My Black Mistress

December 27, 2007 – 10:00 am

Molly was out back in the yard doing her normal
flowering when she heard the noises coming from the
neighbor’s house next door. Molly always had despised
her neighbors because they were a black woman and
daughter who had moved in within any notice into their
all white neighborhood and had reduced the value of her
property just by being there.

If she or her neighbors had known ahead of time, they
would have taken whatever means was necessary to
prevent it. Molly and her neighbors had a standard to
live by and that didn’t include black single women and
their daughters. She had always been wealthy, owned a
small company, and was financing her daughters way to
college. How dare they ruin her life by moving in?
Especially without her approval.

Curious as to the strange noises, Molly couldn’t resist
the temptation to find out what the black ladies were
doing behind the high wooden fence. She knew of a
knothole in the fence she had found one day doing yard
work and decided to go to it and looked through. Who
knows she might find something on these black whores to
get rid of them once and for all and the noises even
through he couldn’t understand them was very strange

As Molly edged to the fence and bent down to take a
look, she was immediately shocked beyond her
expectations. In the neighbors back yard was the 18
year old black daughter Nicci and she was dressed in a
black rubber outfit with her tits and ass exposed. More
strange was she was riding on Mr. Johnson, the neighbor
down the road, and he was crawling naked on the grass.

His ass had a black thing that looked like a dog tail
stuck out and Nicci was yelling at him and striking
his ass repeatedly with a tree switch. The harder she
hit the faster he crawled around and wiggled his big
fat ass. His mouth was stuffed with something and his
feet and arms had a small chain attaching each
together. He was sweating furiously and in desperate
panic trying to please the black cunt riding on his

Molly was speechless and started to leave and call the
police when she felt the wetness dripping between her
legs. Her pussy was soaping wet form watching the scene
before her and was in desperate need to be stimulated.
She couldn’t stand it any longer. She hadn’t felt that
way in years. Mr. Johnson was one of the neighbors she
really hated and she wanted to see his ass get
wholloped good. Beat his ass, cunt, she wanted to
scream as she begin to stoke her pussy.

She was becoming obsessed with the scene before her.
Quickly Molly pulled her shorts down to her ankles and
jammed two fingers in her pussy. Harder, harder bitch.
Make the bastard scream. Whip his ass harder. Molly was
moving her ass up and down with each insertion of her
fingers in her pussy. She was in total ecstasy and
about to come at any moment. Hell, the police could
wait for later, her cunt was in immediately need.

Nicci finally stopped riding her white slave pony
and stood up, bend over, and spread her huge ass
cheeks. Mr. Johnson immediately stuck his face in her
ass and was massaging her asshole with his nose. His
redden ass was wriggling wildly in Molly’s direction.

Molly couldn’t stand it anymore. She jammed a finer up
her ass and came immediately. She continued to shake
and fuck her ass with her finger when all of a sudden
she felt a sharp sting on her left ass. Startled she
turned around and saw her black bitch neighbor mother
Jolene facing her with a camera in her hand recording
her recent cumming.

What the hell?!

Slap, another sharp pain on her ass as Molly tried to
cover her ass and pussy from her nearby attacker.

“Your ass is mine now, you white bitch.” Yelled Sonya.
“I caught it all on film and your neighbor and my
daughter will tell all your neighbors and employees
about your little slutty behavior. And don’t try to
pull your shorts up that hot ass of yours. I’m not done
with it yet. Your stuck up big nose is finally going to
be put to good use yet. Strip, you old white bitch or I
show this film to all your neighbors and your financial
providers. I may even buy your house when you’re on the
poor farm.”

Molly was caught. She could run but couldn’t hide from
her friends and she needed her business to maintain her
lifestyle. What had she gotten herself into. She knew
she couldn’t take the camera away from the stronger
black woman. Her life was ruined unless she played
along for the time being. And what about her daughter
and her schooling. No she had to play along for now.

She could easily escape later and she had to admit she
was till wet down below and still unsatisfied. Slowly
she removed all her clothing and threw them on the
ground in front. She immediately placed one hand to
cover her pussy and the other on her tits.


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