You Little Slut

November 19, 2007 – 10:00 am

I had just got dressed for the masquerade party as a high school girl in
pigtails and tennis shoes. With my white blouse, short pleated skirt, and
as tiny as I am, I could pass for about 15 or 16, but I had recently just
turned 18.

As I was running around trying to get ready, I heard the doorbell ring and
thought to myself, is my date here already.

Answering the door I saw this lady mail carrier with a package for the
people next door who weren’t home, and she asked if I would accept the
package for them, and I had to sign the sheet for the post office.

As she fished in her pocket for her pen I carefully looked at her and her
tom boyish features, and thought to myself the only way I could tell that
she was a woman was her tiny breasts, which barely made a lump in her
uniform shirt, and she sort of resembled Elvis Priestly.

With both our eyes looking at the pen at the same time we could see that it
had split open and the ink was all over the pocket of her shirt, so I told
her I would get a cold wet cloth to try and get rid of the ink and I also
had a pen I could use to sign for the package.

As I wiped her shirt front I noticed a tiny bump appearing through her
shirt and realized her nipples were getting hard, so I handed her the cloth
to clean her shirt and told her I’d get my pen.

Bending over she could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties, and although
it hadn’t been my plan on seduction apparently that was what was happening.

After signing the post office sheet and handing it to her she grabbed my
wrist and said, “You’re a little slut aren’t you”.

I was in shock. Not so much because I was turning this woman on because I
had been to bed with women before, but the way she was treating me.

She went on, “Little sluts like you need a spanking,” and grabbed my wrist
harder and sat down on the chair dragging me over her lap, and flipping up
my short skirt to reveal my naked ass.

I tried to reason with her telling her that my friend was coming to pick me
up for a party and that’s why I had dressed the way I was, but all she said
was “shut up bitch”.

Now I was scared. What if this woman was crazy. I tried to beg her not to
spank me through sobbing whimpers, but she didn’t listen.

Spank! The sound resonated through the room and came as a shock to me, and
the pain was terrible, as I tried to squirm off her lap but she held me

Then it started, first one ass cheek them the other. Each blow harder than
the first, and the pain was starting to turn to something else. Was it
passion? I didn’t know. All I knew was that it really wasn’t hurting as
much as it had, even when she began to spank my inner thighs, and my cry’s
turned to soft moans.

Subconsciously my legs parted wider and I knew she could see that my pussy
was puffy and moist and wondered what that would do to her. What her
reaction might be. I didn’t have to wait long as she dragged her fingers
long my wet pussy and said, “so the spanking is turning you on huh slut”.

She didn’t wait for an answer because the next thing I felt was her
spanking my hot wet pussy.

The pain was terrible but at the same time wonderful, as I squirmed on her
lap, feeling each blow as her hand connected with my hot wet pussy.

When all at once it stopped just as it had begun, and as she let me slide
to the floor, and reaching back to rub my sore ass cheeks, she said “keep
kneeling bitch you’re my slave and I’m going to fuck you”.

I suppose a look of confusion crossed my face as I knelt as I had been
told, and watched as she took off her uniform pants. I wondered if I had
been wrong and it really was a man and I was going to be raped.

Then I saw it as she removed her men’s boxer shorts, a long black plastic
strapon, that sprang up in front of her after being released from it’s
confinement in the boxers.

“Kneel bitch and suck my shecock” she said as she grabbed my hair and
dragged me in a kneeling position in front of her with the shecock hitting
my face.

“Please don’t make me do that” I pleaded, but to no avail, as she pressed
the plastic dong to my lips, and I did what I was told, and sucked.

After a few moments she told me to get on my hands and knees and knelt
behind me, holding the plastic dong to my asshole. “Oh no,” I pleaded “not

Holding me by the hair she pushed her hips roughly and the shecock entered
my asshole to the hilt, and she started to fuck my tight little asshole

With the initial pain over from the plastic dong in my asshole I started to
get into it and pushed back, at the same time moving my hand to between my
legs so I could finger my hot pussy and make myself cum, but she stopped
that by spanking my sore ass cheek.

“You will ask permission to cum slut. When and if I decide to give it only
them will you be allowed to cum” she barked at me. “So remember bitch. It’s
may I cum mistress?”

The tingle was building in my pussy and I almost couldn’t believe that I
might be able to cum by being fucked in the ass, but it was getting
stronger, and so were my moans.

When I felt that I was on the edge of cumming, I begged “Please mistress
may I cum?” as I started to try and move my hand to my hot wet pussy.

Slapping my hand away she growled “Yes slut, cum but don’t touch your
cunt”, as she fucked me with the plastic dong harder and faster.

I thought it impossible to cum without touching my hot pussy but moments
later I had a mind blowing orgasm and I think my ass came too.

After I had recovered for a few moments the woman said “Now you’re going to
eat my pussy and eat it good or I’ll go out to my truck and get my whip”.

I pleaded “Oh no not that please. I’m not a lesbian.”

“You will be after
today bitch” she said, and took off the strapon and sat back in the chair
with her hairy legs spread wide.

Kneeling in front of her I knew what to do because I have had it done to me
but I had never licked a pussy, and didn’t know if I could do it.

I put my hands on her legs and dipped my head to her hot hairy pussy and,
hesitating, stuck out my tongue to lick her pussy.

Licking up and down then holding her open to lick her inner lips, I don’t
know if it was a growl or a moan but I kept on licking, hoping I would make
her cum quickly so she would leave my apartment.

I felt her tense up then with a little moan she came, or I should say she
gushed. As I licked it up I had the urge to drink her cum and as it covered
my face I drank as much as I could, enjoying every drop.

As the woman was preparing to leave she told me, “I’m off tomorrow slut,
but from here on it you’re my bitch and I’ll be back the next day”. All I
could say was “Yes Mistress.”

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