Three on a Bed

March 19, 2014 – 3:06 pm

My wife is the type that could be called almost prudish in her sexual desires.

When we met she was still a virgin, so everything she’s learned about sex has been with me. I’ve tried to get her to loosen up, but it’s been a long and tough process. She believed that sex was just a little foreplay and then intercourse. And no matter how much I tried to get her to loosen up, she always resisted.

We had been married 10 years before I finally convinced her to give me the occasional blowjob. She thought it was disgusting, but finally relented when I convinced her how much I really wanted it. The thing is, she’s really great at it. She sucks a cock like she was brought up on it. It was definitely a hidden talent that I was glad I finally unlocked. Now on special occasions, I could get a blowjob. But I wasn’t satisfied with that. Like any guy, I wanted more.

For our 12th anniversary, I put together an elaborate plan to get her to try something a little different. It took me nearly a month to plan, and it was very risky, but the possible reward was worth it. If things backfired, I’d surely piss off my wife on our anniversary and wind up divorced. But if things went well, our sex life would change forever.

As our day approached, she asked what I wanted for a gift. I held her close and told her that I wanted her to be my little slut for one night. When she asked what I meant, I told her that I wanted her to dress the way I said and do what I wanted for one night. Initially, she said no, but eventually gave in.

So on the appointed night, I came home with a single red rose, and gave her a long deep kiss, while grabbing a hand full of her firm round ass. I told her I was taking her out to dinner, and that we were going to dress up. As we went to the bedroom to get ready, I pulled out a short tight dress for her to put on. She’d worn it before, and even though it was more revealing than she liked, she resigned herself to wearing it to live up to her promise to me.

As she reached for her pantie drawer, I told her no panties this night. She balked at that idea, but when I reminded her of her promise, she relented. Dinner was uneventful. We went to a nice restaurant and had a good meal. The fact that she was sitting there with her pussy bare under her short dress drove me nuts, and I guess she thought that was all I was after.

When we got home, I got out another bottle of champagne to go with the one we drank with dinner. I lit a candle and we sat on the couch sipping the champagne and necking. I started to rub her round tits till her nipples got hard. My hands were now exploring her body, and as I reached her bare pussy, the wetness became very apparent to me. I suggested that we go to the bedroom to continue. So we took the candle with us and went up to the bedroom. We quickly shed our clothes and began to explore each other with our hands while passionately kissing. I was so horny I could barely stand it, and I could tell by my wet fingers that the foreplay and champagne was having a similar effect on her.

I whispered in her ear that I would really like a blow job. She told me that she figured when I said that she had to do what I wanted, that I had a blowjob in mind. I told her that I wanted her to get on all fours at the end of the bed while I layed in front of her. She complied and soon was giving some excellent head. I held her head as she bobbed up and down on my hard cock. I asked her if she was horny, and of course she mumbled a yes. I said that it was too bad that I couldn’t fuck her wet cunt at the same time she was sucking my cock. She tried to nod her agreement while not removing my cock from her mouth. I told her to spread her legs a little wider and imagine a hard dick entering her wet pussy. After a little coaxing she complied. She seemed to be getting into the fantasy as she was rocking her hips while sucking my dick.

Then, just as I had planned, my friend Jon snuck out of our closet, naked with a raging hard-on in his hand. As he crept up behind my wife I asked her if she was still imagining that hard cock pounding her tight pussy, and she moaned her yes. I grabbed her head a little tighter and fucked her face. At the same time Jon grabbed her hips and plunged his dick into her dripping cunt in one swift movement. She struggled for a second, trying to understand what was happening, but the combination of the position she was in, the champagne she had consumed and the ecstasy she was feeling, she soon resigned herself to her predicament.

As Jon began to pound her hot little box, she responded by sucking harder on my cock. The sight of another man fucking my wife while she swallowed my dick was driving me to the brink in a big hurry. In no time I was shooting a huge load of cum into my darling wife’s mouth. She nearly gagged on it as she pulled away to let some of it splash on her face and in her hair.

As my cock stopped spurting, she tried to look behind her to see who it was inside her. Again I grabbed her face and told her no. She was not to know who her mystery fuck was. In fact, I found a scarf and tied it around her eyes to keep her from seeing him. Soon I could hear that she was reaching an earth shattering orgasm. As she bucked and moaned, Jon sped up his assault on her cunt and soon jammed his cock deep in her, depositing his cum within her pussy. This sight had the desired effect of getting me hard again. I told her to turn around on the bed, and when she did, Jon grabbed her head and placed his wet semi-hard cock at her lips. She surprised me by not hesitating to take him into her mouth and bathed his cock with her tongue.

As I kneeled behind her I could make out their combined juices running down her thighs, and slipped my dick into her soaking wet snatch. The feeling of her pussy filled with his cum was different to say the least. I began fucking her for all I was worth. My balls were slapping against her clit with each stroke.

I wet my finger with the cum that was oozing out of her hole, and began to lube up her tight virgin ass. Her only response was to moan even louder than she had been. While I continued to ram my cock into her hot pussy, I slowly inserted a finger into her tight ass. It was kind of weird feeling. I could feel my cock with my finger and the other way around. She made no move to stop me as I fingered her ass while pounding her cunt, while she sucked Jons dick like a pro.

She had her second and third orgasms before each of us came for the second time. She collapsed on the bed spent and sore. Jon quietly left, and I wrapped my arms around her and thanked her for a great anniversary as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning she somewhat embarrassed asked me who the other person was. To this day I haven’t answered her question. That one secret frightens her and excites her all at the same time…and that’s the way it’s going to stay.

The End

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