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Most stories on slut wives show how many men like to watch their partners with other men. But this applies to more than adults. I went to a single-sex boys’ school in the remote English countryside back in the fifties. In those days sex was a taboo word and I had the usual non-existent sex education from parents so like all my friends I found out everything by experiment. At just sixteen, still totally inexperienced, I had a girlfriend from the local girls’ school. Wendy was a stunner, really beautiful and physically developed far beyond her sixteen years. Her pretty blue-eyed faced was framed by straight blond hair that reached to her waist. She was tall and slim with large, firm breasts and the best legs I have ever seen. All my friends lusted after her and I was the envy of the school, even some of the teaching staff. On the surface she was demure and shy and I was her first serious boyfriend. We first had sex on her 16th birthday and I soon discovered that Wendy was a real goer who always took the lead. My closest friend in school, Dave, was an undersized, shy fifteen-year-old. He was totally obsessed with sex but so shy he found it difficult to talk to girls. I knew he had a crush on Wendy, yet he was so in awe of her that he wouldn’t come near me when I was with her. Dave’s obsession with sex was such that, at least once a week he asked me to play with his cock. This was not unusual amongst our school friends; they often explored each other’s bodies in this way, but most were now imagining doing this with girls. Dave was no exception, and kept asking me if Wendy and I did this. I had always refused when Dave asked me to play with him, but now, less than one month after Wendy’s 16th birthday, I was getting an overwhelming urge to see her having sex with another boy. In particular I developed an intense fantasy where I taught Dave about sex using Wendy as the model – I had even planned the “lesson” in detail, giving each section a time limit. Such was the hold this fantasy had over me that I mapped out a plan to bring it about. I needed a plan because I knew that Wendy would refuse outright if I asked her to have sex with Dave. The first part of my plan was to agree to Dave’s usual request in the half term. I arranged for him to come round to my house the following day. That night I told Wendy what I had arranged and asked her to be the one to play with Dave. Wendy had a soft spot for Dave, she knew how conscious he was about his lack of height and physique, and she knew he fancied her like hell. She was very excited about what I had planned, and certainly wanted to watch, but initially did not want to get involved. After much persuasion I managed to get her to agree to play with Dave, but when I said I wanted to teach Dave about real sex and asked if she would show him her body, she wasn’t happy. I begged and pleaded with her and she eventually agreed to show her breasts, but there was to be no touching. And that was as far as I dared go, I could not reveal my full plan. At my suggestion Wendy brought her sexiest outfit, a tight white sweater, black wrap-round skirt, a matching black frilly knickers and bra set, stilettos and black lacy stockings. When she arrived she had a bath and changed into her outfit. When Dave came round she hid in the spare bedroom whilst Dave and I went to my room. He undressed and lay on my bed. When he was ready I called out, and Wendy came in. The look on Dave’s face when he saw her was a picture. He was so embarrassed at being caught in this position by the girl he worshipped. He turned away and covered his cock with his hands, but his look turned to one of ecstasy as Wendy knelt on the bed, took hold of his cock and got to work. She really knew how to give a man pleasure using her hands and worked on him expertly for a long time before he spurted large quantities of sperm over himself I was still working out how to introduce the next part of my plan when Dave beat me to it, saying he should now play with Wendy. She laughed but when he repeated his request she refused, as I knew she would. I reminded her what we had agreed the night before and, reluctantly, she said “ok”, but I had to be in charge. With Wendy lying on her back on the bed I set about giving Dave the prepared lesson on sex. I first told him to remove Wendy’s sweater, and he pushed it over her head. Her micro-skirt gave him no problems, but when I told him to remove her bra he did not know where to start. I rolled Wendy onto her front and showed him how the eye and hook worked. Dave’s hands were trembling too much, so I undid the bra myself and removed it before I rolled Wendy onto her back again. Dave now saw the beautiful large, firm breasts that our friends talked and fantasized about, his mouth fell open and he could not tear his eyes away from them. Now came the first tricky bit of my plan … touching. The night before Wendy had agreed “show only, no touching” but I hoped that she would be so turned on by “showing” that she would let me, then Dave, touch her. I took hold of Wendy’s left breast and showed Dave how to stroke and squeeze it, and how to pinch and role a nipple between the fingers. At my invitation he took hold of Wendy’s other breast and copied what I was doing. I expected Wendy to start screaming her objections, but although obviously startled and tense, she said nothing. So I told Dave about sucking at a breast and showed him how, using my tongue and teeth on Wendy’s hard, swollen nipple. Dave copied me again and I knelt up and watched him play with both my girlfriend’s breasts, sucking on one and fondling the other. Dave was loving it, and Wendy was visibly relaxing by the minute.

After the 15 minutes I’d allocated to breast fondling, a short demonstration of the sensitivity of Wendy’s navel followed. I then told Dave to remove her knickers. Again I expected Wendy to object but she closed her eyes and smiled as Dave slipped her knickers down her legs, and we knelt either side of her now naked thighs stroking her blond pubic hair. I asked Wendy to draw her knees up and spread her legs wide apart and she co-operated instantly, exposing her genitals fully to our gaze. Dave and I lay on our stomachs between Wendy’s legs and I showed him the various parts of her cunt … I was really enjoying this and he was goggle-eyed. I first pointed out her clit, and told him to wet his finger and rub it. As he did so Wendy gave a whimper and she squirmed. I encouraged Dave to play with her clit for a while before I spread her cunt lips apart, showing him the slit at the entrance to her love hole and inviting him to push a finger into it. Dave needed no second invitation, and pushed a finger into my girlfriend’s cunt, causing more whimpering and squirming. I told Dave how to feel around inside the cunt, how to find certain spots that made Wendy squirm even more, and how to jerk his finger in and out to simulate a penis fucking her. His left hand moved to caress Wendy’s breasts and he used his right hand to feel round inside her cunt for quite a while, then, still massaging her breasts, he began to finger fuck my girlfriend vigorously, using his thumb to rub her clit as he thrust his fingers in and out. When he worked three fingers fully inside her cunt he had Wendy thrashing around on the bed. Cunnilingus was the next part of the lesson, and I taught Dave what Wendy had taught me, showing him how to lick and nibble her clitoris, to move his tongue around the outside of her cunt lips in a continuous circular motion, and to push his tongue into and out of her cunt hole. Cunnilingus is a great favourite with Wendy and she was soon encouraging Dave to suck harder, the first words she had spoken since he started undressing her. She also grabbed his hair and pulled his head closer to her crotch, shaking her hips so that her cunt rubbed against his face. As the final part of the lesson I asked Dave to help me bring Wendy to a climax, to let him see what a female orgasm was like. We sucked on a breast each. I frigged her clit whilst Dave jerked his fingers in and out of her cunt. We worked well together and brought her to a noisy orgasm as she screamed and squealed and produced enough love juice to wet my bed. Now came the next tricky part of my plan … fucking. I had counted on Wendy having an orgasm, and then being too roused to object to my fucking her. I said I would show Dave how to put all he had learnt into practice. I lay at right angles to Wendy with her legs over my thighs and entered her, using one hand to rub her clit and the other to play with her breasts. I had intended to show Dave a number of positions, but I was too aroused by what I had seen and I shot my load within seconds of entering her. Just before I came, as always, I withdrew and shot my sperm into a tissue. I invited Dave to take my place … this was the trickiest part of all. I expected Wendy to object angrily, but as Dave knelt between her legs and tried unsuccessfully to find her cunt with his cock she opened her legs wide, grabbed his cock and guided it into her love hole, then grabbed Dave in a bear hug embrace. As Dave had already had one orgasm he fucked Wendy for a long time and she squealed and moaned throughout. But I was shaken when she had another orgasm. I have a much bigger penis than Dave and although I had brought her to a climax using my fingers I had never done so by just fucking her; yet here was Dave, a virgin, doing it on his first go. And I was to get a second shock. As Dave started to come Wendy hugged him even harder and wrapped her long legs tightly round his bum so he couldn’t withdraw and he shot his sperm inside her … I had never been allowed to do this. I had taken her virginity, but Dave was the first man she allowed to shoot his sperm into her cunt. My third shock came shortly after Dave had collapsed in Wendy’s arms after he had climaxed. They hugged and kissed for a few minutes, then he rolled off her onto his back. Wendy took his limp cock, still glistening with her juices, and licked it clean. She proceeded to suck and caress him to yet another erection; then she straddled him. This was the first time she had used this position (it became my favourite), and I was impressed to see her magnificent breasts bouncing up and down inches from Dave’s face. He soon took them in hand and guided her nipples into his mouth. Wendy did most of the work, and it took her a long time to bring Dave to his 3rd orgasm of the day. I shared Wendy with Dave on a number of occasions after that, then we got married. As a student I shared her as often as possible … she slept with 24 men including Dave and myself. But when we started a family sharing came to an end.

The End

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