Three Nights to Get Even

March 20, 2014 – 1:23 pm

Terri and I were married for six years, before I found out she’d been slutting around town. We had a pretty decent sex life, nothing real out of the ordinary, but good. She gave great head when she was in the right mood and even let me fuck her up the ass a couple of times, even though she claimed not to like it much. But her big thing was adding the extra excitement of almost getting caught that really got her pussy wet.

When we were dating and throughout our marriage she liked to fuck in places that exposed us to getting caught. So the idea of her fucking around with other guys was just another thrill of almost getting caught.

The trouble is that I did catch her. It didn’t bother me as much that she was giving it to someone else. We had done a foursome once and had a blast. It was the dishonesty of her sneaking around behind my back that really pissed me off.

Anyway about three months after we’d separated, she came back to the house and said she wanted to get back together. I told her that I wasn’t sure that I could ever trust her again. She started crying and swore that she would do whatever it took to get back together. I told her to prove it by sucking my cock. She looked through her tears to see that I was serious, then dropped to her knees in front of me. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. She didn’t hesitate to take it all the way in her mouth. As I stood there fucking her mouth, I was beginning to put a plan together. While she bobbed on my cock, I said so you swear you will do anything to get back together. Is that right? She looked up at me and tried to nod while still gulping on my meat. As my plan took shape I could feel that feeling in my balls and as I grabbed the back of her head I shot my cum down her throat, causing her to gag a little. She swallowed as much as she could before releasing my dick to get some air, while the last of my cum dripped on her chin and shirt. I zipped up my pants and told her to clean up while I thought over her wishes. While she was in the bathroom I decided it was worth it, and would follow through on my plan.

When she returned I told her that if she truly meant that she would do whatever I wanted, I would consider getting back together with her. She said that all I had to do was tell her what I wanted and she would do it. The trap was set. I told her that I had three tests for her and she would have to pass all of them for us to get back together. She asked what the tests were. I told her that she had to do exactly what I told her from then on, and that on three separate nights, without her knowing it she would be tested. If she failed even one of the tests, we were through. She again said what ever I wanted was fine with her. Later that evening I fucked her a couple of times, including driving my cock deep up her ass just to let her know that things would be on my terms from now on.

While slamming my dick into her ass I again said, are you sure you want to do whatever it will take to make me happy? Through clenched teeth she grunted out a yes. She was mine.

First Night

I hadn ‘t let her move back into the house yet, since she hadn’t passed the tests, but she did spend a lot of time there sucking and fucking me. She wasn’t a beauty queen by any stretch, but then again, I ‘m just an average looking guy myself. But there was something about her that was very fuck worthy. She was carrying a few extra pounds and her ass had some extra cushion. Her tits were proportional around a 36D.

When she came over this night, I had her cook me dinner wearing only panties and an apron. She complied willingly. After dinner, as she was clearing the dishes, she came over by me and I reached up and grabbed her left nipple firmly between my fingers squeezing it tightly. As she winced in pain, I asked her if she thought that someone who had whored around on me could ever be faithful and obedient. She said that she could and would. I gave her a firm smack on the ass and told her she was a good little bitch. I could see by the way her face got red that I had humiliated and angered her just a little which was fine with me.

As she was in the kitchen washing the dishes, the doorbell rang. I got up, already knowing who was there, and let in Tracy. She was a friend of mine that Terri had also gotten to know over the years. Tracy had a definite wild side and liked sex of any kind. I had talked to her many times about her sex life and found her most interesting. Earlier that day, I called her and told her what I had in mind. She readily agreed to my plan.

I told Terri to come see who it was. Since she was still just in an apron and panties she tried to just stick her head around the corner and hide her body. I said, get your ass out here and say hello to our guest, slut. Terri bowed her head in shame and came out to greet and hug Tracy.

As Tracy and I sat down, I told Terri to get us some drinks. As she turned to leave, I saw Tracy staring at her pink panty covered ass. When she returned with the drinks I told her to put in a porno movie for us all to watch. After she started the flick, I motioned for her to sit next to me, while Tracy sat on my other side. A few minutes into the movie I started to rub Terri ‘s pussy through her panties, then abruptly stopped. This wasn ‘t lost on Tracy, who saw the whole thing. A little later, I told Terri to take off her apron. She looked at me with a pleading eye, but when I glared back at her, she removed the apron exposing her big tits to Tracy and I. Terri had always been a little envious of Tracy. Tracy was absolutely gorgeous, and Terri couldn’t match up physically. But her tits were bigger than Tracy and in spite of her unease, her rock hard nipples stood out like marbles.

After a few more minutes of watching the two guys on the screen getting sucked and fucked by the one blonde, I tapped Tracy on the leg. It was time. Still fully dressed she reached a hand down to her pussy, and started rubbing it and said damn am I getting wet and horny what about you Terri? Terri just looked at her playing with herself and didn’t answer. Again I grabbed her nipple roughly and said answer our guest slut!

She agreed that she was also horny. Tracy said it was too bad that I only had one dick and there were two horny women there to satisfy. I said that we should be able to figure out some way of keeping this fair. Tracy then said, but I would be uncomfortable if she could see me fucking you. I assured her that wouldn’t be a problem.

I led them both into the bedroom. I took out two scarves and told them they would each put one on as a blindfold and then get completely undressed. Terri complied. As was our plan, Tracy didn’t put on the blindfold, but did get naked. She had a dynamite body, long slim legs, a tight small ass, and small firm tits that just begged to be licked that would come in time. Even though Terri and I had done some interesting things sexually when we were together, she always maintained that she would never have any sort of lesbian encounter. That’s what she thought.

After Terri was blindfolded, I told them to both lay down on the bed. I said that I was going to ask them a series of questions, and when I got all the responses I wanted, someone was going to get a good fucking. All they had to do was raise a hand if they would agree to my wish. I started out simple asking who wanted a hard dick inside them. Terri raised her hand and Tracy nodded. Who was willing to suck my cock first. Again, a hand and a nod. Who was willing to let me shoot off all over their face and tits. Both again agreed. Who was willing to let the other lick my cum off their face and tits. Terri, hesitated but eventually raised a tentative hand, while Tracy gave an enthusiastic nod. Who was willing to lick my cum off the other. No hand from Terri another nod from Tracy. I stuck a finger into each girls cunt and sloshed it around in their hot wet boxes. I pulled my finger out of Tracy and took a taste and told her how good her pussy tasted. Then I pulled my other finger out of Terri ‘s cunt and put it into Tracy ‘s mouth, and again said how good it tasted, as Tracy nodded her concurrence. I asked if they wanted to taste their own pussy juice, and got affirmatives from both. So I again put my fingers in their hot pussies, and after getting them nice and wet, put my finger soaked in Tracy ‘s cum into Terri ‘s mouth, and vise-versa.

By now I was so hard I thought I ‘d cum right there, so I got out of my clothes and told them it was time to get serious. I got down between Terri ‘s legs and started to lick her pussy lips and tickle her clit. She began to moan and squirm. After a few minutes, I moved over and gave Tracy the same treatment. Then I asked Terri if she wanted some more, to which she greedily said yes. But instead of me, Tracy got down between her legs and stated to lap at her fat pussy. Within a minute or two she reached her hands down and realized that it wasn ‘t me there, but she was enjoying it too much to stop her. I told Terri that while she was getting a good cunt lapping I was going to be fucking Tracy, so she better just lay back and enjoy.

Tracy was there on her hand and knees eating away at Terri ‘s hot box as I got behind her upturned ass and slowly slid my cock into her warm wet tight pussy. I started to inch it in as she began to thrust her hips back at me to pull me in further. All the while onguing Terri ‘s pussy. Terri was just laying on her back in her own world enjoying the moment. I could tell the first time Tracy made her come as she thrashed all over screaming for her to keep eating her pussy.

As I burried my cock in Tracy’s tight cunt I began ramming into her for all I was worth. She was incredible. The harder I thrust the more she seemed to like it. I put one hand on her ass, and slid my thumb into her tight little asshole, as she moaned her approval.

Then after she got Terri off a second time, I couldn’t hold it any longer and flooded Tracys pussy with cum. I kept thrusting till I felt like every drop of cum in me was now deep inside her awesome cunt. As I pulled out with a pop, I could see a little of our combined cum dribble down her leg, but she was still tongue deep in Terri ‘s cunt. I put my still hard cock on Terri ‘s lips and told her to lick it clean. She opened her mouth and began to lick Tracy ‘s pussy juice and my cum off my cock. I allowed her to keep this up for a while after it was clean, just so I could watch Tracy bring her to what must have been her third orgasm. I asked Terri if she was ready to be fucked, and she quickly said, oh yes, I want that big dick inside of me sooo badly I told her that if she wanted my cock, she would have to earn it. Once again, she said that she would do whatever I wanted. On cue, Tracy got up from between her legs, and with Terri ‘s cunt juice dripping from her chin kissed her full on the lips, and put her tongue deep in Terri ‘s mouth. I told Terri that Tracy was loosing all my cum, and would make a mess if it wasn ‘t cleaned up. Tracy, straddled her face and slowly lowered her dripping cunt onto Terri ‘s mouth. As a drop of our combined cum hit her lips Terri opened her mouth and tentatively began to lick our juices out of Tracy ‘s pussy.

While this was going on I got down and put my cock into Terri ‘s pussy in one quick move causing her to gasp at the suddenness of it. Tracy was facing me with her ass over Terri ‘s nose, so that she could watch me fucking Terri, while she began to pull hard on Terri’s nipples. Terri gave no signs of being uncomfortable eating pussy, she was diving in like an old pro. I pounded her cunt for all I was worth while I watched Tracy rub her cunt up and down Terris mouth and face forcing her to occasionally lick her ass instead.

Finally when I could take no more, I shot another load deep inside her pussy and kept fucking her till I had no more energy. We all rolled over on to the bed and fell asleep. She had passed the first test.

Second Night

About a month after the night with Tracy, it was time for the second test. It had been a good month, I was getting all the sex I wanted from Terri, with no complaints. And even though she loved lots of dick, folks that I knew around town said they hadn’t seen her out whoring anymore. Maybe she was changing. We’d see.

That night, my friend Rob was supposed to come over and play cards with Terri and I. He did this from time to time, just to get away from his wife. She was a petite, hot little piece of ass, but she was a stone cold bitch. So from time to time he liked a night away from her. Again, he knew what was to come this night, as was willing and ready. We played some three handed poker for a while. Just nickel ante stuff. Terri was sitting between Rob and I. I had instructed her to wear a fairly short dress and no underwear, just in case I wanted a quick piece of ass during the night.

I got up to go to the bathroom, and as the door to the bathroom closed(I was in the hallway watching the whole thing), Rob moved in on cue. He put his hand on her thigh and told her how hot she looked. She thanked him and made no move to remove his hand. He then told her how his wife was withholding sex from him for an argument and how much he had always wanted to get Terri between the sheets. As he was saying this he was moving his hand up her thigh, under her dress. She parted her legs for him to have easier access. He leaned over and kissed her as his hand reached the wetness of her cunt. She put an arm around his neck and a hand on his bulging crotch.

He put a finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck her right there at the table. She proved that she couldn ‘t be trusted that made everything else easier. I stood there and watched as he continued to dip his finger into her wet pussy, while she rubbed his cock through his pants. They kissed while he used his other hand to grab and rub her big tits.

After a while, I went down the hall and pretended to be done in the bathroom and walked out. By the time I got out there they were sitting as I had left them, although a little bit flushed. I asked what they’d been doing while I was gone, and Terri said they were just talking. Now she ‘d lied to me again. If she’d just been honest she could have fucked Rob and still stayed together, but she had to lie.

So we continued to play cards for a while longer. After another hour, we went to the living room and began watching TV, Terri was seated on the couch between Rob and I. After a little TV and a few more drinks, I told Terri that I had a surprise for her, but I would need Rob ‘s help to carry it in. She always loved surprises. I told her to close her eyes and not peek until I told her to. If she looked early, the surprise would be taken back to the store. She complied.

Rob and I got up and went toward the bedroom. We quietly got out of our clothes, and since we both knew what was about to happen, our rock hard cocks, sprung toward the sky. I asked if he was ready, and he grinned and nodded his eagerness. We walked into the living room and stood on either side of Terri holding our dicks straight toward her. I told her to lean forward, until our cocks were within inches of her face. Then I told her that she could open up her eyes. As quickly as she realized that there were two hard cocks staring her in the face, she drew back her head a few inches. I told her it was OK and that her honesty and faithfulness was about to be rewarded. She reached a hand out to each cock, and began to lightly stroke each of us. Then she alternated sucking each of us into her hot mouth. After a few minutes of this, we stood her up and began kissing and fondling her body, four hands and two set of lips carressing her whole body had her on the verge of her first orgasm (assuming she didn’t have one while Rob finger fucked her earlier). In one quick move, I pulled the zipper to her dress all the way down and her dress came off, so she was as naked as we were. Again we resumed rubbing her whole body, and she jerked slowly on our cocks.

I told her we wanted to play a game of quarter with her. She asked what it was. I told her to get down on her hands and knees, which she quickly did. Then I told her the only rules. She was the quarter. I got in front of her and told her that I got heads and pulled her mouth onto my dick. Then as Rob entered her pussy from behind I said he had tails. And after a while we would flip her and switch. As Rob pounded her cunt, she began moaning into my cock as she sucked its length feverishly. After a few minutes of this I pulled her head back by her hair and yelled flip. Rob pulled out of her all at once and I told her to lay on her back with her head toward Rob. As she complied, Rob stuck his cock wet with her juices into her mouth and I began to fuck her swollen pussy. After a few more minutes of this, we again flipped her to the original position.

By now I was finding it hard to maintain, and Rob must have been pretty close to the edge too. I saw him slap her ass hard and then ram his cock into her with all the force he could muster as he came deep inside her pussy. With that sight, I grabbed the back of her hair, and thrust her mouth around my cock till it was buried in her throat and shot my load.

After we both finished spewing our sperm into her, we told her to flip again. As she sucked Rob back to life, I fingered her clit just to make sure she was horny as could be. After she had yet another orgasm, I let my hand trace down her pussy, till it was wet with Rob and Terri ‘s combined juices. As I let my finger coat with their cum,I slowly moved it down toward her ass, and inserted it into her tight ass while more of his cum began to flow out of her. The thought of what was yet to come and watching her suck Rob ‘s again hard cock, was enough to get me hard again.

I told Terri to lay on her side and I got behind her while she continued to slurp his dick. Slowly I began to inch my cock into her tight ass, and I could here from her grunts that it hurt and felt good all at the same time. As I got all of my dick shoved up her ass, Rob repositioned himself and put his dick again into her gaping pussy. It was a wild sensation. I could feel his cock rubbing against the wall of her pussy and my dick. As we fucked her in rhythm, our balls would slap together causing her to moan even louder. We gradually began to increase the speed of our pounding until we were fucking her with all the speed we could manage. Within a few more minutes, I could feel myself building up to orgasm. With one final thrust, I shot hot cum up her ass. Rob kept up his pace for a few more seconds before also shooting his second load of cum into her whoring pussy. She had failed the second test, but still brought us pleasure.




Final Night

Every year I have a halloween costume party. I get friends to come over in some of the most inventive costumes I’ve ever seen. This year I was going to give them a treat to thank them for showing up. My specialty was the jungle juice I mixed up. It was guaranteed to pack a punch, and a few drinks was enough to get many people hammered.

So I was dressed as a priest, and I had Terri dress as a harem girl. The outfit left little to the imagination. Even with the layers of light material flowing over her body, her large tits jiggled and swayed with every step, and the full patch of her pubic hair was unmistakable. Our guests started to arrive with assorted costumes. Everything from just your basic toga, to very detailed and intricate outfits. The evening was going along well.

As the night wore on, I noticed Terri getting a lot of looks for her outfit. Looks of excitement from the guys, and a few less endearing glances from some of the women. The bulk of the night went on as normal. Lots of music, talking, jokes and of course, drinking. Around midnight, you could start to see a lot of the couple groping each other and getting themselves worked up. Soon they would be leaving to find somewhere to go and fuck. That would leave the die- hard partiers behind. The people who felt it was disrespectful to leave a party while there was any alcohol left.

As the couples departed, we got down to a group of 14.

Terri, and two other women, me and ten other guys. It was time for the entertainment portion of the night. I turned down the music and got everyone ‘s attention.

I told them that as a special gift this year, Terri was going to do the dance of the 7 veils for us. This brought forth a cheer from the guys, and a laugh from the women. Terri looked at me, her face flushed red, but also a gleam in her eye that told me she would follow through. I whispered in her ear that she was to loose all 7 veils before she was done. She reminded me that that would leave her totally naked. I smacked her on her large ass and told her it was time to begin.

I restarted some appropriate music, and with all the guys cheering, she began to shimmy and shake her body while slowly removing a veil. Then came the second, and the cheers grew. Then the third. With each veil, came a louder cheer, and a broader smile on her face. She was really getting into it now. By the fifth veil, one of the two women decided it was time for her to leave. The other woman stayed and enjoyed the rest of the show with us. Six veils gone, and the only thing between Terri and us was a whisper thin piece of fabric covering her waist and thighs. Some of the guys were obviously sporting major hard-ons. As the last veil hit the floor they all let out a holler that I thought would bring down the roof. Everyone began to applaud as Terri stood there naked, drunk, and obviously unsure of what to do next. I moved toward her and told the group that for the rest of the night, she was going to be our genie. She would grant any wish we wanted, without hesitation, or reservation. And to prove the point I told her that my first wish was for her to suck my cock. She dropped to her knees and reaching into my costume pulled out my dick and began to suck me right there in front of the group.

The group watched as she expertly sucked in the length of my cock, and then slid it out again. Then she began pumping my shaft with one hand while bobbing her head on my dick. I looked around to see a few cocks out in the open, and the other female, Sharon was openly rubbing her own crotch. But no one moved to join, they seemed content to watch. As I got to the point that I could feel myself getting close I pulled her head back by her hair and shot my load into her open mouth and on her face. This again brought a cheer from the crowd.

I told Terri to lie down on her back, while the guys lined up to take their turn at her. Sharon asked about her, and I told her that she could help the guys recover after they had come on or in Terri. It wasn’t quite what she had hoped for, but by now she knew that this was Terri ‘s night to perform. One of the guys offered to fuck Sharon while he waited his turn for Terri, and that seemed to satisfy her growing lust.

So with Terri on her back, one guys quickly rammed himself full inside her pussy, while a second guy sitting above her head, fucked her mouth with his cock, and two others sat on either side of her to play with her big tits while she jerked them off. As soon as one person came, another was there to replace him. I saw Sharon sucking on dicks covered in come to get them hard for the next trip back to Terri. She laid there sucking fucking and jerking off one after another after another. And judging from the tell-tale moaning, she was enjoying herself. Before long, her front was covered in come. Her tits had globs covering them, while her face and hair fairly oozed with it. And there was a big pool of come running out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass.

After all 11 of us had come on or in her at least once, I told her to get on her hands and knees. Once there, I put my cock into her gaping cunt to coat it with cum, and then sunk it deep into her ass in one stroke. As I fucked her ass, one of the guys again got in front of her and lifted her head onto his cock as it disappeared into her mouth. Since she wasn ‘t really fond of being fucked in the ass, it was incredibly tight on my dick, and didn’t take long before I let loose with another load of sperm deep within her bowels. As soon as I pulled from her, another guy took my place. Since we were now just fucking her two at a time, Sharon was getting a little more attention. But I cautioned the guys to save their come for Terri. After all it was her night. Some of the guys came in her ass as I had, some shot off on her ass and back, while others continued to fuck her well stretched pussy.

I laid back and had Sharon give me a blowjob while I watched guy after guy mount and fuck Terri. I couldn ‘t even begin to count the number of times a cock went into some hole of hers. Soon the cum was running down her thighs, and forming little puddles behind her knees.

As the last of the guys fucked her for their final time and pulled out, Terri fell onto the floor in a heap, exhausted and sore. The guys and Sharon got dressed and left Terri and I there alone. They all commented that it was the best party I had ever thrown. I looked at Terri there on the floor covered virtually from head to toe in cum and asked her how she liked the night. She said it was fun but she was sore. I told her that her night was not yet over. I made her suck my cock back to full erection and then turned her around to fuck her ass one more time. I rammed my cock into her sore ass with all the force I could muster. I was trying to punish her one last time, and from her facial expressions I could see she was in some pain. As I came and pulled out of her, I told her to get her clothes on and leave.

With her face covered in sweat and cum she asked if she could take a shower first. I told her that she had failed the test by fucking with Rob while I was in the bathroom, and I was through with her now. With tears rolling down her face, she left and never again came back. It was a cruel thing to do, but at that time in my life, I wanted to get even for the hurt that she had caused me. But I must say, no one before or since has ever been so willing to please and to put on such a show for me.

The End

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