You’re My Secretary Now Bitch

December 20, 2007 – 10:00 am

Belinda was beginning to be obsessed with the thought of
being dominated by a younger female. She was in her
late forties and married to a man who was wealthy and
had his own business. She could have anything she
wanted except the type of sex she craved and desired.
Her husband was always too busy at work or too tired
when he got home.

She turned to the Internet at first masturbating at the
pictures she found only to find she was more attracted
to the thought of a younger woman dominated an older
one. The thought was sick but she couldn’t help getting
wet and cumming at the pictures and stories. She even
tried having sex with a few guys without her husband
knowledge only to find it wouldn’t satisfy her need.

Today, she couldn’t find her credit cards and decided
to go to Evan’s office to get his. She had only been
there once and that was nearly a year ago. It was past
closing time and everyone was gone as she arrived. She
let herself in using the spare key her husband had
given her years ago. The place was dark as she made her
way down the long corridor to the office area where she
saw light underneath the door. She started to open it
when she heard sounds from inside.

“Ow! Ow! Yes mistress!”

Belinda slowly turned the doorknob peeking inside the

Evan was naked by the desk area squatting down on what
looked like a long tube attached to a wooden thing on
the floor. Belinda noticed the top of the tube
disappeared in his asshole and he was rocking up and
down on it. His hands were tied behind his back and she
could make out between his legs that his balls were
tied with a cord. She could see a young girl in her
late teens or early twenties sitting at the desk chair
with her feet on the desk holding a cord in her hand
Each time she pulled on it, Evan would rock down on the
tube and moan out in pain.

“Are you every going to disobey me again,” the girl
said with a smile looking down at him.

“No mistress, I promise I’ll be good,” Evan replied in
desperation. Sweat was rolling down his back.

The girl pushed her foot up to his face.

“Clean my foot worm,” she commanded.

Evan started lapping away at the foot shoved in his

“You’re going to call that slut wife of yours and tell
her you have to work late
today,” the girl continued. “She probably rather play
with her old cunt than have that tiny worm of yours
between her legs anyway. Isn’t that right bitch? Do you
want me to go over there and spank your wife’s big butt
for you? I bet you’ll get off seeing me dominate the
old hag wouldn’t you? Maybe I’ll use her for my seat

“Yes mistress,” Evan replied, continuing lapping her
foot. “Make the bitch your slave. Beat her big ass.
She’s a slut mistress,” Evan pleaded. “Sit on her ugly

Belinda was stunned at his words closing the door back
up and starting back down the corridor. Her own husband
talking about her like that. Her cunt had been soaking
wet from watching the action in the room but the
humiliation tore at her.

She could leave the bastard and take everything he had.
The image of the girl was still in her mind as she made
her way to the front door. The girl was beautiful and
despite the humiliation she found herself wishing it
was her instead of Evan squatting on that dong,
worshipping her feet.

She went back to the car and drove home immediately.
Jumping into bed, she came twice with the thought of
the girl dominating herself and drifted off to sleep
without even hearing Evan come home.

The next morning she awoke to find Evan had already
gone. The images were still in her mind as she
masturbating in bed thinking of them. She had to try it
or she’ll lose her mind, she thought to herself. She
got up doing her normal housework and then got dressed
deciding to go over to Evan’s place of work that
evening around closing time.

The office was still open as she arrived. Everyone seem
to be gone as she proceeded back down the corridor till
she came to Evan’s office and noticed the young girl
was sitting at the secretary desk as she arrived.

She looked up at Belinda with a surprised look on her
face. “Can I help you,” she asked?

The beauty of the girl and seeing her up close for the
first time stunned Belinda. It took her a moment to
gather herself.

“I’m Belinda and I’m here to see my husband,” she
said regaining her voice and courage.

“He’s in a meeting right now and can’t be disturbed.”
the girl told her. “You can wait if you like.”

“That’s fine,” Belinda said, taking a seat on the side.
She watched the girl reading some papers on the desk
and admired her legs in the short mini-shirt she was
wearing. She found herself licking her lips with the
thought of crawling underneath her desk licking them.
She must have been staring as the girl was looking at
her smiling.

“Do you like my legs?” She asked.

Belinda was shocked at her comment.

“I’m sorry,” she lied, I must have been daydreaming or
something. She wanted to say what she thought but the
words just wouldn’t come out. She watched as the girl
slowly turned her chair towards her allowing her a
glimpse of her inside thighs.

She almost fainted at the sight of her beautiful white
thighs and then gasped in surprise as she widened them
slightly exposing her cleavage between them. She had on
no panties, as Belinda just remained seated staring at
her bush underneath. She knew her tongue must have been
wagging at the sight but she couldn’t help but stare.

“How about now, do you like this better?” the girl
asked with a smile on her face.

“Yes, I mean I’m sorry, yes I do.” There, she said it as
she flushed red in humiliation at what she just said.

“Thought so,” the girl replied. Getting up she walked
over to Belinda who was shaking. “Come with me,” she
said. “Your husband will be busy for the next half

Belinda slowly got up and walked behind the girl
watching her ass globes shake in the tight skirt she
was wearing. Her mouth was watering at the thought of
getting inside that skirt. She followed her inside the
hall bathroom till she stopped and turned around.

“Get on your knees and beg to lick my cunt,” the girl

Belinda quickly fell to her knees like a dog in heat.

“Please let me lick your cunt. Please.” She begged in

“Mistress,” the girl demanded.

“Please Mistress let me eat your cunt,” Belinda

She watched as the girl raised her shirt exposing her
slight hairy bush to her face. She stared at it waiting
to favor its pleasures when she felt her hair being
pulled and her face slammed into it. She quickly pushed
her tongue out working up and down on her clit.

This was her dream come true as she lapped and lapped.
Her hair felt like it was being pulled out by the roots
as she focused on getting the girl to cum working her
tongue in and out and up and down her clit. She was
close to cumming herself when she felt her cum on her
face rocking up and down on her nose and mouth.

“Strip!” the girl commanded pushing her face from her

Belinda quickly started removing her blouse and skirt
and next the bra and panties. She remained on her knees
naked in front of the girl on the cold tile floor. The
girl was running her hand through her hair smiling down
at her.

Suddenly, she felt her hair being pulled as she was
dragged on her knees into the toilet stall. Her face
was pushed down into the bowl as she felt the first
spank on her ass.

“Ow!” she yelled. “Ow! Please stop! Ow!”

Her ass was being slapped as if she was a kid being
punished and the girl was showing her no mercy. She
tried to reach back to protect it only to have her
hands slapped and hurt worst.

“Take that you horny old bitch,” the girl was yelling.
“And this.” Her ass was on fire as the girl kept
hitting it with her palm. “You lesbian bitch, your ass
belongs to me,” she continued.

Belinda was in tears. “Yes mistress. I’m your bitch.
Please no more. I’ll do anything.”

Finally she stopped as Belinda remained over the bowl

“Stay in that position till I come back to get you if
you know what is good for you,” the girl stated and
then departed leaving Belinda bent over crying and
humiliated. It was a good 15 minutes before she finally

“Come on bitch,” the girl called her.

Belinda slowly got up only to have her face slapped

“Get on all fours bitch,” the girl said, slapping her
again. “I’ll tell you when you can stand up.”

Dropping to all fours, Belinda crawled behind the girl
out the bathroom stall back into the hallway. She had
forgotten all about Evan and was now wondering where he
was as she tried to keep pace. They entered the office
as Belinda looked up to see Evan hogtied on the desk
with his face over the edge. His look of surprise was
almost as bad as hers.

“Told you I was going to beat your wife slut ass and
make her my slave,” the girl told him pinching his
nipple till he yelled out. “She’s a natural slut just
like you are.”

She went to the counter and got some rope demanding
Belinda return to an upright position on the floor. She
tied her hands behind her back and then her ankles

“Squat slave!” she demanded. “I have a nice little toy
for you.”

Belinda watched as the young secretary went back to the
cabinet and returned with the floor pole object she had
seen on Evan earlier. If was a dowel attached to a base
and smooth at the top. The girl pulled Belinda by the
hair till she was hovering above several small clamps
on the floor and then got down and attached the wooden

“Now squat your fat ass on that,” she said, slapping
her on her right ass cheek.

Belinda could see the lust on Evan’s face and turned red
in embarrassment. She had come too far and her pussy
was so hot. She slowly moved around till she felt the
dowel at the entrance to her asshole and then slowly
lowered herself on it.

The object wasn’t very thick but it was long and she
had to balance herself. As she was still trying to
adjust to her ass being stuffed, the girl returned with
several clamps and she watched in horror as she
attached them to her clit and tits. The pain shot all
through her body. Strings were attached to the ends of
the clamps.

She watched the girl return to the desk with the
strings in her hands.

“Time for you to put on a show for your hubby,” she
said. “You are going to fuck your ass raw on that pole
till I feel his pecker is hard.”

She pulled the slit strings as Belinda yelled out in

“Fuck it! NOW!” she yelled at Belinda.

Belinda started rocking back and forth on the pole as
the girl continued to toy with her cunt and tits
stretching them to their limits. She was smiling at her
misery as Tom was staring wide-eyed with his mouth
still taped. Her asshole was burning in pain as she
started begging the girl for mercy promising anything
she wanted.

The girl finally quit and got up untying Evan’s arms
and legs. She commanded him to get off the desk and
grabbing his cock lead him to Belinda.

“Shove your cock up your bitch’s mouth,” she demanded of

Belinda opened up. Her cunt was on fire and she was so
horny as Evan shoved all 8 inches in her mouth with one
push. She heard a slap and felt his cock shove deeper
in her mouth rocking her farther back on the pole. The
girl was slapping his ass as he was fucking her mouth
with each slap.

She had never felt so humiliated and embarrassed but at
the same time she was so horny she would have done
anything. She was close to coming herself, when her
mouth was filled with his cum and dripping down her

“I didn’t say you could cum!!” the girl screamed at him
and slapped his face. “Turn around bitch.”

Belinda watched as Evan turned around and the girl made
him bent over. She went to his desk and returned with a
dildo attached to a rubber belt. She walked over to
Belinda and attached the belt around her face. There was
a small dildo on the other side that went in her mouth
while the larger one was sticking out in front.

She patted Belinda on the face cheek. Time to return the
favor she said smiling at her before getting up and
grabbing Evan’s hair forced him backwards towards

“Shove it up his ass and fuck the bitch.” She demanded.

Belinda didn’t need any encouragement. Her own asshole
was sore and Evan’s pounding in her mouth had added to
her own misery. She immediately shoved at his asshole
and tried to push the dildo up his big butt. Evan must
have been fucked plenty of times as she had very little
trouble getting it started and his pushing back on it
helped it along. She was getting excited watching it go
in and out his ass. Serves the bastard right for
cheating on me she thought as she pushed harder and

The secretary was encouraging her on as Evan moans from
above told her the rimming was getting to him. She
didn’t care at this point as she shoved as far in as
she could.

“Good little bitches,” the secretary said, patting each
on the head. “Now that each of you had your fun it’s my

She pushed Belinda’s face away from Evan’s ass as the
dildo popped out of his asshole. “Get up bitch,” she
told Belinda.

Belinda rose off the floor pole and almost fell to the
carpet. She had been squatting for so long all the
blood had rushed out her legs. Finally, she managed to
stand up.

The secretary went to the desk and returned with two
pens. She had both of them turn around as she pushed
each pen into their loosen assholes.

“Now each of you are going to walk around the room and
wiggle your fannies as you walk. Bitch,” she said,
looking at Belinda. “You are going to pull and tweak
your tits as you walk and repeat I am a lesbian bitch.”

“You,” she said, looking at Evan, “are going to do the
same except you will pull and twist on your cock and
say I am a worthless dicky. Now get moving bitches.”

Belinda and Evan both started walking around wiggling
their fannies and pulling their tits and cocks and
saying what their mistress demanded. The girl had
returned to the desk chair and took a seat watching
them and laughing at their plight. She was stroking her
pussy with her feet on Evan’s large desk.

“Slap your asses with one hand,” she demanded.

The couple started slapping their wiggling butts as
they proceeded around the room repeating their
instructions. Several times they were told to slap the
others ass because they weren’t do a good enough job on
it. When mistress called them over, they were exhausted
and immediately got to their knees as demanded by her
side. Evan was commanded to clean her wet pussy, which
had just come while Belinda had to clean her fingers.

“Bitch,” she said, looking at Belinda. “You will be my
new secretary and will work after hours as your bitch
husband. By the way, I pimp him out after hours and you
will join him. There are plenty of men and women who
will pay dearly to beat or fuck a corporate manager or
his wife. By the way, the cleaning lady gets it free
once a week. And guess what? Here she is.”

Belinda looked at the doorway in surprise. A large black
lady was standing there totally naked with a belt in
one hand and a strap-on dong in the other. Belinda
gasped in fear.

“Velma, why don’t you introduce yourself to my new
bitch? Bet you didn’t know the bitch had a wife.” The
girl laughed.

Belinda saw the black woman smiling and walking over.
Her hands and ankles were still tied as the woman
grabbed her ear and pulled her over to the window.
“Stand against the pane so everyone outside can see
your fucking body,” she whispered in her ear. “I’m
going to beat your white ass raw.”

Swish, swish. Belinda was flat against the pain rubbing
her tits all over it as the belt started descending on
her ass mounds. The woman was showing no mercy as she
started crying and begging for mercy.

“Do you want me to continue or fuck your butt?” the
woman said.

“Fuck my ass,” Belinda shouted. “I can’t take any more.

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