April 14, 2014 – 11:10 am

Jenny and I met when she was 17 and I was 16. She was the girlfriend of a moderately successful football player. We started an affair that went on for several years. I thought it was great, here was I, an ordinary looking guy, not big, not beautiful, with this drop dead gorgeous, raven haired beauty, with an unreal body. She was someone else’s girlfriend, but who cared, I was having the sex of my life, and I got incredibly turned on by the stories about the boyfriend. He was a meathead, dumb, but huge in all departments. As I said, I would get turned on, and she knew it when, she would tell me these stories about their sex life. We had a great time, we would make love about two or three times a week, they did it every day. When he left her she would call me and she would tell me about what they had just done. The evidence was there for me to see, and it felt good making love with her immediately after he had finished. She loved it, and I loved it, and he was sexually content and he obviously believed that they made love so often that she couldn’t possibly want anymore.


I had the occasional other girlfriend, but nothing compared to Jenny. I would tell her about my experiences, and I knew she would get a little jealous and try to outdo anything I said in our next lovemaking session.


She eventually split from the meathead, and he never knew about our secret relationship. We continued on, but eventually we got to talking about doing some swapping, or having some other partners. We decided on going to a swingers club. It was an awesome experience, Jenny was the centre of attention. The first night we went there, there were 22 guys and just two girls. I didn’t know how these places worked and it was unreal to be standing around, stark naked with two girls, and 22 other guys, no fancy clothes or underwear to hide or enhance our bodies, just natural and naked. The girls breasts just there sticking out untethered, unshaven pubic mounds, and the guys all semi erect, brushing up against each other and the girls, knowing that at any second you were going to make love. It was certainly a very erotic and charged atmosphere. Jenny just up and kissed this guy, and they were locked in a standing embrace, and when he let go, he was more than semi erect. Jenny asked if he wanted to go to one of the rooms with her, and they were off. About ten minutes later they both just walked back into the main room, Jen looked a little sweaty and a bit flushed, he was no longer erect, but a little less than semi, but somewhat wet. I asked Jen how it went and she just said, “well he’s not erect anymore is he.” I just noted that what she said was true, but he was still a very big boy.


Jen was going to the room with one guy after another, initially one at a time. All the guys were grinning from ear to ear. I don’t know who the other girl was going with, besides me but Jen certainly worked her way through the lot. A handful of the guys started talking about seconds, Jen asked in front of everyone, including me, if they had all made love with her. A yes came from every guy except me. So Jen said she wanted to go with me, and then she would try for seconds or thirds, for any guy that could. Well we went into the room alone, and despite the fact that I had already cum twice with the other girl, as soon as Jen started telling me what had gone on with these guys, and I felt her, I had a roaring horn and couldn’t wait to get at her. Her body felt hot and sweaty, she smelt hot, but not in an offensive way, but she was just all sex. When I felt her crotch and inserted two fingers, she just lay there and smiled, she was just so slimy and proud of it. She nibbled my ear in her sweet sexy way, which just made me melt, and said that “it took 21 guys to get me in this state, see what you can add.” I entered her like a desperate dog, we pumped and humped for maybe ten minutes, I was exhausted when I finally came into the depths of her belly. My God she looked exotic, she just lay there, her hair slightly wet and matted, and just tousled, pubic hair wet, and juice slowly dribbling from her crotch.


She asked me to tell the others to come back in, and I asked if she was sure, she said she felt a little tender, but not sore, and that it was a very pleasant sort of exhaustion and tenderness, but she was fine to go on. We knew that this was going to be a real gang bang, all the guys were going to be in the room at once, and would mount her until they came, get off, and be replaced instantly by another. I knew she had never done anything like this before, despite what she had been doing for the last three and a half hours. Well in they marched, all semi erect again. It dawned on me that this was the first time I had ever seen a couple making love, and also I had never seen guys erect or even partially so, before. The whole scene was totally unreal, there was Jen laying on a mattress on the floor, legs apart and all these guys queuing up to screw her. She loved all the attention, and I loved the scene. One by one the guys laid down on top of her, entered her and thrust away for all he was worth. Jen announced that she was just too tired to move her hips anymore, and henceforth would just lay and take it. No one seemed too bothered And I think she was still wiggling away, but with just a little less strength and enthusiasm. I was talking to the guys and watching all this unfold, I know some of the guys came three times. We all loved it. My God those guys were satisfied, everyone was just so happy and contented. The last guy came inside her and got up, the guys were drifting back out to the main room and Jen just looked up at me, utterly exhausted, the cum was oozing from her and a wet stain on the sheet stretched from the arch of her back to her knees and out past either side of her. She asked me if I could go for number four, and I really wanted to, I rubbed the knob of my penis in the mess at her vagina, but despite the heat, her coaxing, and the desire that was burning in my groin, I could not get it up. She felt so good, but I just couldn’t get it up. Jen stood up and was really wobbly on her legs, she held on to me, we stumbled back to the main room and all the guys clapped and wolf whistled. She was certainly very popular. After agreeing that we would return for more, we dressed and left. We didn’t shower there, preferring to leave it until we got home. When we did get home, Jen’s panties were absolutely soaked. We both showered and climbed into bed, I felt her crotch and it was still oozing with the other guys’ cum. She said she couldn’t possibly do it again, but with the tease, the feeling of her gooey crotch and the thoughts of what had been going on all night, I just had to have her again. She was exhausted, she barely moved her crotch up to meet my thrusts, but despite that I came like a firehose. We both collapsed and slept for nearly nine hours. We were truly exhausted.


The next day we talked about the experience. Jen was sure that she had been screwed about sixty times by the 22 guys. All the talk was getting me very turned on like in the old days, when we used to lay in bed and she told me about meathead pounding into her. Jen said she had never seen an uncircumcised guy before, and had not thought about what to expect. She said some of the guys, who were all so different, weren’t circumcised, and it had been a turn on seeing them and actually feeling them inside her. One guys foreskin had been nearly an inch longer than his penis and had just hung from the end, others, it just covered the head, and uncovered it when she pulled it back. One of the guys, who was huge, she said had one of these weird foreskins and she had been really moved by him, cause he was so different. Jen then went on to say that he was probably nearly double the size of me. I was just about to loose my load thinking about this monster inside her, and we ended up making love again, and then Jen suggested we ask this guy around.


And we did. Tim was a pleasant inoffensive type of guy, very big build, and he did have a huge uncircumcised dick. Jen explained what we wanted, he was comfortable with that. He was actually married, but bored and his sex life was no fun. We had to make sure that he was comfortable with threesomes. It was funny getting into bed with another guy and girl, but we had fantastic sessions, he would fondle her breasts, kiss and cuddle her and then make love to her, whilst I laid next to them. I would be kissing my girlfriend while Tim was inside her. He would lay on his back, Jen on top of him, with her back to him and he was all the way up her, her legs splayed wide apart, and I could see his huge penis inside her just gently moving in and out. Many a time I would lick her clitoris to orgasm, when they were like this. This would cause both of them to have the most intense orgasm, sometimes his erection would pop out in the frenzy, and, you guessed it, in his desperation to get it back into her, he accidentally pushed it into my mouth. I wasn’t quite ready for that kind of contact, and would apologize and just put it back inside her for him. The satisfied and exhausted looks on both of their faces at these times cannot be described. Jen just smiled that smile whilst I entered her, she still filled with his cum and I would ride her to my orgasm. We all slept, cuddled together, the happiest threesome in the world. We have done this for some three years, and believe me were we happy.


All good things must end and I eventually got posted to the USA for a two year contract. Jen came with me, and Jim stayed with his wife.


After we had been in LA for twelve months, my company went broke, I didn’t get paid for nearly three months, and for the first time in our blessed relationship we were in financial trouble. We discussed our options, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask Mum and Dad for help, and we didn’t have enough money to get back to Australia.


We saw an add for couples who were willing to appear in XXX rated movies. We weren’t too sure about this, as we were no doubt going to encounter seedy people in that sort of business. We agreed that we were both very comfortable with each other, and that probably we would have to have sex with other people, and we had already done that in front of each other and in another room. We fronted up to this interview, it seemed to be going well and suddenly this guy, as smooth as silk, tells us that couples doing normal sex won’t sell video’s. We hadn’t thought of that. The brought two other guys into the meeting and they asked if they could see us naked. We undressed in front of them, and after examining our bodies, they asked to look at our backsides and crotches, to see if we were photogenic. We obliged and felt stupid. Well says this guy, what sells nowadays is weird sex nothing but. We like fools both asked, what he meant by weird sex. Well anal, double penetrations, gang bangs, girls going down on one guy whilst another penetrates her from the rear. We looked at each other and I spoke, saying Jen doesn’t do anal, and a bit of oral is O/K, no double penetrations, gang bangs are fine. The guys agreed with our conditions, we all shook hands and we would do the shoot, $2,500 for probably seven to eight hours of filming. This would be edited to ninety minutes. The theme was Jen gets gang banged by eight guys, I was not really needed, but could be the husband who comes home at the end, finds what she is up to, and wants to fuck her as well. Very original, very deep and meaningful, but for $2,500, and well, we were desperate.


So Saturday arrives and we enter ready to appear in the stupid video. We walked into this studio, set up as a bedroom, film and camera equipment is everywhere. The idea was that Jen was getting out of the shower, walks naked into her bedroom and is surprised by two Negro’s who are in the process of robbing her apartment. They get all excited rip away her towel and rape her. They tie her to the bed and call some mates on their mobile, who promptly turn up and also fuck her. I sit there, off camera, and when they’ve all fucked her, I come home, she tells me what has happened, and I get turned on, and need relief myself. So they start rolling, Jen enters the room with just a towel, and these two huge black ugly looking sleaze bags turn and showing genuine surprise pounce on her. These guys are actors, but they throw her onto the bed, tear their own clothes off and then both of them, out plops their flaccid penises, about seven or eight inches, I joke not, these guys are huge. They grab her breasts and toss her around, Jen is showing fear, one of the guys sticks two, then three fingers straight into her without any lubrication nor preludes, she writhes and complains that it is actually hurting her, in goes four fingers, she has had no lubrication, just her natural juices and this guy is really pushing hard. Jen is getting very uncomfortable, and I look to the Director and I ask him to get them to tame it down. The black guy withdraws his hand and by now he is really randy, his penis is enormous, probably something like ten to eleven inches and huge in girth. He is on her in seconds and plunges straight into her, a camera zeros in between their legs and Jen just gurgles “Jesus Bloody Christ,” as he pumps in and out. She just repeats over and over again, “Oh my God, Oh my bloody God.” The sex scene before us is violent and I’m not entirely sure what is acting and what is really hurting. The guy eventually cums inside her with strong thrusts, collapses all his weight onto her, and she expels all her breath in a grunt. He pulls out, his whole body glistening with the sweat and effort he has just expended. He is replaced by his mate, whose muscular body makes her white little body seem so tiny. His buns are tight as a drum as he pounds into her and he too cums inside her. The other guy has made the phone call and suddenly six other guys enter the set. Jen looks up, all these guys are over six feet tall, all huge muscular black guys, they all strip to reveal equally huge penises. I know I’ve heard about black guys, but firstly they didn’t tell us they were all going to be black guys, and why were they all so big, and did they have to be so rough.


Jen said she had had enough and wanted out, the crew just kept filming, and either believed or pretended it to be part of the act. I said we had had enough and for it to stop. Well these guys just pushed me off the set. The black guys just went for Jen like animals. It was an absolutely frenzied attack, Jen let out some screams, they were grabbing and squeezing her breasts, and one after another these huge guys just plunged into her and came inside her. And the crew just kept filming. I got a smack in the mouth for my trouble and Jen resolving that we could get hurt if we didn’t cooperate, just took it all. After they had their way with her, they stood around still very threatening with their black bodies wet with perspiration and their big penises still wet with their own juices. Jen just held her crotch and pubic hair and rolled to one side, obviously she was very sore from the assault on her vagina. One of the guys said, “hey baby we can’t film your cunt if you got it closed and you got your hand on it.” With that two of them pulled her legs wide apart and dragged her further down the bed, another two held her shoulders. I felt butterflies in the pit of my tummy for fear of what was going on, this situation was completely out of control. We were completely powerless. Cum was trickling from her vagina, and ran down between the cheeks of her backside. The guys were all laughing and I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Everything seemed to go quiet for a while and then one guy slowly started to finger her, slowly just in and out with a finger. He was just laughing. He put two fingers in her, working back and forth, in and out. Then in the next stroke he started to force his entire fist into her. Jen tried to writhe, she was just pinned to the bed, pure agony escaped from her lips as she screamed for him to stop. He just slowly pushed in and in. She bit at her lips as he relentlessly pushed in. It seemed to pop past his fist and suddenly her vagina lips closed around his wrist. The filming went on. Jen fell silent for a long while, and seemed to get her breath. She was taking short sharp breaths, was perspiring profusely and had a look of abject fear spread across her face. The guy started to move his arm, in a bit more then back a bit, but always keeping his wrist well inside her. He pushed into her hard, his wrist doing the impossible and going even further into her body, he only had about four inches to go before he reached his elbow and Jen did not look good. He began to push his fingers up toward her tummy, he was pushing so hard we could see her lower tummy going up and down in the shape of his fingers. The guy started to lift her off the bed by his arm in her vagina. She wriggled and tried to get her balance, the others let go of her shoulders and legs, and she closed around him. She was now standing on her toes on the floor, with this guys arm impaled inside her, he moved her forward and backward. She was trying to disengage him, but he wouldn’t budge. She began to plead with him to stop and take it out, he pushed up and she went further up on her toes. She fell forward onto him and her arms went around his head. The angle of his wrist now was quite acute and he started to pull it out, this was really hurting her, and it eventually just plopped out. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t bleeding, she must have torn wide apart.


All the violence had really turned these thugs on again. All had erections again and were ready for more. I said enough is enough, and got up to stop it, and was thrown to the floor. They then tied me to the chair. Jen went to stand, all five foot six of her, white and naked, next to eight guys, naked, all muscle bound Adonis’s, all with huge erections, and as one they just said, Lets fuck the bitch. One guy fingered her vagina and said to his friend you’ve made her too loose. Flip her over, one shouted. “Oh God no,” I yelled and was promptly punched in the face. Jen was speechless. The first guy entered her vagina to wet his maleness, and then quick as a flash, entered her rectum. It was so quick, but as his penis went in, Jenny’s words bellowed out of her mouth, a scream absolutely from her guts, “Oh God help me please.” All the guys queued up and came into her back passage. Jen had given up, there was no fight left in her, nothing. She was exhausted and very sore.


She got up, shaking, crying and wringing wet with her own perspiration and that of those eight black animals. She put her clothes on, untied me and the guy handed her an envelope with cash in it. He said don’t try going to the police, you’ll come off second best.


We went home and found the envelope contained $5,000. We looked at each other a long time, Jen cried a little and we agreed that we had to put it behind us and return to Australia as soon as possible. We didn’t have sex for about two weeks after that, but things did get back to normal. We came back to Australia and got going with Tim again. We told him what had happened, but didn’t tell anyone else. I know Jen did not enjoy that day, and I must admit I was really scarred, but somehow Tim and I have discussed it over and over again and every time the visions of what happened that day turn us on. Jen knows and just talks about bits and pieces of it cause she knows we fantasize about it.


The rest of our sex life is fantastic, but I would never ever want to revisit that day again.


the end


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