He Is Not A Man Anymore

November 20, 2007 – 10:00 am

Elaine was again pampered, bathed, and provided with
perfume. Two women spent almost an hour just applying
makeup to her face and fixing her hair into a tight
ponytail. Once they were done, another woman came in and
handed her some clothes. The clothes consisted of a
black, lace bra, black thongs, thigh-hi stockings, black
high-heels with ankle straps, mid-thigh length black
skirt and a loose fitting white wrap around blouse. Then
she was left alone to dress.

After dressing, Elaine viewed herself in the mirror. She
looked great. At only 5 feet, the short skirt and loose
fitting white wrap around blouse showed off her ass and
36C breasts. Elaine hoped Master would be pleased. Elaine
reached up and stroked her collar as she waited.

Once dressed, Mistress Barbara who explained what the
evening would be like joined Elaine.

“Master will test you to see if you truly know your place
as a slave slut,” Barbara admonished. “If you fail, I
will be punished… then I will punish you.”

With those words Elaine was led back to the Master’s
living room. Once there, she only waited a few moments
until Master arrived, dressed the same, all black. Master
never spoke; he walked by Elaine and out of the room.
Elaine followed behind him as Master walked though the
house, outside and to a club next door. Elaine figured
that they must be in back of the house since she never
saw the club when she arrived.

Inside the club, Elaine stood at Master’s side. Elaine
could see that it was a “gentlemen’s” club, or an up-
scale strip club. Elaine surmised that it must be a very
exclusive strip club, as the men all appeared to be well
dressed. Elaine glanced to the stage where a girl, no more
than 20 danced seductively in only a thong. Her tits were
small, but firm and her ass was the same. She was 33 and
felt self-conscious at the young girl’s appearance as she

As the girl left the stage, Master took Elaine by the arm
and pointed at the stage. She realized he wanted her to
go on stage and strip. Elaine remembered Mistress
Barbara’s words and slowly climbed onto the stage and
straightened her skirt as the music started. Because of
the bright lights, she could not see the crowd. She was
very nervous but found herself pushing her chest forward
to display her tits.

Neal always told her that was her best feature. As the
music started, Elaine slowly unwrapped her blouse and
unbuttoned the front. As she pulled off the blouse, she
squeezed her tits together and cupped each breasts with
her hands. She could not see the Master because of the
lights, but hoped this was pleasing him.

Next, Elaine turned around so that her ass was facing the
crowd and slowly lowered the zipper on the back of the
skirt. She could hear the applause and hollers as she
teased the men. She shifted her hips left and right until
the skirt feel to the floor.

Elaine leaned over at the waist, keeping her legs straight
and removed the skirt from both legs. She looked back
over her shoulder and thought she saw Master talking with
two or three men in the corner and watching her. This
excited Elaine and she straightened up and turned to face
the crowd.

She waited, teasing the men as they yelled to see her
tits. She reached behind her and unclipped the clasp
holding the bra up. She cupped both breasts with her
hands and jiggled them about a little with the bra still
covering them. The club was in a fury to see her tits.

Elaine felt her pussy growing wet as she let the bra fall
to the ground. She tweaked both her nipples causing them
to sting with pleasure as the applause grew. The music
ended and she gathered her clothes and saw the Master
motioning her to join him. She realized she would not be
allowed to dress.

When she joined Master he was standing with four men, two
black, two white. As Elaine approached she heard Master
mentioned something about a “private” show. She started
to cover her breasts as she slowly approached the five
men. Her Master gave her a stern stare and Elaine dropped
her hands and her head.

It had been a week and as she approached Elaine tried to
reason why she would subject herself to the Master. With
each step, her firm tits bounced and as she thought about
resisting, she could feel the wetness against her thighs
as her cunt lips swelled in anticipation. She could not
resist the lust she saw in the four strangers eyes.
However, Master still looked upset…

Neal parked the car in front of the mansion and was
surprised there was no one outside. It had been a week
and it was now time to retrieve his wife Elaine. Neal
hoped that this Master did his job well and she was now a
submissive slut who would do anything Neal told her.
Neal knocked hard on the large door and a female voice
beckoned him inside.

“I’m here for Elaine,” Neal stuttered out.

Neal stared directly at Barbara and Nina. Both wore
only a small, leather teddy that was cut to expose their
ample breasts and shaved cunts. Neal noticed the women
wore high heels with ankle straps and each was wearing a
collar studded with diamonds. Barbara was the most
striking with breasts that were at least a size 42D.
Neal felt the bulge in his pants growing, straining at
the zipper as Barbara and Nina both approached.

“What’s your hurry,” Barbara cooed directly into Neal’s

Neal swallowed hard and did not move as Nina
unbuckled his pants and wormed her hand down inside his
underwear. She found his thick tool, hard, erect and
Neal gasped and swallowed hard as Nina wrapped her
hand around it. While Nina slowly jacked off Neal,
Barbara opened his shirt and was tweaking his nipples.

Neal gave in and turned planting his mouth directly
onto Barbara’s full, red lips. Nina pushed his pants
and underwear down the floor and knelt down in front of
Neal. As Nina wrapped her lips around his cock,
Neal moaned into Barbara’s mouth. Barbara stripped off
Neal’s shirt and he willingly stepped out of his pants
and underwear.

Barbara’s hands were tantalizing Neal in ways he never
imagined. One hand caressed his bare buttocks and probed
his anal opening while the other abused his nipples,
pinching and pulling. While doing all this, Barbara’s
tongue was exploring every crevice of Neal’s mouth.

Nina’s mouth now succeeded in making Neal’s cock
glisten with saliva. She used her hand to cupped his
balls and squeeze them gently. There was little
resistance in Neal, as it had been over a week since he
fucked Elaine and the thought of having a submissive slut
do his bidding all week left him at a heightened state of
excitement. Nina felt the cock throb and swell in her
mouth and looked up at Barbara and winked giving her the

“So,” Master directed at Elaine, “you were tempted to
cover your tits.”

“Yes, Master,” Elaine responded, “I’m sorry.”

“This men are going to fuck you, right here, right now,”
Master ordered.

“No,” Elaine said defiantly.

“That will cost you. You have not only disobeyed, but
have embarrassed me in front of my associates,” Master
spat angrily.

With those words Elaine felt the pain in her neck from the
collar that she experienced the first day. Within seconds
she was on her hands and knees begging the Master to
stop. The pain subsided and she slumped to the floor.

Master said his goodbyes to his associates, apologizing
as they left. He reached down and roughly grabbed Elaine
by the arms lifting her up. Elaine’s clothes were left on
the floor where she fell as Master pulled her through the
crowed, out of the building and back into his home.

“You think your husband cares, you think your husband
isn’t doing the same things,” Master demanded.

Elaine was sobbing and recalled how Neal had left her
there. But Elaine was conflicted, she liked being fucked
in every hole, she liked playing the slut, why did she
refuse? Elaine tried to keep up and was terrified at the
punishment that awaited her.

Elaine was shocked when Master pulled her past the room
that was used to punish her before. Instead he shoved her
into a small, dark room that contained a window. she saw
Neal standing in front of Nina and Barbara.

Elaine’s mouth dropped open when she saw that Neal was
essentially naked except for his shoes and Nina was
devouring his cock. She looked closer at the pleasure
revealed in his eyes as Neal continued the long, wet
kiss with Barbara and her hands roamed his body. Elaine
turned toward the Master with tears in her eyes.

“Keep watching,” Master ordered.

Neal was gasping for breath; he was about to explode in
Nina’s mouth. Neal could feel his cum swelling in
his balls and starting its run through his cock. Barbara
worked her finger in and out of his ass providing more
stimuli. Suddenly, Neal felt the tightening around his
cock and a sharp pain. He thought Nina bit him and
jerked away, but the pain in his cock continued.

Neal pulled his mouth from Barbara’s lips to protest
just as the pain became almost unbearable. Barbara
quickly placed the collar around his neck and clamped it
shut. Neal did not care as he grabbed his hard cock the
pain shot through his groin and into his ass.

Barbara and Nina stepped away and Neal felt the
metal cage around his erect cock. He looked down and saw
the cause of his pain. There was a metal band clamped
tightly around the base of his dick. His pain was from
two directions, first, he was just about to cum and
second, now his erection would not go away.

“You bitches,” Neal screamed and lunged toward

The pain in his neck sent Neal to the ground and the
two women quickly handcuffed his hands behind his back.
They removed his shoes and socks leaving Neal naked and

Elaine watched the entire events as if in a trace. Her
husband, without thought of her, was engaged sexually
with these two women who were strangers.

Suddenly Elaine was aware of her own situation, not much
different from Neal. She was naked, with a similar
collar. In addition, she knew her pussy, mouth, and ass
had been fucked several times by men she did not even
know. Now she understood why the Master was so upset,
what difference would four more make.

“You see,” Master spoke, “now, let’s go and greet your

Elaine was pulled from the room where she had watched her
husband’s capture and led into the foyer where the events
took place. Barbara and Nina were standing over
Neal. He looked up and saw Master and Elaine.

“You bastard, I didn’t ask for this,” Neal yelled
struggling to free his hands.

Calmly Master responded, “I know, but I decided to keep
this slut,” nodding at Elaine, “and you would have never
allowed it, so I will have to make you into a slut also.
But first, let me show you what your wife has learned.”

Barbara and Nina brought Elaine in front of Neal who
was still lying on the floor. They instructed Elaine to
bend at the waist and prepare to be punished for her
refusal in the club. Without hesitating, Elaine bent at
the waist, her 36C tits about a foot from Neal’s face
and her eyes locked on to his.

Neal watched as Master walked behind Elaine’s bare ass
and drew back his hand. Elaine bit her lower lip and
Neal flinched at the loud smack Master’s opened hand
made on Elaine’s bare ass. Smack, smack, smack, Master
spanked Elaine until tears were flowing from her eyes, not
from the pain, but from the enormous emotional conflict
she was facing.

Elaine so wanted to cum, but could not beg in front of her
husband; and if her orgasm came without permission,
Master would punish her in a worse way. Finally the
Master himself resolved her dilemma.

“Slut, you may cum,” Master said matter-of-factly as he
smacked Elaine’s ass again.

Elaine resisted through two more swats, then did not care
that Neal was lying in front of her. Neal watched, as
his wife became the slut he wanted. Elaine threw her head
back and groaned, spreading her legs and using a free
hand to vigorously rub her swollen clit. Master continued
to spank Elaine prolonging her orgasm. As her orgasm
subsided, Elaine tried to slow her respirations.

“Turn to the side and face Barbara,” Master ordered.

Elaine immediately turned so that Neal was looking at
his naked wife’s profile. He could see her swollen tits
and hard nipples, as Elaine appeared not to care that he
was there. Nina brought a chair to Barbara who sat
down and spread her legs wide. Neal could see the pink
flesh between her cunt lips.

“Bend and pull your ass-cheeks apart,” Master commanded

Elaine appeared to be in a trace to Neal as she bent at
the waist and pulled her ass-cheeeks apart. Neal could
see Elaine’s puckered hole, red and slightly opened. The
hole Elaine never let Neal near. Neal’s eyes grew big
as he watched Master remove his enormous tool and rest
the end at Elaine’s hole.

“You can’t” Neal protested.

“I won’t,” Master responded, “she will.”

With those words, Master ordered Elaine to fuck her own
ass with his cock. Elaine pushed herself back slowly
taking inch after inch into her ass. Neal was
speechless as he helplessly watched his wife take this
man’s cock up her ass without hesitation or protest.

When Elaine had engulfed the entire length of Master’s
cock, she released her ass-cheeks and placed her hands on
each side of Barbara hips. Elaine rocked back and forth on
her heels, fucking herself in the ass while Master
remained perfectly still hands on his hips looking in
disgust at Neal.

“On, by the way,” Master said nonchalantly, “pleasure
Barbara while you fuck yourself.”

Elaine buried her mouth in Barbara’s cunt lapping and
slurping at Barbara’s soft opening. Elaine quickly found
Barbara’s clit and took it into her mouth and sucked
gently. Elaine continued to rock slowly back and forth
taking Master’s cock in and out of her ass.

“Nina, since Neal is such a pussy, let’s start his
slut training now,” Master started, “discipline him, then
fuck him.”

Neal started protesting and struggling anew. He cursed
at Master and tried to get Elaine to stop. Elaine was lost
in her pleasure, the slut Neal wanted her to be.

“Gag her,” Master said, but he was not referring to Elaine
and Neal quickly realized that.

Nina forced a rubber dick into Neal’s mouth and
secured it with a ban. Next, Neal was placed on his
knees, face lying on the cool floor and ass sticking
straight up in the air.

“You wanted a slut for a wife, well, I think you both
will make great sluts,” Master commented as Elaine
continued to slide her asshole back and forth on his

With those words, Nina started spanking Neal’s ass
with her hand. Although a woman, Nina knew how to
allow her open palm to land to cause the most pain.
Neal soon was jumping with each swat, his ass on fire.
Elaine turned and watched her husband for a moment before
returning to Barbara’s cunt.

After several moments, Master told Nina to stop and
fuck “her” now. Neal thought he was going to get
relief. After all, someone else was fucking his pretty
slut wife. He could endure a spanking to fuck Nina’s
pussy. Neal waited for her to release him. Since
Nina was behind him, Neal could not see her adjust
the strap-on cock and angle it at his asshole. Neal
jumped and protested thought the cock-gag was Nina
tried to force the dildo up Neal’s ass.

“He’s too tight,” Nina pouted.

“Wet it in her cunt,” Master said.

Nina walked up and slid under Elaine. She easily
slipped the dildo into Elaine’s sopping, wet cunt. Elaine
was now doubled-impaled with Master’s cock in her ass and
the strap-on buried in her cunt. It was too much and
Elaine sucked hard on Barbara’s clit as she exploded in
another tremendous orgasm. Barbara pulled Elaine’s face
hard into her cunt as she started to cum from the tongue

As Elaine’s orgasm ended, Nina pulled the dildo from
her cunt. Neal could see it was covered in his wife’s
juices. Neal tried to move away as Nina walked
behind him again. This time, she experienced little
difficulty shoving the rubber tool two inches into
Neal’s ass.

Neal wailed into his gag as Nina thrust her hips
forward causing another two inches to go in. Nina
stopped and Neal tried to catch his breath. The pain in
his ass was like a hot poker going through him. With he
felt Nina pull back he thought she was going to
remove the dildo. Instead, she slammed the remaining four
inches home.

Neal bucked and jerked trying to dislodge the rubber
cock from his ass. Nina lean over and rubbed her tits
all over his back and the wrapped her arms around his
chest to stay on. Neal realized quickly that his
bucking was causing him to fuck himself and he tried to
remain still. Nina then started pumping her hips in
and out, fucking Neal in the ass.

Neal looked up in pain at Elaine. Barbara had left the
room leaving Elaine supporting herself with her hands on
the chair. Neal could see the moisture all over his
wife’s face. Neal grunted with each thrust almost in
unison with his wife continuing to bounce on the cock in
her ass.

“I am going to cum now,” Master announced, “turn around
and take me in your mouth.”

Elaine rapidly slid off Master’s cock, turned around, got
on her knees and took the entire length down her throat.
Neal closed his eyes tightly to the scene of his wife
willingly deep-throating this man. Besides, he was
feeling funny tinges from the ass-fucking Nina was
giving him.

Neal had not notice Barbara returning to the room.
Elaine and his own predicament were all Neal was
thinking about. He watched in disgust as Master shoved
his hips forward, moaned a little, and Neal’s wife
gulped down Master’s seed.

“Now watch,” Master said to Elaine who sat onto the floor
and watched her husband being ass-fucked.

Neal was pulled upward by Barbara. Nina stopped
fucking him for a moment while Barbara released the band
and removed the cage around Neal’ throbbing cock. Then
both women forced Neal to his feet with the dildo still
buried in his ass. Once standing, Neal was walked over
to his wife. He stood directly over her and she could see
the humiliation and frustration in his eyes and hear his
muffled protests. Most surprising to Elaine however was
her husband’s raging erection that pointed straight at

“Okay, fuck “her” hard,” Master ordered.

Nina only pounded in and out of Neal’s ass a few
times before he shot his cum all over his beautiful
wife’s face. Neal could not believe he came. He fought
the orgasm, but the pain in his ass turned to this
incredible pleasure and he finally could not hold on.
Elaine’s face was covered in cum. She could not believe
her husband came by being fucked in the ass.

As Neal’ orgasm subsided and the last few drops of cum
dripped from his now limp dick, Nina removed the
dildo from his ass and removed it. Neal slumped to his
knees in front of his wife. Tears formed in his eyes as
he tried to apologize. Elaine still sat on the floor, not
moving, face covered in cum.

“Take ‘her,’ shave ‘her,’ and get ‘her’ ready,” Master
ordered. Barbara and Nina grabbed Neal by the arms
and pulled him away.

“You,” Master directed at Elaine, “you have some
unfinished business in the club.”

Elaine remembered the four associated and stood up to
follow Master back to the club.

“May I clean up before I perform for Master?” Elaine asked

“No, you look like the slut you are, besides, you will be
worse when they are done with you I am sure,” Master
replied, without looking back at Elaine, “I hope you use
this opportunity to find favor with me.”

Elaine realized she had been given an “opportunity.” She
ventured one more question as they entered the club.

“What will be done with Neal?” Elaine asked.

“He wanted a slut, he will be turned into a slut so he
can see what he asked of you. Do you object?” Master

Elaine thought for a moment and remembered how Neal had
left her there a week earlier. She enjoyed her role as a
slut, she was born to play the role. However, Neal did
basically “sell” her to Master. She was curious, what
will Neal be like. The Master interrupted her thoughts.

“Once he is trained, I will sell him like he sold you to
me, he will learn what it is like to be a slut.” Master
continued, “You will get to see him as long as you
continue to please me.”

“Yes, Master,” Elaine replied with a smile running across
her lips.

Neal was taken away and shaved completely of his hair.
This included his head, eyebrows, balls, ass, legs, arms,
everywhere. He was forced to have repeated erections,
then not allowed to cum until he was always erected.
Master gave him to a black man named Lamar who trained
Neal to be his slut. Neal was repeatedly spanked and
fucked in the ass by different men, always black. Neal
was taught how to suck cocks and was forced to swallow
every drop.

Lamar only allowed Neal to be fucked by black men.
Lamar used chemicals on Neal to make sure his hair
never grew back and injected him with hormones making his
breasts grow. Once his breasts were enlarged to about a
34C, Lamar pierced his nipples. Lamar only referred
to Neal as “she” or “slut.” Neal was never allowed to
wear any clothes except women’s.

After 24 hour, around the clock fuckings in his ass and
mouth for about two weeks, Neal became quiet the slut.
When Lamar would send in one of his black friends,
Neal was act just like a horny, slutty woman. Neal
would kiss and stroke the man, play with his cock, get on
his knee and suck him or offer him his ass without
hesitation. Lamar was very pleased and it only took
about a month.

Elaine continued to be fucked in every hole by anyone the
Master chose. Eventually she became the Master’s favorite
and only he would fuck her ass. He occasionally gave her
mouth and cunt to others, but her ass was his. Elaine’s
orgasm became more intense as Master found new ways to
make her a slut.

He frequently took Elaine out in public with dresses so
short it barely covered her ass and sheer blouses and no
bra. Sometimes he would make Elaine just tease men, other
times, Elaine would have to suck them… but they never
were allowed to fuck her ass, only the Master.

After a month of training, Elaine’s cunt was always
soaking wet with her juices, her nipples hard and she
would cum with the slightness stimulation. Elaine
especially liked to cum with a dildo in her cunt, the
Master’s cock in her ass, and licking Barbara.

Elaine was allowed to be at her home with the kids most of
the time. She was the prim and proper wife and school
mother during the week. On weekends, the kids went to
Grandparents and Elaine became Master’s slut. The kids
asked about Neal and Elaine contrived a story about him
working out of town.

After two months Elaine, mustered the courage to ask the
Master about Neal. Master seemed surprised but
instructed Elaine to dress for the night and he would show
her. As always, Elaine dressed in a very short skirt, no
panties, slutty see through shirt with no bra, very high
heels with ankle straps and heavy makeup. Master took
Elaine into the large city near their town and arrived at
a seedy looking club. Lamar greeted Master and Elaine at
the door.

Inside, Elaine could see that it was a “gay” bar, but only
“gay” black men were in the bar. Lamar and Master
talked; Elaine felt perfectly safe since the men were all
“gay” they paid little attention to her. Lamar led
Master and Elaine to a small room with a two-way mirror.

“She’s my best slut, makes about a thousand dollars a
night,” Lamar commented to Master.

Master beckoned Elaine to the mirror. Elaine looked inside
and saw four large black men surrounding a woman. Elaine’s
eyes widened when she saw the erect cock between the
“woman’s” legs. As “she” finished swallowing the last
drop of cum, Neal turned toward the mirror and Elaine
gasp. There was her husband, heavy with makeup, hairless
and breasts larger than hers. Neal’s nipples were
pierced and one of the black men started pulling on the
nipple rings. Elaine could see Neal closes his eyes.
Lamar reached up and flick a switch.

“Listen to the bitch beg to be fucked,” Lamar

Elaine could hear the sounds of sex coming from the room.
It was Neal’s voice, begging to be fucked in the ass.

“One of you black bastards please fuck my ass like the
slut I am, suck my tits, please,” Neal begged to
Elaine’s surprised.

Elaine watched as Neal knelt on all fours and reached
back and pulled his ass-cheeks apart. A large black man
easily slid his hard dick into Neal’s ass. Another
slapped Neal’s cheeks and he quickly opened his mouth
and swallowed another hard cock. The other two black men
stood on each side as Neal reached up and wrapped his
hand around each of their hard cocks and started jerking
them off. Neal was wearing only a garter attached to
black stockings and black, stiletto high-heels. Elaine
looked away as Neal faced contorted in orgasm and she
saw the cum spraying from his cock.

“Was he hard to train,” Master asked.

“Naw, after a couple of days acted like she was born to
be a slut.” Lamar replied.

Master took Elaine by the arm and led her back into the
club over to the bartender.

“Trade you a shot of whiskey to fuck this white woman,”
Master asked.

Elaine did not even hesitate as the man nodded anxiously.
She went behind the bar, bent at the waist allowing her
short skirt to ride about her ass and waited.

“Not in her ass,” Master warned the man as he shoved his
cock into Elaine’s soaking wet cunt.

Elaine smiled and groaned as the stranger pumped her cunt.
Neal became what he wanted Elaine to be and now Elaine
was protected and cared for by Master. She looked up and
watched as Master sipped his free drink. The man
stiffened and Elaine felt the warmth on his seed bathing
the walls of her cunt. As she straightened Master pulled
her toward the door.

“If you need a man around, I can send him home,” Master

“Why,” Elaine asked, “he’s not a real man anymore, what
would I need him for?”

“Just thought you would like him back,” Master responded.

“I have you, I don’t want or need anything else,” Elaine

Master kissed her gently on the cheek and pushed his
fingers into her cunt while she walked.

“You’ve earned a reward,” Master cooed and massaged
Elaine’s clit.

In just moments, Elaine exploded in orgasm while she
walked to the car. She slid into the passenger seat and
removed her blouse and skirt without prodding. Master
smiled and took two dildos from under the seat and
watched as Elaine slid one into her cunt, the other into
her ass. She never gave Neal another thought as Master
pulled onto the interstate looking for a trucker that
needed a show.

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