then grunted, “god! Unbelievable!” He started to hump his hips forward, the sensation of the girl’s tongue and hot mouth almost unbearable. The feeling of her soft, flicking tongue coupled with the mere knowledge that a white girl, a beautiful white girl, was sucking his black dick, something he had never even dared dream, proved to be almost overwhelming. Mac quickly stepped back, quivering, “whew! No man could take much of that!” Like Deej, the young black wanted to enjoy more of the submissive girl before he gave her his cum, wanting the night to last as long as possible. He bent over, his breath coming in gulps as he worked to control his sexual urge.


Deej slapped him on the back, acknowledging the youth’s predicament. “That mouth is something, isn’t it?” He laughed as he watched Mac recover enough to nod. “C’mon, lets have some real fun with her. That was only the beginning.” Deej turned to the car, speaking to Carole over his shoulder, “get in the back seat, hon. It’s time for some fucking.” He knew how much she disliked the word fuck’, preferring to instead say make love’, and that made Deej want to say it more. “I think Mac wants to fuck you with that big dick of his. Ain’t that right, Mac?” With a white-tooth grin, Mac enthusiastically agreed, “you got that right. I want some of that white pussy.” He went around to the passenger side of the car and, bending the front seat back forward, climbed into the back seat just as Carole was entering from the other side. Not even giving her a chance to get settled in the seat, Mac pulled her legs around to the side and slid her naked body on the seat until her head rested on the arm rest, her small body easily fitting the width of the back seat. Mac undid the belt to his pants and pushed pants and undershorts down to below his hips, revealing a huge nut sack dangling from beneath his precum-dripping cock. In one sudden movement, he pulled Carole’s legs apart and raised them slightly while he inched forward on his knees until his dick bumped against the white ass spread out before him. Mac let Carole’s legs rest against his chest as he placed a hand in her crotch, feeling for the hidden opening with his fingers, then inserting one rough digit between the lips and into the tight, dry hole. Feeling the dryness, Mac observed, “girl, you pretty dry down there. What’s wrong with you? Not hot yet?” He began to work his finger in and out, letting his thumb manipulate the shrunken clit still covered by the upper lips of her pretty pussy, trying in vain to get her juices flowing. After a couple of minutes of futility, Mac gave up, exclaiming, “shit, I’ll just have to force it in then!” He moved his hand to his dick and guided to the waiting hole, then worked it up and down the slit, letting his precum moisten the dry slit. Impatient, Mac released his dick and began to push forward against the tight hole with his unbending cock, gradually spreading the hole to accommodate the thickness of the veined dick. “Damn,” he grunted, “she’s tight.”


Deej acknowledged the black’s observation as he stood in the open driver’s door with the front seat back pushed against the steering wheel, “yeh, she is. That’s near-virgin pussy. But don’t worry about it. That pussy will stretch. Ram it to her, man.” As he finished the last sentence, Deej got in the back, pulling the door closed as he put one leg on the seat beside Carole’s shoulder, sliding her body slightly to the front, then sat on her tits, mashing the full globes to her chest. He reached behind him with both arms and grasped Carole’s knees, pulling them under his arms, where he held them between his arms and chest while he slipped his dick into her mouth.


When Deej pulled Carole’s legs forward, it caused her ass to rise off the seat, giving the frustrated black youth a straight shot at her open pussy, and Mac took full advantage of the new angle, heeding Deej’s advice completely, as he rammed his dick home, shoving it all the way in until he felt his pelvic bone mash against the helpless girls’ pelvis. The sudden stretching of her cunt hole brought a muffled grunt of pain from Carole, silenced when Deej rammed his dick into her mouth to the hilt, the tip pushing past her tonsils. The brutal plundering of the two dicks caused tears to seep between Carole’s closed eyelids and, even if she wanted to resist, she couldn’t with Deej’s legs pinning her arms and her legs locked with his arms. His lunge into her throat had raised her ass even further off the car seat, causing Mac’s dick to punch upwards against the front of her belly, the steel-hard meat pushing against a part of her insides she had never felt before. The black’s dick seemed to be filling her more than she though possible, his humping movements pushing against all of her internal organs, making Carole feel as though his dick would join Deej’s in her throat.


Mac grunted, “ahh, this pussy is finally getting wet. Damn, it feels so hot!” Deej spoke over his shoulder, “that shows she likes it, Mac. See? She loves your dick.” To prove it, Deej pulled his dick out of Carole’s mouth and asked, “don’t you, babe? You love his dick, don’t you?” When she didn’t reply, Deej prompted, “I said, you love his dick, don’t you?” Carole knew what she had to say and repeated his words, “yes, yes, I love his dick.” Deej was really getting pleasure out of her submissions, “tell Mac to fuck you hard, Carole. Tell him.” Resignedly, Carole did as told, “fuck me, Mac. Fuck me hard.” At Deej’s urging to keep repeating it, Carole said it several times before Deej stuck his dick back in her mouth, providing relief from her humiliation, but not from the punishing dicks.


Her words aroused Mac even more, even if they had been put in her mouth by Deej and he began to fuck her harder, sliding his dick almost completely out of her clinging pussy before slamming it back in as hard as he could, rapturing in the feeling of punishing the little white whore, the bitch, excising all the bitterness he had been raised with against the whites by cruelly fucking the open body beneath him. His thoughts became spoken as he fucked the abused pussy harder, “you fucking whore, you slut, damn white bitch, I’m going to fill you with my black cum.” Hearing his own words go unchallenged excited him even further, and in a few brutal lunges he shuddered and stiffened as he held his dick inside the hot receptacle as deeply as he could shove it, holding the white ass in both hands, rotating the cheeks briskly as he shot all the built-up contents of his nuts into the completely defenseless white body. Deej was aware of the black’s climax, and the thought of the black shooting his cum inside of Carole made him almost shoot his in her mouth until he quickly grabbed his dick at the base and squeezed tightly, pulling it out of her drooling mouth while mentally fighting the urge to spray her mouth with his hot jism. Deej still wasn’t prepared to give Carole his cum because he had further humiliation in store for her and he knew that once he shot off, it would take him awhile to regain both his arousal and hard. He didn’t know why, but he had always found it hard to recover. Finally gaining control, Deej let go of Carole’s legs and rose off of her chest, then rested his ass against the seat back leaning against the steering wheel. Mac had leaned back on his legs, his chest still heaving from the exertion, his eyes appearing glazed over, his dick deflating between his legs. “Man, that was good. She’s so tight, but that’s good pussy! I’d love to fuck her all night long.”


Deej agreed, “yeh, she’s got good pussy. Every hole she has is good. And in a few minutes, I’m going to give it to her in that third hole.” Mac’s eye brows shot up, “you mean, she’ll take it in the ass?” His question was answered with a shrug, “sure, she’ll take it wherever and however a man wants. Not only that, but she’ll do anything I tell her to do.” He leaned forward and flicked one of Carole’s nipples with his finger, “won’t you, Carole?” Carole nodded, but said nothing, which only served to push Deej into proving his words in another way. “I’ll show you. Finger yourself, Carole. Stick your fingers in your wet pussy.” Her legs were bent upwards with her feet now resting on the seat in front of Mac, so Carole merely reached down and started to stroke her crotch, keeping her legs almost closed. Her partial obedience slightly angered Deej, “I said to stick your fingers IN your pussy, Carole, not on the outside. Now stick them in. Way in,” he emphasized, then added, “and spread your legs wide so we can watch.”


Sensing his mild anger, Carole did as she was told, a resigned look on her face. She spread her legs as wide as she could, giving Mac at her feet an uncluttered view of her cunt, then slid one finger into the dripping mess between her lips. Pleased that she was now doing as he wanted, Deej instructed her, “now, stick two fingers in that dripping pussy. I want you to get Mac’s cum on your fingers. Understand?” Again, Carole did as instructed, working her second and third fingers between the swollen lips and into her pussy as far as she could push them. Satisfied that she was collecting Mac’s cum on her fingers, Deej ordered, “pull your fingers out. See if you have any cum on them.” Carole withdrew her fingers, coated with stringy, off-white, slightly pungent cum and held them for the two men to see.


Deej felt a new stirring in his loins, seeing another way to humiliate and degrade the obedient girl. “Um, hmm,” he acknowledged the sight, “now, lick your fingers clean. Lick it like it was hot ice cream, like you love it.” He grinned at Mac as he gave Carole the degrading orders. Carole looked at her fingers in disgust, obviously not wanting to do as Deej ordered, but fearful of not doing it. She had never done such a repulsive thing before and couldn’t believe he would want her to do it, but knew from his actions during the last hour that she had to do it. Carole slowly raised the sticky fingers to her lips, the musky smell assailing her nostrils, then resignedly inserted the fingers in her mouth. She immediately shuddered, her shoulders jerking, jiggling her breasts like two bowls of jello, as she often did when something displeased or disgusted her. The two men watched intently as Carole quickly recovered and obediently began to suck and lick her fingers, first a little tentative, then as Deej had instructed, as if she loved the taste of her juices mixed with the black’s cum.


Mac shook his head, “man, you sure got yourself some whore. Don’t know of any woman who would do anything she was told. She is one hot bitch.” As Carole continued to lick her fingers, Mac had begun to stroke his dick, aroused by both the sight of the white girl licking his cum off her fingers and the thought that she would do anything Deej would tell her to do. It began to grow in his hand, the foreskin creeping back over the liver-gray head, his thoughts turning to what he wanted to do with the willing girl still lying before him, noisily licking her fingers. “Mmm,” he hoarsely murmured, “I want some more of that hot body.”


Deej chuckled, knowing the effect Carole was having on the young black and feeling the same desires himself. “Well, go ahead, Mac. Get some more. I’m ready to give her some more of my dick, too.” Mac grunted, “I want to fuck her mouth this time. It sure felt good when she did it before. I’ll give her a good load to taste this time, so she won’t have to lick it off her fingers.” Mac laughed in a booming voice at the thought.


Deej moved from his resting place against the front seat and put a hand under Carole’s shoulder. “Sit up, baby, and get on your hands and knees.” Carole started to get on her hands and knees with her ass facing Mac until Deej instructed, “no, no, Carole, turn the other way. Mac wants your mouth, and I’m going to give it to you in the ass. We’ll fill all your holes with cum tonight.” Carole obediently did as Deej said, turning in the seat until her face was just inches from Mac’s now-hard cock, docilely accepting she would have to let the black cum in her mouth, not thinking about Deej fucking her in her small asshole, the discomfort she would feel from that plundering of her body. Deej got between Carole’s bent legs, almost pushing her left leg off the seat, then guided his hard seven inches to her still-puffy pussy lips, where he ran the purplish tip up and down a few times, coating it with what was left of the cum dripping from Carole’s abused pussy. He placed the coated head against her tiny, wrinkled hole and rotated it about, transferring some of the slippery cum to the brown hole. Satisfied that he could begin, Deej held Carole’s hips as he began to push forward, feeling her body lean away from the invading rod of flesh, but preventing her escape by his tight hold on the soft hips. He felt the bulbous head slip past the ring of her sphincter muscle and stopped, waiting patiently for Mac to feed his good eight inches to Carole’s mouth, seeing that the black was enjoying rubbing his dick all over the lovely face before slipping it in her mouth. The slight wait would make the tight sphincter muscle relax more as it became accustomed to the foreign object stretching the tight hole.


Mac had one hand wrapped in Carole’s hair and the other hand holding his huge cock as he delightfully rubbed it over her lips, cheeks, and even her closed eyelids, grinning as his precum left spider web-like trails across her pretty features. He was deriving as much pleasure from his erotic defacing of the beautiful white girl as much as the sensation of her soft skin against his tingling cock flesh. Deej couldn’t see what the black youth was doing from his position behind the upraised, plump white ass, but he pretty well knew what Mac was doing, the thought causing his dick to pulsate and his balls to tighten. “Tell her what you want her to do, Mac,” Deej suggested, giving the black permission to command the obedient girl.


Mac’s white teeth glowed against his dark brown skin with Deej’s suggestion, and he quickly took advantage of the gift. “Lick my balls, whore,” he commanded, raising his dick to rest against Carole’s tanned forehead. Carole mentally winced at the word whore’, but dutifully did as she was told, her tongue snaking out to lick the hanging sack like an ice cream cone. Mac let her lick his nuts a couple of minutes, then tested his new powers further, “now, lick the head. Lick it good, bitch. Taste my juice.” Again, Carole wordlessly did as instructed, moving her tongue from his large nut sack to the velvety tip, circling it around the large head, tasting the musk still on it from her insides, fighting the urge to gag as she licked.


The black man slowly began to push his throbbing cock between Carole’s now moist lips, savoring the new thrill of her warm mouth encasing his dick before pushing forward gradually, the touch of her stretched lips and depressed tongue sending waves of pleasure coursing from his nuts to the tip of the oozing head. Carole’s small lips were stretched to their limits by the thick cum rod pushing slowly, ever more deeply, into her mouth as Mac sought to test the depths of her throat. Carole had learned to deep throat Deej’s dick, after numerous, gagging tries, but even then, she had only been able to accomplish the feat when he was standing and she was kneeling. Her position now, with her head bent slightly backwards, made it more difficult for her to relax her throat muscles, and she blocked further entry of the huge tool with her tongue forced in front of the plunging cock, preventing the last two inches of the black’s dick to feel the heat of her mouth. Mac felt the soft resistance and withdrew his saliva-wettened cock until the head was all that was covered by Carole’s lips, then pushed forward again, seeking to gain greater access to her convulsing throat, and once again feeling her block his forward movement, aided by her hands pushing back against his hips.


Deej had watched as the black dick had entered Carole’s mouth, wondering if she could take the additional inch or so that her mouth was unaccustomed to, but unable to see how much she managed to swallow of the thick, black meat. When he saw Mac withdraw and push forward again, Deej began his own journey into Carole’s insides, uncaring of her discomfort or pain, ramming his dick into her bowels in one swift stroke, as his belly smacked against her upraised white buttocks. The sudden plunge brought a grunt of pain escaping from her mouth, muffled by the cock hung in her throat, pushing Mac’s dick in another inch, but unnoticed because of the sudden pain from Deej’s dick plundering her asshole. She fought to regain her control, tears escaping from her closed eyelids, almost unable to bear the aching feeling deep in her bowels, a feeling like her asshole was being pushed into her stomach. But it was only the beginning, as the two dicks in her began to stroke in unison, each driving the other deeper as she was impaled from both ends like a hog on a barbecue spit. Carole’s throat tried to rebel, but she was unable to even gag, the pain in her ass obliterating all her other senses. The black had taken her hands from his hips and forced them behind her back in his efforts to sink his dick into her mouth up to his pubic hairs and he was slowly achieving his goal, aided with the pounding dick in her ass, the force combined with his thrusts softening the resistance he had encountered in the agonized girl’s throat. Mac’s ultimate goal was finally achieved as he felt his ass tighten and a welling up from deep inside him begin, like a volcano preparing to erupt, and he lunged forward hard with his hips, at last feeling his pubic bone crush against the soft lips. His hands released Carole’s arms and wrapped around the back of her head as he felt his cock jerk wads of cum up its length, spewing down her throat as she fought in vain to remove her mouth from the erupting cock, pushing against the black body with failing strength, unable to halt the violation, then finally ceasing all resistance, her hands falling to the seat beneath her. Knowing that Mac had shot his load of cum down her throat, the sticky glob coursing it’s way to her stomach, as well as the sensation of Carole’s tight asshole squeezing his dick with each push into her abused bowels, made Deej even more aroused, and he began to heave his hips forward faster, his dick traveling its full length from head to balls into her, causing Carole to grunt around the softening cock in her mouth with every penetration. The now rapid stroking caused a sucking noise from her puckered hole, forcing air outward as the merciless dick plunged into her guts, forcing small fart sounds out of her plundered ass, the odor permeating the air in the car. As Mac’s dick slipped from her mouth and he fell backwards against the side of the car, Carole’s grunts became louder, emphasizing each push against her violated intestines. “Oh, ohh, ahh,” she moaned and attempted to escape the fullness she was feeling by lowering her body to the car seat, but Deej wouldn’t let her escape his ruthless ramming into her as he reached under and grabbed a handful of dangling tit in each hand, using them as reins to pull her up and back on his cock, brutally squeezing her breasts with each lunge forward. Each stroke became faster, until, finally, Deej made one more hard shove against her ass and held it there as he spewed his built-up juices deep inside her, letting her feel the sudden warmth of his cum in her shit tube. Deej released Carole’s mangled breasts and sat back on his knees, his dick slowly pulling out of her ass, the soft skin of her colon puckering outwards as though to maintain its grip on the stained dick. His dick finally popped out of Carole’s mistreated ass, making a whoosh noise as vacuum was released. Deej found her panties tucked into the corner of the seat by his feet and used them to wipe her smelly residue from his pride and joy.


Mac joked, “whew, your shit stinks, girl.” Deej had to laugh at the black’s observation, but the words embarrassed the now prone Carole. She softly murmured, “I’m sorry. I feel like I have to go to the bathroom.” Deej slapped her ass playfully, “naw, it’s just the feeling from not having my dick in you anymore.” He slapped her pale ass again, but harder, “you have one fine ass, baby. It was made to fuck.” Thinking about it, he added, “your whole body was made to fuck. It’s good in every hole you have.” Mac agreed, “she sure is good, man. That was the best I’ve ever had. This bitch would make one fine whore.”


His remark caused Deej to inquire, “you liked her, Mac?” Before the black could reply, Deej added, “think your buddies would like to fuck her?” The grinning black nodded his head vigorously, “shit, man, they’d kill for some of this sweet thing. Some would even sell their mothers.” Deej expounded on his question, “so, you think they’d like to have some of this?” He patted Carole’s ass for emphasis. “Well, then, why don’t we just let them have some fun with her?” His words filled Carole with dread, “ohh, Deej, please.” Then she thought of her promise to him and left the plea unfinished, wanting desperately to please him. Sounding as if he hadn’t heard her unfinished objection, Deej thought out loud, “we could go back to the bar and have her ask if any of them wanted to fuck. See just how many would be interested.” Mac liked the idea, “hell, they’d all want some of this whore. One of them lives by himself. They could take her there and let everyone screw her. Shit, by the time they finish with her, all she would want is black dick.”


Carole was becoming alarmed at their words, imagining going through what she just had, but much worse. Still, she remained quiet, resigned to whatever Deej decided to do with her. She sat up in the seat, her arms folded across her chest, staring at the seat in front of her, without really seeing it. Deej and Mac got out of the car, straightening their clothes, returning their spent cocks to their pants. Then Mac decided he had to piss, so he stepped to the front of the car and took his dick out, immediately shooting a yellow stream onto the pavement. He looked over his shoulder at Deej and asked, “think we oughta make her drink some?” Deej shrugged, not really interested in something as kinky, “whatever you want her to do, Mac. Just tell her and she’ll do it.”


Mac laughed as his stream cut off, “naw, I’ll give the little slut a break.” He shook his dick a few times and returned it to his pants as he headed back to the passenger side of the car. Deej held the driver’s door open and ordered, “get up front, baby. You can sit in the middle. We’ll take Mac back to the bar and see if his friends would like to have some fun.”


Carole got out of the back seat and slid into the front silently, apprehensive about what was going to happen to her next, but not voicing her fears. Deej got in beside her and started the car, then headed down the dark alley, his mind bouncing around the idea that had sprouted earlier. He looked at his watch and saw it was only ten P.M., judging that they would still have two hours before he had to have Carole home. Plenty of time for a little gang-bang, he thought. It might be fun to watch a half dozen or more blacks slamming dicks into the meek, chastened girl beside him. As he neared the bar where they had picked Mac up, however, Deej changed his mind, deciding to save that party for another time. His words relieved Carole as he spoke, “we won’t let anyone else do it to you tonight, baby. Maybe some other time.”


He looked at her and saw the instant relief on her face, mixed with gratitude for his sparing her further hurt and humiliation. Carole moved a little closer and put her hand on his knee, mouthing the words thank you’. Deej pulled up at the corner just before they got to the bar, seeing that there were still several black men outside and that they had seen the car pull up again. He reached his hand out to Mac, saying, “it was fun, Mac. Maybe we can do it again some time.” Mac shook Deej’s hand, “I’ll never forget it, man. And I’d love to do it again, if you’d like. I’m almost always here on Saturday night, so if you want me to do this fine whore again, just come on by.” He patted Carole on the thigh, but said nothing to her as he opened the door and got out, closing it with a wave to Deej.


Deej turned the car sharply at the corner and headed down the side street to avoid passing the noisy crowd of men at the bar, not sure he could control them if they saw the naked white girl by his side. He turned to Carole as he made another turn at the next block. “You can put your dress on now, honey. Just your dress, though. I’d leave you naked, but too many people might see you.” Carole rose on the seat on her knees and reached in the back, fishing around on the floor for her dress. Finding it, she slipped it on over her head and started to fasten and zip it up, until Deej stopped her. “Leave it undone, baby, I may want to take it off again.” She left her dress as it was and cuddled against Deej. “Did I make you happy tonight, honey? I mean, I did everything you wanted, didn’t I?” She was looking up at him with her doe-like eyes, wanting assurances that he was pleased with her. Deej slipped an arm around her shoulders and hugged her. “Yes, baby, you made me very happy. I’m proud of my girl. You were terrific!”


His words made her face brighten, washing away the hurt and humiliation she had gone through earlier, replaced by her unswerving love. Deej dropped his arm over her shoulder and cupped a breast through her dress. “How did you like it, Carole? Did you like two men doing it at the same time?” Carole didn’t reply right away, seeming to examine her thoughts about everything that had happened. “Well, I liked some of it, but it hurt some, too. My throat feels raw and my behind still feels like there’s something in it.”


Deej pressed for details, “did you like doing it with a nigger? Would you like to do it again sometime?” Carole had already formulated an answer, knowing the question would be asked, “it bothers me, Deej. I mean, he was clean and all, but he was still a…nigger. And if anyone ever finds out, I’d be so ashamed.” Impatiently, Deej asked, “yeh, I know that, but would you like to do it again?” “If that’s what you wanted, honey. I’d rather do it with just you, but I’ll do what you want. Just like I promised.” Carole studied Deej’s face for his reaction, hoping her answer pleased him. Her answer satisfied Deej. At least he knew that from that night on, he could do whatever he wanted with the pretty girl next to him. A girl that most other men would put on a pedestal, but just a toy for Deej, and he was already thinking toward the future and how he could use the power she had given him. Deej hugged her again to let her know his satisfaction, then returned his hand to her breast as he drove back to the center of town.


Deej went around a couple of blocks and decided to return to where the events of the night had begun. As he drove down the street he saw the car with the dark windows was still parked by the jewelry store, so Deej pulled to the curb a couple of spaces in back of the car. He got out and went around the car to open the door for Carole, then helped her rise to the sidewalk. He put his arm around her waist and they walked the short distance to the jewelry store, Deej peering into the dark windows of the parked car to see if there really was someone sitting there. As he got to the back of the car, he saw that Carole had been right, spying a shadowy outline of a man sitting in the front seat. “Well,” he thought to himself, “she may have been right, but she still shouldn’t have stopped me from getting a feel.”


He rounded the corner of the store with Carole, his arm still around her waist, and stopped in front of the glass display window. Looking around and not seeing anyone or any cars, Deej pushed the unhooked strap off of Carole’s right shoulder and reached inside the drooping top of her dress. He pulled her right tit free of the material and let it rest outside, waiting for Carole’s reaction. This time she made no move to stop Deej from exhibiting her, keeping her hands at her side as Deej repeated the same move with her left breast. She could see her bare chest in the reflection of the darkened window before turning her head and quickly darting her eyes to see if anyone else could view her naked breasts. No one except the man in the car, and he was getting a good profile view until Deej turned her to face the car, wanting the unseen man to get a good look. Deej was using the opportunity to show Carole how futile her earlier resistance had been, that she still had to submit to his perverted desires.


While Carole stood facing the car parked less than ten feet away, Deej stepped behind her and, bending over swiftly, he grabbed the hem of her dress and stood, bring Carole’s dress up to her waist, revealing her gorgeous legs topped with the dark blond triangle covering her pussy. Not speaking, Deej took Carole’s shoulders and turned her around so the man in the car could also see her rounded butt, so white and curvy above her tanned legs. Finally, Deej spoke, “spread your legs and bend over, Carole. Give him a good view of your cunt.”


Carole didn’t question Deej’s order, doing as he said after nervously looking around, spreading her legs wide and bending half way over. Deej pushed on her head and bent her further over, wanting her downy pussy to point straight at the car. He held Carole in that position for a full minute before releasing her and letting her straighten up. He then pulled her dress back down to cover her nakedness, telling her, “you can put your tits back in your dress now, baby. That guy has seen enough.”


Deej put his arm around her waist again and steered her back to the car. He couldn’t resist pointing out to her as they walked, “see? That wasn’t so bad, was it. If you had let me feel you to start with, that would have been the end of it.” Carole knew he was right and said nothing, happy that she still had him as her boyfriend. But Deej had other thoughts, planning future games with the small blonde . . .


The End and The Beginning


The End



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