I Must Go

November 14, 2007 – 10:00 am

Katie sat hunched over the keyboard of her PC typing a
message into a chatroom. This was how she spent her
evenings – every evening, ‘talking’ to complete strangers
over the internet. She was a slim and classically
beautiful woman of 20 and you might consider it strange
that she spent her spare time in front of a computer
instead of going out clubbing.

The simple fact was that Katie was painfully shy.

She had her father to blame for this problem. Katie’s
father had been a bank manager – a man with an almost
infinite capacity for unnecessary pedantry. He ruled his
wife and daughter with a rod of iron requiring everything
in his home and life to conform to specific requirements.
Any divergence or irregularity, no matter how minor, was
treated as being a most heinous crime.

His father had been in the army and rather than drag his
son on every posting he chose to send him to a boarding
school. The regime at the school had been severe with an
almost obsessive requirement for discipline. This had
moulded his attitude towards his wife and child.

It was Katie who received most of his attention. From
an early age she was required to keep her room and
herself immaculately tidy. Any failing was treated with
his standard punishment – she would be spanked with a
belt, bare assed, across his knees.

For many years she had accepted it simply as being the
way of things but as Katie grew older she noticed that
a firm bulge would form in her father’s groin, pressing
against her belly. Usually her “punishment” would end as
her father gave a groan and a damp patch appeared in his
pants. Her ignorance of sexual matters meant that she did
not understand the significance of what had happened.

Personal cleanliness was her father’s particular passion.
He had spent his early childhood in India and had learned
the custom of washing his anus after taking a dump rather
than the use of toilet paper. He had imposed this regime
on his daughter. Each day he would inspect her panties
after she had changed for bed.

The slightest staining or mark would result in severe
punishment inevitably involving a spanking. The
experience left her paranoid over her personal habits.
Every last pubic hair was scrupulously removed – not by
shaving but by a combination of waxing and chemical
depilatory creams. With careful use of a mirror she
ensured that every last blonde hair was removed from
every nook and cranny. She bathed twice a day and washed
herself thoroughly after taking a piss or a dump.

Katie’s parents had been killed in a car crash when she
was 19. Her main reaction was not to mourn. Instead she
felt lost. Without her father to dictate to her life she
felt like a rudderless ship – she had no idea how to cope
with life. Her sheltered life had left her inexperienced
with handling other people and socially inadequate.

Katie had been left well off in her parents will and
although she had enough income for her not to work, she
had got a job in a travel agents. It helped occupy her
time and gave her some contact with other people. The
other girls had the travel agents found Katie a little

She was nice enough and a real “looker” but they found it
tough holding a conversation with her. One of the male
members of staff had tried particularly hard to get a
date but found every request politely refused with a
blush and a smile.

It was at work that Katie discovered the internet. The
travel business undertakes much of it’s work through the
net and she was fascinated by the world “out there”. She
was quickly hooked and she bought her own PC at home.

One evening she was surfing at random – something she did
when she had nothing better to do. Katie would type in
a word at random into a search engine and see what would
be thrown up. She would then pick a link at random, visit
the site and then pick a link from their links page. This
way she would travel on a mystery tour of the net.

On this particular day she was to a web site with the
strange name “The House of Discipline”. Katie read with
increasing fascination.

The site belonged to a guy using the handle “Lord Edward”
who provided information on BDSM and a service as a Dom.
The site had a discussion board which provided Katie
with a couple of hours of intriguing reading.

She found it both fascinating and incomprehensible that
all the people on the board enjoyed doing nasty things to
each other. Something about the discussions on control
and bondage struck a chord. She found the idea of being
dominated somehow intriguing.

Not really understanding why Katie decided to e-mail
“Lord Edward”. Somehow she felt that maybe he could help
her get on track.

Ed Price, aka “Lord Edward” read the e-mail with
interest. Ed had been in the BDSM scene for quite a
while providing a “personal” service to a number female
clients. Ed was a 110% cynic who found it infinitely
amusing that he could get women to pay him to tie them up
and whip their asses.

If, additionally, he got the chance to screw them, then
that was a bonus. He had no genuine interest or love for
BDSM. Whilst not being exactly a misogynist he loved to
make women cry and whimper and beg. OK, you might argue
that these attributes comprise a sadist but it was his
cynicism and mercenary interests which counted against

Katie’s e-mail suggested a unique opportunity and he
replied immediately in his most sincere and supportive

“Perhaps we can meet to discuss your problems.” he
suggested. It transpired that they coincidentally lived
in the same city so things looked quite straightforward.

Katie was surprised and gratified that “Lord Edward” had
replied so quickly. After an exchange of more e-mails
they had set a date to meet at a local pub the following

Katie spent the whole day in a state of frantic
excitement. Part of her was terrified of meeting a
complete stranger but on the other hand the prospect of a
date made her adrenaline surge.

As luck would have it the boss asked her to complete a
rush mailing that day and she had to work until seven,
leaving her only half an hour to change and get to the
pub. She rushed home and with no time for her shower she
changed into a simple white blouse and black skirt and
set off to the pub, her heart pounding in her chest.

Ed got to the pub early. He wanted to get a few pints
down his neck and have a chat with the bar man (a good
mate of his) before meeting the lovely Katie. To give
the right impression he wore an Italian silk suit, white
shirt open at the neck and black Gucci shoes. Smooth but
not too flash – he’d want to scare her off.

As the time approached, he settled in a quiet corner of
the bar to wait. Promptly on time Katie entered the
bar. Ed recognised her from the description she had
given, and she certainly was a stunner. Slim and blonde
with a face to melt the hardest heart. She had a fine
pair of juggs, her white lacy bra just visible through
her blouse. She turned, looking around the bar.

From the rear Ed admired her slim legs encased in dark
nylons, their slimness enhanced by her high heeled shoes.
Her knee length skirt, dark and tight, was taught over
her firm, round butt. Ed could discern the outline of
her panties, a full style rather than a thong. He quietly
promised himself that he would screw her or die in the

He jumped to his feet and walked over to her.

“Hi, Katie I presume,” Ed asked smoothly.

Katie blushed bright red. “Y. yes,” she gasped.

Ed guided her to his table and bought her a white

“My real name is Ed,” he began. “Lord Edward is only
for effect. I must say you are a very attractive young

Katie blushed again, she was unused to such flattery
and felt overwhelmed.

They chatted for a while, mostly small talk, as Ed
began the process of winning her confidence. As a judge
of human psychology Ed was a master and at the perfect
moment he began the hard sell.

“So how can I help you?” he began.

Katie paused, gathering her thoughts and then described
how the loss of her parents had left her. She described
her loss of direction and her need for someone to help
her shape her life. Throughout Ed made helpful,
understanding noises.

“I see. What you seek is a form of mentor,” he suggested.
“Someone to take a firm grip of you and keep you in

Katie nodded.


“I think I might be able to help.” Ed closed in for
the kill. “But you must appreciate that my skills are in
demand and that I already have a full client list. My
time is very limited”

Katie looked crestfallen.

“But I’m sure we can work things out.” Ed added
quickly. “You must understand that in order for us to
reach a satisfactory conclusion I require absolute
obedience and that I will need to know everything about

Katie was relieved to hear that he could help. She
nodded mutely.

“Two final points,” Ed added. “Firstly, I must charge
œ200 for each session. Secondly, you know from my web
site that there will inevitably be some degree of
disciplinary and sexual content, if we go ahead you must
agree to that and we must set some working limits.”

Again Katie nodded, too nervous and overwhelmed to

“Look, relax, take a drink,” Ed was concerned with
Katie’s response – he didn’t want her to agree without
understanding. It reduced complications later.

Katie took a deep drink of wine and relaxed a little.

“Do you understand and agree to what I’ve said?” Ed

“Yes.” Katie replied.

“What I can offer you is a structured program of
discipline gradually increasing as you become more
experienced until we reach limits set by you. Sometimes
it will be difficult – you may experience a little
discomfort, possibly even pain, also embarrassment.
Nothing permanent and nothing intolerable but through it
you will gain the confidence and self assurance you

He knew he sounded like a third rate psychology text book
and that it was all a load of hokum but the girl was
lapping up every word.

“OK, lets set some boundaries.” Ed wanted to get
things rolling. “What about discipline?”

“Er. I don’t know. can I leave it to you to decide?”
Katie replied after some thought. She really had no
idea what he meant.

“Fine, we’ll start with minimal pain and see how you
cope. Now what about sex?”

“No sex, I’m a virgin,” Katie replied immediately.

“OK, what about nudity?” Ed was a little dismayed but
not put off.

Katie hesitated. “Is that really necessary?”

“If I am to get full obedience, yes it is.” Ed went
for broke – he was determined to screw this little peach.

“OK.” Katie finally agreed.

“From now on when we are together you will only speak
when I allow it and you will refer to me only as Papa.

“Yes Papa.”

“Now Katie, I want to know everything about you. Lets
start with what are you wearing. Tell me about it.” Ed
was looking forward to this.

“A black skirt and white blouse, why?” Katie replied.

“Because I need to know. Now stop being obtuse and tell
everything about what you are wearing.”

Katie blushed. “A bra, hose and knickers.”

“Yes.. yes.” he snapped impatiently, “but I need details.
What sort of knickers?”


“Come on Katie, I expect full details, type, when you
put them on, everything. I expect complete and
unquestioning obedience.”

“I understand, Papa,” Katie sighed.

“White, cotton, hipster knickers. I put them on this
morning after my shower. My bra is white, lace size 36C.
I am wearing black panty hose.”

“Good, you’re getting the idea. Now an obedience test.
You will do exactly what I say without question or
argument. Understand?”

“Yes papa.”

“I require you to go to the ladies toilet. There you will
take off your hose and knickers and you will bring them
to me carrying them in your hand.”

Katie blushed and looked at Ed in horror. She began
to protest but then understanding, she stopped. This is
what she sought, domination and obedience no matter how
embarrassing it might be. She got up and went to the
toilet. A few minutes later she returned, walking self-
consciously, her underwear in her hand and sat down.

“Give them to me.”

Ed held out his hand expectantly. Looking around
quickly, Katie handed them over quickly hoping that no-
one would see. Ed pressed them to his nose and sniffed
before putting the items into his pocket.

“Very nice scent – very feminine, now show me.”

Katie looked at him in confusion.

“You know what I require, show me that you have removed
your underwear.”

“But I’ve given them to you, Papa,” Katie was bemused.

“Ah, but you could be cheating.”

Slowly Katie spread her legs allowing her tight skirt
to ride up until Ed could see her smooth, exposed,

“Good, that’s the idea. Open those legs wider.”

She opened her legs as far as her skirt would allow.

“Don’t mess about, child, I want to see some pink, open
them wider.”

Surreptitiously hitching her skirt up, she spread her
legs until he could see the opening to her virgin cunt.

“Good, now I want to know your most intimate likes and
dislikes. How often do you, bathe, what sanitary
arrangements you use, how often you take a dump.

Katie didn’t even contemplate protesting. She realised
what was expected of her.

“I bathe every day when I get in from work. I shower
every morning when I get up. I shave my body – except for
my head, I don’t have any body hair. I change my knickers
twice a day, I hate to wear the same pair two days in a
row. I go to the toilet every morning after breakfast. I
use pads during my period. I clean my teeth three times a
day. I like clean, fresh clothes. I hate nasty smells,
dirty clothes and stale sweat. I have never had sex, I
have never seen or touched a naked man. I masturbate
using my fingers and a vibrator but I never put the
vibrator inside myself. I have seen naked women on the
internet and I think that my body compares well with what
I’ve seen. I’m very shy and find it difficult to talk to
strangers. Is that enough?”

Katie was gasping with nervousness and almost gabbling
by the time she had finished, it had obviously been
difficult for her to unload all this intimate

Ed sat back astounded at the outburst.

“Relax, you’re doing fine.” he soothed.

For Katie, entering the bar had been one of the most
difficult acts of her life. Her heart pounded so hard
that she thought it must burst. She felt as though
everyone was staring at her.

She had started with surprise when Ed touched her

Her first impression was favourable, a young, slim,
handsome guy in a dark suit, and she felt an immediate
attraction to him. He guided her to his table and bought
her a drink. As they chatted Katie began to relax but
she felt a pang of alarm when he began to go into detail
of their future arrangement, that is until she realised
that he was beginning to exert a level of control similar
to her father – finally her life seemed less chaotic,
order was returning. Readily she agreed to all of Ed’s

His instruction for her to remove her underwear was like
a thunderbolt. “How awful,” she thought, “I can’t do
this.” Something in Ed’s look told her that refusal
wasn’t an option. As she sat on the toilet pulling off
her knickers and hose, again she pondered what she was
doing but as she smoothed down her skirt she felt

This was the rudest, sexiest thing she had ever done.
Carrying her underwear back in her hand was the most
difficult part. Anyone who chose to look would have seen
what she carried and speculate what she was doing. No
doubt some would consider her to a be a whore.

As she entered the bar she felt the unaccustomed
sensation of cool air on her naked thighs and crotch,
followed by a flush of heat and moisture between her
thighs. She felt a pang of embarrassment as she handed
over her underwear and Ed sniffed them, she shuddered
when she speculated how strongly they would smell with
the day’s sweat and other things. Showing him her naked
crotch had been difficult, no man had ever seen her naked
body. Once it had been done, however, she felt a sense of
release – it had been a watershed.

“I think it might help our further discussions if we go
to my house,” Ed suggested.

“Fine.” Katie agreed.

Ed drove them in his Saab convertible to a house in
the better part of town. As they entered Katie was
impressed with the quality and taste of the furnishings.
Ed was obviously making good money.

The lounge was huge with a leather suite, large
widescreen TV and cinema system. One end of the room was
entirely mirrored making the room seem double in length.

In the hall was a large solid wooden door. Ed unlocked
it with a large key and led the way down.

In the cellar Katie was shown Ed’s “dungeon”. The
walls and floor had been covered in mock stonework giving
the impression of a castle dungeon – she recognised it
from pictures on the web site. In the centre of the room
was a rack comprising of a number of adjustable beams.

This allowed the securing of a sub in a range of
positions. Ceiling beams fitted with pulleys allowed the
suspension and trussing of subs. A huge range of straps,
gags, ropes, whips, enema bags and other BDSM
paraphernalia was set out on tables.

“This is my work room,” Ed grinned.

They returned upstairs to the lounge. Ed sat down on
the couch.

“Undress!” He instructed.

Katie complied without comment. Soon she was naked.

Ed was an expert on naked woman flesh and he concluded
that Katie was in a class of her own. Slim without the
slightest hint of surplus fat or cellulite. She had full
tits without any real sag and large pink aureole which
tightened as the cool air brushed against them. Her lower
belly was smooth, her slit peeking enticingly from
between her closed thighs.

“Come closer,” he commanded. She obeyed.

Ed ran his hands over her body feeling Katie’s
shiver at their first contact. Silky soft but firm flesh.
He felt each breast, testing their weight and softness,
noting how each nipple stiffened as his hand brushed
against then. He ran his hand down her belly and between
her legs.

Obediently Katie parted her thighs. Her cunt was hot
and moist, her juices smearing on his hand. She closed
her thighs in reflex as his hand brushed her slit.

“Don’t resist me!!” he shouted slapping her hard across
her thigh.

Katie gasped in pain, tears appearing in her eyes.

“Sorry papa,” she spoke quietly.

He stood and slapped her tits hard, once and then a
second time, leaving red marks on her pale flesh. Katie
cried out in pain.

“Don’t ever disobey me again,” he snarled.” Turn around.”
Again she obeyed.

Her butt was firm and smooth.

“Bend over.”

“Yes Papa.”

Ed pulled her butt cheeks apart. Her tight, virgin
slit and tiny pink butt-hole were revealed. He leant
forward sniffing at her crotch. The smell of fresh soap
with a hint of her musk sent a flood of lust through him.
He leant forward and licked her butt hole. Using the spit
as lubricant he pressed his finger into the puckered
opening, pushing it in.

Katie shuddered in shock. The uncomfortable feeling of
his finger penetrating her body was an outrage to her
sense of cleanliness.

For his part, Ed was thoroughly enjoying things. His
finger pushed past her tight sphincter and into her body,
only to encounter the hard contents of her bowel.
Katie’s mind spun with embarrassment. With the
excitement of the date and her rush to prepare, she had
forgotten to take a crap. During the evening she had felt
the fullness of her waste pressing down and demanding
release. Now the sensation was unbearable.

“Please papa, I need the toilet.”

“Wait,” Ed’s voice was stern.

He briefly left the room and returned with a cat litter
tray. He threw it to the floor.

“Use that.” He commanded.

Katie looked at the tray in horror. She couldn’t take a
dump in front of anyone else. She opened her mouth to
speak in protest when she saw the look on Ed’s face.
She had no choice but to obey.

She squatted over the tray. As she crapped every noise –
the sound of her piss hitting the cat litter, the
crackling of her turd as it eased out, the small farts –
echoed around the room. When the foul smell of her waste
filled the room, she thought she would die from

Ed had never been particularly turned on by scat but
the sight of a huge turd easing from this cutie’s ass was
a real turn on.

Eventually Katie finished.

“I need to clean myself,” she spoke more in hope than

“Sorry, I can’t help there.” Ed replied. “I can’t have
you messing up my house though. Put these on.” He threw
her the panties she had taken off earlier. Katie pulled
them on, shuddering as the cotton gusset smeared against
the waste that remained on her butt hole.

“Sit down on the floor Katie.”

Katie moved to pick up her clothes. Ed stopped her.

“No, you remain as you are until you leave. Sit on the
rug, cross-legged.”

Katie complied. Sitting in front of the litter tray she
was unable to avoid the stink or the sight of her shit.

“Good girl. From now on your life will be ruled by me.
You will do what I tell you without hesitation. If you
argue or disobey, I will punish you. Is that clear?”

“Yes Papa,” Katie replied.

“You will wear those panties all next week. You will not
wash them. Understand?”

“Yes Papa.”

Given Katie’s earlier comments about her likes and
dislikes, he guessed she would hate fulfilling his
instructions. He went to the desk and removed a ball
point pen. Choosing an exposed part of her panties he
wrote the word “Slave”

“There, if that isn’t on your panties next week I will
know that you have either washed them or changed them.”

Ed was more than pleased with progress and finally
allowed Katie to get dressed. He gave her a lift home
and instructed her to be at his home the following Friday
evening at six o clock.

Katie had mixed feelings as she lay in bed that
evening. She had left her panties on to ensure that her
sheets were not stained. The feeling of her sticky crotch
was uncomfortable and disgusting. To her surprise she
also felt excitement. This rebellion against her beliefs
filled her with a strange lust.

Life during the following week was more difficult than
she expected. Every day she imagined that her workmates
could smell that she was wearing dirty panties. Getting
dressed every morning was an ordeal as she felt the
crusty gusset press against her cunt – she hated it.

She was still able to bathe but no sooner was she clean
than she had to put on these disgusting pants. She knew
she could easily cheat and not wear the pants but in a
surreal way she couldn’t. Irrationally she imagined that
Ed would somehow know if she cheated.

She arrived at Ed’s house promptly the following
Friday. She no longer felt very nervous knowing the sorts
of things likely to happen. Again she wore her black
skirt and white blouse.

“Hello Katie,” Ed welcomed her. “Have a good week?”

“Yes Papa.”

“I thought we would go for a meal tonight. I’ve brought
you a new blouse to wear.”

The blouse was made of beautiful lace, expensive and
rather more transparent than she normally wore. Katie
changed into the blouse in the bathroom. In the mirror
she could see that almost every detail of her bra could
be seen. When she returned downstairs Ed was most

“Very nice, Katie. It was made for you.”

Katie blushed at the complement.

“Just one problem. You bra interferes with the effect, I
think you should take it off.”

“Yes Papa.” Katie sighed in resignation and returned to
the bathroom.

Without her bra the blouse revealed everything – she
might as well be topless.

“Still, my tits are pretty good, why don’t I show them
off.” Katie told herself, trying to boost her

Ed was even more complementary when he saw her the
second time.

“Oh, by the way Katie, isn’t there something else I
need to see?”

Katie understood, removed her panties and gave them to
him. The gusset was heavily stained brown and smelled
pretty nasty. The biro marking was still there.

“Hmmm, tasty what do you think?” he asked, offering them
to Katie to smell.

As the panties were offered to her she could see the
staining and cringed that her dirtiness was being
exposed. She held them a few inches from her face,
grimacing in disgust. The stink was disgusting.

“You like it, eh?” Ed had noticed Katie’s expression
of disgust. “Smell them.”

Katie complied, cringing inside as her nose brushed
against the filthy cloth.

“Oh, maybe you should have a taste. Put it in your
mouth.” Ed was determined to give her a hard time.

Katie complied. Her mouth filled with the horrendous
taste of her waste. She gagged.

“Don’t you dare puke!” Ed warned. “Suck them!!”

Somehow Katie complied.

“OK, enough fun, put them back on and let’s go,” Ed
was ready to eat. Katie reluctantly pulled back on her
pants, shuddering at the contact between the damp gusset
and her pussy.

Ed took Katie to the most expensive restaurant in
town. In spite of her resolve, the experience was
horrific. As soon as the maitre d’ took her coat Katie
could feel the eyes of everyone on her and hear the
whispering. In spite of Ed’s instructions, Katie’s
shyness threatened to take over pushing her to edge of
panic. It took all of her will power to sit there and
suffer everyone staring at her tits.

From the grin on his face Katie saw that Ed was
enjoying the whole experience. For the first time she had
a slightly uneasy feeling that her arrangement wasn’t
perhaps what she had expected.

“Its warm in here, I think you should open the top three
buttons of your blouse,” he sneered.

She complied knowing that her cleavage was now exposed.

In many ways the events of the evening were a pivotal
point which changed Katie’s life.

Part way through the meal she needed to pee and she went
to the toilet. On her way back she noticed a man walking
towards her between the restaurant tables. From his gait
he was obviously slightly drunk and his eyes were glued
to her tits which, she realised, were gently bouncing up
and down as she walked.

As he passed her the man was so engrossed with the sight
of her tits that he stumbled into a table, knocking it
over with plates and glasses crashing to the floor. There
were gasps around the restaurant, not only in response to
the man’s accident but also at Katie’s brazen
behaviour. Katie stumbled back to their table, deeply
embarrassed, while the man desperately apologized to the

Ed had a face like thunder and he curtly informed her
that they were leaving. They returned to his house.

As they entered the lounge Ed turned on Katie, his
face flushed with anger.

“You stupid, ignorant bitch, what the hell were you doing
showing me up? No one makes a fool of me, why the fuck
can’t you do a simple thing like show off your tits
without messing up?” he snarled.

Katie was shocked and a little frightened at his
vehemence; it wasn’t clear whether he was playing or not.

“You know what happens to girls who screw up, take your
knickers off.”

Mutely Katie removed her knickers and handed them to

“Open you mouth wide,” he snarled.

Katie complied and Ed pushed the reeking panties
into her mouth. Katie struggled not to gag as her mouth
was packed full of stinking cloth.

Ed tore the blouse off her body and fiercely gripping
one of her nipples pulled her down to the dungeon. He sat
on a chair.

“Bend over my knees.”

Katie obeyed and Ed pulled her skirt up and began
slapping her naked butt with his hand. She immediately
realised that he wasn’t playing. Each slap stung fiercely
bringing tears to her eyes. After a moment Ed stopped.
Katie could not see it but he had picked up a leather

The first Katie knew about what he had done was when
she heard a loud slap followed by an excruciating fiery
pain flooding through her rear. She tried to scream but
all sound was muffled by her panties.

“This was what you get for upsetting me bitch,” he
snarled as he paddled her rear fiercely.

As he paddled her his temper increased and every blow
became harder than the last.

Slowly her milky cheeks first became red and as the
paddling continued darker bruises and ridges appeared
until in one or two areas the skin broke and blood began
to ooze. Katie hoped that the pain would ease but if
anything it intensified. At one stage she pissed herself
after a particularly hard blow. Ed felt the hot
wetness down his leg and a flood of arousal anger went
through him.

“You’ve pissed on me to filthy slut,” he shouted beating
her even harder.

He was getting turned on like never before by this
experience, his cock was rock hard and pressed against
her belly. He thrashed her harder, her rear by now
bleeding heavily, runnels of blood trickling down her

Katie involuntarily wriggled against Ed’s lap
sufficiently to trigger his orgasm. She didn’t hear his
groan of pleasure but she certainly felt his cock twitch
against her followed by warm dampness as his juice seeped
through his pants. It was just like her father.

Katie hoped that her rear would become numb but Ed’s
skill was in teasing out fresh pain with every slap. The
pain was almost driving her out of her mind and she felt
the room recede as though she was about to faint.

With his orgasm Ed’s fury ebbed and he finally stopped
beating her. Wincing she stood up, her face was red and
streaked with eye shadow and tears.

“You may go home.” Was all that Ed said, dismissing
her like a naughty schoolgirl.

Back at her home Katie’s first instinct was to take hot
shower. Her rear stung fiercely as she soaped it but she
was determined to wash the filth of the whole evening off
her body. She felt an anger which consumed her
completely. That bastard had used her. She had been a
fool paying him good money so that he could get his own
gratification from her. He was just like her father –
getting his rocks off as he beat her.

She left the shower and toweled her body down – not an
easy task when she reached her battered rear. She looked
in the mirror to see that her previously superb rear was
now a mess of red and purple bruises and lacerations.

The decision was made, Ed was now history – once she
had had her revenge.

With her ideas and feelings resolved she rang Ed the
next morning.

“Ed, it’s Katie,” she began when he answered the
phone. “First I want to apologise for letting you down
last night, it won’t happen again.”

Ed was exultant that she had come back grovelling for
forgiveness – he had the bitch where he wanted her.

“I would like to review the limits of our arrangements –
I think it’s time for us to move things along and change
the boundaries, if you get my meaning,” she continued.

Ed understood quite clearly, she was offering the
chance to screw her. With his arrogance and twisted logic
he assumed that the previous night had turned her on.

“Of course, if you feel ready,” he replied. “When do you
want to meet?”

“I can be over now, if you’re free,” came the reply.

Ed jumped at the chance, he could easily cancel the
session already planned with another customer that

Katie slipped into a tight black dress but chose to
leave her underwear at home. She slipped the now
unspeakably filthy knickers in her bag.

Ed’s face was a picture of lust when he opened the
door – he almost drooled as he let Katie into the

“Shall we go upstairs?” he asked planning to lead her to
the bedroom.

“No, I would like to go to the cellar,” she replied,
walking down the stairs.

“A little fetish, eh?” Ed was grinning as he followed
– he anticipated some serious fun.

“Do you mind if I tie you up a little?” Katie asked.

“Fine, anything to please a lady.”

Katie led him to the rack and quickly fastened his
wrists and ankles so that he was reclining. A strap
around his head held him fast.

“Open mouth papa,” she husked. Ed complied willingly
and Katie dropped a small blue object into Ed’s

“A little Viagra to help you out.” Katie husked. “100
milligrams will ensure you keep it up. I don’t have a
drink to help you swallow it, maybe this will help.” She
leant forward a slowly spat a large gob into his mouth.

The taste of her sweet spit was nectar to Ed. He
swallowed the Viagra tab.

Before Ed realised what was happening, Katie pushed
her filthy panties into his mouth and slipped a ball gag
into on top, ensured his silence. She saw the shock in
his eyes as he tasted her filthy pants.

“Tasty?” she asked, smiling.

She gave a second smile and left the room.

Katie made herself a coffee and sat down in the lounge.
The viagra would half about half an hour to be absorbed
and she wanted it to work to the max. She caught sight of
the desk in the corner and decided to conduct a little
research. The desk was locked but she easily levered it
open with a knife from the kitchen. Inside were a diary
and a ledger.

It was quite clear that Ed was making serious cash,
most of his clients were being charged over œ200 an hour.
The diary was equally revealing giving explicit detail of
what he thought of his clients. Katie was appalled by
the comments about herself confirming her own conclusions
about him. He deserved some serious torment.

She found the admin password to his web site in the diary
and she quickly powered up the PC and logged into the
site. There were the usual sections of picture galleries
and mpegs. There was also a special VIP area.

She found a link with the text “Cute blonde takes a dump”
and clicking on it soon found herself watching a video
clip of her shitting in the cat letter tray. She felt
appalled and betrayed that countless other perverts had
seen her humiliated.

She went into the hall and found a door near the end. It
led to a small room separated from the lounge by a two-
way mirror. Inside were a professional video camera and a
full video editing suite. It took her a matter of seconds
to damage the equipment seriously.

This guy was about to suffer.

The half an hour was now up and she went downstairs.

“Ready for fun, lover?” she smiled. Slowly she peeled off
her dress, running her hands over her body provocatively.
Slowly she ran her hand between her legs, her finger
slipping in her wet slit. Katie slowly sucked her
finger, tasting her juices.

Ed had rarely seen anything so erotic and felt his
cock stiffen in his tight jeans.

Katie had found a hobby knife in the kitchen and she
used it to cut off Ed’s clothes, finally leaving him
naked. The clothes had cost him a lot of money but were a
small price to pay for the fun that was to come. His
cock, now fully erect, lay throbbing across his belly.
While Ed had seen her naked, this was the first time
she had seen him. She was impressed. His body was hard
and fit and his cock an impressive length.

She placed her hands on his chest, rubbing and tweaking
his nipples. Ed’s cock twitched involuntarily.

“Hmmm, you like that?” Katie murmured before bending
forward to take each of his nipples in her mouth, sucking
and nibbling. Her tit brushed across Ed’s cock adding
the pleasure. Slowly Katie ran her tongue down his
body, taking time to lick his navel and then downwards to
his cock.

She loved the clean but masculine musk of his body – any
other time she would have enjoyed fucking him. The end of
his cock oozed clear fluid which smeared over her lips as
she took his cock head into her mouth. Softly she sucked
pushing her tongue between his glands and foreskin.

Ed was in heaven – never before had he experience such
head. He pushed his hips forward trying to thrust his
cock deeper into her mouth.

Katie stopped sucking and looked up grinning.

“Slow down tiger, this is going to last. You’ve got nice
big cock Ed, I wonder if we can make it bigger.”

Very slowly she opened her mouth wide and eased his cock
into her. Fighting the gag reflex, she allowed the cock
to move down her throat until her lips pressed against
Ed’s hairy belly. Ed had never been properly deep
throated and he felt the pleasure rise in his cock.

Katie felt the twitching in the cock and pulled back –
Ed wasn’t going to come yet. She allowed his cock to
fall from her mouth, dragging a long strand of drool from
her throat.

Katie reached over to the table by the frame and took a
large butt plug. Ed’s eyes started in horror and he
made a gurgling noise. He had used the plug on clients
but had an aversion to them being used on himself. His
mute appeal was ignored and the plug pushed in firmly.

The unlubricated plug tore painfully at his sphincter as
Katie pushed it in but once in place it exerted a
constant pressure against his prostate. To his surprise,
the pressure magnified his pleasure tenfold.

She returned her attention to his crotch taking each of
his balls into her mouth sucking and rubbing with her
tongue. He moaned with pleasure. Stopping she quickly
reached for a thin leather strap which she fastened
around his ball sack before attaching it to the frame
below him.

As she tightened the strap it pulled his balls down.
Ed winced slightly with the pulling on his sack before
the tension added to the pressure in his cock. He thought
it would explode. Just to add to the pressure Katie
slipped on a rubber cock ring over his dick.

Katie stood back and admired her handiwork. Ed was
now incapable of moving. His cock was hugely erect and
purple in colour was securely and tightly bound.

Slowly, infinitely slowly, Katie moved her body over
Ed – her tits brushing his cock, chest and finally his
face. Positioning herself carefully so he could see, she
rubbed her dripping cunt over his cock – to and fro, his
cock sliding into her slit making small wet noises.
Finally she positioned herself so his cock nudged into
her opening. She pushed down until she felt it’s pressure
against her hymen.

Ed was in a haze of pleasure, the moment of perfect
penetration was at hand – in a moment he would buried up
to the hilt in her body. He closed his eyes so he could
absorb every nuance of the pleasure.

She held her position for a moment and then, to his
dismay, lifted her cunt off him.

Katie wasn’t going to let this happen and she climbed
off. Ed looked both pathetic and ridiculous.

She moved over to her dress and began to put it on.

“Sorry Ed, I must go.” She smiled seeing his look of
deepest frustration. “It’s been fun but I really am ready
to move on. I’m afraid the Viagra coupled with the cock
rings will keep you stiff for quite a time. There is a
chance that the restricted circulation might cause the
flesh of your cock to start to die but if I remember,
I’ll call the emergency services to release you in a few
hours. Hopefully gangrene won’t have set in before then.
Thank you for your time and all you’ve taught me but
you’ve been having far too much fun at my expense and I
think you need to suffer a little.”

“We won’t be meeting again. Bye!”

Ed watched as she disappeared upstairs and heard the
sound of the dungeon door being locked, the key being
broken in the lock, her walking down the hall and the
front door closing.

Softly he began to sob…

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