The Following Morning

March 26, 2014 – 4:21 pm

The following morning they get up at the usual time, Lynn gets ready for work whilst he puts on his jeans and tee shirt as he has a day off work today. He makes the breakfast whilst Lynn baths and puts on her make-up. After she has eaten her cereal and drank her tea Lynn dresses, kisses him goodbye and leaves for her day at the office.

As he has the whole day to himself he decides to go into town and do some shopping. The events of the previous evening fresh in his mind he decides to put one of his fantasies into motion but needs to buy some items to make the reality possible, Lynn would never usually submit to his kinks, but know that she will do as he says for the next week he must act now or he may miss the opportunity forever, But before he goes shopping he must write her a note for her arrival home tonight, he sits at his word processor for about an hour typing out her instructions, which he prints out, folds and puts in a envelope with her name on , He leaves the envelope on the kitchen work surface, picks up his car keys from the hook of the key rack and leaves the house. He drives into the city center, parks his car in the multi-story car park and walks to the main shopping mall. He eventually finds the department store he wants and goes straight to the lingerie department where he browses for about twenty minutes before an assistant finally asks him if she can be of any help. He shows her the goods that he wishes to purchase and the size required. she takes all of the garments from their racks and places them in a carrier bag, he pays the assistant with his credit card as he does not have enough cash on him, he didn’t realize how expensive lingerie could be.


He leaves the department store and searches town for a shoe shop that stocks his needs, finally at the complete opposite side of town he finds what he has been looking for, a pair of court style shoes with a six inch heel. He buys the shoes and returns back to his car and drives home. he leaves the bags and parcels on their bed, and picks up his kit bag from the wardrobe before he again leaves the house. For the rest of the day he plays snooker at his club, has a light lunch and goes to the cinema in the afternoon with his best friend. After the film has finished they go to his local leisure center as they have booked a squash court.


Lynn arrives home to find the house empty and dark, her day has gone reasonably well but she has tried to stay out of her boss’s way to avoid any embarrassment on her behalf. The house is nice and warm as the central heating has been on for some time before she got home. She walks into the kitchen and finds the note he has left for her. Lynn decides to read it when Lynn is in the bath as she likes to relax after a days work by having a long hot bubble bath. She goes upstairs enters the bathroom and turns on the taps and adds oils and bubbles to the water, she removes her clothes and puts them all in the linen bin as she would never ware the same cloths twice without washing them. When she is finally settled up to her neck in bubbles Lynn opens his note.


“I have bought you some new clothes they are on our bed will you please put them on and nothing else. I will be home about seven o’clock and will bring home a Chinese takeaway for our supper, after you have heard me enter the dinning room you must come down stairs and serve the meal, after we have eaten you will go into the living room and turn on the television and video and play the tape which I have left in the video, when this is completed you will sit in the large armchair I have positioned to the side of the sofa, and copy the actions on the screen move for move. Don’t forget that if you fail to follow these instructions you will have to extend your period of going as I say or pay a forfeit.
Your loving husband.”


Lynn now wishes she had read the note whilst she was down stairs she could have watched the film first and known what to expect, but not to worry she has plenty of time to see the film before seven o’clock. Lynn lays in the bath relaxing for about half an hour and decides to get out and find out what new clothes he has bought her. She dries herself with the warm towel off the radiator and walks into her bedroom and sees the packages on the bed.


Back at the leisure center they have finished their game of squash and are having a shower, his mate turns to him and says “the girlfriends gone out tonight, do you fancy going out for a drink and a meal.” ” No not tonight I said I’d take home a Chinese take away and an early night was on the cards,” do you mind if I join you, I’ll piss off early and I won’t get in the way, I’ll even buy the food” .Rick’s not sure what to say, he hadn’t planned on company but as far as her forfeit was concern it seemed like a good way of getting his own back on her. “Yeah OK” he says “but Lynn’s not expecting company and she may not like it, cause she likes to dress up when we have guests for supper” “Oh Lynn won’t mind me” his friend answers.

Lynn finishes drying herself with the towel and dabs expensive talcum powder over her naked body, Lynn picks up one of the packages from the bed and opens it, It’s a pair of court shoes with an immense six inch heel, Lynn wonders if she will be able to walk in such high heels, she’s not surprised as he loves high heels and the higher they are the more he likes them. The next bag contains a black suspender belt, black fishnet seamed stockings and a white G-string which is so small it would hardly cover her pubic hair. The final package contains her biggest surprise its a maids outfit in black satin complete with frilly white apron and black and white matching lace garter belt and neck choker, Lynn laugh’s out loud as he’s been on at her for years to buy a maids outfit and she thought it was a waste of money. So he’s taken the bull by the horns and bought it himself. she starts with the stockings and feeds her long legs into the fishnet pulling the dark hem up as high up her thigh as it will go, when she has them both on she checks her rear image in the mirror to make sure her seams are straight, then Lynn puts on her suspender belt and attaches the clips to the top hem of each stocking, she then puts on the g-string and pulls the tiny string between the checks of her behind, this is followed by her garter which Lynn puts on her left thigh just below the dark band of her stocking top. with her bottom half dressed Lynn sits down and tries on her new shoes, she stands and tries to walk across the bedroom, she is surprised that she can walk reasonably well considering that it feels that she is walking on her tip toes. She then picks up the black satin maids dress and steps into it and pulls it up her body pulling her arms into it and finally doing up the zip at the back, it looks very plain but soon looks more like a maids outfit when she puts on the frilly white apron. she looks at her reflection in the mirror and now sees herself as the masters maid, Lynn puts the final touch to her outfit and puts on the black and white lace choker.


Lynn can’t believe the transformation she looks like a French maid to a tee, and feels like a bitch on heat, the soft cold satin against her bare breasts has made her nipples stand to attention and the pressure of the tiny G-string upon her crotch has made her pussy damp. Lynn can now go down stairs and preview the video before he gets home. But just as she is about to leave the bedroom she hears the front door slam closed. “SHIT” she says out loud and looks over to the clock, it is only quarter to seven and he is home. Rick calls out “Hi princess I’m home, I’ll lay the table and give you a shout when to come down.”


Lynn seats herself at her dressing table and puts on her make up, its unusual for her to put her make up on last but she wanted to try on her new clothes. “It’s ready ” his voice calls from downstairs, Lynn takes her time finishing her make up “let him sweat” she says to herself in the mirror, when she finally finishes her make up she walks to the bedroom door and looks back over her shoulder “You slut” she says to herself and with a wiggle of her hips she walks down the stairs.


The door to the dinning room is closed so Lynn goes out to the kitchen and sees the tray on the work surface loaded with tureens, she looks inside one, it contains prawn chow mein and it smells delicious, she picks up the tray and walks out of the kitchen, the dinning room door is closed but not fully shut so she kicks it open, while standing in the doorway Lynn can see her husband seated at the dinning table, his mouth falls open at the sight of her and she smiles back at him.” my god you look great” he says to her.


Lynn steps from the doorway and suddenly feels very silly and a little annoyed as she can now see his best mate sitting at the opposite end of the table behind the door Lynn had kicked open. “fuck me” his friend says out aloud as he admires her beauty, he’s never seen anything that horny, in the flesh, in his life .his prick has a mind of it’s own and jumped to attention as soon as he set eyes upon her. Lynn look’s into her husbands eyes and her lips whisper to him” you bastard.” Lynn sets the tureens upon the table and sits down at the center of the table where she can keep an eye on both of them. The meal is over quickly as very little has been said, the friend not sure if he should be their at all,Lynn is wondering how far things will go and he is wondering if it was such a good idea to bring his friend back after all and how far he can let his original plan go.


He breaks the silence and gets up from his seat collects the dirty dishes and heads off to the kitchen as he leaves the room he says “who’s for coffee” they both answer yes and he departs to the kitchen.


“I hope I’m not in the way” the friend says. “Well I didn’t expect you tonight as you probably guessed by the way I’m dressed” Lynn replies, “I don’t usually wear this around the house”. “you look wonderful, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look as sexy as you do now”,” that’s nice of you,” Lynn replies ” but I do feel a little bit silly, but you know what a kinky git I’m married to and this outfit is all his idea.”


He returns with the coffee and the earlier silence seems to have been broken, the conversation goes on for about an hour and Rick starts to feel that the atmosphere has changed to his advantage as the events he had planned would not have got off the ground with the earlier tension. He finally decides to push things forward when he looks her in the eyes and says “I hired a new video today its in the living room do you fancy watching it ?.” “what’s it about ” Lynn says turning the tables on him, it’s one of those topical adult cult movies ” he answers , which means nothing to any of them, him included. Not wishing to push him into a corner Lynn agrees, “well go and start the tape while we go and do the washing up. They all get up from the table, the men take the remaining cups out to the kitchen and Lynn goes into the living room. Lynn sees the chair he has positioned for her to sit on, but first she switches on the television and the video and puts the film from the top of the adjacent coffee table into the player and pushes the play button, then sits down in the chair following his instructions.


The start of the tape contains a lot of adverts for coming attractions and before the film has a chance to start the men return from the kitchen and seat themselves upon the sofa which gives them a perfect view of both the television screen and her. his friend keeps glancing away from the TV and looks at her long legs and high heels as he also loves fishnets and doesn’t often get the chance to look at such a wonderful sight. The film finally starts and as Lynn feared the first character is a maid in a uniform almost identical to hers except that the dress is shorter and exposes the tops of her stockings. the figure on the screen is busy doing house work for some time and the camera takes every possible advantage as the girl bends forward to look up her skirt at her tiny knickers as they disappear up her behind.


While watching Lynn’s not sure if he wants her to get up and start the dusting as his note did say to copy the actions on the screen but decides not to take him to literally. as the film progresses the maid finishes the works and sits down in one of the huge arm chair, and picks up a magazine and starts to read it. Now in reality Lynn starts to worry as she is also seated in a large arm chair exactly as the girl on the film, its from here on that she’s due to copy the action.


The screen maid is reading a porno magazine and is getting excited by the contents, her free hand starts to rub up her thigh lifting her very short dress up exposing her tiny white g string. Her hand wanders between her legs and she starts to massage her pussy through the thin material of her g string.He looks over to his wife and nods at her to begin her antics, which seem to take some time as Lynn needs to build up her courage before Lynn exposé’s herself to his friend, she puts her hand upon her thigh and starts to slowly move it higher until she starts to reveal the tops of her stockings and then further which offers a glimpse of white thigh, Lynn does not stop their and opens her legs and thrusts her fingers inside her white g strings, as she does so Lynn closes her eyes as she wishes to warm up before she can face his friends eyes which she knows by now will be looking at her and not the film.


Her suspicions were correct as her husbands friend has almost completely forgot that their is a similar scene on the television, he can’t believe that his friends wife is putting on such a performance, but he is even more excited then his earlier feelings when he first saw how Lynn was dressed. Her husband has also lost interest in the television and moves in his seat to watch her more closely.


Lynn now has made her pussy juice flow and opens her legs wider to give her easier access to her clitoris, to make herself more comfortable she hooks the leg closest to the sofa over the arm of the chair which gives her audience a clear view of her masturbation, Rick can stand the excitement no longer and gets up from his seat and kneels at the opposite side of his wife’s armchair and starts to feel her breasts through the satin of her dress, her nipples are rock hard, her self abuse has obviously excited her, he needs to get into the action and stands along side her and undoes his trousers and takes out his erect cock which he offers her to suck, Lynn is so absorbed with her own pleasure that she has not noticed his movements, so he gently turns her head and pushes his cock into her mouth, which she takes deep into the back of her throat.


His friend can stand the excitement no longer and takes out his penis and starts to masturbate. Lynn is now pumping his cock between her lips and licking the purple head of his cock, occasionally pushing her tongue into the eye of his cock. His friend just cannot take his eyes of their performance, to watch such a beautiful woman sucking an erect cock in real life is just to much for him and he shoots his wade of come all over his trousers, but he does not get up and leave he wants to stay and watch the whole performance. Rick has now taken over the massaging of her clitoris and is also finger fucking her pussy, whilst she massages his cock and balls continuing to feed the monster into her mouth. Lynn suddenly feels his cock start to pump its seed into her mouth, Lynn’s to late to stop him coming in her mouth as his first spurt is in the back of her throat, but she is able to pull her lips free of his penis before the second spurt, which hits her in the face and runs across her lips and drips off her chin. now he has shot his load he must act quickly to avoid the situation going off the boil so he takes his fingers from her pussy, kneels between her open legs and starts to lick her pussy, the effect upon her is electric and she grabs his hair and pulls his face into her quim.


His friends cock is once again hard and he again starts to stroke it up and down rubbing his thumb over its tip, Lynn is obviously enjoying the actions of Rick’s tongue upon her pussy as she is softly moaning and her head is swaying from side to side, he wishes it was his tongue running up and down the lips of her pussy he would love to taste her sex, he would also love to push his cock into her and fill her with his seed but he can’t imagine being allowed to do this with her husband present, but he never imagined watching them making love would ever have been a reality, But their Lynn is with her legs wide open and Rick with his face in between her thighs.

Rick’s cock within a short time has recovered and is once again hard, he gets up from between her legs and again pushes his cock into her mouth, Lynn is so excited by he situation that she has not noticed that her pussy is not receiving any attention.his friend looks up at him and says “you lucky bastard”, Rick pokes his tongue out at him and gestures towards her wid e open legs, he cant believe he is offering his wife’s pussy to lick but he cannot afford to miss such an opportunity, so he quickly gets off the sofa and kneels on the floor between her open thighs, the sight of her long legs, high heels, fishnet stockings and pink pussy lips has his heart racing, he rests his hands either side of her bottom and lowers his face towards the lips of her snatch, just before he licks her for the first time he again looks up to her husband, who confirms his actions by a nod of the head.

Lynn tastes sweet and smells of perfume, Lynn suddenly realizes that his friends tongue must be pleasing her pussy as her husband is stood beside her and Lynn is sucking his cock, Lynn removes her lips from his shaft and looks down between her legs, but before Lynn can voice her concern her husband gently pulls her head back to his cock and feeds it between her lips. soon the pleasure of his friends tongue upon her clitoris has her to excited to care who is between her legs, and within no time at all his skilled touch brings her to her first major orgasm. he looks down at his friend with his face between his wife’s legs, the sight gives him some sort of perverted thrill as his cock feels as if its grown another two inches, he gestures to his friend to get up, his friend unsure of what is happening does as he is told and moves back away from her but remains in the kneeling position, Rick removes his penis from her mouth and moves her onto the floor so that Lynn is upon her hands and knees facing his friend and the television, unable to face his friend Lynn looks at the TV screen, She then feels Rick kneel behind her, part her bum cheeks and feed his erection into her pussy and start to ram it in and out of her, Lynn feels nice and warm around his stiff cock.

Lynn finally focuses upon the TV screen, the scene is of the maid kneeling on the floor being fucked from behind whilst sucking another man’s cock, Lynn realizes now why he has moved her to the floor and positioned her so Lynn would notice the screen as his instructions had been to copy the action, Lynn is not sure if she wants to proceed, but only a foot away from her, his friend is kneeling upright with his cock out stroking it in time with her husbands thrusts into her womb. the feeling of his solid member sliding into her body brings on her second orgasm, as it rushes through her body Lynn feels him push harder into her womb, Lynn closes her eyes as the pleasure of it subsides, when Lynn opens her eyes his friends cock appears only inches from her face, As if her body has taken over and she is now on auto pilot Lynn opens her mouth and ducks her head forward taking his friends cock into her mouth it is large but not as big as her husbands and tastes very salty, Lynn feels in control now as if she now controls what happens next, although Lynn always was in control as far as her husband was concerned as she could have called a halt to his fun and games at any point and he could have done nothing about it. Now that she has relaxed she can start to really enjoy two cocks trying to please her.

Lynn licks, sucks and gently bites the cock in her mouth, whilst the cock in her pussy keeps her riding on the crest of a wave .she didn’t think it was possible but she was actually enjoying the experience, and the feeling of power over the two lovers was overwhelming, she can feel Rick must be approaching orgasm as his tempo had increased so Lynn works harder on the cock in her mouth and messages his balls with her fingers, but before Lynn can reach her next orgasm she feels Rick’s cock start to throb inside her and finally he pushes it hard into her as he fills her with his sperm but before his spasm has subsided Lynn feels a hot gush in her mouth as his friend fills her throat with his seed, which Lynn manages to avoid swallowing and gently spits it back over his cock and messages it into his cock, balls and pubic hair.

The two men now spent both pull away from her and the three sit resting on the floor leaning against the sofa, with her inhibitions long since gone Lynn is the first to speak “That was great, I cant remember last being that excited”. His friend replies “thanks for letting me join you both it was wonderful”, he leans over her and for the first time in his life kisses her full on the lips, Lynn responds by pushing her tongue into his mouth and at the same time leans to one side and again starts to message his cock. Her husband cant believe his luck he had a horrible feeling that Lynn would have spoilt it all by rushing Upstairs to sulk, but here she is getting ready for a follow up session, to ensure she does not change her mind he rubs his hand up her stockings and finally rests his fingers between the lips of her soaking pussy and starts to rub her clitoris. the sight of her kissing his friend and wanking his cock back to a full erection again, soon has his cock rising like a flag pole, he reaches into his pocket and takes out a condom and hands it to his friend, he don’t mind him fucking her but he does not want her being made pregnant by anyone but him. his friend opens the French letter and hands it to the wife as he wants to make love to her but this must be her decision. Lynn takes the condom and without looking at Rick for approval starts to unroll it down his friends erection, when in place Lynn pushes him to the floor and makes him lie on his back.

She climbs on top of him and crawls up his body until her pussy is just above his face, the sight of her stockings and pussy with its bush of pubic hair excites him and he pulls his face forward in an attempt to lick her snatch but it is soon pushed back to the floor as Lynn sits upon his face pushing her pussy into his mouth, his tongue slides into her and he proceeds to fuck her with his tongue, Lynn loves the sensation that he is creating between her lips, she can just see his eyes above the mound of her pubic hair and Lynn says to him “how does my husbands spunk taste”, but she does not give him the chance to answer as she pushes her pussy down harder onto his mouth. within a short time his expert tongue has her near to climax and Lynn needs to feel a prick inside her, so she lifts herself of his face and climbs down his body, reaches behind her and guides his erect condom covered penis towards her pussy, Lynn looks him in the eyes, blows him a kiss and impales herself upon his cock, she then starts to grind her hips as she fucks herself using him like a dildo.

Rick has watched the actions of his wife and cannot believe Lynn is the same woman; she is more like a bitch on heat rather than his quiet sensible wife, throughout the exhibition he has been stroking his cock and he needs to get in on the action. His wife’s ass is looking straight at him as she leans forward over his friend who is trying to suck her nipples through the satin material of her maids outfit. Her bottom rises and falls and he can clearly see his friends cock pushing in and out of her pussy. He can stand the temptation no longer and positions himself over his friends legs so that his penis is level with his wife’s backside, he puts his finger to his mouth and covers it with his saliva, he then, with his free hand parts the cheeks of her bum and gently slides his finger into her back passage, it feels strange as he can feel the cock in her pussy through the wall of her tunnel, he gently fingers her anus in rhythm with her thrusts upon the cock inside her, the effect upon her is electric and Lynn pushes back harder against his finger. when she is relaxed and well lubricated he removes his finger from her anus and replaces it with his erect cock.

At first the cock in her anus causes her some discomfort, but as her muscles relax she feels more comfortable, it is only now that Lynn comes to terms with the situation that she is having two men at the same time, Lynn’s not sure if its the pleasure the cocks are giving her or the though of what Lynn is doing that sends her over the top and orgasm after orgasm rush through her body. the experience leaves her numb, Lynn no longer feels in control.

Rick is now close to coming, he has always enjoyed anal sex but the sensation of his friends cock pumping into her womb can be felt through the wall of her passage, he can stand the excitement no longer and floods her with his hot come. Lynn feels his explosion, it feels warm deep inside her, this starts yet another climax rising from between her legs, it is brought to a crashing conclusion by the sensation of his cock being withdrawn from her which causes all her anal muscles to contract at the same time, this climax is the largest Lynn has ever experienced, as its starts to fade Lynn can feel the cock in her pussy start to jerk as it empties it seed into the French letter and is soon after withdrawn. Lynn kisses her friend, gets up and kisses her husband, pushing her tongue into his mouth, Lynn gives his limp cock a final stoke and says “I need a bath, I feel sticky all over”. Lynn walks out of the room and up the stairs. The time is almost midnight, his friend thanks him for a wonderful evening, which he hopes they can repeat, “well I don’t think Lynn will want to repeat it very often as its all part of my revenge, “I don’t understand”, says his friend.” not to worry, lets just says it’s up to her.”


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