Slut Wife Pleases Her Wimpy-Dicked Hubby’s Young Boss

February 28, 2014 – 12:54 pm

This is based on a personal experience. I love doing women who love doing it in front of their older husbands and children and was this a nasty bitch!!!


The sexy 37-year-old South Indian porn actress let the young stud, her husband’s 28-year-old boss pull off the saree she wore, tied low, an inch or so above her sweet pussy, to reveal her large milkpots and her excited, swollen nipples.

Lying face up on the young stud’s office desk, she said, “Oh! Yes!!! Boss… Please fuck me with your massive, rock-hard young cock as my wimpy-dicked 50-year-old husband watches along with the other staff to humiliate the senile old bastard in front of his colleagues!” Guiding the throbbing, thickly-veined cock into her hot, wet pussy, the sexbomb begged the young man to fuck her hard and fill her with his potent sperm.

“My womb is ovulating for you, Boss. I want you to fuck my fertile cunt and shoot your hot jism right into my womb… breed me like the slut bitch I am. But I know you will use the semen of the black man you arranged from the sperm bank, to knock me up with a little black baby and make me pregnant so you can fuck my swollen body till I give birth! I’ll sate your filthy, sexy lust to fuck me in every pregnant hole in front of my hubby and my twin 12-year-old sons and 14-year old daughter!” she moaned, knowing her dirty talk would sexcite the young stud to the maximum. She knew that she would be rewarded well to satisfy the young man’s horny lust for her ripe, fleshy body in front of her kids and husband and a video camera!


The sexy porn star wife danced an obscene film song, stripping while she danced and finishing the number stark naked except for her gold necklace and belly chain. And her shiny wedding ring!! Falling at the young man’s feet, the slut wife pulled him to her sexy naked body, rubbing the raging 9-inch erection against the soft flesh around her belly, letting him crush her hot body in his powerful arms.

“Hmmmmmm!!” she moaned as the young stud caressed her soft flesh and squeezed her juicy fat buttocks. “See children,” she said, looking her older husband in the eye, “see what a powerful, rich, young stud like your father’s boss has a right to enjoy.” Flipping over and presenting the young man with her prime butt, the sexy wife purred: “Fuck me, Boss. Fuck my fat ass as my husband and children watch!”

“Grnnntt!!” she grunted like a stuck sow as the bulbous head of the huge phallus worked its way into her well-lubed anus, stretching her rectum to the limit, and the young man buried his massive cock all the way up her hot, clinging asshole.

“Come here, you horny little fuckers!” she screamed at her sons who had their little cocks out and shagging at the hot sex show they witnessed. “Come close and wank off your little hard pricks as a Superior Man has his manly way with your sexy mother’s forbidden anus!! See your wimpy-dicked father masturbating with his little-boy cock as his wife pleases his Master and milks his great phallus as the cuckold watches!” she groaned, feeling the massive cock in her shithole grow even bigger with sexcitement.

“Boss is going to make me pregnant with a black man’s sperm!” she said. “Then I will beg him to fuck my sexy swollen body in front of your father and all of you. I will beg Boss to fuck my pregnant cunt hard and poke the head of the little black bastard in my womb with his thick long cock.”

“I will beg Boss to bathe the little black asshole with his hot jism so he knows how willingly his beautiful mother satisfies every nasty lust of the young stallion in front of his brothers and sisters and his step-father!!!” she cried out as her sons squirted their jism on the carpet and she felt the hard body of the young stud fucking her ripe bum quiver with sexcitement, tense, then flood her willing anus with a river of hot cum.

The End

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