Melanie’s First Fling

February 27, 2014 – 11:51 am

My wife Melanie and I had told each other when we got married that we knew that sex drive was often stronger than marriage, so we agreed that if the opportunity and desire to have sex with others came up, we would be free to act on it.

We had been married a little over two years, and I was going with some work friends to Vegas to celebrate our promotions. Melanie was a little upset that she wasn’t going, but she also didn’t want to hang around a bunch of my work friends for three days. A week before I left I jokingly suggested to her that she find some hot young man to fuck her while I was gone.

When Melanie dropped me off at the airport, she was wearing her usual summer outfit of tiny shorts and a tank top, no bra. Melanie was 27 at the time. She has a great little ass and tiny little tits with almost permanently hard nipples. I had already forgotten about what I had told her earlier that week, but as I found out later, she apparently hadn’t!

I arrived home from Vegas about 2 a.m., three days later. Melanie was in bed, asleep, I thought. When I finished showering the travel sweat off and I climbed into bed, Melanie sat up and turned on the light on the nightstand. She was wearing a see-through camisole and a matching thong. She said “Welcome home, sweetie!” and began kissing me passionately. “Wow” I thought, “she really missed me!” as she kissed her way down my stomach.

Melanie soon peeled down my boxers and began sucking my cock. She sucked me for a good minute before mumbling, “You want to hear what a naughty girl I’ve been while you were away?” I thought she was playing a game; we had done things like this before, so I said, “Sure! What have you done?”

“Well,” She said,” I was REALLY naughty. Like you told me to do.” She sucked my cock some more, and I began to remember what I had told her the week before.

“Did you do it with another man?” I asked, not really believing that she did.

“Mmmm-hmmm!” She mumbled on my cock. “I did what you said and found a young man to fuck.”

I still didn’t believe her. So I pulled her head up and pressed for details. Here is what she told me as her hands caressed my cock.

“Two days before you left I was at the grocery store. The bag boy was really cute. 5′ 8”, blonde hair, skinny and relaxed. I made him carry my groceries out to the car. I found out he had just graduated high school, so I gave him my cell phone number and told him I would like to see him again. The morning before I took you to the airport, he called me and said he wanted to get together tomorrow. I told him to meet me in the grocery store parking lot at 2:00 p.m.

“I was really horny all day before I met with him and masturbated several times. I put on a pink thong, shorts and a tight white tank-top. I met him at the store and had him follow me back here. I felt so naughty walking upstairs to the bedroom with him behind me, knowing I was about to cheat on my husband for the first time in my life.”

She then looked at me and said “You’re not mad at me, are you honey?” I assured her I wasn’t, though I wasn’t yet convinced she wasn’t just making it up.

“Well, we got to the bedroom and I put my arms around his neck and started kissing him. His hands went under my shirt so I helped him take it off. He began to suck my nipples, and I unbuttoned his shirt. While he took it off I undid my shorts and showed him my thong. He started to kiss my ass and fondle my wet pussy through my thong. I was so wet. I turned around and undid his shorts. After he took off all his clothes, I told him to lie on the bed. I knew he was young and would not last long the first time, so I got the AstroGlide and lubed up his cock slowly with my hand. I stroked him for about a minute and a half while I lay beside him and let him suck my nipples. He soon came hard, shooting his jizz all over my tummy and thong.”

I saw a chance to find out if my wife was just telling tales. “Do you still have this cum-covered thong?” I asked. Without a word, she jumped up and opened her bottom dresser drawer. She pulled out her pink thong and showed it to me. There were some cum-like stains, and boy did it smell like a man’s cum! “Holy shit!” I said, “You’re really serious!” My wife nodded vigorously and once again began stroking my cock. Then she continued her tale.

“I took off my thong and he lay me back and started to go down on me. He wasn’t too good at it, but it felt nice having a strange tongue in my pussy! When he was hard again he moved up between my legs and pushed his cock inside me. I told him we had to use a condom, but I let him fuck me for a few seconds without one because it felt so good.”

At this point my cock was about to explode, so I took off my wifes thong and got on top of her, sliding my cock slowly into her extremely wet pussy. She continued to whisper her tale in my ear as I slowly fucked her.

“I made him stop and put on a rubber, then he re-entered me and fucked me really hard. His cock is a little longer than yours, but a lot skinnier. He had a big cock head that really felt good when he pushed it in. I told him to fuck me good. He began to moan as I wrapped my legs around him. It only took about another two minutes before he came. But I still wanted more.”

At this point I was pumping my wife furiously, thinking how some young guy had just been in her pussy less than two days before.

“We talked for about fifteen minutes, then I told him I wanted his hard cock buried inside me again. It wasn’t long before I had another condom on him and he was again on top of me, pumping my pussy furiously! I talked dirty to him, telling him how good his cock felt and how I loved to get fucked. He moaned a lot and I pushed my hips up to meet his thrusts. I wanted to be his best fuck ever. He came after about three minutes and we were both wiped out. We talked a little longer then he said he had to go. He said he had a big date with his girlfriend, and she never put out. I told him he was lucky he already got some ass today then, so he wouldn’t be so frustrated tonight! I had to masturbate three more times that evening thinking about him fucking me and how I was going to tell you.”

Sometime during this I shot my load deep inside my wife. I must have cum three times as much as usual since she had made me so horny. But afterward I wondered, could she have faked it? I quit wondering when Melanie got up and opened her drawer again. She pulled out a ziploc bag and handed it to me. In it were two cum-soaked condoms. I opened the bag and the smell of cum was quite powerful. My wife had done it. She had fucked another man while I was out of town. My dick was instantly hard again.

Melanie said her pussy was a little sore from the long fucking I just gave her, so she had me lay back and began to stroke my cock while I sucked her nipples, just like he had done. I made her tell me the story two more times while she jerked me to cumming twice more before I let her go to bed.

This story is 100% true. As will be the next Melanie story. She’s had four flings so far…

The End

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