Count The Strokes

November 18, 2007 – 10:00 am

What makes a straight guy want kinky, submissive sex? What makes him long
for being turned into a sissy, being forced to have sex with men? I had
asked myself this question so often, never being able to figure out the
answer. But the feelings came back again and again.

Here I was, a man with a 6 year relationship with a woman who doesn’t
suspect a thing, and definately would not approve it. I no longer could keep
my deeper feelings to myself, so I decided to date a bdsm-couple through
the Internet.

To my surprise, it wasn’t all fakers replying: my advertisement was
answered by a Heather and Connor, an experienced couple who wanted a slave just
as much as I needed someone to submit me.

After the intital exchange of pleasantries, we agreed to meet in real. We
were to have a few drinks at a bar to get to know each other, and if we all
wanted to go on, we would start my training afterwards. I was to buy black
silk panties that I had to wear under my regular clothes for the meeting.

I was early for the meeting. I was nervous as hell and I could hardly sip
on my drink without shaking like a straw in the wind. Suddenly I heard a
female voice behind me. Hi there, care if we sit down and join you?

I turned around and saw Heather and Connor. They were dressed in quite regular
clothes. Heather wore a pair of blue jeans and a sweater. Connor also wore a
sweater and had shiny black leather pants underneath. They ordered a drink
and soon we had a vivid conversation about ourselves – and out BDSM
feelings, of course.

I noticed Heather and Connor exchanging views and Heather took the word: ‘Rick, we
both have the feeling that you can become a perfect slave for us. Now is
the time to decide if you want to go on with this. I warn you: if you say
yes, you give up the right to speak up to us. You will only speak to us
when we allow you to do so. You will do whatever we want you to do – or be
severly punished. In return we will train you to become a sissy-slut and
give you the priviledge to sexually please us. What do you say?’

I took a deep breath before answering: ‘Yes, I want to be your slave and
will do as you please.’

With a smile on his face, Heather continued: ‘Okay. From now on you will
always address us as Master Connor and Mistress Heather, unless we tell you
otherwise. Understood, slave?’

‘Yes, Mistress Heather’ I replied.

‘Very well,’ Connor said ‘we decided you to give you a more fitting name. From
now on, your name is Candy. That’s because you are sweet as a candybar, and
we will make you even sweeter. Candy, follow the Mistress to the

My legs got weak in anticipation of what was to follow. The Mistress lead
me into the ladies room. ‘I will examine you now to see if we really can
use you, little slut’. I had to remove my shirt, shoes, socks and pants,
standing there in my black panties. They were soaked from a large amount of
pre-cum, that had dripped out from my dick throughout our conversation.
Mistress looked at me from all sides and then commanded me to remove my
panties as well.

I felt ashamed and aroused at the same time. I had to bend over and spread
my asscheeks. Mistress Heather checked out my asshole without saying a
word. I had no idea if she was pleased with what she saw.

‘Get dressed again and move your sorry ass into the men’s room!’ she
exclaimed. I did as I was told and waited for what more was to come.

When Master Connor entered the men’s room he ordered me to undress again.
After he had examined me as well, he ordered me to sit on a stool. He stood
in front of me with his leather crotch right in front of my face. ‘Kiss my
dick!’ I hesitated. I had never touched another man’s cock and now I was to
kiss one. My only comfort was that it was still covered by the leather

‘Get going, slut’ the Master shouted while slapping me in the face. ‘We
don’t have all day.’ Reluctantly I started to kiss my Master’s cock and
balls making the cock grow to a respectable size. The Master turned around
and I had to lick his asscrack as well. What had I gotten myself into?
Finally the Master ordered me to lick his leather boots. ‘Later you will
taste skin. But first we have to improve your looks.’

I got dressed again. Then we left the restroom and went to their car. We
were walking through the streets like ‘normal’ people. I put my hands in my
jacket’s pockets so I could better hide my cock, which was stiff and oozing
with precum since we went to the restroom. When we arrived at the car, I
had to lie down in the back between the front and back seat. I couldn’t see
where we were heading.

After driving for a few minutes, my Mistress told me to put my hand in the
crotch area of my master. I had to stroke his cock while he was driving.
This clearly aroused him – his cock soon hardened and he let out a light
moan. ‘Wait till you get fucked by my cock,’ he teased me. ‘I will fuck you
so hard you will see stars. Just as sluts like you deserve.’

His words scared me. I realised what path I had taken. Soon I would be
their lovetoy and be forced to endure their tortures and humiliations. This
thought really turned me on. The idea of being controlled by this couple
was almost too much to handle for me. My already hard cock started to pulse
from the blood and I almost came. Jane and Connor had told me right from the
start that I was not to come before they ordered me to, so I tried my best
to hold the orgasm back.

After about 15 minutes the car stopped at their house (as I learned later).
Heather put a leather mask over my head. The mask only had holes for my nose
and mouth. I couldn’t see a thing. She the put a collar with leish around
my neck. I was allowed to get out of the car now. Miss Heather led me inside
and to the bathroom.

She removed the mask and collar and told me to get a shower and also clean
my insides. For that purpose she gave me an enema kit. ‘Candy, I want you
to be really nice and clean inside. Or we make you eat you own shit!
Understood, slut?’ ‘Yes, Mistress Heather.’ The Mistress also told me to
shave my balls and ass again. ‘You better make sure there’s no hair left
or I pull them out myself with my teeth. Don’t force me to do that, slut.’

I was left alone and took my time to get ready. When I was finished I had
to ring a bell and get on my knees with my hands and head on the floor. I
somehow expected that my Mistress and Master would enter immediately, but I
was wrong. I waited on the cold bathroom floor for about half an hour
until Mistress Heather came in. She sat me down on the stool and started to
apply make-up. I saw that she had shiny red lipstick for me, the rest I
couldn’t really make out.

Mistress then replaced the mask – I was blindfolded again. She then worked
on my fingers and toes, applying bright red (as I would later see) nail
polish. She left me for a few minutes to let the polish dry. When she
returned, she dressed me. I felt that she put a bra on me, then a garter
belt and stockings. Silk panties followed and then a short leather
skirt. I felt that it couldn’t cover all of my ass when I was sitting down.

Heather then put something which felt like sand filled balloons into my bra.
‘We’ll get you real titties later’ she said. Then I was don a silk
blouse. The silk felt cool and I felt that my panties already started to
become wettened by precum. Because of the constant arousal, my cock
started to hurt quite badly, urging me to releive the feeling by cumming.
But I wasn’t allowed to. Mistress Heather then put clip earrings, a necklace
and an anklet on me. She finished the outfit by putting me into a pair of
four inch stiletto heels and some kind of long-haired wig. I could not yet
see what color my new hair had.

Mistress Heather then lead me into another room where she made me raise my
arms. She put leather bracelets around my arms and fastened them upwards
so that they were about 3 feet apart. Then she also fastened my ankles so
that I was standing 3 feet wide. With arms and legs in a fixed position,
all I could do was wiggle my body. Mistress ordered me to close my
eyes. She removed the mask and put a ball gag into my moth.

Mistress told me that I had to keep my eyes closed until I was ordered to
open them. And I was only to look forward or down to the ground, not
sideways or I would be very severly punished. I hadn’t yet received a
punishment for failing to please Master and Mistress and I wanted to keep
it that way as long as possible, so I decided I better keep Heather’s words
in mind.

I had a few minutes to think about what was happening. Heather and Connor had
clearly decided to have a slow buildup to what was going to happen. As a
result, I was horny as hell. I would do anything to just get some fucking
or be able to masturbate. This was probably their plan, I thought. Right
now I was going to eat of of their asses if that’s what they wanted. Oh how
I longed for something penetrating my asshole. Although I was not into gay
sex, I was very anally focussed. I often trained myself by stucking things
up my ass, and after I while I was even able to take up beer bottles.

‘Open your eyes, Candy-slut!’ When I followed the order, I was completely
taken by surprise. I was standing in front of a ceiling-high mirror, feet
wide apart and arms upwards. I had to look to to recognize that it was
really me. Mistress had done an exquisit job applying the make-up. I was
heavily made up, especially my lips caught my attention. They where very
bright red. I had long, blond curly hair, which made me look even
cheaper. And on top of that, the clothing.

The silk blouse was white and I could easily see my black bra through it.
The black leather skirt didn’t even fully cover the top of my black
stockings. Around my feet were a pair of red stiletto fuck-me shoes.

My new look didn’t exactly help the situation of my cock. The pain and urge
became even worse. It was like when I had foreplay with a woman for the
first time, only 100 times stronger. The feeling frustrated and pleasured
me at the same time.

‘Look at this slutty little cunt. She just begs to be fucked good. I really
can’t wait to take her virginity.’ My Master’s voice came from the left. I
remembered just in time that I was not allowed to look that way. This was
too much for me. I had an orgasm without anyone even as much as touch
me. With a deep moan I shot out a large spunk of cum into my panties. I
hoped that Master Connor didn’t notice my situation.

‘What are you doing?’ Master shouted. Suddenly he was standing right next
to me. ‘You haven’t cum, have you?’ I was too afraid to say anything.
SLAP! I cried out when my Master hit me on my left cheek. ‘I asked you
something, slut!’

‘I couldn’t hold back any longer.’ SLAP! ‘How do you address me?’ Master
shouted. ‘I’m sorry, Master Connor. I couldn’t hold back any longer, Master.’
was my meekly reply ‘I bet you’re sorry now. You should have thought about
that earlier. Didn’t we tell you not to cum without our permission?’
‘Yes.’ SLAP! ‘Yes, Master.’ My cheek stung after being hit hard three
times. I almost started to cry from humilation and pain. Because of my
orgasm and the treatment of my Master, my sexual arousal was completely
gone for now. All that was left was the fear of my Master’s hand.

‘Master roughly pulled up the front of my skirt and entered my panties with
his right hand. He squeezed my cock hard and collected my cum on his
fingers. He then made me lick his fingers clean. ‘Here, you sissyslut.’
Clean this up, you ungrateful bitch. We give you new clothes and what do
you do? Make them dirty immediately. What do you think bitch, does this
behaviour deserve punishment or not?’

I was trapped. I had to answer or I would get slapped again. And I couldn’t
say that this didn’t deserve punishment. I had disobeyed their orders and
indeed was behaving like a spoiled kid, dirtying my new clothes. So I
answered ‘Yes, Master. It deserves punishment.’

‘It’s good that see the necessity of your punishment. I will blindfold you
and you will get 10 strokes by the whip. After each stroke, you will count
and then say thank you Master or Mistress, depending on who stroked
you. Each time you make a mistake, we will start over.’ ‘But how …’ SLAP!
‘Did I allow you to talk?’ ‘No, Master.’ ‘Then why do you speak?
Concentrate on feeling the strokes; learn to tell from the feeling who hit

The Mistress entered the room. When she walked in front of me, I could see
that she had two identical whips in her hand. She gave one to the Master
and they stood behind me. The first stroke caught me by surprise. I felt a
stinging pain on my left ass cheek. ‘One. Thank you Master.’ ‘Wrong, stupid
slut! It was me stroking you.’ the Mistress shouted.

Each subsequent stroke hurt quite a lot. Of course I wasn’t too proficient
at telling who hit me and I made quite a number of mistakes. After a while,
I started to feel the difference between strokes. The angle of the stroke
was different between my Master and Mistress, and the strokes delivered by
Heather were actually harder than Connor’s strokes. I managed to get seven
strokes right when Mistress suddenly hit me much harder than before. I
cried out and could hardly get out a ‘Thank you Mistress.’ ‘When will you
ever learn. Didn’t we tell you to count the strokes?’ I felt so stupid. I
had forgotten to count eight before thanking my Mistress. Of course, we
started at one again.

Finally, after about fifty strokes, I got ten strokes in a row correct.
Mistress congratulated me. ‘Well done, Candy. Maybe you aren’t totally
stupid after all. But remember: this were only light warm-up strokes. Next
time you disobey us, we will have to hit you harder.’

Connor and Heather left me standing there, not even able to rub my painful
asscheeks. My feelings were conflicting. On one hand, I was again being
sexually aroused by these two people having complete control over me and
punishing and humiliating me to their likings. On the other hand, I thought
this was completely crazy and getting out of hands. Reality is much more
intense than I imagined in my wildest dreams. I wondered how long I could
keep this up. But then, I wanted this to to go on. I tried not to think
about this any more as my head started to spin from confusion. Master and
Mistress were really starting to get into my mind.

I waited for ten minutes or so until they returned. I knew that now was the
time I would have to sexually please them.

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