Confessions of a Cheating Wife

March 21, 2014 – 11:36 am

When I first got married, I honestly thought I could remain faithful to my husband Jared. I was wild and sex crazy before we met, and I was sure I had gotten that out of my system. But not long into our marriage I realized that one dick would never be enough for a cock craving little slut like me.

At 20 years old, I guess my sex drive and need for variety still control me. It’s not that I don’t love my husband, I just don’t think he can fill all my desires. My pussy is always aching for cock. I simply must have a dick when the urge hits. Jared can’t always be there, so I have a long list of backups.

We have been married for only 15 months now, and already I have fucked 11 other guys behind my husbands back. The first incident happened when the guy next door came over to borrow a wrench for something he was working on. His name is Raif and he is absolutely gorgeous. He’s 21, and lives with a roommate named Ian. They have a pool behind the house they rent, and often I watch them through the window. They both work out constantly and have chiseled bodies. Raif has black hair and Ian light brown, but other than that they are similar. However, it’s Raif who really makes me wet. Sometimes I stare at him in the pool and finger myself imagining how big his cock is and how it would feel.

Raif came to the back door that day looking for a crescent wrench. I fumbled around Jared’s tool box and finally found one. “Is this what you’re looking for hot stuff”, I said. “That’s it. Thanks… for the compliment too.”, he told me. “No problem. You have a great body”, I admitted. “I could say the same for you Adrian. I’ve always thought you had a killer body, Why don’t you go slip into a bikini and come show it off at the pool. It’s a hot day and you need to get out and have fun.”, he told me. “Only if you join me”, I urged. “A beautiful lady all wet….I’m no fool. I’ll go get my trunks”, he told me.

I ran back and put on the skimpiest bikini I owned. My tits were practically falling out and the bottoms were barely covering my pussy, which was dripping wet. I went out and stood by the pool until Raif came out. Soon he opened the patio door and stepped out. He was wearing a pair of tight trunks which flattered his body. He wasn’t trying to hide anything just like me. I could tell that his apparently large cock was struggling to be free. We jumped in the pool and slashed around for a while, making small talk. He told me that my husband and I were welcome to use the pool at any time we liked.

“What if I want to go swimming in the nude?”, I asked him. “You and your husband like skinny dipping do you?”, he replied. “Who said anything about my husband”, I said. “I mean right now.” He was taken back by that remark. But I could tell he was turned on too. I couldn’t believe I was acting like such a little whore. It was different when I was single, but here I was a married woman. “Hey, don’t let me stop you. That bikini looks like it’s about ready to pop off anyway”, he said. While in the water, I took off my top and then my bottom. God, it felt good to be naked in the water, especially in front of this young stud.

I wanted him to look at my body, so I walked up the steps and turned around towards him. “What rating would you give me in a nude beauty pageant?”, I asked him. “The highest rating on record. Damn Adrian, you’ve got some nice tits”, he told me. I was loving it, so I kept leading him. “What about my pussy Raif?”, I said. “It looks sweeter than I had imagined. Jared is one lucky s.o.b. to be having that all to himself”, he told me. “I must confess, I’ve also imagined what your cock looks like too. You’ve been in quite a few of my fantasies. Why don’t you come up here and let me have a look at it”, I said.

He got out of the pool and came up beside me. “I hope this is as good as the fantasy”, he said. He slowly lowered his trunks and stepped out of them. Now I’ve been with a lot of men, and I can safely say that this young stud had what we women call a belly tickler. It wasn’t the thickest dick I’ve seen, but it was easily 8 and a half inches long. The kind that you can feel up in your stomach. “Oh God yes Raif. That’s a fantasy cock alright.” “Bigger than your husbands I take it?”, he asked. By the look on my face, he already knew the answer. “Oh baby! You’ve got him beat by a mile”, I told him. It was true too. I love Jared to death, but his 5 and three quarters inch dick just can’t reach those pleasure spots.

Maybe I should have weighed all the options before I got married. I mean I knew Jared had an average size cock. What really makes me mad is the fact that I had fucked a few big dick guys and loved it. It was just a feeling you couldn’t explain. I also knew Jared had never gave me that feeling. I guess it was the way he treated me with respect and kindness. All the guys with big cocks would treat you like shit, because they knew you would come back to them. The sad part is, it’s true. I’ve let more than one guy treat me like shit, and I would take it too, because I knew if I didn’t he wouldn’t give me his huge cock. That was something I couldn’t live without. So all you guys out there with 8 and 9 inch cocks, I’m giving you the inside scoop. You can treat us women like dogs and we’ll keep coming back for more. As long as you give us that dick.

Anyway, my love for Jared was real, But so was my desire to fuck this stud with the long dick. “You know you shouldn’t have showed me how big it is. Now I want it. Well, are you going to give it to me. Or are you just a tease?”, I asked him . “I never tease baby. Besides, I’d have to be crazy to turn down that fine married pussy you have”, he told me.

Raif picked up all our clothes and led me into his house. He took me into his bedroom and we layed down on the bed. He gently started to squeeze my tits. Damn, it felt good to be naked with a man other than my husband and to be felt all over. I should have been ashamed, but instead I was proud to be so hot for this stud. While he was exploring my pussy, I reached down and took hold of his oversized cock. It felt so good to have a large dick in my hands again. “Shit Adrian! I can tell you have a man with a small dick at home. Your pussy is tight as hell”, Raif said. “Well maybe you can stretch it out with this nice big cock of yours”, I told him.

“I don’t know. You are married after all”, he said. “Don’t you even try to hold out on me now. You know I’m burning to get that cock in me. You’re such a tease. How many girls have you shown that long dick of yours to, and then wouldn’t let them have it?”, I asked him. “I’ve shown it to plenty of girls. But in the end, I let them all have it”, he told me. “Good. You had me worried there for a minute. Please Raif, put it in me now”, I begged.

I laid on my back and spread my legs for him. He rubbed his cock on my pussy lips for a minute and then started to enter me. It felt great to have a strange cock in me, especially a big one like Raif’s. He kept taking short strokes, burying more and more in me. “Yeah baby, that feels good. Keep giving it to me. You’re already deeper than Jared’s ever been. Oh God, you’re a good fuck!”, I moaned. He kept screwing me hard, then slow for about ten minutes before he came in me. I swear I must have had 12 orgasms. I told him he had tickled my belly with his long cock.

Well, that was the first of the 11 guys I have fucked behind my husbands back. I just love sucking and fucking cocks, and I’m afraid Jared will never be enough. Soon after I had Raif, I fucked his roommate Ian. Damn, he loved to lick pussy. I even fucked a black guy who I met at the grocery store. He told me he loved my white pussy, and I must admit I enjoyed sliding up and down on his black cock. It was as good as I always had heard. I can never tell Jared. He would not understand I’m afraid. But still I maintain that I love him and it’s only lust that makes me cheat. Sometimes while me make love, I’ll tell him my fantasies of fucking other men. I told him my fantasy of Raif the night it happened. Little did he know it was reality. I’m surprised my loose pussy didn’t spark any suspicion. Even if he would understand I’m not sure I would tell him. It’s just so much fun fucking guys behind his back. Yes, I’m a cock crazy slut. But hey, at least I can admit it.


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