Tim’s Birthday

March 24, 2014 – 1:43 pm


Hi, my name is Sue. I was 36 when this happened. I’m married to Tim. Tim was having his 40th and didn’t want a large party. But he asked me to think of something he would find very special. Well, I thought hard and remembered that Tim always said he wanted to watch me making love with another man. I had said no. However, for his 40th I couldn’t think of anything more exciting.

I invited two of his bachelor friends and one of mine over for a birthday dinner on a Saturday evening. I dressed in a filmy white see thru blouse, with a shelf bra underneath that was cut below my nipples. A black miniskirt, with no panties completed the outfit. I never had dressed or felt so slutty. When Tim saw me he said ” Wow, that’s a great birthday present.” I replied that that was only the first part of the present.

By the way, I’m quite small as you can see by my photo’s. 5’3″, 110 lb, dark hair, 32C. Most men think I’m very attractive. Steve, Dave and Stu, the three guests thought so, as they reacted with many sexual compliments. The comments became increasingly bold as we drank wine and the evening progressed. As I would serve I would always bend over so that my rear would be exposed to someone. All of them could see my breasts.

Eventually, the guys began asking me about my sexual experiences and fantasies. I told them that this evening was not about my fantasy, but to fulfill Tim’s that he watch me with another man – and that they were the men tonite. Tim asked if I was serious. I said yes, if that’s what he wanted. Stu, Dave and Steve were enthusiastic. I was trembling as Tim told me to go for it. With that Dave stood up and reached around me from behind, roughly putting both hands inside my blouse and cupping my breasts. Stu reached under my skirt and began fingering my already wet pussy. They moved me to the couch, where Dave tore my blouse and bra off as Stu pulled my skirt down. Then Steve led me behind the couch, and while I was facing the back of the couch he bent me over it and entered my wet slit. He was only six or seven inches, but rock hard and thick.

He pulled out without cumming, even though I had already had an orgasm, and then did something I never contemplated. He forcefully rammed his steel cock up my rectum. It hurt a first and I said stop, but he wouldn’t. Instead, Stu climbed up on the couch an pulled my head onto his cock. He was so excited that after less than a minute he began to cum, with me swallowing until he pulled out dripping hot, creamy cum all over my face.

Dave took himself out of my butt. Steve had laid down on the floor and had the largest erection I have ever seen. He was very thick ( like my wrist ) and about 10 inches long.Steve pulled me down, facing him, until I had all of him buried in my pussy. I was going wild as Steve grabbed my head, moving my lips down to his mouth and we locked in passionate kiss as I was bent over sitting on his amazing penis.

Without warning, Dave knelt down and as suddenly as before, he again forced his cock into my butt, as I continued to ride Steve. I must have had three or four orgasms in a row almost immediately. I was in another world.

To be continued….

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