Birthday Mistress

November 15, 2007 – 10:00 am

“You want to do what?” Daisy asked sitting bolt upright in

My wife and I had just had a marvelous session of sex. We
were nestled in each other’s arms enjoying what the
sexologists refer to a “postcoital-languor”. That’s
highfalutin for “feeling fuckin’ good afterwards!”. And
believe me I was feeling good. Daisy is a wonderful
bedmate. Just looking at her makes my cock hard, and I
know from watching other guys around her that they are
jealous as hell of me. She has the tits and ass that make
men immediately spring to attention.

She has a great body and she knows how to use it. She
really enjoys sex. She loves to suck my cock and she
wiggles and moans when I return the favor by lapping her
clit. My cock always finds her tight cunt-sopping wet as
she writhes and thrashes to violent orgasms. She is
nearly perfect.

As we had snuggled and patted and talked idly of
yesterday, today and tomorrow she had asked me innocently
“What do you want to do to celebrate your birthday this
year?” Now this was a question to which I had given a lot
of thought. We had recently gained access to the web and
like most red-blooded American males I had explored the
adult-oriented sections of the web-AKA pornography.

I had learned all kinds of things. Apparently I was more
innocent than I had thought. I explored the world of
fetishes. Most turned me off. Many I had never heard of
before. One in particular resonated strongly with me. I
hadn’t realized it had a name, or that there were
apparently lots of men out there who had the same urge I

So I was ready when Daisy asked the fateful question “What
do you want to do to celebrate your birthday this year?”
I had been waiting for the question so that I could
answer, “I want to be your sex slave.”

Daisy’s initial response put a temporary damper on my
hopes. Daisy, however, is not only a fuckable woman but
she is a loving wife. She was willing to listen to me.
After her initial reaction, she snuggled back down and
asked, “What do you mean you want to be my sex slave?”

I explained to her that I had a fantasy of being enslaved
by a beautiful, sex-crazed woman who would keep me naked
and force me to satisfy her lusts. Since she was the most
beautiful woman I knew (not to mention one I trusted to
keep things within limits) I wanted to spend my birthday
as her sex slave.

“I still don’t think I get it,” Daisy continued. “What is
it you want from me in all this? What would I have to
do?” I told her. “You’d ‘force’ me to strip naked for
your enjoyment. You’d do things to my body that I ‘hate’
like rubbing your hands all over it and fondling my cock
and balls. You’d command me to do ‘terrible’ things like
stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you. Stuff like that.
Mostly the things we do anyway but with a little role-
playing. You the all-powerful mistress, me the absolute
slave.” She murmured a sort of assent. I took a deep
breath, steeled myself and continued. “There is one
special thing I’d like to have you do.” “What’s that?”
she asked. “I’d like you to spank me.” She stiffened a
little, but I hurried on “I don’t mean I want you to hurt
me, just paddle me a little as part of the mistress-
superior, abject-slave relationship.”

There was a long, pregnant pause. “I don’t know, Bill.
I’m not sure I can do it or want to do it even for your
birthday.” “Daisy,” I said “I’d really like it if you
would. Would you please think about it? I’ll give you an
article I found that might explain things better than I
have. Please read it and then let’s talk again.”

“Okay, Bill,” she said. “I guess I can do that much.” I
kissed and hugged her. She snuggled and then said, “It’s
been a long day and you’ve given me a lot to think about.
Let’s go to sleep.”

We had a last kiss and then turned to our own sides of
the bed and drifted off to sleep holding hands.

About a week later Daisy and I were cuddled in our love
seat watching something inane on TV. She hit the mute and
turned to me “I’ve thought a lot about your birthday
request. I’m not sure I see myself as a femdom but I love
you and if that’s what you want, I’ll give it a try.” I
was thrilled and had an instant hard-on. “Thank you,
Daisy, oh thank you!” I said as I turned to her and pulled
her close. I showered her face with kisses of gratitude.

“Down, boy, down” she laughed. We’d better talk some more
about it because your birthday is next weekend. I’m going
to have to know a lot more about what you want before
then. Can you give me more details?” “You bet,” I said.
“I’ve fantasized about it a lot.”

I continued. “I’ll make a reservation at that hotel
across town. I’ll get a nice suite with in-room Jacuzzi
and king-sized bed. Maybe they even have mirrors on the
ceiling. We’ll check in as early as possible-about 4 I’d
think –and play until checkout time the next morning.

When we get to the room you’ll command me to strip and
then you’ll fondle me and paw me and call me ‘slave’
while I call you ‘mistress’. Command me to do things so
that we end up having sex a half-dozen times before
checkout.” She responded, “We’ve never come close to that
many times in less than a day.” “I know,” I said, “but
part of the fantasy is that I’ll be forced to do it and

“But that’s the part I’m not sure I can pull off. How do
I know what to order you to do? This is for you, after
all.” “Let’s try it like this,” I said, “You order me to
strip when we get to the room. As the evening goes on
I’ll say things like ‘Mistress, please don’t make me suck
your nipples.’ That would be your cue to say ‘Okay, slave
boy, suck my tits!'”

She thought about it a minute or two. “I guess I could do
that. And you’d tell me when you want me to spank you the
same way?” “Sure! I’d say, ‘Oh, Mistress, please don’t
spank me.’ You’d respond with ‘Yes I will, slave, get
over my knees.'” “How long should I spank you for?” she
asked. “As long as you want since you’re the Mistress,
but I’ll keep hollering ‘please stop’ which is your cue
to keep spanking.”

“There was something in the article you gave me about
‘safe words’. Shouldn’t we have one?” she asked. “I’m not
sure we need one, but if we get our signals crossed I’ll
say ‘banana’ and that means to stop what we’re doing.”

“Banana?” she asked giggling “Why banana?” “Well,” I
answered, “It’s not likely to come up naturally in any
game we play and it’s as good as any other.” “Okay,” said
Daisy, “Banana it is.”

“Anything else you want me to do?” she asked. “There is
one more thing,” I said hesitantly. She looked a little
worried as if I’d really gone far enough already and she
didn’t need more outrageous requests to cope with.

“What?” she asked somewhat diffidently. “Would you go to
the Frederick’s store and buy a costume to wear?” “What
kind of costume?” she asked a little defensively. I
committed “One suitable for a sex-crazed Mistress.” “And
what are the characteristics of such a costume?” she
asked in a slightly chilly tone. In for a penny as they
say. “It should expose your nipples and cunt so that you
can make your slave perform his duties quickly. It should
probably have spiked heels. Mostly it should make you
feel as though you are a powerful women who expects her
body to be worshipped by her slave.”

“I don’t know about that”, she said, “but I’ll see what I
can find that I don’t feel silly in. Am I supposed to be
wearing this outfit when we check in?” “No,” I answered.
Wear one of your sexier power suits that you wear to
work. Maybe braless and without underwear. After you’ve
got me stripped and have made me prance around for a
while I’ll cue you to change.”

“Okay”, she said. “I’m not at all sure about this, but if
that’s what you want, I’ll try. After all, you’re the
only husband I’ve got even if you may be nuts.” I hugged
her and kissed her deeply. Soon my hands were on her
magnificent breasts. Ten minutes later I was on top of
her with my cock thrust deep into her hot, juicy cunt
pumping for all I was worth. Daisy came with a scream and
then came again. As she came a third time I pushed up on
my hands and stared at her magnificent tits and filled
her cunt with my jizz. I was a very happy man.

The day finally arrived. I had been so excited for so
long that I was afraid I was going to have blue-balls. My
testicles already hurt. We each packed our own bags. As I
waited downstairs while Daisy finished getting ready I was
too excited to sit. I paced the floor like expectant
fathers seem to do.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, she came slowly
down the stairs. She watched me to gauge my reaction. I’m
sure my jaw dropped a little. She was magnificent. She
was wearing a tight skirt that molded her hips and ass.
She was wearing a green silk blouse that caressed her
breasts and her jutting nipples declared that she was
bra-less. To add to the cock-hardening effect, it was
unbuttoned two notches below office standards. She had
piled her hair on her head. She might wear a dress like
that to work, but if she wore it in that way her male
coworkers wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

The effect on me was devastating. I was ready to fall
down right there and worship her. She was magnificent. My
wet dream had come true. I couldn’t wait to get to the

As part of the female-superior arrangement, she drove to
the hotel and tipped the valet while I stood around
looking helpless and holding the door for her. She swept
into the lobby and checked us in and tipped the bellhop
after he showed us our suite. When the door closed she
turned to me and said, somewhat tentatively “Strip,
slave.” She wasn’t very convincing as a Mistress, but I
didn’t care. I was in heaven.

I stripped off my shoes and then my shirt and unbuckled
my pants and dropped them to the floor. As I stepped out
of them Daisy noted that I wasn’t wearing underwear. My
cock was naked to view and rock hard. “Why aren’t you
wearing underpants?” she asked. “Because Mistress doesn’t
like me to wear more than absolutely necessary, Mistress.
She demands quick access to my naked body.” “So I do,”
she said with a giggle. Hardly mistress-like.

I stood in what I conceived of as “slave attention.” I
spread my legs and thrust my pelvis slightly forward. I
put my hands behind my head and pushed my elbows back.
Daisy walked around inspecting me. She drew her hand
across my ass as she circled me. Her hand slid teasingly
over my cock. Then she stood before me and fondled my
chest and brushed my nipples. Finally she reached down
and took my cock in one hand and my balls in the other.

She fondled them and said rather questioningly, “Are you
afraid of what I might demand next, slave?” “Yes,
Mistress” I answered. “What are you afraid I might
demand?” “Please don’t make me take your clothes off and
fuck you.” “Slave,” she said, “I’m going to make you fuck
me whether you want to or not. But first you must undress
me even if you hate it.” “Yes, Mistress,” I said with
feigned reluctance. She might not be into the part yet,
but I was.

“Please don’t make me do it in the bedroom where I have
to see my degradation reflected in the mirror.” “Get in
the bedroom, slaveboy,” she said. I detected a
strengthening of her tone.
I kept my hands behind my head as I moved ahead of her
into the bedroom. She remembered my spanking request
because she swatted my ass and said, “No dawdling. Face
it like a man.”

When we reached the bedroom I was delighted to see that
the bed had satin sheets. My naked body with its hard,
jutting cock was reflected from a dozen mirrors. This was

I turned to Daisy who commanded. “Undress me slave.” I
finished unbuttoning her blouse and spread the blouse
open and slipped it off her shoulders. Her nipples were
rock hard with excitement. For the first time Daisy made a
request on her own “Lick my nipples, slave.” Since I had
been about to cue her to demand this I was delighted on
two levels. One that I was going to lap those tits and
two that Daisy was perhaps beginning to enjoy her role.

I leaned forward and took one breast into my mouth. I
sucked as much in as I could and worked my tongue eagerly
around her nipple. With the other hand I lightly rubbed
the other nipple with my palm. After a few minutes of
attention I changed over and sucked the other one while
using the tips of my fingers to stimulate the breast I
had already sucked. Daisy made moaning noises, so I kept
it up.

After a few minutes she pulled back and I knelt before
her and unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the
floor. She was wearing neither panties nor stockings. Her
beautiful twat was there before my face. Even more
arousing was that this object of lust and beauty was made
even more cock enticing because she was still wearing
high heels.

“Please don’t make me suck your cunt,” I whined in my
best slaveboy voice. Daisy didn’t need much encouragement.
“Suck my cunt, slaveboy, and don’t forget my clit.” She
grabbed my hair and forced my face to her cunt, which was
accessible now that she had spread her legs apart. I had
the feeling I wouldn’t be thinking of her as Daisy much

I lapped and sucked and tongued her clit. She ground my
face against her cunt. She writhed under my attentions
and would have had a wild orgasm if she hadn’t been
fighting to maintain her balance. Finally she could wait
no more.

“All right, slaveboy. On the bed on your back. I’m going
to fuck you.” This was wonderful. We usually did it in
the missionary position. Mistress was into the role.
“Just don’t tie me up with your invisible ropes,” I
sniveled as I lay down on my back in a spread-eagled

“I want you at my mercy,” Mistress said and went through
the motions of pretending to tie my hands and feet to the
corners of the bed. I pretended to struggle. “You’re
mine, now,” Mistress said. “Please don’t suck my nipples.
It’s so degrading,” I whined. “I’ll do with you what I
want,” she said and immediately started tonguing my
nipples. This drove my cock to new levels of hardness.
“Now I’m going to use your cock whether you like it or
not,” Mistress said. She sounded almost like she felt in
control. “Oh, please, anything but that, Mistress,” I
whined eager for her cunt to engulf my cock.

Engulf it, it did. She slid her hot, steaming, tight
pussy over my steel-hard cock and drove me into her to
the hilt. She began to ride me thrusting up and down. Her
magnificent tits were bouncing wildly. She turned her
head back in ecstasy. Her hair was becoming disheveled.

She finally reached up and undid some bobby pins and her
beautiful red hair cascaded over her. She had a powerful
orgasm and then came a second time and a third. I was in
heaven. My cock was on fire. My entire being was focused
on my cock. It was the only part of my anatomy that

She leaned forward and thrust a tit in my face “Suck,
slave.” I eagerly complied and she had another towering
orgasm. Finally she screamed “Fill my cunt with your
jizz, slave.” “Yes, Mistress,” I screamed back. “Yes,
oh.Yes, as I came in a stupendous convulsion. It felt
like my body shuddered for five minutes as my prostate
contracted time after time forcing huge quantities of my
pent-up cum into her eager thrusting cunt. As she came
down from her last orgasm and I from mine she clasped
against me and held me close.

The cuddling lasted for only a few seconds before she
remembered her role as Mistress. She haughtily pushed
herself off me and said, “I’m going to put on some
clothes. Then I’m going to untie you and punish you for
all your whining.” “Yes, Mistress,” I said. My cock was
already hardening at the thought.

I hadn’t had to cue her. She was going to change into a
mistress outfit and then she was going to spank me. She
took her bag into the bathroom and left me “tied”. My
cock had wilted a little, but it still tingled with the
afterglow of sex and the anticipation of more. It
wouldn’t take too much to get me going again.

When Mistress came back, I was lost. I was hers forever
to do with as she wished. She was wearing a green bustier
that was the perfect color for her auburn hair and
redhead’s complexion. Her breasts were pushed up so that
the nipples were at the center of each tit. Hers were
rock hard by the look. She had neatly trimmed and shaped
her cunt-bush. But the killer was the spiked-heel, thigh-
high boots she was wearing. They were the same green as
the bustier. At least I thought they were the killer
until I noticed the riding crop she was tapping against
her thigh.

The effect on my cock was immediate and thrilling. It
sprang to attention. Mistress was even more cock
inspiring than I had dreamed possible. She was certainly
more provocative than any of the women I had seen
pictures of on the femdom websites. I was ready to be her
cunt slave. Not just for the rest of my birthday, but

The costume had a huge effect on me, but it also seemed
to have an effect on her. Her carriage was now that of a
confident person, not one in an unfamiliar role. I had
the glimmer of a thought that this costume was well
beyond what I had hoped for and that her choice of it
might very well mean that she was getting pleasure in
this role. That thought further stirred me.

She strutted around for a while letting me have the full
effect. And the effect was powerful. My cock was nearly
ready to go again. Mistress noted. “I see my costume is a
success,” she said. “Yes, Mistress. I like it very much.”
“We’ll see how much you like it after you’ve spent all
night sucking above and below it,” she said with amazing
confidence. She really was becoming a femdom. My cock
hardened another notch I was so excited.

“I’m not going to untie you quite yet,” she said. This
was a not so subtle reminder that I was supposedly tied
immobile. “I want you to do a little sucking first.” She
climbed over me and straddled my face with her legs. “She
lowered her cunt to my lips and commanded “Lap my clit,
slave.” I put a vacuum on her cunt and started wiggling
my tongue against her clit. I flicked and nipped it. The
cum I had recently unloaded dripped into my mouth. It was
wonderfully degrading.

She reached back and struck me firmly against my flank
with the crop. “Lap faster, slave.” I knew I was done
cueing her. She had adopted the role. She was no longer
pretending to be a femdom; she was a femdom. My cock
began to throb. I could feel the pressure building in my

She had an orgasm, and then a second. As she built
towards a third she began to thrash in ecstasy and hit me
several times with the crop. One came perilously close to
my cock and one other was definitely a stinger. Hearing
me cry out with the pain of the blow apparently drove her
the last step over the edge and she came screaming.

I expected her to move down and ride my cock, but she
just sat there having me suck although she was not trying
for an orgasm. She was just savoring the pleasant feel of
a tongue working in her twat. I decided to cue her. “Oh,
Mistress,” I whined between licks, “I’ll lap your cunt
but please oh please don’t ride my cock.”

Mistress had arrived. It was no longer about me, at least
not directly. She struck me with the crop and said,
“Speak when spoken to, slave. Keep lapping.” She
continued to berate me and she sounded like she meant it.
“I’m tired of your whining. Stop telling me what you
don’t want me to do. You’re the slave here and I’m the
mistress. You’ll do what I want, when I want, whether you
like it or not.” She paused. “Understand?”

Around a mouthful of hot cunt I answered with joyous
pleasure, “Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress enjoyed a few more orgasms induced by my
enthusiastic tongue. Then growing temporarily bored she
moved away from me and sat languidly in a chair tapping
her crop across her hand. “Stand in front of me so that I
may examine my property,” she demanded with a tone of
real authority and interest. I hurried to comply and was
soon within touching distance, my legs apart, and my cock
thrust forward. I put my hands behind my head and forced
my elbows back.

She examined me from the tip of my toes to the top of my
head. Her gaze lingered possessively on my genitalia. Her
look was arrogant and she managed to project an air of
ownership. She was someone examining personal property
that perhaps needed replacement or improvement. She had
me turn around and examined my ass.

“I am growing bored,” she announced. “Get over my knees!”
As far as I was concerned heaven had arrived. I hurriedly
draped myself over her lap. My ass stuck up in the air
awaiting her pleasure and what I hoped was my own. I
ground my cock into her naked lap. The contact hardened
my cock even further and my entire body was trembling
with anticipation. The spanking I had so desperately
wanted was about to begin.

Mistress delayed, heightening the sense of anticipation
and the erotic feeling of the moment. She moved her hand
to my ass, and I involuntarily flinched expecting a slap.
Instead she began to fondle my ass very possessively. The
effect on my cock was intense. She squeezed and patted
and to my astonishment and pleasure she even used a
finger to tease my anus. When her finger touched me there
a moan of pleasure escaped my lips and I squirmed
uncontrollably. From Mistress body language and chortle I
gathered she had given me a test and was amused at the

Finally she began spanking me. She started slowly and
almost gently. Her blows were as much caresses as
punishment. But as she continued they were spaced more
closely and became ever harder. She must have been able
to feel my cock between her thighs get bigger and harder
as she continued because soon she was delivering blow
after punishing blow in rapid succession. Her breathing
had become more shallow and rapid, an indication that she
was getting excited too.

In a voice that could not conceal her elation she
demanded, “Is this what you wanted, slave boy? Do you
like your mistress spanking your naughty bottom?” “Yes,
Mistress. Oh, yes!” I answered happily. She redoubled her
efforts and soon my ass was on fire. I couldn’t help
myself but began to whimper and beg. “Please, Mistress,
please stop. Oh, please, you’re hurting me.” I had made
the mistake of telling her this would be the cue to
continue, but she didn’t need the encouragement.

Her blows really hurt, but my cock loved it. I continued
to beg and whimper, but my entreaties were no longer
feigned. I wanted her to stop, but didn’t want to invoke
the safe word. I guess I was afraid that it wouldn’t
work. “Stop, please stop. I’ll do anything you want, just
She hit me a few more times as she said, “For instance,
what will you do?” “Anything you want Mistress. I’ll lap
your cunt and let you ride my cock, just stop.” “You’ll
do that anyway miserable cunt-slave.” I begged, “I’ll do
anything you want.”

Mistress stopped spanking long enough to pick up the
riding crop and delivered a stinging blow to my ass.
“Remember what you have promised, wretch.” She struck me
again. Her hand had been gentle compared to the fire-
inducing crop. My ass was in agony and I howled. “You
have said you’ll do anything I want and I intend to hold
you to it. You are no longer a pretend slave, but a real
one. Do you agree to that or do I keep whipping you?”

She struck me as hard as she could with the crop twice
more before I managed to blurt out “Yes, Mistress. I’ll
be your real slave and do anything at all that you want.”
With that she gave me one more vicious whack saying “Just
remember your promise then.” She shoved me off her lap
and I fell to the floor blubbering and rubbing my scarlet
and painful ass.

Daisy was a full-fledged, ass-whipping, ball-busting sex-
crazed mistress just as I had wished for. I now had what
I had thought I wanted but a little frisson of fear ran
up my spine. It could not overpower, however, the feeling
of elation that flooded my cock with blood and made it as
hard and as big as it had ever been. I was born to be a
slave and was thrilled to have found my true mistress.

She made me kneel on the floor before the foot of the bed
facing it. She reached into her overnight bag and
startled me by pulling out real, not fake, ropes. She
tied my arms to either side of the frame. My chin rested
on the mattress. She climbed on the bed and threw her
legs around my head driving her cunt into my face. “Start
sucking slaveboy!” I lapped and sucked and she went crazy
having orgasm after orgasm.

When she was bored for the moment she said, “You wanted
to be my slave. Well now you are and I’m going to enjoy
it. You may not enjoy it as much as you anticipated, but
it’s too late to back out. You see, I’ve had a fantasy
too and I’m about to realize it.”

Without moving her cunt from my mouth she stretched back
and dragged the phone to her. She dialed a short number,
clearly another room. There was a pause and then she said
“Do you still want to stick your big cock in my tight
cunt?” My lapping faltered and she struck me with the
whip and glared at me the silent message “Keep sucking or
else!” She listened to the phone for a moment and then
cooed gleefully “Come on up.” She gave him our room
number and hung up. As I started to protest she struck me
again with her crop “You started this slave, now I’m
going to enjoy it. So shut up or I’ll whip you raw.”

I was stunned. I hadn’t thought about her fucking another
man. I debated giving the ‘safe’ word, but before I could
do so there was a knock at the door. Mistress let him in
and they quickly returned to the bedroom. The man didn’t
look at me at first; he was too busy gaping at Mistress
spilling out of her costume. When he turned to look at me
I recognized him and was appalled.

It was Cory, a guy I work out with at the gym. Daisy had
only met him one or twice, but apparently she had been
intrigued by what I had told her about him. What I had
told her was that when we had been in the shower room at
the same time I couldn’t help but notice that he is hung
like a horse. My endowments are moderate. I can get a 5+
inches hard-on on a good day. Cory, I told her, was at
least half again as big as that when he was soft. How big
he was hard was anyone’s guess. I suspected we were about
to find out.

“Cory”, she said firmly, “You can’t very well fuck me
with your clothes on. Let’s see what you’ve got.” “Is it
all right with your husband?” he asked tentatively.
“Look,” she said sternly, “It’s my cunt and I can please
it any way I want. Besides, he’s my slave for the day. So
get on with it or leave.”

Cory looked at the straining tits and the eager cunt and
hesitated no longer. He nearly ripped his clothes off and
was soon standing before us absolutely naked. His erect
cock was indeed huge. It must have been 10 inches long
and two inches in diameter. Daisy is not too experienced,
and by the fact that her mouth was agape I could tell she
was awed.

Daisy gazed at his cock for a few minutes and even fondled
it. “I’ve never had one that big, before, so I want to
control things. Lie face up on the bed.” He lay down with
his legs toward me. Daisy grabbed his feet and pulled him
toward me until his legs straddled my shoulders and his
huge cock and balls were up against my face. “I want my
wimp husband to enjoy the view of our action up close and
personal,” she said with a gleeful and demeaning tone.

“Before I ram that cock up my cunt, I want it nice and
wet.” With that she leaned over me and started to swallow
Cory’s cock. She had to really spread her mouth open and
was only able, at first, to get about half of it in her
mouth at once. I know because my eyes were only inches
from her straining mouth and Cory’s humongous tool. She
began to adjust her angle and soon, to my infinite
surprise, managed to deep throat him, all 10 inches. The
whole thing disappeared into her throat. Her lips nestled
against his balls.

She began to slide her mouth up and down on his cock. I
could see from the movement of her cheeks that she was
also working her tongue furiously against Cory’s tool.
She made loud slurping noises as she worked to flood
Cory’s cock with saliva. Cory’s cock glistened whenever
Mistress pulled her mouth partway off.

I thought I should be turned off by this spectacle but
was surprised to discover that my cock was enjoying my
humiliation as a cuckold cunt-slave. Cory was beginning
to groan and squirm from Mistress’ ministrations. I had a
ringside seat as Cory’s balls began to pulse and I could
tell that his jizz was now pouring out of his cock into
Mistress’ mouth. Mistress kept sucking until Cory was

She pulled off Cory’s cock and leaning over me spit
Cory’s huge wad of jizz all over my face. It dripped over
my eyes and down my chin. It was disgusting. It was
degrading. It was humiliating. It was absolutely
thrilling. My cock was boring a hole in the side of the
bed I was so excited.

Cory hadn’t wilted much either. Mistress climbed up and
straddled his waist with her cunt toward me. Then,
looking into my eyes she slowly and deliberately lined
Cory’s cock up with her cunt and drove it into her inch,
by huge, hard inch. I watched in fascination as his
glistening wet cock slid into her wet cunt. It was a
close up view afforded only by the most graphic porno

Every vein on his cock was evident. Her clit rubbed
against the top of his cock as it slid in and out and I
was taking in every detail. Up and down Mistress moved,
the huge fuck-tool driving into and out of her eager
cunt. She began to moan a little and she arched her back.

I glanced up through the gobs of jizz half covering my
eyes and felt my cock twitch as I took in the glory of
her tits. Her nipples must have been two inches long she
was so excited. I longed to suck them, but they were too
far away and I was trussed helpless, only inches from a
driving cock and a ravening cunt.

She reached an orgasm and then another. Still she pumped
and still my fascinated eyes took in every detail of
Cory’s wet and turgid tool reaming my Mistress’ steaming
cunt. Faster and faster she pumped. She had a third
orgasm more powerful than either of the first two. Then
she came again and one time more. She had reached a level
of pleasure that I had never given her. Her screams might
bring the police she was in such ecstasy. The thought
that Cory’s cock was pleasing her more than mine ever had
deepened my humiliation. It also increased the thrill.

I could see Cory’s cock hardening and thickening as the
rubbing from Mistress tight, wet cunt drove him toward
another orgasm. He too was soon writhing as Mistress rode
up and down and then again his balls shuddered and he
came with a howl as Mistress came with a shattering,
screaming, writhing orgasm of unbelievable proportions.
My own cock, teased for what seemed like hours by this
graphic display of lust and power, shuddered and blew its
own load against the side of the bed.

Mistress leaned back exhausted from her orgasms. I
thought she would dismount and perhaps lie down and relax
but she had one more diabolical plan. She gathered her
strength and slipped Cory’s cock out of her cunt. It came
out with a resounding plop. In a swift movement Mistress
thrust herself forward and pushed her cunt against my
mouth. “Suck his jizz from my cunt,” she commanded with
firm authority. From the firm tone of her voice, I knew
she would brook no disobedience. I began to lap and
swallow as Cory’s jizz poured into my mouth. My cock
again stirred at this depraved humiliation.

Daisy had found herself as my Mistress. Things were not
going as I had anticipated, but my body clearly liked
what was happening. I expected further unanticipated
developments and I was not wrong.

When Mistress had had two more mild orgasms and was
satisfied that her cunt was clean she climbed off of my
face and got off the bed. She stood behind me and struck
we on the ass with the crop as a reminder of my
vulnerability. Cory’s cock had wilted, but not much. And
it was still up against my face.

“Suck him clean,” Mistress commanded. I couldn’t believe
my ears. “Banana,” I said immediately. The thought of
sucking another man’s cock disgusted me. The crop came
down against my ass with a resounding blow. I yelped and
felt another blow turn my ass to fire. “You wanted this,
slave, now you’ve got it,” Mistress commanded. She had
metamorphosed from a sweet and loving wife into a raging
femdom in only a few hours. I had, like Frankenstein,
created a monster and now I would pay. “Suck that cock,
or I’ll shred your ass.” Mistress roared. The pain and my
fear of this new person were too much. I opened my mouth
and drew Cory’s slimy, cum-covered cock into my throat.

“Suck with some enthusiasm,” Mistress demanded as she
delivered another stinging blow to my ass. I started to
suck harder and suddenly I noted, with a feeling of
humiliation, that my cock was enjoying this. It was
beginning to stir in spite of the fact that it had cum
twice in the last few hours. I was apparently a born
slave, reveling in my abject surrender to a beautiful and
cruel sex-crazed Mistress. I was so debased that I was
willing to suck another man’s cock. What joy!

I knew Cory preferred women, but a mouth on a cock is a
mouth on a cock. He was soon hard once more and I was
having great difficulty deep-throating him because, tied
to the bed as I was, I could not easily adjust my angle
of attack. Mistress ordered me to stop and had Cory get
up. He was an imposing sight as he strode around the room
with his huge rampant tool before him. I couldn’t take my
eyes off it.

Mistress ordered him to untie me, and he too was in such
thrall that he simply obeyed. I thought I would be free
for a while but she immediately ordered him to retie me
to the bed so that my torso was horizontal and my ass
draped over the side. I had a thrilling feeling that I
knew what was coming next.

When he finished tying me, Cory approached Mistress tried
to fondle her tits. He obviously wanted to fuck her juicy
twat again. Mistress kept rejecting him and when he
persisted too long, she struck him stingingly on the ass.
He jumped back surprised and stared at her while rubbing
his butt.

She glared at him and demanded, “Do you want to fuck my
cunt again?” “You better believe it, Daisy,” he said
eagerly. “Then you have to do something for me first,”
she said. “Anything you want,” he responded. He might not
know what was coming, but I was sure I did. I was scared
as hell at the prospect, but my hardening cock told me I
was thrilled too.

“I want you to fuck his asshole,” she demanded firmly.
“What?” he said. “I said, ‘I want you to fuck his ass
with your huge tool'”, Mistress repeated. “I’m not a
homo,” protested Cory. “Then go on home and see if you
can find some more pussy there. If you want my cunt
again, you fuck his ass first,” she said haughtily as she
turned away dismissively.

Cory didn’t hesitate long. “Okay,” he said somewhat
reluctantly but I could tell by the way his cock twitched
that he was not turned off by the idea of ramming his
tool up my virgin asshole. Mistress reached in her bag
and removed a tube of KY and handed it to him. “Grease up
good and ram it in slowly. I don’t want to have to take
him to the hospital. I’m not done with him yet.”

I watched over my shoulder hypnotized as Cory slathered
his huge cock with jelly and then approached my ass. I
knew I must relax and tried mightily. I glanced at
Mistress and saw that her eyes were shining with a
feeling of triumph and power. Two men were obeying her
commands. One in thrall to her cunt, the other an abject

I felt the tip of Cory’s cock press against my asshole. I
relaxed as much as I could, but I moaned and writhed as
his huge tool forced its way past my sphincter. Inch by
inch he pressed on and soon my asshole adjusted to the
probe. I thought he would never bottom out, but he did.
When he began pumping I began to experience a delicious
feeling as his cock rubbed against my prostate. My own
cock got harder and harder.

Cory’s cock was thrilling him too. My asshole was
undoubtedly tighter than any cunt he had ever fucked and
the effect on his rod must have been exquisite. As he
became more and more aroused his plunging picked up pace
driving me even wilder. I stole a glance at mistress and
her face was flushed with victory as she watched the
spectacle of two men degrading themselves for her
pleasure. Her hand had stolen to her cunt. She was
playing with her clit.

Finally Cory could take no more and groaned as he shot
his wad ten inches deep into my asshole. I felt the first
spurt of his jizz and my own body reacted. My balls sent
a torrent of cum through my cock onto the satin sheets.
As I looked at Mistress I saw her convulse and her face
turn purple as her now frantic fingers drove her to a
powerful and vocal orgasm. All three of us groaned and
screamed in a chorus of pleasure.

Mistress sent me to the bathroom and demanded that I take
a quick shower to wash the cum from my face and belly. I
was covered in the sticky goo. I had absorbed two loads
of Cory’s on my face and twice I had messed on my own
belly. The bed sheets were clean now because Mistress had
made me lap up the cum that had been spilled there.

I showered quickly as commanded and then shaved my pubic
hair as she had ordered. Mistress had thoughtfully
brought the necessary accouterments with her in her
bottomless bag of surprises. I was afraid I would nick
myself in strategic areas, but managed to avoid doing so.
I was soon ready and reentered the bedroom to find Cory
and Mistress reclining on the couch sipping champagne and
fondling each other. Mistress was idly groping his cock,
which was slowly reviving, and he was playing with her
superb tits.

When I entered the room, the reminder that he was
cuckolding me while I watched gave him an additional
thrill and his cock noticeably hardened. Mistress looked
me over and said demeaningly, “Even shaved, it doesn’t
look all that big to me any more.” I reddened with
humiliation, but my perverse cock reacted with reverse
psychology and began to stiffen.

“Prepare the bath for us, “Mistress commanded. The corner
of the room had a large Jacuzzi. I filled it. I sprinkled
some bubble-bath salts in it and adjusted the temperature
to the right level. As the tub filled, Cory and Mistress
eyed me arrogantly to see my reaction as they continued
to play with each other. Several times Cory fixed me with
his eyes as he reached down and sucked one of Mistress’
tits and a few minutes later he watched my reaction
closely as he stuck a finger in her twat.

She enjoyed the same game, studying my reaction as he
kissed or diddled her. She seemed to especially like
watching my reaction as she fondled his cock and balls.
Just before the bath was ready she looked steadily at me
as she slowly lowered her head to Cory’s cock and took it
into her mouth. Her eyes looked amusingly at me as she
pumped her head up and down. When she stopped, Cory’s
cock was back to first class status.

She made me stand next to the tub and fetch and pour
champagne as they soaked together in the whirling water
of the bath. They languidly stroked each other and kissed
deep kisses as they played. I was expected to have my
cock available at all times so they could judge my
reactions to their games. It betrayed me. I was thrilled.

When they had had enough of the water, they climbed out
and I was forced to dry each of them from a position on
my hands and knees. They expected of course that I would
pay homage to their genitals. I licked and sucked
Mistress twat and then was forced to deep throat Cory’s
rock-hard tool. Mistress reminded me that I had agreed to
be her total slave, and this was what was expected.

I was made to stand next to them as Mistress reclined on
the bed and Cory approached her with his monstrous, rock-
hard weapon. He climbed on top of her and drove his cock
into her eager cunt in one thrust. She gasped with
pleasure and began to moan as Cory pumped in and out the
full length of his inspiring tool. She came and came in
louder and louder orgasms. The humiliation I felt at
never having driven her to such passion hardened my cock
even further.

Mistress came down for a short respite and demanded that
I whack off. But I was not to cum until told. I needed no
encouragement but grabbed my inadequate tool and started
pumping. Cory continued to pump and began to suckle her
tits. Mistress put her hands around them and thrust them
towards his eager lips. She came over and over. Finally
she had had enough. She screamed “Cum, you bastards, both
of you” and began to writhe and scream with pleasure as
Cory and I drove the loads out of our balls. Cory’s jizz
flooded her cunt and mine the bed.

Cory pulled off spent and watched with amusement as I
lapped up my mess from the bed and then sucked his wad
from Mistress’ twat. Mistress then dismissed him with a
promise of a return engagement. He dressed and
reluctantly left. Mistress was now ready to return to
abusing me directly.

The rest of the evening went as I expected. Dinner was
delivered to our room and Mistress made me kneel under
the table and lap her clit while she ate. When she was
replete from food and orgasms I was allowed to eat my
congealed and cold meal on the floor without using my
hands. Mistress struck my ass with her crop occasionally
to encourage me to finish and get back to work.

After dinner she decided to watch her favorite TV
program. She reclined in a chair and made me lap while
she enjoyed the show. She timed her orgasms for the
commercials and by the time the hour was up my tongue was
sore but happy from all its activity.

She took me over her knee and spanked me some more. Then
she made me give her an hour-long massage. After I had
kneaded every part of her body and lapped her nipples she
allowed me to whack off and eat my jizz for her
amusement. I then lapped her cunt while she fell asleep.
As directed I slept on the floor. When she awoke in the
middle of the night I was put to work sucking until she
again fell asleep.

In the morning breakfast was delivered as ordered. When
the food arrived Mistress lay against her pillows with
the sheet pulled up to her neck. Her breasts were
covered, but the satin molded their fullness and her
nipples poked out the fabric. The waiter was astonished
when I opened the door to him sporting a hard-on, but he
was experienced enough to carry on with only a slight
hitch in his otherwise cool demeanor. I was red with
humiliation when he entered, but Mistress had ordered me
to do this.

After he left I moved Mistress food next to her and then
she removed the sheet so that I could lap her cunt as she
ate. She managed to time the food so that she had several
orgasms between courses. When it came my turn to eat she
had me place my cold scrambled eggs on the floor. She
forced me to kneel and whack off all over them. After I
had coated the eggs with a quantity of my jizz I ate
them. I had never felt so debased or so excited. Mistress
knew exactly what to do to thrill me.

After breakfast Mistress changed into a going-home
costume of tight skirt and silk blouse that while
allowable in public left nothing to an active
imagination. I was left naked. She made me pack all our
things and I was beginning to fear that I would be
expected to go home in the altogether.

There was a knock at the door and Mistress ordered me to
answer it. My cock had recovered and was at somewhat
better than half-mast. When I answered the door it sprung
to full hardness. Standing there was my secretary,
Jackie. I was mortified, but thrilled. Mistress bade her
enter. “Thank you for coming.” “It is obviously my
pleasure,” Jackie said looking me over arrogantly. “I
had my doubts you could pull it off, but I see you have.”

“Kneel before us,” Mistress said. I complied. “I have
noticed that you call Ms Alexander ‘Jackie’ and that you
have the arrogance to require that she call you ‘Mr.
Jenkins’. That is over. From now on you will address her at
all times as Ms Alexander’. She will call you ‘Bill.’ You
will be polite to her and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.
Any time she is unhappy with your politeness she will go
into your office, close the door and make you drop your
pants for a spanking on your naked ass. In fact she can
spank you whenever she feels like it. ” I now sported a
roaring hard-on.

“If you resist,” Mistress continued gleefully, “She will
let me know and I will whip your ass with a cane and not
only she will be present but I’ll invite other women from
your office to witness your humiliating punishment. Then
they too will be authorized to spank you whenever they

“Ms Alexander,” said Mistress firmly, “have a seat. Slave,
get over her knee for a spanking.” I draped myself over
Ms Alexander lap and she began to whale my ass with her bare
hand. The feeling was incredible as I ground my cock into
the smooth fabric of the skirt that covered her crotch.
My ass was red and I was squirming with pain as much as
with desire when she stopped. I knelt down before her.
Jackie turned to Mistress and said “Daisy, I appreciate
your asking me to spank him, but doing so makes me horny.
If I’m going to do this regularly I need authorization
from you to use his tongue for relief.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clear enough,” said
Mistress. While he’s at work he is to behave as your
slave. Not only can you whip his ass on demand but use
his cock, balls, mouth, tongue and asshole for any
pleasure you wish.”

“Thanks,” said Ms Alexander as she removed her wraparound
skirt revealing a garter-belt, stockings and no panties.
“Start sucking slave.” Happily I leaned forward and
started lapping the cunt I had fantasized about.

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