Poker at Steve’s 1

March 3, 2014 – 1:47 pm

Steve called me today to let me know that he had been called out of town on a business trip and wouldn’t be able to make our regular Wednesday Night poker game. He was sorry about the situation but assured me that we could still have the game at his house since he had the poker table and chips. He had checked with his wife, Tammy, and she said she wouldn’t mind. In fact, she had said she would even make up for his absence by making some hors d’oeuvres for us. He told me to make ourselves at home and have a good time. I wished him a good trip and started to clean off my desk.

His ‘have a good time’ statement echoed in my ears as I pictured Tammy. She was a very shapely, petite lady only a little over 5 feet tall with a massive chest for such a tiny woman. Her waist must be only about 12 inches around and made for a sumptuous set of curves with her rounded hips and an ass that stuck out in the most provocative manner. We had ‘hot tubbed’ together one night together with some other couples and the mental image of her in a skimpy bikini was still burned into my memory. I could feel my groin tighten at the thought of a moment that evening when she lifted her leg over the edge of the tub exposing her barely covered crotch to my eager gaze. Her bikini top was no more than a strip of cloth that almost covered her nipples and aureole and the mental picture of the tops of her huge breasts bobbing at the surface of the water almost made me drool. My wife had been frosty to me for a week afterwards due to my inability that evening to keep from staring at Tammy’s treasures. Wrong approach as far as I was concerned. If my wife had spread her legs that night, she would have gotten the reaming of her life. I looked down and saw that I was subconsciously rubbing my cock shaft on the edge of my desk as I pictured that evening again. A damp stain spread from the tip of my cock onto my pant leg and I forced my mind to cleaning up my desk and getting out of the office.

I got home and found my wife, Teezy, in the kitchen preparing dinner. I gave her a kiss and as I did, I put my finger down the front of her blouse and pulled it out so I could look down at her breasts. She was wearing one of those European bras that left the top of her breasts exposed and only encased the bottoms in a silk sack. Her dark nipples and aureole were clearly visible.

I’m not sure why Tammy’s breasts were so attractive to me. Teezy’s were just as large. I think the difference was that Tammy was only five feet tall and Teezy was nearly six feet and all legs. Proportionally, Tammy breasts ‘looked’ larger on her smaller frame even though they were about the same size.

Teezy lifted her knee up into my crotch and said, “If you don’t want your dinner burned, you’ll back off, Mr. Horndog.”

I laughed and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Poker tonight at Steve’s,” I reminded her.

“I know,” she replied, “Tammy called and told me she was hosting the game anyway. Brave girl.”

Steve and Tammy just lived a couple doors down from us and Tammy and Teezy played bridge together on Thursdays. “She’s making hors d’oeuvres for us. Not like some wives that just put potato chips and ‘store bought’ dips out,” I teased.

“Potato chips and dips are hors d’oeuvres,” she replied, “What makes you think you’ll do better over there? What can she be going to give you that I can’t?”

I paused. She had me there. Then a quick mental image of Tammy’s breasts flashed through my mind.

“What was that look about?” she said.

“Oh nothing,” I lied, “I just pictured Tammy bringing us out hot weenies and doughnuts.”

“Well, there’s a Freudian image,” she laughed, “Is that what you guys crave while playing poker, hot weenies and doughnuts?”

“Doh!” I replied in my best Homer Simpson voice, “You discovered my secret desires.”

“You probably want Tammy to provide the doughnut and you’ll provide the weenie, if I know you.”

“Not going there, “I said, backing off, “I didn’t need another two weeks of cold shoulder around here. We probably won’t even see Tammy all evening. If she’s smart, she rented a video and will stay in the den and ignore us.”

“If she’s smart,” said Teezy, dismissing me and turning back to her dinner preparation.

After dinner I kissed Teezy god-bye and headed over to Steve and Tammy’s. Tammy opened the door and gave me a hug. The feel of her breasts pushing against my chest revived the erection I had earlier in the day. It popped up like the little plastic timers on a Butterball turkey. I felt it tighten my pants and stop against her stomach. I may have held the hug a little too long, but she didn’t resist or say anything.

She stepped back and held the door open for me. She was wearing a low cut white, fluffy sweater and a very short white pleated skirt and knee-high white boots with 4″ high heels. She looked like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader in that outfit. Her long red hair hung down past her shoulders and hung down below her shoulders but above the swell of her breasts. My cock expanded even more and really tented the front of my pants. I walked past her quickly, but was sure I caught her eyes dropping to my crotch. I wasn’t sure if I was glad or not that she had seen how excited I was. I didn’t want to incur Teezy’s wrath again. When she gets mad at someone or wants to get even, she really gets even.

I made sure to keep my back to her as I walked toward their living room. She had the table all set up in front of their living room window. I put my cigarettes down at the chair opposite the door to the den. I sat quickly hiding my clearly obvious erection.

“I’m making some hors d’oeuvres for you guys tonight. What are you hungry for?” she asked in a throaty voice.

Again, the image of her breasts bobbing in the hot tub filled my mind. I began to count out the poker chips forcing my mind to the present.

“Oh, whatever you want to prepare,” I replied with a catch in my voice. My heart was beating like a racehorse, to fill my ten inch cock with blood, no doubt..

“How about weenies and doughnuts?” she laughed.

I laughed a little too heartily, as she was obviously letting me know she had talked with Teezy before my arrival. I wondered if Teezy had told her about my attraction for her. I wondered if my swollen cock told her about my attraction for her.

“Weenies and doughnuts would be fine,” I replied, “Those are my favorite hors d’oeuvres.”

“So I hear,” she said, licking her lips, “I love weenies myself. Ummm-Ummm. Yummy.”

I looked up at her quickly and saw a saucy smile on her face. She had her hands behind her back and her nipples poked provocatively against the front of her sweater despite her bra. Did I mention that her nipples were about a half-inch long and made dimples in every shirt, blouse and dress she owned? They were every guy’s fantasy. Her bra this evening made the top third of her breasts seem to bulge up out of her neckline and the cleavage between them was a dark gap promising many pleasures and delights.

Steve’s pleasures and delights, I reminded myself. As she stood there, her legs were spread slightly and the pleats of the skirt curved provocatively from her tiny waist down into the hidden junction of her creamy thighs. I felt the tip of my cock up bang against the bottom of the poker table.

Just then the doorbell rang and she spun to answer it. Her skirt flew up briefly and what I saw of her exposed ass was totally bare. I groaned inwardly. How was I going to concentrate on cards tonight? Tammy came back into the living room with Ed and Dan. Ed was tall and thin with dark hair and an Italian complexion, Dan was shorter and stockier. He lifted weights a lot and had the shoulders of a football player. The doorbell rang again and Tammy escorted Dave in. Dave was a big, black guy who was a football player. Or he was anyway, he had played defensive end for the Green Bay Packers until a knee injury forced him to retire.

The phone rang in the other room and Tammy left to answer it. She came back in a moment later.

“Bad news, boys. The Withers brothers can’t make it tonight. Their uncle’s wife had an appendectomy attack today and they just left for the hospital. Can you play with only four?”

“Damn!” said Dan, “How I can make enough money to support my wife and family with only three opponents?”

Ed laughed and said, “What are you talking about? Your poker losses have been supporting my wife and family for years.”

“Well, tonight I was going to turnover a new leaf,” laughed Dan, “It’s your turn to lose….all of you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, “Sit down, give me your money, buy some chips and we’ll get started. I believe it’s my turn to win anyway. I don’t need the money so much, I just thrive on the whining and crying you guys do when you lose to me.”

“Bite me,” said Dave as he dug in his wallet.

Tammy came up next to me. I could smell her perfume and hear the pleats on her skirt swish. Her body seemed to radiate heat. The front of my pants must be sopping wet by now which was going to make getting up and going to the bathroom a real chore.

“Who wants a beer?” she asked, “Or maybe I should ask, who doesn’t want a beer?”

There was absolute silence as we all looked up at her and grinned.

“Well, that answers my question,” she spun again and walked into the den toward the kitchen. Her skirt flounced up again, but not nearly as much as it had for me earlier. I glanced around and saw all three pairs of eyes lingering on her legs as she walked away. I couldn’t blame them. She was really something. And dressed like that, she looked more like a whore than a friend’s wife.

As soon as she was out of the room, Dave said, “Tammy certainly looks edible tonight.”

“I’ll say,” said Ed, “A little whipped cream on her and she’d make a fine dessert.”

“I can whip up the cream,” said Dan, with a laugh.

“I can whip up my own cream,” I replied, “And it would probably taste better than yours.”

“That’s not what your wife says,” retorted Dan with a grin. Everybody laughed and I began to flip cards to see who would deal first. Tammy came back in with a tray and four open longneck beers. She went around the table, reached over each guy’s shoulder and set the beers down next to their chips on the table. I would have sworn that she brushed her breasts against all four of us as she did it. I know for damn sure that she did when she set my beer down.

“I’m going to go in the den and watch a video. I’ll make you guys some snacks later. If you need anything, give me a yell. My name is Tammy and I’ll be your slave this evening,” said Tammy with a laugh.

She turned and walked into the den. The other three guys had their backs to the den, but I could see right into it.

I watched as she opened a videocassette case and bent over to put it into the VCR. She stood with her back to me and bent almost all the way over. My eyes must have bugged out as I saw her skirt rise up and expose 90% of her ass. She was definitely not wearing panties. Her creamy white thighs disappeared into the boots just under her knees. Her legs were perfect. She fiddled with the controls of the VCR and wiggled her ass slightly.

“Scott, are you calling the bet?” I heard Dan’s voice from afar. Tammy stood back up and I forced my eyes back to the cards in my hands as her skirt lowered and again covered her ass.

“Uh, yeah. I’ll call. What’s the bet?” I said as I fumbled for my chips.

A few moments later I was out of the hand and looked into the den. I could see Tammy standing in front of the TV. Her legs were spread slightly and her hands seemed to be fiddling with something at her waist. She bent her knees slightly, still watching the TV. She looked over her shoulder and caught me looking at her. She smiled and moved to the side slightly letting me see what was on the TV screen.

I nearly fell out of my chair. She had a porn tape on and some busty redhead was ‘sword swallowing’ a cock the size of a beer can. She turned slightly toward me and I saw that her hands were under the front of her skirt. Still looking at me, she pulled her hands out from under her skirt, picked up the remote and turned off the VCR. She came into the room and stood behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders and I could clearly smell her sex. I looked at the hand on my left shoulder and saw it glisten. My heart was pounding at the thought of where those fingers had just been. I wanted to take her fingers into my mouth and suck them clean. I felt her lean forward slightly and her breasts pushed up along both sides of my head. I caught Dan’s eye as he saw what she was doing. His eyes rolled back in his head and he struggled to hide a smirk.

“Can I get you guys anything?” asked Tammy, “More beer? Are you ready for some taste treats?”

Her fingers dug into my shoulders as she said that and she subtly pulled me back slightly into her cleavage.

“I could use another beer,” said Ed, “What do you have to eat?”

“Weenies and doughnuts,” she said without a pause.

The other three guys snapped their heads in her direction. All had quizzical looks on their faces.

“Sorry, Guys. A little joke between Scott and I. How about some Buffalo Wings and ranch dressing?” she suggested.

“Sounds good,” said Ed.

“Yeah,” echoed Dan, “Bring them on.”

“Can you guys do without Scott for a few minutes? I need his help to prepare them.”

“Yeah,” said Ed, “He seems kind of distracted tonight anyway. Take him.”

“Come on, Scott,” said Tammy, “I need you in the kitchen.”

She took her hands of my shoulders and headed toward the den. Her cute ass wiggled and tossed the skirt around as she walked. I excused myself and grabbed my bottle of beer, holding it in front of my crotch and hoping it would hide both my erection and the damp patch on my pants. They were all playing their hands and didn’t even look up. I breathed a sigh of relief as I awkwardly shuffled through the den and into the kitchen. Tammy was at the sink pulling plastic off a package.

“Come over here and give me hand cutting the wings,” she said, her eyes dropping immediately to my groin, “Do you know how to do these?”

“Not really,” I said, ashamed of my obvious erection and the damp spot on my trousers but feeling foolish about trying to hide it now that she had obviously noticed it, “I’ve eaten them, but never cooked them before.”

“Well, come here and watch what I’m doing here,” she ordered turning to the sink. Her eyes seemed to stay locked on my crotch even as her head turned.

I walked up behind her and watched as she took a chicken wing, spread it and made two cuts at the joints.

“There. Pretty easy, huh? Think you can do the rest of these?” she asked.

“I think so,” I said hesitantly.

“Here do one for me,” she said.

I started to move up alongside of her.

“No, just reach around me and cut one so I can see that you are doing it right.”

I moved back behind her and reached around her, picking up an uncut wing in one hand and the kitchen shears in the other. As much as I tried to avoid it, my body pressed up against her back and I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing into the lower part of her back. As I cut the first chicken wing, my arms pressed her shoulders together and her sweater opened like an envelope allowing me a view into the dark cavern between them. A low groan escaped my lips.

“Are you feeling alright?” she asked, “I can feel your heart beating at ninety miles an hour.”

“I..I feel fine,” I stammered.

“You sure do,” she said softly, “Now let’s see how good you are with your hands. Cut another piece of chicken.”

The right side of my face was buried in her hair and I almost cut my finger off trying to snip the wing and look down her sweater at the same time. I felt her wiggle her back against my penis slightly and it responded by twitching back against her. I cut the wing and put the pieces in the piles she had started.

“Good work,” she said, “Do a few more before I leave you to yourself.”

I was almost out of my mind with desire. I tried to concentrate of the task but all I could think of was how good her hard little body felt against mine. I couldn’t resist leaning forward slightly pinning her against the sink with my body. My hips pressed forward and my hard cock pressed into her. She didn’t resist. Her head up towards me putting her full lips only a couple of inches from mine. Her mouth was open slightly and I could see her tongue snake out and wet them. I felt her breath go into my mouth as she spoke, “I like working in the kitchen with you. I think we could make magic in here.”

I saw her tongue come out again and lasciviously lick her full lips. They glistened and reminded me of her shiny hands on my shoulders a few minutes ago at the poker table.

“Are you enjoying your movie?” I asked her, my voice was raspy.

“Yes, it’s an old favorite of mine. I never get tired of watching it,” she said nonchalantly, “It gives me warm fuzzies inside.”

“I imagine so from what I saw of it,” I replied, “What’s the name of it?”

“Four Cocks and a Cunt,” she answered back without a pause, “Have you seen it?”

“No,” I stammered.

“Maybe later then,” she said, “If you’re a good boy.”

I didn’t know what to say. Was she leading me on? Was she teasing me? Did she want me to fuck her right there? She was good friends with my wife. I dared not do anything that might get back to Teezy.

“I think you have the idea now,” she said, “Let me out of here and I’ll get the fryer going.”

I reluctantly stepped back and she turned and walked over to the counter next to the sink. As she did, her hand went down to her side and brushed against my raging hard on for a brief second. I was sure it was deliberate.

She began to set up the deep fat fryer, humming to herself. I turned back to the wings and continued cutting them up. She plugged in the fryer and turned to look at me. I turned toward her and her eyes went down to my crotch again.

“Oh look. You’ve splashed water on your pants. Clumsy boy! Let me help you with that.”

I looked down and saw that I hadn’t splashed any water; it was all pre-cum that had leaked from my still erect penis. She grabbed a towel off the counter and knelt down in front of me. She began wiping at the wet spot with the towel. Each wipe stroked my penis and inflamed it even more. It began to bulge obscenely against my zipper. She stroked and wiped, finally putting the towel over my cock and grasping my shaft through the towel and my pants.

“What’s this? Are you some kind of pervert that gets excited playing with chicken wings? Teezy told me you were built like a racehorse, but she never told me about your infatuation with chicken parts. Kinky, but I like it,” she looked up at with a semi-serious face and then laughed.

“I’m sorry, Scott. I’m teasing you. I think it was looking down at my tits that got you hard, wasn’t it? Or was it the hug at the door? Or was it watching me finger my cunt in the den? Which little ‘Tammy Nasty’ got this guy so excited?” she said as she pulled the towel away, grasped my cock and lowered her mouth over the head of my cock, sucking on it through my pants. I reached down and grasped her head pulling it hard against my penis. I could feel her teeth gently scraping at the tip. I groaned and leaned against the counter trying to keep my knees from collapsing.

I almost came right there. The top of her red head against my crotch was a wet dream come true.

After a few seconds, she put her hands on my hips and pushed herself back. Kneeling in front of me, she looked up with a glazed look in her eyes. She licked her lips.

“Before this night is over, your hors d’oeuvres are going to be a ‘pussy sandwich’. And so are the other three guys in the other room. I’m going to have all four of you in my cunt, in my mouth and in my ass. I’m going to be wearing cum on my face. I’m going to have it running down between my breasts and dripping from my cunt. You guys are gonna fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before and then I’m going to give you, just you, a special dessert. Are you ready for all that?” she said with a throaty growl.

“Oh God, Yes,” I said, reaching down and pulling her to her feet. I pulled her up against me hard and pressed my lips to hers. Her tongue came out and explored the inside of my mouth. My hands went down to her ass and lifted her skirt. I cupped her naked ass cheeks and lifted her up against me. She pressed her breasts hard into my chest and I let my fingers slide down between her legs. Her cunt was sopping wet. I let my hand slide around in her cuntlips and across her clitoris. As my finger touched her clit, her hips lurched against mine. I let my middle finger slide up the crack of her ass and pushed it against her tight sphincter muscle. She responded by forcing her tongue deep into my mouth and crushing her lips against mine. She finally pulled back and put her mouth near my left ear.

“Put me down now. I have snacks to prepare. Go back to your game and wait with the other boys,” she said.

Reluctantly I let go of her tight little butt and set her back on the floor. She straightened her clothes and went to check on the fryer as if nothing had happened. I stood there with my pants bulging. My throbbing cock straining against the inside of my pants.

“Beat it,” she said and then laughed, “Well, don’t really do that. I want it in me later. Go back in the other room and try to find out how interested the other guys might be in taking me up on my offer. Go on. Don’t just stand there with that stupid look on your face. And, remember, you get a special treat later.”

My mind was spinning. A ‘special treat’? What might that be? Just putting my cock in her would be a special treat.

I stumbled toward the door to the den and went back to the poker table and sat down. The other guys were still so engrossed in the game, they didn’t even notice my erection.

All I could see was her head against my groin and the feel of her teeth scraping on my cock.


to be continue

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