Extra Credit

April 11, 2014 – 11:30 am


Erika and David have been married for about three years, but have been together for five. When they met they both had only a few sexual partners, though David is clearly the sexual deviant in the relationship. David had only been with 7 women, including Erika, in his 35 years and Erika has had only 5 men though she has had sex with a white guy which is cool because David would love to fuck a white woman. Even though David loves Erika David sometimes thinks about being with other women, but David would feel bad cheating on her ,though David has often fantasized about swinging with another couple and watching another man fuck her while David is getting fucked. She on the other hand is very committed to him and has often said that she does not look at men in a sexual way, the way men look at women. With that David figured he’d never know the feeling of another woman’s pussy on his dick, and would just have to get his kicks with videos and Internet porn. Then a few months ago all that changed.


Erika works as a executive assistant for a company downtown and has been taking night classes to get her MBA at night and David works as a lab tech for a drug company so they don’t get to spend much quality time with each other until the weekend. Then three months ago she came home later than usual and David was rather worried and started to go look for her, but before long she came walking in and said she was late because of and accident on the expressway. So with his worries lifted David kissed her good night, undressed and went to bed.


Erika is a beautiful black woman, but not in the classical way with the high cheek bones and all that. She’s about 5′ 9″,a match for his 6’2″ stature, 133lbs all in the right places, large supple breasts with an equally impressive ass to match, and a slender waist that most women bitterly envy. Put that all together and Erika is built like a fucking brick house. Some say that’s why David married her, but she’s also very kind and loving and no man on earth could ask for more.


A few minutes later she walked into the bedroom wearing nothing but a smile. Without a word she pulled back the covers and started to devour his dick, sucking and licking it like it was candy. David was in heaven, she knows David loves to watch her swallow his big black dick, and tonight she was rare form. As her head bobbed up and down on his dick David gave her ass some attention. She has the stereotypical black woman’s ass, large round and Oh so soft, and she loves having it rubbed and squeezed and when David slipped his finger in her pussy he noticed that she was already dripping wet, so she must have been thinking about this all day, which got him even hornier, to think that his sweet little darling was thinking about gobbling his dick all day. After a minute or two of him finger fucking her David could feel her starting to get into it, backing her ass into his hand fucking her deeper and deeper until she exploded in a furious orgasm. The sound of her muffled cries as she continued to suck his dick sent him over the edge and David let his load go into her mouth and she swallowed it all like a sex starved fiend, but never once did she let his dick out of her mouth.

But the night was not over yet with only a few seconds to recover she was back in the saddle again, literally, straddling his face she got in the 69 position and resumed giving him the best blow job ever, and with a wet dripping pussy in his face David was compelled to lick her pussy good, which David really didn’t mind because David loves eating pussy. Within a few minutes she erupted into another orgasm and as David continued licking she continued to cum and cum until she jumped off his face saying “I need your dick in me now!” and without a word she sat on his hard cock and fucked him like no ones business, David couldn’t believe how hot she was, she was like a nympho on speed, if not for the steady flow of pussy juice David’s dick would have been burned from the friction. She fucked him like this for another 10 minutes before she was begging for the endgame wanting him to cum in her mouth again which was not hard because David was using every mental trick in the book to keep from cumming too soon, so with a few more strokes David moaned “I’M GONNA CUM” and she jumped off and lapped up the cum shooting from his dick like a volcano and continued to suck him long after the cum stopped. They lay there in silence resting, her nuzzling his crotch, him wondering what she had up her sleeve next, but she was all fucked out. As she repositioned herself to rest her head on his chest David told her “That was the best sex I ever had. I don’t know what got into you, but I like it.” then she just looked up at him and smiled this devilish little grin, told him she loved him ,kissed him goodnight and went to sleep. This was the first of many such nights to come.

The super freaky sex romps went on for a few weeks and everytime David would ask what brought on her freaky behavior she would just tell him that she’s just trying to keep up with his nasty ways. David saw no harm in that so he thought nothing of it until a few nights later.

Her brother, Kendell, had his car stolen, so until he got another car she would lend him her car. David would take her to work in the morning and Kendall would pick her up and take her to school in the afternoon and David would drive her home at night. This arrangement was fine until Wednesday.

Everything was going fine except when David got to work, around noon their was a minor accident and the building had to be evacuated, figuring that his day was totally shot David played hooky and spent the day at the movies and just enjoying the day, but David didn’t go home because if he did he would have gotten the message that his Erika was getting a ride home tonight so he would not have to pick her up from school, but since David didn’t get that message David went straight from his day of fun to the school. When David got there their she was not waiting in her usual spot so he went to her class thinking maybe the class was running late, but there was no one in the class so David decided to check with her teacher, maybe they were having a meeting or something. David found the office, and David found Erika, on the floor naked in the 69 position sucking her teachers dick, and doing it well. David watched them through a small window in the door, he guessed they figured no one would be here so late and blocking the window may look suspicious.

As David watched this 50ish year old white guy eat his wife’s pussy as she sucked his dick his first instinct was to burst in there and go Blackie Chan on both of them, but as David watched them writhing and moaning on the floor David was shocked to find that he was slightly turned on as his growing hard on was showing. As David was watch his wife getting tongue fucked for what seemed like and eternity David found himself getting into it like he was watching one of his porno movies wondering how she was going to get fucked, but that was the odd thing they did not fuck. They licked and sucked on each other for a long time and David saw that his Erika came several times but after her teacher came in her mouth they just stopped and took it no further. she swallowed what ever cum oozed from his dick, but after that nothing.

David figured that after a suck session like that they would be fucking like jackrabbit’s, but they just rested for a while and then they started to but there close on. At this point David ducked down so they could not see him but he could still hear them, they didn’t really say much and David was not sure what he expected to hear, maybe a plot to kill him or something. Though David did here Erika say “You better get him home now before his husband starts to worry again” to which her teacher said “Yeah they would not want to make his suspicious, by keeping you out too late” hearing this David realized that her teacher was giving her a ride home and that David was not expected. So David eased him self away from the door and ran down the hall being as quiet as possible trying not to be heard, but trying harder not to get caught. David didn’t want to tip his hand until he knew exactly what he was going to do, but right now what he needed to do was get home before she did and make it look like he was always there.

David raced home as fast as he could and managed to get home in record time. When he got inside he saw the message on the answering machine and some of the pieces started to click into place. David undressed and sat in front of the T.V. like he had been there all night. A moment or two later Erika was home and he had to but on the acting job of his life so as not to lead on that He knew anything. They exchanged hello kisses and she explained that she had a meeting with her teacher, some meeting huh? ,and had to stay late, and got a ride from a friend. Seeing as though it was pretty late David went to bed, but like the first time He went to bed and she came into the bedroom naked and horny. David could see and smell her pussy juice from across the room and that’s when it hit him. She’s only horny like this after a suck session with her teacher, so He grinned and gave her a look as if to say “Saddle up cowgirl, I’m gonna rock your world” and that’s exactly what He did He pounded her pussy like a jackhammer. They fucked for the better part of an hour and when they were done David had shot a record of six loads into her now tender pussy. He was not sure if He was trying to punish her for cheating on him or whether He was trying to compete with her professor, but either way she was both none the wiser and very satisfied.

After some quality time spent in afterglow David figured He would let Erika know that He saw her today. “Erika, honey I have to tell you something” David said. She turned and looked at him slightly sleepy but mostly worn out. “Can it wait until morning” She groaned “No “David said. “I know why you were late tonight”. She immediately sprung to attention. “W…w…w…what do you mean?” she stammered I mean I saw you with your teacher at school today. At this point fear dominated her being and He could see her trying to think of a way out of this. David paused for a moment and just looked at her, letting her fear build, he wasn’t going to get violent but she didn’t know that and it was kinda fun being able to cause such a reaction in someone. Then all of a sudden tears started to well up and she just burst out crying and babbling what he could only assume was some sort of apology, not being able to withstand the sight of a woman crying David leaned down and whispered in her ear “It’s O.K. I’m not going to do anything to you. In fact I quite enjoyed the show you two put on.”

When what David said finally sank in she looked at him with a look that was a cross between relief and puzzlement. David figured she would need a bit more clarification. After she had composed herself he explained “Yes, at first I wanted to kill you both but after a while I began to enjoy the show, it’s been a fantasy of mine to watch another man have sex with you and you just made a dream come true. Though I do have one question, after all the licking and sucking you two were doing why didn’t you two fuck?” She took a moment to collect herself a little more, thought to herself and said “It’s because of you.” “Me” David said “Yes you” she replied “Let me begin at the beginning” and at this point she regaled him of how she and Randell, who David only knew as Prof. Andersen, got together.

You see Prof. Andersen is one of Erika’s teachers , David sort of zones out when she talks about school, but anyway not only is he a teacher but also a department head which makes him and his class very important. Erika is very smart, but she seemed to be having problems understanding the work in his class and her grades showed it. So one night after class she went to his office to talk to him but got a bit more than she bargained for.

She went to ask if she could make up her grade by doing an extra credit assignment and after a minute or two of contemplation the Prof. said “I don’t really give extra credit work because it all boils down to more work for me in the end, but I do think there is a way for us to help each other.” What is it” she said “I’ll do just about anything to pass this class” and there was the magic word ANYTHING. Randell heard this and a grinch-like smile crossed his face and he stepped from behind his desk and stood in front of Erika and said “Erika I think you are a very attractive woman and I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t leave the class some nights just so I can watch your nice round ass walk out….Oh I hate beating about the bush so I’m just going to get right to it. I will pass you if you come to his office once a week and suck my dick.” Hearing this Erika went into a hissy fit as only a black woman can, but Randell just stayed calm and waited for her to finish how she would report him to the ethics board and a bunch of other people not to mention tell her husband who would come here and kick his ass.

When she was done Randell said”…and what would that get you? Nothing. I have been chairman of this department for ten years I am well respected and I am on the Board Of Ethics. Even if you did file a complaint who knows how long it would take to get a hearing and even longer for a conviction, even if you did have proof. Besides after justice had been served you would have still failed this class, and lost your scholarship and have to start again at another college. Where as my solution would only require that you suck my dick and swallow a few loads from my dick, and if your thinking about telling my wife to get some sort of leverage? don’t bother my wife and I are swingers so I don’t think she’ll mind me getting a little B.J. on the side.” After that monologue Erika mulled over her choices and came to the conclusion that she didn’t have a choice, so she swallowed her pride dropped to her knees and swallowed Randell’s cock.

When she slid his cock passed her lips she felt so ashamed and all she could think about was how she would face her husband , and as her thoughts turned to David she remembered how he had been trying to get her to loosen up sexually and try new things. So with this knowledge to strengthen her she figured sucking dick for a grade would not be so bad and the thought of keeping this secret made her even hotter and she could feel her pussy start to get wet. That’s when Randell noticed that he did not have to hold her head to his dick, she started sucking him faster and harder making that slurping noise all men love when they are getting their dick sucked and Randell was in heaven. Watching this young black woman suck his dick made him want to shot his load but he pulled his dick out of her mouth so he wouldn’t cum so soon. When he pulled out Erika took this opportunity to make her self comfortable, sucking his dick made her hot and sweaty and she did not want to go home smelling like sweat, so she stood up and stripped down to her caramel colored birthday suit. The sight of this naked Nubian queen in front of him was like a dream come true. With all her clothes removed Erika was a lot more comfortable and since it looked like she was going to be here a while she made Randell comfortable by sitting him down in his chair and removed his pants so that he could spread his legs easier.

Now that they were more relaxed Erika went back to work on his dick sucking and slurping just like before jerking his dick with one hand and playing with her wet pussy with her other hand, this went on for a good 20 min. making herself cum several times in the course of the night. Finally when Randell couldn’t take anymore he held her head to his cock and shot a massive load of cum down her throat and like a good girl she swallowed every drop and held his dick in her mouth until it resumed it’s original size.

When they were done then started to put there clothes back on but before Erika could put her panties on Randell told her to stop and sit in the chair for a minute. She did as she was told, Randell took the panties from her hand and wiped up the remaining pussy juice oozing from her pussy and then he put it to his face and inhaled the sweet scent of her pussy. Totally intoxicated by the aroma he stood up and put the panties in his pocket, looked at her and said “I’d like to keep a little momento for my collection and I think my wife will enjoy your scent as well”

As they got dressed, Erika without her panties, she asked “So am I going to pass the class now?” Randell looked at her smiled and said “Well there are only a few more weeks left in the semester and I think that if they got together like this once a week till the end of the semester you should pass his class with flying colors, what do you think?” Erika weighed her options and figured in for a penny…and agreed to Randell’s offer.

Feeling a combination of guilt and horniness Erika drove home and gave David the fuck of his life hoping that he’d never know what she was doing and also to help calm her guilty mind.

“O.K. now that all the cards are on the table how do we handle this, do I continue sucking Randell’s dick or what?”

“No. You have a class tomorrow right? So when you see him ask if he and his wife would like to have us over for a little suckin’ and fuckin’ this weekend?.”

“What do you mean suckin’ and fuckin'”

“I mean you were getting off sucking this guys dick for weeks and obviously liking it so I think it’s time for me to have some fun, don’t you think?”

She thought about it for a while and by all rights David could ask for the moon seeing as though she was cheating on him. So she agreed that David did have a valid point and went along with the idea of having an foursome. “But that does not let you off the hook though ” David said ” you still have to be punished some how” “Punished!” she squealed “How?” “I’m not sure what I’ll do” David said with a grin”, but I’ll think of something (that is a story for another day). Now that everything had been explained they both went to sleep because by now it was almost 2am and they both have to work in the morning.

The next morning they went about our normal routine they went to work as usually, but in the back of their minds they were both very excited at the prospect of having a foursome with another married couple, finally evening came and as David watched the clock waiting for Erika to come home, David could only imagine how hot the sex is going to be when they meet Randell’s wife, just as David was starting to get a hard-on just thinking about it Erika walks in. David walks over to her, trying to hide his growing excitement, kissed her and asked “Well, what did he say?” “Gimme a minute” she said removing her coat and shoes. “He said he’ll talk to his wife and call us tonight, but he thinks she’ll go for it. I gave him that picture of you to show her who she’ll be fucking. So this time tomorrow we should both be getting fucked like nobody’s business.”

So now all that was left was to wait for the call, so they settled in for a little Friday night television and take out Chinese food and around 9:30 the phone rings, it’s Randell “Hi” he says “you must be Erika’s husband David?” “Yes” David replied

” And you must be Randell, so what did your wife say?”

“She’s fine with it, in fact she can’t wait to meet you, David, Erika tells me that you fuck like a mad man and my wife needs a good pussy pounding”

“Well I can’t wait either, it’s been a fantasy to watch another man fuck my wife while I get a blow job.”

“Well I think my wife can handle that request and a lot more if you know what I mean?”

“Yes, I do. So when can they get together?”

“Well as it happens they are having a poolside Bar-B-Q tomorrow afternoon so you two can come for the party and then afterwards they can have a party of our own. Does that sound good to you?”

“Sounds great. What time should they be there?”

“Anytime after 1:00, Erika has the directions, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow. O.K.”

“All right” David hung up the phone and looked to Erika and said “Randell said to be at his house after 1pm, he’s having a pool party and that you had the directions”

“Yeah, he lives in a big house in the suburbs, it should take us about 45 minutes to get there”

“Cool, well all this plotting and planning has got me beat. I’m gonna take a bath and then hit the hay, you wanna join me”

“Sure a nice hot bath sounds great right about now.”

The next Morning they awoke like kids on Christmas morning, luckily it was Saturday and they got to sleep in a little, but David still woke up to watch some Saturday Morning cartoons and eat breakfast. Erika woke up around 11am and around 12:00 they showered, dressed for the party and packed anything they would need for our weekend stay at the Andersen’s. It was 1:00 by the time they hit the road and 2:15 before they arrived fashionably late.

They were met at the front door by Randell and who David assumed were his wife and teenage daughter. “Erika!” Randell said “I’m so glad you made it I was beginning to think you weren’t coming”

“No, they’re just fashionably late. This must be your wife”

“Yes, this is my wife Jessica and my daughter Candice, and you must be David” extending his hand. After the introductions were done they all went into the house to join the party. As they walked through a very big house toward the back yard David got a good look at Jessica’s and candice’s ass, both of which were very nice.

Jessica was a strikingly beautiful woman of about 40 with incredible skin so she had to be older that she looked. She was about 5′ 5″ with shoulder length dark hair, size 38C breasts which appeared firm and tone, the result of many hours of exercise no doubt, a slender waist befitting a woman of her height and weight, and long gorgeous legs. If it weren’t for the other party goers I’d have fucked her right there on the front steps. Candice on the other hand looked like any other 16 year old girl. Slightly taller than her mother ,but not by much standing about 5′ 8″, long black hair down the middle of her back, bouncy tits that are no more that a B cup, and strong athletic legs which were well tanned. Except for the stunning blue eyes that they shared you would be hard pressed to see any family resemblance between them.

The party was great and ,the people they funny and friendly and they felt very welcome, even thought they were the only black people there they did not feel like the token blacks. Randell’s daughter Candice ,or candi as she likes to be called, made them feel the most welcome. Playing with Erika and David like they were new toys, which David guessed because there no kids her age there for her to play with, when David asked how come none of her friends where here she told him that her parents said that this was a party for their friends and she could have a party next weekend, and she was going to a sleep over tonight anyway. That also answered the question of where she was going to be when her parents have sex with us later tonight.

As the night progressed some of the guest left for the night, leaving the other guests to relax and enjoyed the night air, or hold little discussions about this and that, but Erika and David just played a little cards, until David saw that Candi was sitting alone on a deck chair looking as bored as a plank of wood. So David went over to be a little company, “Hey how ya doin’ Candi?”

“I’m fine just sitting here thinking”

“Thinking about what?”

“Thinking about how long before my parent’s send me to a friends house so you guys can fuck?”

This caught him totally off guard and by the look on his face she knew this, David couldn’t think of anything to say so David just came clean and asked her how she knew?

“It was fairly simple, though I didn’t know his mom and dad were swingers until a few months ago when I got home early from school because of a gas leak. When I got home I could hear his mom moaning so I just figured his parents were having sex and forgot to close the door, but as I was walking down to my room I heard my dad say ‘Yeah fuck my wife, fuck her good. yeah cum in her mouth’. So I got curious and peeked in their room and saw my mom sucking the cum from some guy’s dick and my dad video taping them. When I got over the initial shock and looked in again I realized that I had seen that guy earlier this week and then I recalled seeing other people who I thought were just friends coming to the house, but after what I just saw I wasn’t sure of anything anymore. So when I saw you and your wife I figured you were swingers too, since I have never seen any black people come to the house, and earlier today I saw my dad with his hand on your wife’s ass. It was then that I figured you were either swingers or your wife is cheating on you, but you are to nice a guy to be cheated on so you had to be swingers.”

“Well I must say that I am impressed with your powers of deduction.” David said “So knowing what you know do you still think I’m a nice guy?” She took a moment to think, looked him over and said “Yeah your still a nice guy, but I still don’t get why you would let my dad fuck your wife and why my dad would let you fuck my mom”

“Well you could talk to them about it?”

“Are you nuts? What would I say ‘dad why do you let men cum all over my mom?'”

“That’s a start”

“Maybe but they never talk to me that much anyway, they probably would just say that I’m too young to understand?”

“Well if you want I think I have a way to make them talk to you”


“Well if you were to walk in on us while we are having sex tonight you would catch them off guard and they would have to talk to you”

“Sure it’s a nice plan, but I’m suppose to be at my friends house in about an hour”

“O.K. here’s the plan. You call your friend and tell her that you can’t come over because your parents are taking you with them when they go out, then you tell your mom that your friend’s mom is having car trouble and you need a ride over. At this point I’ll step in and offer to drive you because I need to go to the liquor store anyway, I’ll drive to the store and double back here, you’ll hide in your room and when the time is right I’ll come get you and take you to your parents room where they should be sexually satisfied and vulnerable. Well what do you think?”

“Sounds good. let’s do it, though I am a bit nervous,”

“Don’t worry I’ll be right there, and you’ve got nothing to lose here, what are they going to do disown you because you saw them having sex with another couple?”

“I guess your right”

With that said and done they put their plan into motion. Everything went off without a hitch and within and hour David arrived back at the house with candi waiting outside until they had all gone up stairs. When David went inside he found all the other guests gone and Randell, and Jessica were in the den showing Erika tapes of the other couples that they had sex with. David could see that Erika was enjoying what she was watching, through her bathing suit he could see her nipples were hard and her eyes were glued to the T.V. “So what are we watching?” David said breaking the silence in the room. “Oh your back” Randell said “We were just showing Erika some of the other couples we’ve had, letting her see what they have in store for her. So did you drop Candice off O.K.?”

“No sweat I found the place just fine. So are we going to do this here or do you have a special orgy room?”

“We can do it in the bedroom” said Jessica “Randell already has the video camera set-up”

“Cool, but do you mine if I use my camera too? I want to remember this night forever”

“Sure I have no problem with that” Randell said “Let’s get your gear and set it up and Jessica show Erika to the bedroom and make her comfortable.” So Randell and David went to get his stuff and when they got to the bedroom David saw the sexiest thing ever. Erika and Jessica were naked on the bed watching another tape and masturbating with dildos. David thought to himself “To watch my own wife fuck herself was hot enough but to see her do it sitting next to another woman is almost too much for me to handle” and his brain temporarily shut down as he enjoyed the show that their wives were putting on.

After David regained his composure he set up his camera and tripod, then Randell and David stripped naked as well and started the show. Randell and David stood at the foot of the bed and the girls were all over their dicks kissing and sucking them, but then David stopped and pulled his dick our of Erika’s mouth and said “I want to watch you suck Randell off” “O.K. baby” and with that said she went over and swallowed Randell’s cock. David took his camera off it’s tripod and got a close up shot of his Erika sucking his dick. Not wanting to be left out Jessica began fondling and stroking David’s dick and it felt good, a little too good and David didn’t want to cum yet so he told Jessica to help Erika out, so Jessica went over and licked and slurped Randell’s dick. This was a lovely sight, his ebony queen sucking this white mans dick, but Erika was sucking his dick like a pro which left not much for Jessica to do so she amused herself by playing with Erika’s pussy, now Erika has never expressed any bisexual feelings but she seemed to enjoy having a woman finger fuck her and when Jessica knelt down and licked her pussy she started to cum almost immediately. David could not believe what he was seeing his sweet Erika was having her pussy eaten by another woman while giving head he almost came just looking at it, but Randell could not hold it in any longer and he shot his load into Erika’s eager mouth, but before she could swallow it Jessica held her mouth open under Erika’s and she let some cum dribble from her mouth into Jessica’s mouth and then they both licked there lips and swallowed.

“I guess it’s my turn to suck you off David” Jessica said as she saunter over to him. She took his camera away and gave it to Randell ,who was more than happy to film his wife going down on him, then she fell to her knees and swallow his dick. As David looked down Jessica was sucking his dick and stroking it with one hand while she played with her pussy with the other, That’s when David looked to his wife and said ” Hey Erika one good lick deserves another, don’t you think?” she didn’t catch on at first but when Jessica opened her legs to expose and expertly shaven pussy, she got the idea and said “Yes, David think it does” and she walked over and started eating Jessica’s pussy, soft and sweetly at first but when she got into it she was licking and tongue fucking her pussy like she had always eaten pussy. The sound of Jessica sucking and slurping on his dick was great and combined with the sound of his wife eating her pussy was too much and David moaned “I’M GONNA CUM” and proceed to empty his dick into Jessica’s mouth and like Jessica did Erika held her mouth under hers and let the cum fall into her mouth and with a big gulp the both swallowed.

Seeing this Randell got a hard on again and was ready to fuck Erika’s black pussy. So he sat at the head of the bed and David at the foot so they could watch each other fuck the other man’s wife. Watching Erika lower herself onto his white dick got him hard again in no time, while David was watching Erika he was watching Jessica ride his black pony like a champ. Pretty soon the room was filled with the sounds of pleasure and the sound had to have been heard down the hall by candi who was working herself into a sexual frenzy as well.

It had been about an hour since she got home and the sounds of her parents sucking and fucking down the hall took it’s toll on her and soon her panties were on the floor and she was fucking herself with one of her mothers many dildos and was about to make herself cum again to thought of what was going on in her parents room and with what the night may bring. The thought of her dad or David fucking her tight virgin pussy or eating her moms cum filled pussy was too much for her and she had to make herself cum again.

Back in the master bedroom things were still hot and heavy, they had now switched positions so that Erika was getting fucked in the ass by Randell while Jessica ate her pussy as David fucked her from behind after sucking on Erika’s pussy juice the women traded places and Jessica took it up the ass by her husband while Erika ate her pussy. Pretty soon they started to tire and wear down, but when they were done they were covered in so much sweat, cum and pussy juice that the room smelled like a cheap whorehouse and they all loved it.

After a few minutes rest David got up and said “I have a little surprise for you” looking at Jessica and Randell. Not putting on any clothes he left the room and walked down the hall he opened the door to candie’s room to find her asleep on the bed naked with a vibrator laying next to her. David walked to her bedside and awoke her with a kiss on the cheek and said “It’s show time honey are you ready?” with a groggy look on her face she shook her head yes and the two of them walked down the hall to her parents room.

When they got to the bedroom David stood in the doorway and said “Are you ready for your surprise?” Jessica and Randell looked at each other in puzzlement and said “Yeah they’re ready” with that said David took one step sideways to show Randell and Jessica there daughter completely naked standing in there doorway. The sight of her was a total surprise to everyone it took her parents a few minutes to get themselves together before asking ” What the hell is going on?” Candice still being shy about the situation said nothing so David stepped in saying “Well Candice has known about you two for a while now and she just wanted to talk to you about it but she felt that she couldn’t get your attention because she was just a young girl so we came up with this plan to catch you when you would least expect it and then you would have to talk to her. Jessica took a minute to think about what David said and asked “Is this true Candice?” “Yes, mother it’s true. I found out about a month ago when I found your video tapes in the back of your closet and ever since then I wanted to talk to you about it but you were always too busy or it was not the right time or I was to scared to bring it up.” OH, honey you should never be afraid to talk to us about anything” Randell said “Now come here and they can talk about what ever you want.” If not for the fact that they were all naked this could have been a Hallmark moment.

Candie walked her very sexy naked teenage self over to her parents bed and climbed in between them like the little girl she was. At this point David said to Erika “Why don’t they leave them alone to talk, how about a nice midnight swim?” “sounds good” she said and the two of them walked downstairs to the back yard and enjoyed the warm night air and the cool pool water .

Meanwhile back in the master bedroom Candice and her parents had settled in to have a nice conversation about her parents swinging. “So what is it you wanted to ask us dear” said Jessica to Candice “Well mom” replied Candice ” I really just want to know why you do it? don’t you love dad anymore?” “Love has nothing to do with it sweetheart” Started Jessica “My love for your father and you will never change, but as you get older you feel the need to ‘PLAY’ with other people but that does not mean that your father and I don’t love each other anymore. Do you understand?” “Yes, I think so” Candice replied “So do you think I can play too now that I know everything?” “Well I don’t know, don’t you think you area little young to be having sex?” her dad said “Come dad I have been masturbating all night about what was going on in here, I think I can handle it” Then her mother chimed in ” I think it’s time for her to learn about sex and who better to teach her than us?” “Well I don’t see why not baby” Her dad replied “I don’t think anyone could say no to such a sexy young thing like yourself, but you can’t go telling anyone one about our PLAYTIME O.K. sweetie” “yes, Dad” Candice said and then he proceeded to rub her already wet pussy while her mother suckled her budding teenage breasts. Candice just closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of there mouths all over her and thought to herself “I have the coolest parents.”

As that was going on in the house David and Erika were having a nice conversation about the events that lead up to this evening. “So did you have a good time tonight?” David began. “Yes David had a wonderful time dear” Erika said ” they should do this again” “O.K. said David “but this time no secrets, deal?” “DEAL” said Erika.


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