BBW Take It All

December 28, 2007 – 10:00 am

Anna was 26 and already a big girl when Arnold met her.
After 10 years together, she had grown huge. It had
been her large breasts and curvy ass that had first
attracted him to her, but now she was enormous all over
and it had reached the point that Arnold was having
trouble getting aroused enough to have sex with her. It
wasn’t that she didn’t want it; in fact she was hornier
now then ever, but her body just didn’t do it for him
as it once had.

Although he sometimes felt bad about it and worried
that she might find someone else, he knew she had
become so embarrassed by her size that she would never
go looking. He could sense her dissatisfaction and for
the last few years their marriage had becoming

Such was the state of affairs when Darwyn joined Arnolds’s
small company. Darwyn was a tall, muscular, black man
five years Arnold’s junior. One morning about a month
Darwyn had hired on, the two stood outside the building
having a cigarette. As they were talking, a chunky
white woman walked by on the sidewalk about twenty feet

Darwyn took a drag on his cigarette, exhaling a perfect
smoke ring. To Arnold’s surprise, Darwyn suddenly blurted
out, “Oh, fuck me man, now that’s my kinda lady. Oh,
yeah.” When Arnold expressed surprise, Darwyn confessed
that he’d always loved his women big and meaty. His
curiosity piqued, Arnold asked him just how big.

Darwyn’s gaze stayed on the woman as she moved away from
them. “The bigger the better, my man.” He took a final
drag on his cigarette, flipped the butt onto the gravel
driveway, then turned and looked Arnold in the eye. “A
big women can take my cock, all of it, the way no
skinny bitch ever could….you know what I’m sayin’?”
Then he grabbed his crotch and laughed. As they
returned to the shop, Arnold felt nervous and excited all
at once.

For reasons he couldn’t understand, Arnold kept replaying
that short conversation in his head for days afterward.
When Darwyn invited Arnold to a game of tennis at a nearby
club, he eagerly accepted for the sole purpose of
perhaps getting to see Darwyn naked. When the game was
over, Arnold found Darwyn already in the shower when he
walked in.

Though he tried to control it, he couldn’t help staring
when he caught sight of the young man’s huge cock. It
looked to Arnold as if it must have been 8 inches soft
and hung between his legs like a long length of black
rubber pipe. He had to tear his eyes away as Darwyn
casually soaped himself, letting his big dick flop

That night he fucked Anna like a wild man, then
repeated his performance the next night. Though he
hated to admit it, by the weekend he was finally able
to accept the fact that the reason for his sudden bout
of horniness was Darwyn. Or, more correctly, the
fantasies he was having about Darwyn and Anna together.
Every time he had sex his wife, he pictured Darwyn
fucking her and the thought got him so hot he would
quickly explode.

Although Anna didn’t complain, she finally asked what
was going on to suddenly make him so hot. For awhile,
Arnold didn’t what to say, so he just kept quiet. He felt
conflicted, both aroused and repulsed, but he finally
told her all about Darwyn, though for the moment he left
out the details of him fucking her, the part that was
actually driving his fantasies.

Now Anna became curious, asking what Darwyn’s cock
looked like. She laughed, not believing Arnold when he
told her how big it was. “Baby, I’m telling you, its
like a bloody horse cock, you wouldn’t believe it,” he
said. “I almost don’t believe it myself and I saw the
damn thing.”

Two days later and another game of tennis followed by a
shower. Darwyn spotted him looking and grinned as he
grabbed his cock and held it out. “You should see this
bad boy when it’s hard, buddy,” Darwyn smirked. “Find me
a nice fat slut bitch and I’ll show you some time.” He
paused to look at Arnold. “If you can handle it, that
is.” His words left Arnold feeling uneasy, yet tingling
all over.

After their second encounter in the shower, Arnold went
nuts, fucking Anna hard every night. It was during
their third straight night of sex, while Arnold was
humping her, that she whispered in his ear. “Your
thinking about him again, aren’t you?” He didn’t reply,
just increased the speed of his thrusting.

She ran her tongue lightly against his ear. “You’d love
to see me sucking his big black cock, wouldn’t you
baby? It’s OK, you can tell me,” she said gently. Her
words pushed him over the edge and he came hard then,
his orgasm intense and drawn out. Though no words had
passed between them, he realized by his actions that he
had revealed his true desires to Anna. He didn’t know
whether to feel relieved or frightened.

Afterward, Anna asked most of the questions as they
lay side by side in bed and talked about it. She tried
to reassure her husband, telling him sweetly that she
understood that it was OK, even normal, to fantasize
about all kinds of things. Arnold lay on his back in the
darkened room, staring at the ceiling. Then, unable to
stop himself and not really wanting to, he confessed to
Anna about the conversation he had had with Darwyn at
the shop and about how much Darwyn really loved big

Anna turned to face him, brought her head down and
kissed him lightly on the lips. “Not big all over like
me, honey,” she said. “I think he probably just means
busty women.” But Arnold told her no, and then described
in detail the woman they had seen walking near the shop
and the conversation that followed. Now it was Anna
who suddenly became quite, lost in her own thoughts.

Two days later, without any warning, Anna showed up at
the small machine shop that Arnold owned. She walked over
to where he stood, kissed him on the cheek and handed
him a paper bag. “I brought you some lunch, sweetheart.
Just as a little surprise,” she said sweetly. “I
thought maybe you could use a break from all the
vending machine food.” All the while she was talking to
Arnold she kept her head moving, her eyes scanning the
shop floor.

He took the bag and thanked her, but he was concerned.
Showing up at his workplace unannounced was something
she rarely did, especially lately, and normally Arnold
would have been pleased to see her. But as he looked at
her today, he just felt uneasy. And he quickly realized
why. She was much more dressed up than usual for such a
visit, and though he thought she looked nice, even kind
of sexy, it aroused his suspicions. She was wearing a
tight, dark blue skirt that showed off her wide hips
and thick legs, along with a yellow top that Arnold had
never seen before. It too was tight, accentuating the
sheer size of her breasts.

Darwyn was bent over a machine when she came in, but
looked up when he heard the sound of a female voice. He
walked over and calmly extended his hand to her.
“Hello, you must be Anna,” he said, smiling broadly at
her. She shook his hand, holding it longer than she
should have. Her eyes were locked on his.

“And you’re Darwyn, I presume,” she replied. Arnold felt
increasingly put out as the two stared at each other,
ignoring him. Recognizing their immediate connection,
Arnold moved between them, hoping somehow to break it.

“Thanks for stopping by, baby, I’ll see you tonight.”
His tone of voice was dismissive, indicating that he
wanted her to leave – now.
Her eyes were still on Darwyn as she moved closer to her
husband. She slipped her arm around his waist, brushing
her large right breast against his midsection in the

“Sure darling,” she said. “Listen, sweetheart, why
don’t you bring Darwyn home with you for dinner tonight?”
she asked. Arnold heard the playfulness in her voice, he
knew it so well, and it hurt because he knew he was not
its intended target.

She tightened her grip, moving still closer to him. Now
he could feel the softness and warmth of her large
breast through his thin T-shirt, along with another
familiar sensation: the beginnings of an erection. “He
sure looks like he could use a home cooked meal, honey,
don’t you think?” Before Arnold could open his mouth to
object, Darwyn pounced, saying he would love to join them
for dinner. Anna smiled at Darwyn, gave her husband a
kiss on the cheek and walked away.

“Man your woman is one fine looking piece of ass,” Darwyn
said later as the two stood outside taking a mid-
afternoon smoke break. “I could fuck her all night

Arnold gave Darwyn a hard look. “Back off, will you man,
that’s my wife you’re talking about.” His voice
betrayed more anger than he intended.

Darwyn just laughed, dropped his cigarette and ground it
out under his work boot. “See, that’s the deal man.
It’s always someone else’s wife I’m talking about.” He
looked directly at Arnold. “I don’t mean no disrespect,
buddy. It’ll be OK.”

At five o’clock quitting time Arnold tried to slip away
undetected, but when he reached his car he found a
grinning Darwyn standing there with his arms folded,
waiting for him. “Hey, man, I’ll just follow you home,
OK?” Arnold looked glumly at Darwyn and nodded his head.

Once in his car, he rested his head against the
driver’s window. There was a knot in his stomach and he
was shaking. Feelings of anticipation and dread warred
in his mind, threatening to overwhelm him. He closed
his eyes and took half a dozen deep breaths, trying to
steady himself.

As he drove home, his feelings began to change. The
idea of Darwyn in his home, near his wife, was now
causing Arnold to feel extremely angry. Thoughts of Darwyn
and Anna together was also having another, undeniable
effect, however. It made his cock as hard as steel. He
was angry with himself for getting so horny, but the
image of his nice, faithful wife Anna sucking on
Darwyn’s swollen tool kept playing over and over in his
mind, like an endless tape. The less he tried to think
about it, the more the thought intruded. And, to his
shame and confusion, the hornier he became.

Darwyn was so pumped up that he sprinted from his car and
was waiting for Arnold to open the door to his house and
then almost pushed past him once he did. Both men went
straight to the sitting room where Anna was waiting
for them. To Arnold’s utter dismay he saw that she had
changed clothes yet again. Now she was wearing a
skimpy, black dress, another piece of clothing he had
never seen before, either. He found himself wondering
when she had bought it. And why. Certainly not for his
benefit, he knew.

The dress looked so slutty, so totally out of character
for Anna that he hardly recognized her. It was too
small, too tight, and the neck line was so deep that
she showed deep cleavage along with a lot of her white,
fleshy breasts. It was so incredibly short, Arnold was
sure that if she moved she’d have the bottoms of her
big, flabby ass cheeks right out in the open. Could she
possibly be any more blatant, he wondered in disgust.

Darwyn’s eyes where bugging out of his head and, once
again, Anna was locked on him like Arnold wasn’t even
there. He opened his mouth to say something, but she
cut him off. “Drinks, boys? I’ve got cold beer.” Before
either man could reply, she turned and walked toward
the kitchen.

Both men stood watching, gob smacked, as Anna waddled
away, her huge ass swaying from side to side in the
tight confines of the dress as she struggled to walk in
her brand new high heels. Arnold’s stomach knotted when
he saw a quick flash of white flesh, which meant she
was wearing stockings. As if she knew they were
watching, she reached behind her and tugged the tight
dress down, trying to keep any more skin from showing.

“Holy shit man, does she always dress like that?” Darwyn
asked. His voice was raspy sounding, just above a
whisper. Arnold’s mind reeled. He felt like he was in a
no win situation. If he said no, Darwyn would know she
was dressing just for him. If he said yes, Darwyn would
think his wife always looked like a total slut, no
matter who or what the situation. Unable to think of a
plausible response, he just grunted at Darwyn, telling
him to sit down and be quiet. Then he went after his

When he entered the kitchen, he found Anna bent over
with her head in the refrigerator. Her big ass was
sticking out, facing him. Her small dress had pulled up
so high on her butt that he could see she wasn’t
wearing any panties. He could feel his anger building
as he noticed the black stockings with the thick
suspender straps going up to an unseen garter belt.
Worse still, he could clearly the pink, meaty lips of
her pussy peeking out where her thighs joined her
oversized ass.

“What the hell are you playing at?” he asked in an
angry whisper. He was mightily pissed off at her, but,
despite it all, his cock stayed rigid and swollen in
his jeans.

She turned to look at him, a bottle of beer in each
hand. Her tight little dress was still hitched up just
above the stocking tops, high enough that her pussy was
almost visible from the front, too. “Keep your voice
down Arnold,” she said calmly. ” I thought you’d like to
see me dressed like this.” She gave him a hurt look.
“What’s the matter, honey,” she pouted, “don’t you
think I look even a little bit sexy? I bet Darwyn does.”

Arnold’s head was so fucked up he had trouble thinking
straight. Things were happening way too fast. This
whole scene was on the edge of being out of control and
he felt helpless to do anything about it. “What is it
with all this? You….you look like a cheap whore,” was
all he could think to say.

She smiled back at him as if he hadn’t even spoken. She
reached out her pudgy hand and stroked he cheek
lightly. “I think Darwyn likes the dress, honey, didn’t
you see his eyes just light up?” Damn her, he thought,
she could be sexy when she wanted to, especially if she
had the right man to play to. He wanted to say
something, anything, to protest the situation, but
before he could think of anything, she handed him a
cold beer, then brushed past him on her way back to the
sitting room.

After waiting a moment to try to clear his head, Arnold
followed her. Darwyn was reclining in a large arm chair
and Anna was standing looking down at him. They were
both smiling and laughing, as if they were sharing some
kind of private joke.

He noticed that Leon was making no effort at all to
hide the desire he was feeling for her. He smiled
knowingly, running his eyes slowly up and down her ripe
body as he sipped his beer. Anna sat down on one arm
of the large chair, twisting her legs in a way that
caused her tight dress to ride up considerably, showing
two inches of fat, creamy white flesh above her
stocking tops. She made no move to correct it.

Arnold took a long pull from his beer and flopped down
into the other matching armchair. He glared at her,
trying to catch her eye, but she never noticed. She was
too absorbed, looking doe-eyed at Darwyn and laughing at
something he was saying. As he glanced at his wife,
Arnold noticed that her heavy, pendulous breasts rested
almost in her lap. As he looked more carefully, he
could see the round, bumpy outline of her large nipples
straining against the thin material of her black dress.
Damn her, he thought, she hadn’t even worn a bra!

She leaned back a little and crossed her legs, hitching
the dress up a little higher, then uncrossed them a
moment later, giving Darwyn a clear view of her creamy
inner thighs and the hairy triangle between them. Arnold,
knew Darwyn had seen it too because he stopped talking in
mid- sentence and just stared. Then, just as quickly as
she had opened her legs, Anna closed them, acting like
nothing had happened. She stood up, laughed at Darwyn and
wobbled off to the kitchen, saying she had dinner to

Arnold wanted to fall through the bottom of his chair and
just keep going. Still, he couldn’t get his mind off
the little erotic tease that had just taken place in
front of him. His cock had been hard for so long it was
almost painful.

Once the two men were alone, Darwyn looked directly at
Arnold. “Dude,” he said in a rather loud whisper, “in
case you hadn’t noticed, that lady needs cock and I
mean she needs it bad.” Arnold could only stare back at
him, unsure of how to respond. The whole situation had
taken on a surreal quality, as if the two of them were
sitting casually in a bar somewhere, talking about a
strange woman neither of them knew.

Darwyn licked his lips as he quickly slid forward on the
large chair. He had a strange look on his face, a look
Arnold found a little frightening. His eyes where glazed
and had an aggressive, almost animalistic glint to
them. At that moment Arnold realized how little he really
knew of this man who was now a guest in his house.

“Man, I know she’s your wife and all, but fuck man, she
just flashed her cunt at me,” Darwyn went on. Arnold’s
heart began to race and sweat broke out on his
forehead. Darwyn’s use of the word cunt and cock in
reference to Anna had sent his mind reeling in way he
couldn’t describe. His cock felt ready to burst in his

“Hold on Darwyn, lets just take it easy here,” he
started, but voice sounded weak and wimpy. It carried
no authority and he knew it. Worse, he knew Darwyn knew
it. His eyes still looked strangely glazed over to
Arnold, to the extent he almost wondered if the black man
were on some kind of drug.

By this time he was rambling, talking about Anna as if
she weren’t even there and largely ignoring his friend.
Or, perhaps, he had begun to sense the effect his crude
remarks were having on Arnold. “Did you see the size of
her fuckin’ titties, man? Damn, they’re huge, too, just
like the rest of her. Fuckin’ big and floppy. I’d love
to get me a lip-lock on those big suckers. Damn, she
looks fine.”

At that moment, Anna walked back into the room. She
smiled at the young black man. “Who looks fine?” she
asked him coyly. There was a long moment of silence and
a feeling of tension in the room as Darwyn ran his eyes
up and down her lush body. Grinning up at her from his
chair, he decided to dispense with the politeness.
“Just those big titties of yours, baby. That’s all.”
Then he laughed and his voice was slow and deep.
“They’re enough…..more than enough.”

Anna’s mouth dropped open and for the first time she
began to feel uneasy, to question everything she had
done. She had only meant this as an innocent tease,
something to help turn Arnold on later. She had so
enjoyed the sex with him lately, especially the
feelings of closeness and tenderness that followed. Now
as she feared things might be getting out of hand, she
felt almost at a loss for words. What had she done?
Finally, she caught her breath and stuttered, “Well,
I… uh… I mean… that’s… well… really… you…
you think so?”

Darwyn looked over at Arnold, staring directly into his
eyes. When he spoke, his voice had changed. Now it was
harsh and commanding. “Arnold, buddy, why don’t you get
up and go to the store? I think we could use some more
beer.” It was more an order than a request. Arnold was
dumbstruck, he couldn’t believe what was happening,
that this guy was real, but there was no denying the
sharp edge in the words he was hearing.

Arnold stood up then, took a breath of air and pushed out
his chest. In a short span of time, his feelings about
Darwyn had gone from curiosity to unease to outright
fear. He only hoped it didn’t show too much. The guy
was for real and Arnold understood clearly that this
might be his last chance to derail this situation. And
that he had better do it fast. “I think you should
leave now Darwyn….please,” he said, cringing when he
heard his own voice. His words had a hollow, weak
sound, a sound that betrayed his most basic fears.
Fears that were growing worse by the minute.

They all remained silent, Arnold and Anna afraid to say
anything. Finally, Darwyn looked at Arnold. “Look man, you
can stay if you want, just don’t fuck with me. I’m
warning you.” He said the words calmly, but his
inflection carried a hint of menace. There should be no
doubt about who was in authority here. The two men
stared at each other for several moments before Arnold
got out of his chair and took a step toward Darwyn.
Sensing a showdown, Darwyn sprang from his chair, took
several long strides and was quickly in Arnold’s face.

“I told you man, don’t mess with me. I will fuck you up
bad if needs be. You understand? Now, just sit down and
shut the fuck up!” he snarled. Darwyn felt his stomach
tighten. He had just lost his last chance showdown with
Darwyn and he knew it. If he had any illusions that this
evening was going to end peacefully, they had just been

Anna stepped between them, laughing. “Boys, calm down!
It’s OK. Lets have another drink,” she said in a feeble
attempt to keep the mood light. But her efforts were
too late, Darwyn was way past calming down. With no
warning, he grabbed Anna by her shoulders, spun her
around and pulled her to him so that her back was to
his chest. Grabbing the straps of her dress, he yanked
hard, pulling the flimsy garment halfway down. Her bare
breasts wobbled and swayed heavily as she stumbled and
fell back against him.

John could only watch helplessly as Darwyn snaked his
hand under Anna’s arm and grabbed her left breast in
his hand. It was so large in size that its soft flesh
easily overflowed even his large hand. She struggled
and squirmed under his groping, but stayed where she
was, staring at Arnold. Darwyn squeezed her breast harder
now, pinching, pulling and turning her large nipple and
areola. All the while he leered at Arnold, who could only
stand and watch, frozen in place.

“Arnold told you all about my big, black cock, didn’t he
darlin’?” Darwyn breathed the words as he continued to
fondle her breast.

“Yes,” she replied, her voice so low it was barely
audible. Arnold felt his stomach turn over. He could hear
the genuine fear in his wife’s voice, but he felt
powerless to do anything to help her. Behind her, he
saw Darwyn fumble with the button and zipper of his
jeans, all the while he continued to manhandle Anna’s

“Well, I gotta treat for you, bitch. You’re gonna see
it now, up close. Get down on your knees, slut,” Darwyn
said, a hint of anger in his voice. In a blur of
motion, he put one hand on each of her bare shoulders
and pushed down hard, not stopping until Anna was on
her knees. Arnold noticed that Darwyn had somehow managed
to get his jeans pulled down to mid thigh.

Arnold could only stare in twisted fascination at the
black man. Darwyn’s cock looked even bigger now that it
was semi-hard and gorged with blood. Arnold had never
seen anything like it and he knew Anna hadn’t either.
As she rotated on her knees, turning to face Darwyn, his
huge cock almost slapped her in the face. He chuckled
and looked down at her.

“Now suck it bitch” he said harshly. Wanting to do
something, Arnold started to step closer but Darwyn shot
him a nasty glance that stopped him in his tracks. Arnold
felt sick as he watched his wife reach out and slowly
wrap her white, pudgy hand around the base of his thick
organ. Perhaps it was the contrast in color, but Arnold
thought it looked enormous in her small, round hand.

Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she stared at the huge
cock just inches from her face. She looked up at Leon’s
smiling face for a moment, then back down at the
monster dick she hefted in her hand. “Holy shit! My
god! I… I can’t believe… I’ve never seen anything
like this!” She sputtered, causing Darwyn to laugh. It
had the opposite effect on Arnold; he cringed because he
knew it was true. Anna had no frame of reference for
this kind of situation; nothing in her limited
experience could have prepared her for it.

Arnold looked at Anna’s enormous ass cheeks as her
stupid dress rode up around her waist and felt ashamed
when he realized he was more aroused than ever. Wet,
slurping sounds brought his attention back to Anna’s
face. As he watched in disbelief, she moaned loudly,
moving her head slowly as she licked and slobbered up
and down the length of his long shaft. Then, moving her
head lower, she carefully ran her soft, warm tongue all
over his stuffed ball sack, gently laving at the egg
sized testicles bulging inside it.

Darwyn reached down with both hands and grabbed Anna’s
hair, pulling her head back and up a bit. He looked
directly into her face. “OK baby, it’s show time… you
ready to go?” Anna just looked back at him, nodding
slightly, her fat face showing a double chin and a
small, pouty mouth. She snaked out her tongue, pink,
pointed and surprisingly long, and ran it over her
thick lips several times, coating them heavily with

Darwyn let go of her hair and brought the head of his
swollen dick in line with her mouth. “Open wide,
bitch,” he ordered, feeding the fat, almost purple knob
of his cock head into her waiting mouth. “That’s it,”
he coaxed her gently, “open that pretty little mouth
for Darwyn open wide… wider… that’s it, now you’re
gettin’ it,” Leon groaned as he watched her start to
work her mouth down his shaft a little at a time,
bobbing her head forward and back as she went.
Eventually she managed to swallow four or five inches
of his impossibly thick cock, stretching her poor mouth
almost as wide as it would go as she forced it down.

He reached out and took her head in both of his large
hands again, holding it steady as he slowly began to
move his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth.
Totally unused to so large an object in her mouth and
throat, she nonetheless did her best to please him,
making noisy, slobbering, sounds as she bobbed her head
up and down on his meat. It was all music to Darwyn’s
ears and he began to speed up his movements a bit. He
groaned again, he did so love subjugating white bitches
this way.

“Your slut wife looks damn fine with my cock in her
mouth,” Darwyn panted, his eyes half closed in ecstasy.
“Arnold, come over here so you can see this shit close
up, man.” Once Arnold stepped close enough, Darwyn quickly
reached out his large left hand, clamping it on John’s
shoulder and pushed down hard, sending him to his knees
next to his wife on the carpet.

“Gettin’ a good look there, buddy?” he asked. “After
all, you were the one who really wanted to see this,
weren’t you?” Darwyn’s whole demeanor seemed to be
getting nastier. Arnold looked up at the black man and
nodded his head, his face suddenly flushing red with
shame and embarrassment. There was no denying his
arousal and he knew it; his cock was still thickly
swollen in his jeans. He was loath to admit to it, but
he knew Darwyn was right. What the hell was the matter
with him? How could his bizarre desires have been so
obvious, so quickly, to this man? A man who was a
complete stranger to him less than a month ago.

Darwyn’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “Arnold, why don’t
you say how much you wanted this?” he asked. “After
all, this is your fantasy comin’ true. I think it’s
only fair,” he added. Arnold started to speak, but his
mouth was dry and no words came. All he could do was
look up at Darwyn, bewildered. “Don’t look at me, my man,
you need to explain all this twisted shit to your wife,
here. You better think of somethin’.”

He looked at Anna and was so disgusted with himself
that, once again, he couldn’t speak. Never in his life
had he felt so humiliated and ashamed. He tried to
organize his thoughts into something coherent, but all
he could do was kneel there with his mouth hanging
open. How could he begin to explain this to her? He
didn’t even understand it himself.

“What are you’all doin’ down there, catching flies? Are
you fuckin’ mute, or what,” Darwyn said impatiently. “Be
a man…at least talk to your lady. I mean, she does
deserve to know why she’s here on her knees, sucking a
stranger’s big black dick. Listen, white boy, until you
feel like talking, I’m just gonna fuck your wife’s face
a little deeper, maybe that’ll help you get it all
figured out.” With that, he reached out his large left
hand and slowly began exerting pressure, pulling
Anna’s head closer to his groin.

She began to react immediately to the increased
fullness in her mouth, making awful, gagging, retching
noises in her throat as the swollen head of Darwyn’s
penis worked its way further into her. He pulled out a
bit, then pushed forward, impaling her again. By this
time she had been forced to take so much of Darwyn’s
thick shaft that she was almost gagging. So tightly
were her lips sealed that they formed a perfect little
“O” around his thick cock shaft.

The skin around the corners of her mouth was pulled so
taut that she feared it might crack and begin to bleed.
Her nostrils flared wide, trying desperately to bring
in whatever air they could. Tears streamed from her
eyes now, trickling down her fat cheeks in crooked

Seeing this happen to his wife, Arnold was near panic.
“I-I-I’m just so, so sorry about this Anna,” he
stammered, trying to begin an explanation. Still, he
couldn’t make any speech come. He felt like an idiot.
“If I…” he tried to start again.

“Sorry, my ass!” Darwyn interrupted sharply. “Well,
you’re sorry all right, but you sure as hell ain’t
sympathetic, just plain damn sorry.” With that he
pushed a bit more of his cock into Anna’s already
overstuffed mouth. Animal-like noises issue from deep
inside her and she came close to retching again. Beads
of sweat formed on her brow and ran into her eyes, the
salt burning them. Sensing real danger now, she
frantically pressed her pudgy little hands against
Darwyn’s muscular thighs and pushed, trying to back away.

Feeling that Arnold might need a little extra incentive,
Darwyn reached down with his right hand and took the
nipple of Anna’s breast between his thumb and
forefinger. He raised his hand slowly, lifting her
ponderous breast away from her chest. He continued to
increase the force, gradually pulling up and out until
her entire melon sized breast was dangling by its own
weight in mid air, held in place only by the painfully
tight grip of Darwyn’s fingers on its sensitive nipple.

Anna became frantic with the pain; her face turned red
as more tears flowed from her eyes. She balled her
hands into small fists and began swinging them in
circles, desperate to fend off the terrible pain and
the feeling that was going to suffocate.

Finally, seeing his poor wife abused this way became
too much for Arnold. “Darwyn… h-he’s right honey, I did
want this. I’ve been have fantasies about this for a
long time now,” Arnold began. Once he got started,
everything began to spill out of him. “I’ve been having
fantasies, awful fantasies, perverted fantasies, for a
long time now. I-I wanted to watch you with another
guy. Especially a black guy who was really hung.”

“I wanted to see you like this, on your knees with your
mouth stuffed full of cock….and fucking and sucking
the guy, watching him do things to you… to see you
debased and degraded. And maybe to feel myself
humiliated, I don’t know. I was so ashamed I just
couldn’t tell you about it, at least the bad stuff, I
knew it would hurt you too much and I-I didn’t want
that. And what would you think of me? Your husband
Arnold, the pervert.”

He paused for a moment to collect himself. “But I just
couldn’t get these thoughts and feelings out of my
mind, they were there every time I thought about you
and they seemed to be getting stronger, more real. I
couldn’t seem to help myself, I was getting off on
them,” he went on. “I hoped that all of this could
remain a fantasy, a dirty little secret in my mind that
it would never go beyond that. That I could somehow
keep you from knowing how… how sick I was.” His
emotions were so strong that tears ran down his face.

“Then, when Leon came to work for me and we saw that
woman and he mentioned to me how much he like big
women, everything suddenly changed. It was like he was
able to read my thoughts, like he knew what I was
feeling. Suddenly the possibilities of this became real
to me… all too real. I began to fear something like
this might happen. And fear that they might not happen.
I felt torn and conflicted, I wanted it and I was
afraid of it. That’s when things started to get out of
hand, I guess. I just lost control. I didn’t mean for
any of this happen, Anna. I didn’t want to hurt you.”
Arnold exhaled deeply and dropped his head, unable to
look at his wife.

“Well, thank you my man,” Darwyn said, sounding pleased.
“Confession be good for the soul it seems. Now that we
all know and understand why we’re here, we can get this
show on the road.” With that, he let go of her breast.
It fell back hard against her chest with the slapping
sound of flesh hitting flesh. Anna let out a strangled
cry from deep in her throat as feeling rushed back into
her abused nipple. Then, he released his hand from
behind her head, letting Anna move backward far enough
to unseat the huge cock that had almost choked her.

Anna inhaled large gulps of air, trying to get her
breath back. She looked at Arnold, the corners of her
mouth turning up in a small grin. When Arnold at last
dared to look back at her he noticed a strange twinkle
in her eyes; the grin playing on her lips broke into a
smile, showing her perfect white teeth.

She spent several minutes pleasuring Darwyn orally, her
agile tongue darting this way and that, her mouth
engulfing the end of his shaft and noisily slobbering
on it as she moved the head around inside her mouth.
She was careful to hold his cock by the base so he
couldn’t force what looked like the entire 11 inches
into her throat again – or even try. Anxious to get on
with things, Darwyn pulled out and stepped back, his cock
still fully erect, standing proud and huge, pointed
straight at her face.

“Take that slut dress off bitch and spread your legs”
Darwyn said as he stepped back and removed his jeans
completely. Arnold, who was still kneeling in the middle
of the room, seemed to come to his senses when he heard
Darwyn ordering his wife around.

“Anna, please,” he said in a small, weak voice. “Y-you
don’t need to do this.” But his words went unheeded;
she was already peeling the tight dress up over her

Darwyn whistled softly when he saw the rest of her. “Oh
yeah, Oooooh, fuck yeah, baaaby.” He reached down with
his big hands and gently fondled and stroked her big
breasts. Her nipples and the large, pebbly halos around
them were swollen rock hard by his now gentle touch.
She smiled shyly at him, pleased that she had been able
to arouse him so. She continued to kneel subserviently
before the black man, her soft, rounded belly curving
downward, obscuring her hairy pussy mound and half
hiding the black suspender belt she wore under the
heavy rolls of fat.

Darwyn removed his hands from her, quickly finished
undressing and stepped back towards the couch. “Get
your fat ass onto the sofa, bitch, and let me see that
pussy,” he told her. With a soft grunt, she slowly got
to her feet and waddled over to the sofa, her heavy
rolls of fat and big breasts jiggling and swaying as
she went. She sat down and turned sideways, lying on
her back with her head on one arm of the couch. She
spread her flabby white thighs open as far as she
could, exposing her hair covered cunt under its fatty

Darwyn turned to Arnold, pointing his long index finger at
the man. “Get over here, now, and lick her pussy, lick
it good! Get it all lubed up so I don’t hurt her when I
ram this big piece of meat into her,” he said, running
his hand up and down the length of his erect cock.

Arnold looked shocked and confused, but he stood up and
walked over to his wife. Looking down at her plush,
white body – so big it was overflowing the edge of the
couch – he felt his heart racing and his hard-on
pounding under his jeans. Once Arnold was seated on the
edge of the sofa, Anna flashed him a wicked grin, then
raised her legs up and used her hands to pull her meaty
lips apart.

She was dripping wet and he could see her thick, pink
lips were puffy and engorged, peeled apart in arousal
as he lowered his head between her big thighs. He
inhaled her musky fragrance and began to run his tongue
slowly up and down her slit, taking extra time to flick
his tongue quickly back and forth over the nub of her
hypersensitive clitoris.

She moaned out loud the moment his tongue touched her
pussy and never let up as Arnold’s tongue continued to
work its magic in the sloppy pink folds of her sex.
After several minutes, her moans and groans were
replaced by now familiar gagging, choking sounds. Arnold
glanced up to see that Darwyn had lowered himself into a
squat and was again forcing his cock deep into Anna’s
mouth. Because of the position of her head on the arm
of the couch, Arnold could actually see her throat moving
as she once again tried to take in as much of his cock
as she could.

“Eat that pussy boy, lick her cunt and ass, eat her
good,” he heard Darwyn say as Anna let out a strangled
moan. He picked up his pace, licking his wife’s sloppy
wet pussy, pushing his tongue in and out of her vagina,
then moving his head gradually lower until he was
licking the soft, sweaty skin between her huge
asscheeks. Finally, he went lower still, running his
tongue over and around the pungent brown pucker of her
anus, something he had always wanted to do but never
dared try before.

He was aware of a wet, plopping sound as Darwyn withdrew
his cock from her mouth. Then Anna totally surprised
him. She exhaled loudly, then reached her arms over her
blubbery belly and between her big legs. Her reach was
just long enough that she was able to wrap her small
fingers around Arnold’s hair. Holding his head tightly,
she pulled him forward into her pussy, then began to
slide his face up and down the length of her wet, slimy

She groaned loudly, spreading her legs even wider as
she pushing her hips up a bit as she continued to grind
her husband’s face against her overheated slit. She
started to pant more heavily as her arousal grew more
intense. Arnold’s face was covered from forehead to chin
with a shiny coating of her juice as she pulled him
still harder into her overheated crotch, using his face
to masturbate herself.

He sensed that she was getting close to orgasm when he
felt Darwyn’s hand on his shoulder, urging him back. When
he sat up and turned around he wanted to jump off the
couch and run. To his horror, his face was only inches
from Darwyn’s hard, swaying cock! For the second time,
Arnold felt a hand grabbing him by the hair, only this
time it was Darwyn, pulling his face in so close to the
other man’s groin that Arnold could smell the musky,
sweaty odor and feel the warmth of a long cock pressing
against his cheek. He jerked Arnold’s head back so he was
looking up.

Darwyn bent forward un till his face was only inches from
Arnold’s. “Now you can suck my cock and get it good and
wet for your wife, pussy boy,” he snarled. He was so
close now that Arnold could smell cigarettes and alcohol
on his breath. “I know you want to suck it, well,
here’s your chance. And don’t even think about tellin’
me otherwise or I’ll bust your sorry ass and still fuck
your slut wife. You’re goin’ down, faggot white boy…

Near panic, poor Arnold ignored Darwyn’s words and tried to
pull away but Darwyn held his hair tightly. A moment
later he felt the big knob of the man’s steel hard cock
head bumping against his tightly closed lips.
Without a word, Darwyn reached down and calmly pinched
Arnold’s nostrils shut with his thumb and forefinger.
Desperate to avoid what he knew was coming, Arnold held
his breath for so long he began to feel dizzy, but
eventually he opened his mouth wide, gasping for air.
As soon as his mouth opened far enough, he felt the
warmth and spongy softness of Darwyn’s big cock head
filling up his mouth.

For the first time in his life, Arnold had another man’s
penis in his mouth. And not just any penis either, but
a huge black one. Leon pushed it part way into Arnold’s
mouth holding his head tightly with both hands now,
hurting him. Arnold struggled for a few seconds against
this ultimate degradation, shaking his head and making
the same awful sounds his wife had, but, after
realizing there was no escape, he capitulated and
slowly began sucking the big cock that filled his mouth
to overflowing.

“Mmmmmm, oh yeah bitch, that’s the way to do it,” Darwyn
groaned. Keeping his tight grip on Arnold’s hair, he
began to move his hips slowly, moving his big shaft in
and out, fucking Arnold’s mouth. “Fuck yeah! Not bad for
a candy ass, pussy white boy,” he grunted. “Yeah,
that’s it, looks like I got me two bitches now. Damn,
man, you suck cock almost as good as you old lady,” he
laughed derisively. “You sure you ain’t never done this

By that time, Arnold had his eyes closed, trying his best
to block out everything and everyone, trying to pretend
that none of this was happening, that he wasn’t on his
knees before a black man, sucking his oversized dick.
Yet, as he continued using his mouth to pleasure the
man, Arnold began to feel an odd change within him; maybe
sucking another man’s cock wasn’t as bad as he would
have thought.

Or at least the physical side of it. The mental side,
the feelings of humiliation and shame that came with
the act were weighing heavily on him and he knew that,
when this was finally over, they would be much more
difficult to deal with. He tried to clear his head,
tried his best to put that part of it completely out of
his mind as he stretched his mouth open even further,
bobbing his head up and down the thick shaft, stopping
frequently to pull back and run his tongue all around
the large, sensitive head. Remembering what had
happened to Anna, he quickly brought his hand up and
wrapped it around the base of Darwyn’s cock to prevent
being chocked in case Darwyn got carried away.

Though it seemed like forever to him, Arnold endured his
cocksucking debut for only a few minutes before Darwyn
pulled free. He grabbed Arnold by the hair again, jerking
his head back so he was looking straight up. Leon
brought his face close to Arnold’s once again. “OK,
motherfucker, now tell me to fuck your slutty, white
trash bitch of a wife.”

On the couch, Anna was in wild eyed rapture from
watching her sweet husband actually sucking on a cock.
“Ooooh, fuck me now Darwyn, fuck me like a whore,” she
blurted out suddenly. She had already reached an arm
over her fat belly and her right hand was busy between
her legs. Both men turned to look at her but she was
oblivious, her eyes closed and her fingers making
squishy, liquid sounds as she worked them back and
forth through the wet, swollen folds of her cunt. Her
whole body tingled; she was so over stimulated that she
felt almost ready to explode.

Darwyn turned back to look at Arnold. “Say it asshole,
now!” he insisted.

Poor Arnold could only look down at the floor. “F-f-fuck
my wife,” he mumbled. His voice sounded meek and he
felt awful, knowing as soon as he said it that Darwyn
would not be satisfied. He was right.

Arnold never saw it coming. He just felt an explosion of
pain, an incredible sting on his cheek that snapped his
head as Darwyn slapped him hard across the face. “I can’t
hear you,” he sing-songed at Arnold. “Mean it when you
say it, dick head.” It was all Arnold could do to keep
from crying, the pain and anxiety he felt were pushing
him to the breaking point. And his wife’s reaction
certainly hadn’t helped any. But, once again he felt
totally helpless, knowing there was no way out except
to co-operate.

Arnold felt like a new recruit responding to a drill
sergeant, trying to please him. He closed his eyes and
took a deep breath. “Fuck my slut wife, please fuck her
brains out,” he practically shouted. “The fucking
little cunt deserves it. She wants it. She wants your
black cock. Every inch of it!” The words had no sooner
left his lips than he hung his head, feeling like a
total heel. How could he say such things about his
wife? What had she done to deserve this? Maybe worst of
all: was she enjoying what was happening to him?

Darwyn shoved him aside roughly and knelt on the couch
between Anna’s parted thighs. He pushed them even
further apart, grabbing his cock and bringing it line
with her opening. Then, without any warning, he leaned
forward and rammed the entire length of his long shaft
into her wet pussy in one hard trust.

As Arnold watched, her eyes flew wide open and then
rolled back in her head. She let out a loud, guttural,
animal-like groan, the likes of which Arnold had never
heard before.

“UUNNGGGHHH! Ooohhh my gawd!!” Anna grunted as her
vagina was suddenly stretched wide, filled to capacity
and beyond. She struggled for a moment, trying to get
her breath as Darwyn pulled back almost all the way, then
rammed forward until he was buried deep inside her once
again. She panted and moaned as he pounded her with
more hard trusts, her back arching sharply off the
couch, sending the heavy rolls of fat on her huge body
bouncing and rippling every which way.

“Ooooh yes, Ooooh my god yes! YESSS!” she screamed, not
caring how she sounded as she clawed at the sofa with
her fingernails. “Fuck me! Give me your big cock! All
of it damn you! Ooooooh, fuck yeah! I love it, give it
to me NOW!” Darwyn plowed deep into her again and she
came hard, much harder than Arnold had ever seen, her
fat, flabby body shaking and straining as a violent
orgasm ripped through her.

Looking down at her, Arnold was more depressed than
aroused. In all their years of making love, Anna had
never been able to come from simple penetration; she
would always have to rub her clit while he fucked her.
Even then, it usually took her quite a while. But now,
in less than a minute, she had had a massive orgasm by
penetration alone.

And to his dismay, she was still screaming and trashing
her head about, the sloppy wet sounds coming from her
pussy telling Arnold that she was still more aroused than
ever. Her massive breasts were wobbling and jouncing
about almost painfully, but she was too busy holding
onto the sofa and bucking her wide hips to even notice.

As he continued to pound his cock into her, Darwyn
reached down and began mauling both her soft white
belly and her oversized breasts.

“Damn, I love bitches with big, fuckin’ titties and
big, sloppy fat bellies… Oooh, yeah, baby,” he
grunted, sinking his fingers into the soft flesh of her
belly and breast at once. “I just love fuckin’ love
big, fat, white bitches.” He grabbed a nipple with the
fingers of each hand and pulled her huge breasts away
from her chest, twirling them in small circles. Anna
was so aroused that she only groaned more loudly,
feeling far more pleasure than pain this time.

Arnold knelt quietly near the couch, still in shock from
having just sucked a man’s cock, and watched as his
wife behaved like a wild, rutting animal, a woman he
didn’t even recognize. What had become of his sweet,
loving wife, he wondered sadly.
Darwyn noticed him kneeling there and grinned at him.
Reaching out, he grabbed Arnold by the hair again and
pulled him forward until he was so close he could see
his wife’s sopping pink pussy. It was stretched tight,
Darwyn’s enormous black cock was buried to the hilt in
it. When Darwyn slowly pulled it out again, Arnold could
only stare, amazed, at Marge’s pussy. It looked like a
gapping pink cavern.

It had always been big he knew, but now, having taken
the entire length of Darwyn’s massive dick, her vagina
was grossed distended, stretched out far beyond
anything he could’ve imagined. So far, in fact, that he
could actually see a large circle of darkness at its
center, where her opening disappeared into her body.
Turning his head slightly, Arnold got another shock: his
wife had produced such a flood of lubrication that
there was a ring of thick, whitish froth all around the
thick base of Darwyn’s cock.

Then, as if to further torture the man, Darwyn slowly
began to push his thick penis back in. To Arnold’s
further humiliation, Anna began to pant and groan
again, asking, pleading, then finally begging Darwyn to
slide his entire cock all the way up inside her. As he
did so, Anna’s moans were loud and unashamed; she
appeared to be in another world, her eyes closed and
her hips grinding and bumping against Darwyn’s pelvis.
She had come once already, but Darwyn looked like he was
just hitting his stride; the constant thrusting of his
slim hips soon had Anna on the edge of another orgasm.

“Your old lady’s tight little pussy was just made for
fucking black cock, no question about it, and the
bigger the better. I think this bitch has discovered
her inner slut. Ain’t that right, Arnold?” Darwyn laughed
cruelly, giving her several sharp in and out jabs with
his cock to highlight his point. “Looks that way to

Anna arched her back sharply again. “Yes, oh god yes!
Don’t stop fucking me, please don’t… oh, god, please
don’t… ever stop fucking me!” she panted, her voice
coming in ragged gasps as she tried to catch her breath
before Darwyn began pumping her still harder.

Arnold felt crushed and ashamed. His wife was acting like
a total slut, yet, despite everything that had
happened, his cock was still so stiff it was tenting
his jeans badly. Noticing this, Darwyn couldn’t resist
rubbing Arnold’s face in it one more time. He began to
pump Anna’s pussy even faster, taking long, deep
strokes. Arnold could only watch in revulsion as his wife
began making almost inhuman sounds, shrieking and
screaming in ecstasy. It took only a few moments of
pounding before her body shook and convulsed a second
time, this orgasm seemingly stronger than the first.

“Cum inside me Darwyn… Now! Please NOW! Fill me! Cum
deep in me! I wanna feel you cum,” Anna pleaded, her
voice almost childlike. Thoroughly pissed off, Darwyn
responded by humping her again, more violently this
time, giving her the full length of his swollen cock
with flesh slapping force.

“Listen, you stupid slut, I call the shots here.” Darwyn
was panting heavily now, his muscular upper body bathed
in a sheen of sweat as he rammed his cock hard into her
pussy. “I’ll come where and when I want, you
understand? Just shut your damn whore mouth, spread
your legs and take my black cock, show me what a good
little bitch slut you can be.” She didn’t reply. She
couldn’t have replied had she wanted to; her shaking
body was being wracked by a third straight orgasm. Darwyn
seemed hardly to notice.

“Take your clothes off Arnold, time to get naked,” Darwyn
ordered as he leaned over Anna’s still shuddering
body. He didn’t even bother looking at the other
man. Thoroughly cowed by now, Arnold didn’t even think of
protesting as he quickly started to remove his

Arnold moved towards the edge of the couch now, standing
naked next to his wife and her black lover. As Anna
slowly came down from the haze of her third climax,
Darwyn pulled out of her and leaned back. He was
momentarily out of breath, his chest still heaving from
the exertion. His huge cock was still rigid, however,
coated with a heavy layer of Anna’s pungent pussy

He looked at them briefly before turning his head away;
he couldn’t stomach the sight and he knew whatever was
coming would not be good. Despite everything he had
been through, his small cock was still fully erect,
pointing straight ahead, beyond his control.

Darwyn moped the sweat from his brow and began to laugh.
“Man, you can’t be serious,” he said, looking at Arnold’s
groin. “How did you ever fuck her with that worthless
little pencil dick? Sheeeeeit, this bitch could take
two like that easy….probably have room to
spare….although I don’t know, her pussy was pretty
tight. But hell,” he smirked, “she wouldn’t have any
problem takin’ yours.”

“Now then, I want Arnold to lay on his back on the
floor.” Darwyn said, pointing at the floor. He nodded at
Anna. “And you, my oversexed, can’t get enough black
cock slut, I want you to get on top of your hubby, sit
right on his face and let him clean out your pussy.” He
stood back smirking as they both scrambled to comply
with his orders. Once Arnold was on the floor, Anna got
into a 69 position over him, covering his head
completely as she lowered her huge buttocks and soaking
wet pussy onto his upturned face.

“You can suck on him if you want, but don’t let him
come,” Darwyn directed. Arnold groaned with pent up relief
as he felt the warmth of his wives mouth wrap around
his aching cock. Anna’s thighs were clenched tight
around his head, almost cutting off his hearing. For a
moment he felt like was suffocating and he had to
concentrate to breath as his entire face was enveloped
in her sloppy wet pussy flesh. But once she got
comfortable he had enough space, though barely, to
begin working his tongue around inside of her.

Moments later he saw Darwyn towering above him, grinning,
before dropping to his knees behind Anna’s fat ass.
Even as he worked his tongue in and out of his wife’s
wet hole, he suddenly became aware of a strange, new
sensation: Darwyn’s heavy ball sack was bumping against
his forehead. Anna changed her position slightly now,
moving her crotch off his face and up a bit.

She was still so wet and open that it took only two
strokes until Darwyn’s cock was buried in her again and
she had to stop sucking Arnold’s cock so she could begin
moaning and panting again.

He watched from inches away, fascinated, as his wife’s
tight pussy was plowed wide open by Darwyn’s thick cock.
Arnold felt a new surge of arousal; he was entranced as
he watched his wife’s vagina stretched open so tightly
from that close, her fat lips being first forced
inwards, then pulled back out again. He was also amazed
at how quickly Darwyn’s cock became coated with a heavy
layer of Anna’s pussy slime.

“Lick my balls. Now, asshole!” Darwyn ordered him. It was
a simple matter of adjusting his position, tilting his
head back a bit, until Darwyn’s balls were at his mouth.
As he felt the soft skin of Darwyn’s heavy scrotum
dragging across his mouth.
John licked instinctively; he was well past caring
about how or why by now, the smell of Darwyn’s cock and
Anna’s pussy in his nostrils had become his only
reality. Every few strokes Darwyn would pull out and let
his big cock flop down onto Arnold’s waiting mouth.
Without question or protest, he would lick and slobber
around the underside of it, cleaning off as much of his
wife’s pungent secretions as he could before Darwyn
thrust it back into her.

After another few minutes of hard fucking, Darwyn pulled
out of Anna’s pussy. It gapped open so far that her
slippery juices quickly seeped out in long strings,
which dribbled down into Arnold’s open mouth. Anna
hadn’t been able to suck his cock very well as she was
being pounded so hard, but such was his horniness that
she still managed to bring him to the brink to orgasm.

Darwyn’s next words filled John with dread. “Tell me
Arnold, does your little slut wifey take dick up her
ass?” Arnold shuddered, closed his eyes, and slowly shook
his head no. He had never really considered anal sex
before; he always assumed that Anna would be offended
and so he had never bothered to ask her. The way things
were going tonight, though, who could tell? It wouldn’t
matter anyway; he had long ago lost control of anything
that might happen and he knew it, though he kept that
thought to himself.

Getting no response, Darwyn tried again. “Well, what
about it bitch, you want to feel this big old cock
jammed up your ass?” he asked almost casually. “If you
thought it felt tight in your pussy….” He didn’t
finish his thought, didn’t have to.

Anna stopped jerking Arnold’s cock and turned her head
back over her shoulder. Fear began to grip her and she
hesitated a moment, unsure of her response. “N-nnooo
thank you,’ she said, knowing immediately how
ridiculous it sounded. “I-I-I’ve never done that before
and don’t think I could do it.” She began to whine
then, her voice higher. “Please Darwyn, don’t,” she
begged, “Please… please don’t make me…I-I can’t do

Darwyn laughed out loud and slapped her right ass cheek
with his open hand, hard enough to leave a red
handprint against the white flesh. He readjusted his
position, taking the bloated knob of his rigid cock and
bumping it lightly against her puckered asshole. Anna
quickly wriggled forward, wanting desperately to get
away, but he slipped his long arm under her large hips
and yanked her back. He slapped her left buttock now,
this time harder.

“There’s a first time for everything, bitch,” he said
hoarsely. “Now stay still slut, I am gonna fuck me some
tight ass whether you want it or not.” Arnold watched
from below, not daring to move. He wondered what he
would do if Darwyn forced his wife to take it in her ass.
A moment later the black man helped him make up his

“You decide Arnold, what’s in gonna be? Either I fuck
your sorry ass or I fuck your wife’s!” Darwyn said.
“Somebody’s going to get it… don’t make no difference
to me. What do you want to do? It’s up to you, Arnold.”
There was total silence in the room as Darwyn continued
to probe around Anna’s brown anal ring with the head
of his cock.

“No please! Please don’t! Y-you’ll hurt me,” Anna

Unfortunately for poor Anna, there was no possible way
Arnold was going to let Darwyn fuck his ass. He knew he had
to save himself from this final, wretched degradation,
even if it meant sacrificing his wife in the process.
Fuck her in the ass Darwyn,” he blurted out “she’ll take
it alright.”

In a near panic now, Anna tried once again to wiggle
away but Darwyn, laughing now, quickly reached out and
dragged her back to him again. “Hold still now bitch,
or this really will hurt.” As Arnold watched from below,
Darwyn coated his cock head with spittle and began to
push it harder against her tight ass. For a moment,
nothing happened; then her tight anal pucker began to
give way as the swollen, purple knob was gradually
forced into it. Anna screamed and bucked and
struggled, but Darwyn held her tight, his thick cock now
buried an inch or so up her ass.

He leaned forward then, ever so slowly inched his
monster black cock up her lily white ass. “Ooooh God!
Oooooh please! NOOO!” she cried, but Darwyn was
relentless now, forcing his cock up her tight back
passage until almost half of it was buried inside her.
He stop paused a few moments, letting both of them
catch their breaths. But it was a short reprieve.
Keeping an iron grip on her hefty hips, he began to
move foreword once again, grunting and straining with
the effort.

“Yeah, oh, yeah! Damn, that feels good. Oooooh, fuck,
yeah,” he moaned. Anna’s virgin ass felt like a hot
vice around his sensitive cock. “Fuck yeah, baby, you
feel that big cock in your hot little ass? I know you
feel every fucking inch, don’t you, you filthy slut
whore.” Anna could feel it, indeed. She was in such
pain that she dug her nails deeply into Arnold’s legs,
but he was so fascinated by the sight of Darwyn’s thick
black pole disappearing into her tiny anal opening that
he took no notice.

So great was the pressure in her ass that her pussy
gapped open even more, and without thinking Arnold pushed
his tongue inside it, strained to get as much of her
delicious pussy fluid as he could manage. Then, he
quickly moved his tongue up and began to lap at her
clit, hoping the pleasure he produced for her would
offset some of the terrible pain she was feeling.

He could feel Darwyn’s heavy, egg-sized testicles bumping
against his forehead and face as he continued to lick
his wife’s slit. Above him, Anna was panting like a
dog and whimpering crazily against the pain, but Darwyn
ignored her and kept thrusting, plunging deeper and
deeper until finally he hit bottom.

She let out a loud scream when Darwyn suddenly pulled his
cock halfway out, then slowly forced it back in again.
It slide in just a bit easier the second time and soon
Darwyn had impaled her again. Anna dropped her head onto
Arnold’s legs and started pounding the floor with her
fists. Although she continued to mumble and moan, Arnold
couldn’t make out what she was saying, he just kept
watching what was happing above him. As Darwyn pulled
back a third time, Arnold noticed that Darwyn’s cock was
glistening; it had become covered with a heavy mixture
of ass and pussy slime.

After four or five back and forth thrusts, Darwyn started
fucking her ass in earnest. Pulling his cock out and
sliding it in was becoming much easier now. “You like
that cunt… like having your ass fucked,” he
panted. “Look at that black cock in your wife’s
butthole, Arnold, she fucking loves it.”

To his amazement, Arnold could see she was now actually
pushing back to meet Darwyn’s trusts, throwing her head
back and panting so hard she could hardly catch her
breath. “Ooooooooh my gggodddd… Oooooooh…
uunngghhh… oh, shit, it’s big, Arnold, so damn big in
me… keep licking me honey… yeah… just like
that… oh, yes… right there… it’s so good.”

Darwyn burst out laughing and started slamming her
harder, slapping her so hard that he left more red
handprints all over her enormous white ass cheeks.
“Fucked in the ass by a big black cock! You wife is a
fucking degenerate slut, you know that Arnold?” he
taunted. “A white trash pig of a whore, a worthless
piece of fuckmeat.”

He, too, was starting to pant from the exertion. “You
better keep a damn close eye on this bitch after
tonight, Arnold, you never know what the hell she might
try to do after this. Your big, fat cunt of a wife
might start runnin’ around on your sorry ass… maybe
looking for other black guys… she might even bring
’em home and fuck ’em right here under your nose… you
can sit in the chair and jerk off as you watch it,
since you sure ain’t man enough to do anything to stop

Between Darwyn’s savage thrusting and Arnold’s gentle clit
licking, Anna felt another orgasm rapidly approaching.
She ramming her massive hips back hard at Darwyn and
mashed her dripping wet pussy on Arnold’s face, rubbing
it back and forth in a frenzy. “Ooooh fuck my ass,
Darwyn, slap it hard baby……fuck it
harder…..please,” she said hoarsely, twisting her
head from side to side. She lifted the top of her body
up from the floor so Arnold could feel her huge tits
swaying and banging against his legs and cock.

“Oooohhh, ooohh, ooohh my god, oh my god yes! Your cock
feels so big! So good inside my little ass. My tight
little ass.” As the leading edge of another intense
orgasm began to wash over her, she suddenly began to
babble, losing her last shred of control and dignity.
“Can you see it Arnold? Can you see it in me, see it
going in and out, baby? I’m a good fuck, aren’t I Arnold?
Aren’t I Arny? Your wife, your baby, is a good little
fuck. An oversexed whoring slut, a bad little girl,
just like Darwyn says.” She continued to rant almost
incoherently as the full force of her orgasm
overwhelmed her.

Indeed, Arnold could see it all, and taste and smell and
hear it too, as Darwyn’s cock was only inches from his
mouth, a blur of motion as it was pile driven deeply
into his wife’s willing ass. When Anna finally
finished her long, drawn-out climax, Darwyn pulled his
big cock out and Arnold could see his wife’s abused anus,
gaping open so wide he could see the pink insides, much
the same way he had seen her pussy earlier.

Looking up from his position on the floor, Arnold
grimaced because he feared what might be coming next.
Worst yet, he knew there that there would be no
escaping it. Unfortunately for Arnold, he didn’t have to
wait long to find out.
Once again, Darwyn reached down and pinched Arnold’s
nostrils shut. Realizing that protest was completely
futile, he opened his mouth even before he needed to,
far enough so that Darwyn could quickly force in about
four or five inches of his filthy, foul tasting meat.
Arnold used every bit of his will power and self control
to keep from vomiting as he worked his tongue around
the swollen cock head, the part that had been driven
deepest into his wife’s bowels.

Darwyn leaned forward, resting his sweaty chest against
Anna’s back for a moment while Arnold kept sucking the
black man’s vile tasting dick. “Hey baby, your candy-
ass, fag husband is sucking your shit off my cock, you
wanna see?” He said it softly, but still loud enough
for Arnold to hear.

To Arnold’s utter horror and humiliation, Anna happily
said yes. She began to giggle as she climbed off her
husband and turned around to look at him. She moved
even closer then, watching in rapt attention as Darwyn
forced several more inches of his thick cock down Arnold’s
already filled throat; so much more in fact that he
began to choke and gag.

“Candy-ass white faggot wimp,”Darwyn snarled. He looked
at Anna as Arnold gagged again. “You better give this
asshole some lessons in cocksucking, bitch, he’s about
worthless the way he is now. Fuck it, I’m gonna come in
his fucking mouth, that’s about all it’s good for.” His
cock made a wet, popping sound as he pulled it from
Arnold’s mouth. He grabbed Arnold by the hair, yanking and
pulling until he was kneeling on the floor directly in
front of him.

Seeing what was going to happen and not wanting to be
left out, Anna straightened up and walked on her knees
until she was next to her husband. She pressed her
cheek closely against his, then slipped an arm around
his waist, pulling him as close to her as possible.
Darwyn liked the idea and he switched back and forth,
holding his turgid cock by its base and stuffing the
bulbous cock head first into Arnold’s mouth, then into
Anna’s. As the saliva mixed with the other secretions
on his cock it formed a slippery, rank smelling goo
that Darwyn took delight in rubbing all over both of
their faces.

“OK kiddies, keep those mouths open wide,” he finally
rasped. Then he took a step back and stroked his huge
cock harder. Spreading his legs a bit, he brought the
bloated head of his cock close to Arnold’s face. The
powerful muscles in his thighs and abdomen began to
tense up and he stroked his cock more slowly, almost
stopping, until finally he could stand it no more and
began to come, his cock erupting like a fire hose. The
torrents were so thick and came out with such
incredible force that for a moment it looked like he
was pissing semen instead of ejaculating it.

The first blast caught Arnold square in the face, half of
it going into his mouth, the other half splattering
over his nose, eyes and forehead. He quickly grabbed
Anna by the hair, bending her head forward as he let
go with another heavy shot, getting some in her mouth
as well before landing the rest all over her pudgy
face. He continued this way, alternating from one face
to the other until his massive balls were at last

Anna and Arnold had both borne the brunt of Darwyn’s long
delayed ejaculation. By the time he finished, each of
their faces was covered with a coating of warm, creamy
semen. Darwyn looked down at them with a satisfied smile.
His aim had been good; he had sprayed his seed
everywhere: into their mouths, up their noses, onto
their hair and into their eyes, causing then to burn
badly from the salt.

“Alright, Arnold, you may kiss the bride,” he joked,
unable to keep from laughing as he surveyed his
handiwork. “And I don’t mean a fuckin’ peck on the
cheek, either.” Arnold felt so degraded and disgusted
that he made no move, just knelt there as several
sticky strings of semen dripped from his chin and
landed on his thighs.

Sensing Darwyn’s impatience and what it might lead to,
Anna turned to her husband, took his face in her hands
and laid a sloppy French kiss on his goo coated lips.
She sighed as she continued her kiss, making loud,
slobbering sounds as she ran her long, pointed tongue
around his lips and into his mouth. Though he was near
to gagging from the taste and smell of Darwyn’s
ejaculate, Arnold managed to kiss her back, passing a
stringy glob of the sticky liquid into her waiting

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