Lynn’s Deception

March 25, 2014 – 4:10 pm

Tonight Lynn finally has some time to herself, she is going out without her husband for a night with the girls or so Lynn tells him. In true fact, Lynn has arranged to meet her Boss from work, the tall dark handsome bastard her husband hates so much. For the occasion Lynn has bought a new very short black skirt which only just covers the tops of her stockings, other than her skirt, stockings ,and high heeled shoes Lynn wares only a black leotard which fastens at the crouch. Lynn comes down stairs from their bedroom where she had been getting ready, and walks into the living room where her husband Rick is watching television “Well how do I look” Lynn asks, “You cant go out like that, you never wear short skirts and stockings when you go out with me.” “oh don’t be soft I’m only going out with the girls” Lynn says, As she leaves Lynn picks up his car keys and calls out “I’ll take your car as mine’s low on petrol” as Lynn walks out of the front door he follows her to wave goodbye. He watches her bend forward to insert the key into the lock of the car door, as she does so he can just see the tops of her stockings, the sight of her long beautiful legs excites him and he can feel his cock start to harden, He calls out “I think I’ll wait up for you, I don’t think you have much chance of getting back up those stairs until I’ve had my wicked way with you” ” I look forward to it” she responds, and gets in the car and drives away.

Lynn meets him at a pub out in the country as she does not wish to be seen out with another man, especially as her husband has so many friends who would be shore to tell him if she was seen, He is already their waiting for her, as Lynn enters the pub he sees her and gets up from his table and greets her with a kiss on the cheek, he buys her a soft drink as she does not drink alcohol and they return to his table, their is much small talk about work and how all the other girls at work can be such bitches unless they get their own way, and before they realize what time it is the bar tender is calling time and asking for their glasses, He know takes his chance and asks her if she would like to go back to his flat for some coffee and a snack, Lynn looks at him and says “OK but I cant be to late as Rick’s waiting up for me” as Lynn uncrosses her legs their is a swishing sound made by the nylon of her stockings and as her one leg raises very slightly he catches a glimpse of what he thinks is white thigh which can only mean that with that short skirt Lynn is wearing stockings, he was sure that as her skirt had been so short Lynn would have been wearing tights, Now he cant wait to get her back to his flat to confirm his suspicions.

They leave the pub together and both get into her car as he has been drinking and says that he will return in the morning to collect his car as his friend comes passed the pub on his way to work and he can bum a lift, They set off from the car park through the very dark lanes and while their small talk continues, in the back of his mind the question of tights or stockings plagues him, he can stand the suspense no longer and decides to push his luck in the darkness of the car by slowly moving his hand and placing it on her leg just below the hem of her skirt, his heart is pounding as he hopes that Lynn will not push it away. Lynn glances away from the road at him for a split second and says “your hands are warm” and continues driving, To him this is a signal that he has not blown it, so he starts to stroke her thigh very gently but with each stroke his hand pulls her skirt further and further up her thigh until at last his question is answered and he feels the tops of her stockings, By now his prick is rock hard and he wants this to go further but just as he is about to push his hand between her parted legs the car pulls to a halt outside his flat. He removes his hand from her lap and as Lynn turns to him to speak he surges forward and kisses her full on the mouth pushing his tongue between her lips, the kiss lasts for quiet some time before she pulls away and says “I think we had better go inside before your neighbors start to talk”.

They both get out of the car and he tells her its number 43, then he follows behind her unable to take his eyes from her long legs as Lynn climbs the stairs in her high heeled shoes, They enter the flat and he switches on a small lamp to keep the lighting in a seductive mood, he sits upon a large sofa but Lynn seats herself in an armchair opposite him and he cannot resist the temptation of glancing up her skirt as Lynn crosses her legs “So what about the coffee and sandwiches” Lynn says. He leaves the room and returns some time latter with a tray of coffee and sandwiches which he places upon the small table at the side of the sofa, he sits down on the sofa and pats the cushion beside him, Lynn gets up from her chair and sits down next to him.

Before long both the sandwiches and the coffee are consumed and he takes the tray back out to the kitchen, on his way back to the sofa he stops at the hi-fi and puts a CD on which starts as he seats himself beside her, the music is a slow seductive Motown classic, Which meets with her approval, “why don’t you make yourself comfortable ” he says and pulls up a small stool for her to put her feet upon, which Lynn does without hesitation. Now he can study her long beautiful legs moor closely, He decides that now is the time to resume his actions of the car and places his hand upon her leg again just below the hem of her skirt, he leans over her and starts to kiss her full on the mouth, his tongue again pushing between her lipstick covered lips, As he kisses her his hand wanders up her leg until he reaches the tops of her stockings were he enjoys the feel of her flesh as it spills from the dark band of her stocking top, his hand gently pulls Lynn’s legs higher forcing her to part her legs and as she does her skirt raises so that her charms are on full display. He undoes the clips of her leotard which gives him full access to her dark hairy pussy, which he strokes with the tip of his finger, it feels warm and moist, he slowly inserts his finger into her and she sigh’s with pleasure, Lynn breaks away from his kiss and settles back to enjoy the effect his finger in her womb is having upon her, as Lynn leans back she reaches forward with her hand and starts to massage his cock through his trousers it is already rock hard so Lynn undoes the zip puts her fingers inside and pulls it out, It’s smaller than her husbands but much fatter, in sequence with the trusts of his fingers in her pussy, Lynn wanks his cock up and down, but after only a few strokes, his cock jerks and his sperm fly’s from its head all over the sofa. Lynn wipes the remainder of his sperm from her hand on the pillow at her side, He then sinks down to his knees and pulls her legs wide apart pushing one of her legs over the arm of the sofa, he pauses to look at her beauty. What a perfect sight, wide open stocking clad legs with a nice bush of pubic hair, he wastes no more time and pulls his face into her pussy running his tongue up and down her lips, tasting her juices which are now running freely. He teases her anus by pushing his finger into her back passage while licking her clitoris. The affect upon her is electric as she reaches her first orgasm and her pussy juices gush into his mouth.

His cock is now erect again and he gets up from between her legs and kneels over her kissing her, as Lynn accepts his kiss her hand pushes between them and grabs hold of his cock and again starts to massage it, he leans back and stand up in front of her and offers his manhood to her which she accepts by pulling it into her mouth and sucking hard on its length. He looks down at the head bobbing up and down on his shaft, the sensation is wonderful, but before he shoots his final load he wants to feel his shaft between the soft lips of her pussy. He pulls his cock from her mouth, pulls her to her feet and makes her kneel on the sofa with her bottom in the air, he positions himself behind her and guides his rigid cock towards the lips of her snatch and enters her pushing his prick deep into her womb. He thrusts at her behind, grinding his cock into her body, Lynn feels hot and wet around his rock hard cock, to bring her closer to orgasm he pushes his index finger into her anus and fucks her anus in rhythm with the momentum of his cock in her pussy, within no time Lynn is screaming and waving her head from side to side as her second orgasm takes over her body and just as Lynn reaches the peak of her enjoyment, he pulls his cock from her snatch and sends his sperm flying through the air and all over the soft flesh of her buttocks.

Satisfied he takes his finger gently from her anus, picks up a tissue from the adjacent coffee table and wipes his come from her bottom, Before Lynn has time to sit down he kneels on the floor behind her and starts to kiss, lick and bite the cheeks of her bottom, until his tongue is level with her anus, he pushes his tongue between her cheeks and licks her back passage, with his tongue working overtime on her bum he pulls her legs wider apart and with the thumb of his left hand he massages her clitoris and pusses two fingers of his right hand into her pussy and proceeds to finger fuck her.

Lynn can stand the attention on her rear no longer and pushes her backside into his face as her third orgasm runs through her body. With her body feeling totally satisfied, Lynn finally sits down and he gets up from the floor and sits beside her, they sit quietly for a while, while he rubs his hand up and down the tops of her stockings, “they really turn you on don’t they” Lynn says, “yeah you can’t beat a great pair of legs in black stockings “he says. Lynn can see the effect her legs have had upon him as his cock is once again rock hard and reaching for the ceiling, Lynn leans over the arm of the sofa and picks up her handbag, she reaches inside and pulls out one of her spare stockings, as Lynn always keeps a spare pair in her bag, she knows she has nice legs and never wants to spoil her appearance by having ladders in her stockings. she takes the stocking, removes his hand from her thigh and proceeds to feed his rigid cock into the stocking and wraps the surplus material around his balls, “oh that’s nice” he says, with his hard cock encased in her stocking, Lynn dips her head and starts to suck his cock through the nylon, this she does for what feels like to him hours. but in reality within a very short time his cock erupts in her mouth, but rather than sending his seamen down her throat, it is captured inside the nylon. Lynn lifts her head from his lap, smiles and says “you can keep that one as a memento.

Lynn gets up, adjusts her clothes and says, “It’s time I was going, he said he’d wait up for me.” He removes the cocoon from his penis, and puts his cock back inside his trousers. Just as Lynn is about to leave he calls out to her, “Wait a moment, last time I saw your husband, he asked for a tape, I’ll get it for you now”, He disappears into the room next door and reapers some time latter holding a video cassette, ” Give him this I promised it to him last time we meet up his local.” “But if I give him this he’ll know that I’ve seen you ” Lynn says, “Just say I gave it to one of the girls in work to pass onto you.” Lynn looks at the cassette and sees that it has no label “It must be a porn film, it’s all he ever watches.” “yeah ” he replies, “this one he’s wanted to watch for some time, it must be one of his fantasies.”

Lynn takes the film, puts it in her bag, kisses him on the cheek and leaves his flat, walks down the stairs, gets in her car and starts off on her way home. When Lynn arrives, Rick her husband is still awake, he’s been waiting up for her to give her the goods he promised when she departed. Lynn walks into the living room and finds him watching TV wearing only his bath robe, “good night” he asks, “yeah I had an entertaining evening”. Lynn sits down on the sofa, whilst he remains seated on the floor, he puts his hand on her leg and starts to rub it up and down the nylon of her stockings, his motions get higher and higher until he reaches the tops of her stocking and the cool touch of her thigh. At this point he maneuvers himself and kneels in front of her pulling her legs apart to expose her pussy which is uncovered as Lynn did not wish to do up the catches of her leotard as her pussy was still damp from her earlier encounter, to avoid complications Lynn says “Ready and waiting, just for you,” he pushes the remainder of her tiny skirt out of the way, bends forward and starts to kiss up her leg past the top of her stocking, up her thigh and finally to her pussy which he kisses and licks, Lynn lifts her bottom to make his access easier and his tongue slips between the lips of her pussy and strokes her clitoris. Lynn pushes her hips forward and rubs her pussy into his face as she love him licking her snatch as he always makes her juices flow and Lynn never fails to cum when she sits on his face. Whilst he is licking her he pushes his finger into her and fucks her, within no time Lynn is screaming as Lynn reaches her forth orgasm of the night.He takes his face from between her legs and sits next to her on the sofa,” now its my turn for some attention” he says,

Lynn leans across him ,takes hold of his robe and pulls it open, underneath he is naked accept for a pair of pink knickers which conceal his erection, it then dawns on her that he is wearing a pair of her knickers, Lynn giggles then strokes his hard cock through the satin of her knickers, “oh by the way, I’ve got a film in my bag for you from my boss, do you want to watch it while I amuse myself in my knickers” Lynn says, as she knows he loves to have his cock sucked whilst he watches porno films. “When did you see him” he enquires “I didn’t, he gave it to Helen and she brought it out with her tonight,” she says. Lynn gets up, takes the video cassette from her bag, walks over to the television insets the tape into the player and pushes the play button, before the scene appears on the screen Lynn crawls back across the floor towards him, when she gets to him she pulls his legs apart and strokes his manhood through her knickers, then pulls down the front of the knickers with her left hand, takes hold of his cock in her right hand and yanks it roughly free tucking the elastic band of the knickers under his balls, she then starts to pump his foreskin back and fro over the purple dome of his cock, her hand speeds up, and becomes a blur as Lynn wanks his rigid cock. she stops suddenly and dips her head forward and licks the tip of his cock, after half a dozen licks she takes the head of his cock between her lips and proceeds to suck, lick and bite, allowing her saliva to run down his cock as he loves to feel his wet sloppy cock sliding between her lips, the effect she has upon him is electric as it feels as though his cock has grown another three inches whilst its been in her mouth and its harder than she can ever remember. As Lynn slides her lips up and down his shaft, Lynn squeezes his balls and tickles between the cheeks of his bottom and strokes his anus, Lynn has yet to build up enough courage to push her finger into his anus, as Lynn knows he wants her to.

The film must be exciting him as Lynn can feel his cock throbbing in her mouth, and his hips push forward to meet the back of her mouth each time she slides down his hard shaft. Without warning he shots his come into her mouth, it happens so suddenly that she swallows the full amount without thinking as she normally does not like him to come in her mouth and when he does Lynn usually spits it back out all over his cock and rubs it into his pubic hair, even though he has just shot his bolt his cock is still rock hard, this is unusual as he normally goes soft after he has come, so whatever he is watching must be having an outstanding affect upon him. Lynn takes his cock from her mouth and looks up at him, he glances back at her and says “Who’s been a naughty girl”, “I thought you would like me to swallow your come” Lynn says lying through her teeth, “I don’t mean that” he says nodding towards the screen of the television, Lynn looks over her shoulder and sees why his cock wouldn’t subside it’s erection, for their on the screen Lynn is sucking a cock and her husband knows its not his cock Lynn has in her mouth, and the clothes Lynn has on are the same as she is now wearing.

The bastard Lynn has just come from had filmed their performance on a hidden camera in the next room, and had the cheek to give her the tape to give to her husband as a porno film, well judging by her performance on the screen it did qualify as a porn film but Lynn did not expect to be the starring lead lady . Rick pushes her around and makes her kneel facing the television, he then kneels behind her and positions his cock between the lips of her pussy and with one push, shoves his manhood into her and starts to fuck her with long slow strokes, the scene on the screen now shows her in a similar position with her lover “well which one feels the best” he says, but Lynn is still to stunned to talk, his rhythm increases in time with the action on the TV and he finally comes, but unlike her screen lover he does not spurt all over her backside but fills her with his hot come.

They sit together on the sofa, Lynn still can’t believe that she has been set up by her own boss from work in such a way. “I suppose this turns you on” Lynn finally says to him, as his eyes have not left the screen and even though he has come twice already his cock is once again rock hard. “yeah it does” he answers “I didn’t think you’d have the bottle to let him fuck you, let alone you suck his cock and wank him off” “you knew where I was going !” “well I knew you were going for a drink with him and not the girls “,”and did you know that he was going to film us having sex”,”yeah”, he says with a smile, “we meet about two weeks ago by accident in the pub, after I’d been playing squash. We talked for some time and the subject of sex came up, he said what a lucky bloke I was to have such a good looking sexy wife and how he would love to give you one. “”so you said go ahead pork away ” Lynn says starting to get angry,” not exactly, all I said was that you were a free spirit, even though your my wife, and if she wants you to make love to her that’s for her to decide.” and I suppose it was your idea to film the event.””again not exactly, he’d told me earlier that he had a secret video camera set up behind a two way mirror and if he ever got he opportunity to make it with a new woman, he always tried to do it on the sofa as he could keep the action on film to savor on the nights he was alone.” so you suggested that if he got lucky he should film it and give it to you, so you could get your perverted little kicks out of it.” exactly, and it worked like a charm, and now we know that you’ve played away I think it’s only fair that I get some sort of compensation from you.” your a crafty bastard. “Lynn says,” shall we say that for the next week you have to do anything I say without question, I think that will be the best solution and then we can call it quits.” she looks at him in surprise “I thought you’d what to fuck some other woman as recompense” Lynn says.” No, I don’t need another woman, I got all the woman I need in you, I just want a little more adventure in our lives and think we’ll start with you sucking my cock until it comes in your mouth again, I could get used to that”. “OK” Lynn replies, “but it’s only for one week, not a day longer.”

— end

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