The Tease

February 26, 2014 – 2:51 pm

I’m sitting here, wondering what’s going to happen to my marriage. I’ll know soon enough because Judy, who is now taking a bath, will emerge soon and we’ll have the most serious talk of our marriage.

We’ve been married twelve years – both of us are 35 years old and we have what I thought up to this point was a perfectly satisfactory marriage. Oh, we have our problems, and the sex isn’t much to brag about, but we truly love each other, and we’ve always been able to talk and have fun.

Judy’s a cute little brunette, with big brown eyes. She’s little – just 5′-2″ tall and weighs in at around 110 pounds. Nice perky breasts, with nipples that get hard and show through her blouse when she’s excited or cold. She also has lovely white skin, sexy legs and the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen.

Nobody’s perfect, however. It has to be said that Judy is really not into sex. The years we dated and the first few years of our marriage were pretty good, but then we just drifted off into a nothingness of sex.

Oh, sure, she likes to cuddle and smooch, but as for the dirty deed itself…well, she does what she has to do and she never complains, but it’s duty and not pleasure. I know this because she told me once. She’s also not into oral sex. She’ll tolerate me eating her, but it’s been years since she gave me a blow job.

We still have sex. Occasionally. Randomly. Like when we go away on vacation and sometimes when we both got drunk at a party.

As I said, she never complains and neither do I. Nobody’s perfect; we all have our faults, although I wish she were more into sex. And, I often fantasize about her being into some of the kinky things my friends talk about. But, she isn’t, so what’s the point of making a big deal out of it.

She’s also doesn’t like my friends and is very cold to them. She’s not actually unfriendly, mind you, but she always behaves like she’s better than they are. Behind my back they call her the Ice Princess.

One night the three of us, Hank, Jim and me were in my basement watching Monday Night Football and having a few beers. Well, if the truth is to be known, we were quite drunk. Judy came down and got very bitchy about the whole scene. She made some comments to Hank and Jim that hurt their feelings. I was annoyed at her about the whole way she acted towards them. If she’s pissed at me, that’s one thing, but why does she need to take it out on my friends?

After she left, Hank commented, “You know what that lady needs? A really good gang-bang fuck to give her a sense of reality.” That really broke us up and we had a good laugh about it. Then he and Jim promptly offered to do it for me. Some charity! Judy went to bed and the guys and I spent the next few hours getting drunker and talking about her.

I was really drunk but I remember that the focus of the conversation was just about Judy. Once we started talking about her, they had a million questions. Was she different in bed? Did she like fucking? What’s her favorite position? How does she like it? The guys wanted to know the most intimate details. What were her nipples like? Did she give good head? Did she scream when she came? Did we ever fuck in public, and on and on.

I don’t remember everything I told them but I was pretty drunk and I remember telling them a lot – mostly true, but I also invented a few things, like the story about us making love in the back of an X-rated movie theater while seven guys watched, or the time I left the front door open and the Pizza delivery guy came in and watched while Judy was giving me a blow job. I just wanted to make my love life sound better than it was.

I guess my stories were good, because they were impressed! I remember that they both had large erections showing in their jeans. Then I did something I know I shouldn’t have done. I dug out a box of nude pictures that I have of Judy – mostly stuff I took when we were first dating, but I also have a few that I’ve taken more recently when she wasn’t aware of the camera.

Most were quite tame…shots of her swimming nude, and in the shower and the bath, but there were some that I took when we were a little drunk and those were much more revealing. In one, she had a vibrator and was pushing it into her pussy. Another time, several years ago, I held a small camera and took some pictures of her when she was giving me a blowjob. She had most of my cock in her mouth and you really can’t tell just how small it is. The guys loved these pictures and begged me to let them borrow them. But fortunately, I kept them and put them away. After that, whenever they guys were in the house, I noticed them staring at Judy smiling and winking at each other. I can only imagine their thoughts.

But, back to Judy and me. There really aren’t any major problems between us. Well, actually there were two things that really bothered me. First, my name is Richard, and when Judy was pissed at me, she’d say things like, “You really are a Dick.” I hated it when she said that. When she wanted to ridicule me, she’d call me “Little Dickey,” which between us was a reference to the length of my cock. Now, I have no control over the fact that my cock is only four inches long when fully erect. I know that, because she once measured it, and then laughed out loud and shouted, “Only FOUR inches! You really are a Little Dickey.”

But, it was my smallest fault that caused me so much difficulty. You see, I think I might be the most easily spooked man in the world. Now, Judy insists on demonstrating it to anyone who happens to be around. I’ll be standing around at a party with a drink in my hand talking to a bunch of people and Judy will sneak up behind me, poking her fingers into my ribs and yell, Boo!” Then she laughs hysterically when I scream and jump. It really pisses me off when she does this and I’ve begged her not to do it but she persists. Nothing works. She simply won’t stop doing it and it annoys the hell out of me. She says I look so much like a startled rabbit that it’s just irresistible.

Well, today that rabbit fought back, and all hell broke loose. I’m about to get to that story.

Right now, I’m sitting on the back porch, alone, looking at a lawn that needs mowing. Judy is taking a bath, and when she finishes, we’re going to have a talk that will probably change our lives. New rules, new behavior, or maybe she’ll just tell me to get lost.

Now, I’ve always fantasized about seeing Judy with another man, but I’ve never had the courage to even hint at it. A few times, we’ve been out when other men have started flirting with her, and I’ve gotten very excited at the play. And having Jim and Hank around, especially after I told them all the details of her body and our sex life, and showed them those pictures of her, was very exciting. I can tell by the way they look at her that they’re thinking of those pictures, and of her naked and giving me a blowjob. Every time I think of it, I get a hard-on.

Today, in a space of a couple of hours, everything is different. And I don’t know what to think or what to do. I’ll have to face her any minute now and I do not know what I’m going to say. But, first, I need to give you the story.

This morning we were busy around the house doing chores, like we usually did on a Sunday. I was getting ready to cut that lawn when Jim and Hank turned up, like people often do on a Sunday. So we started throwing a football around in the back yard. We were having good fun, when Judy came out and started bitching at me about the lawn. Hank took the offensive and invited her to play with us. I was surprised when she agreed. We split up sides, Hank and me against Judy and Jim. We were having a good time and beating their pants off. On one play, Hank took off across the yard and I was going to throw him a long pass. Judy came up behind me but instead of just touching me, she poked me in the ribs. I screeched and dropped the ball and flapped my arms about and everybody laughed at me. I was humiliated and I did something I’ve never done before. I just snapped.

I swung around in a fury and lunged for her. She jumped back and started to run. I was pissed and I wanted to punish her. Chasing her into the house I caught her in the living room and pushed her onto the sofa. She tumbled awkwardly over the arm of the sofa and then rolled off onto the floor, sprawled, legs akimbo, looking up at me in astonishment. Hank and Jim were right behind us, trying to see what I was going to do in this insane rage, and maybe to protect her from any real harm that I might want to inflict.

I dropped to the floor sitting on top of her, astride her chest and grabbed her wrists pinning her arms. She started to wriggle in protest, and I barked at Hank, “Hold her legs.” Tentatively, he took hold of her ankles and held them tight, but she was kicking furiously and nearly got away from him.

“Hold her, God dammit!” We were finally able to subdue her and she lay panting but immobile.

“Now,” I said to her. “Hank and I are going to hold you and Jim is going to tickle you and we’ll see how much you like that. Do it, Jim!” As I said this, I moved to the side off her chest but still held her wrists tightly over her head.

“Okay,” said Jim, much amused. On hands and knees, he crawled across the floor and started poking her provocatively in the ribs.

Judy bent her head backwards and looked up at my face scornfully. “But, I’m not ticklish, Dickey,” she said. “Only you are.”

“Tickle her feet,” I told Jim.

“Okay” he said, and took off her canvas shoes. He stroked his fingers along the length of her feet. She wriggled uncomfortably but did not even come close to breaking out into laughter.

“Dickey, give it up,” she said. “I’m just not ticklish. There’s nothing you can do to me.”

Calling me ‘Dickey’ infuriated me, and I was determined to extract some measure of revenge. I looked for inspiration at Jim and then to Hank, who was still holding her ankles pinned. Judy was wearing a light cotton summer dress and the tumbling and the grappling had caused it to ride high up on her thighs. I could see the edge of her white panties, with a few dark curls showing. Jim and Hank, could see, and they were looking and looking very closely.

In a flash I had it. Brilliant. Judy would pay, and pay big time. I pulled her wrists together over her head, grabbed both wrists and tucked them under my knees and then I reached down and pulled her dress up exposing her panties. She squealed with indignation and thrashed about trying to escape.

The dress was now pulled half way up to her waist, and each time she twisted or turned, I pulled the dress a little higher until it was up to her waist and her panties were completely exposed. We could clearly see the darkness of her pubic hair through the sheer fabric, and small curls of black hair around the edges of her panties.

“Okay boys,” I said grimly. “Let’s just show her what we can do. Jim?”

He tore his eyes away and looked up at me with a blank look on his face. “What?”

“Take her panties off,” I ordered.

He blinked at me and exchanged a fast glance with Hank.

“Really?” he asked.

“Do it!” I ordered, confidently. “She has to learn a lesson and by God, she will remember this one.”

“Richard, no!” She exclaimed.

“Jim, go ahead.”

“Richard, I’ll kill you for this,” Judy shouted furiously. She called me Richard when she was pissed.

“Do it, Jim.”

He hesitated, looking first at me and then at the juncture of her legs. Then he shrugged. “Okay,” and he did, dragging her panties over her hips and down her legs, past her knees. He had to lift her legs to a vertical position to get the panties off her ankles and as he did Hank moved in so that he could hold her bucking legs.

When the panties came off, Judy was trying to twist away from him so Hank tucked one ankle under each arm. I realized that this forced her legs wide apart and opened her pussy giving Hank an incredible view. She continued her bucking, vigorously but ineffectually. Each time she bucked she opened her legs and gave Hank and Jim an incredible view of her open pussy. As she thrust upwards, I noticed a glistening wetness. Curious.

Finally she was quiet. Judy lay pinned, helpless and panting from her exertions as the three of us stared at her bare crotch. Her black hair curled provocatively. She was an outdoor girl but she barely needed to trim to fit into tight shorts and swimming costumes. Her slit and puffy lips could be seen clearly through the now wet hair.

“You will die for this, Richard,” she said to me with extreme menace, her eyes narrowed. “Now let me go.”

Of course, that’s what I intended. Take her panties off, humiliate her in front of Jim and Hank and then let her go. But there was an unintended consequence.

There I was, holding her wrists together over her head, looking down at Jim and Hank who were staring at her exposed pussy with fixed interest. Suddenly I didn’t want to let her go. My mouth had gone dry. It was very interesting.

Without thinking about it, I reached out and pulled the dress up to her neck and face. Then I hooked my fingers under the bottom of her bra and lifted it off her breasts, exposing them to the air. Her face was half-covered but I could see her eyes, and they were brimming with wild uncertainty.

The room was totally quiet. Except for our breathing, everyone was still. It was a tableau; me, pinning her arms with my knees; Judy, most of her face covered by her bunched-up dress, bra around her neck, breasts firm with erect nipples, rib cage flexing with her breathing, legs apart; Hank, holding her ankles and looking directly up at her crotch; Jim, by her side, crouched, looking from her bare breasts to her exposed pussy, and waiting like the opportunist he was for what might happen next.

She wasn’t struggling any more. I thought I must be hurting her with the weight of my knees on her wrists, so I sat back and let her go. But, she didn’t move; she just lay there, breathing, her eyes looking up at the ceiling almost vacantly. She couldn’t see Jim or Hank because the dress prevented it. I was in her view, but she wasn’t looking at me either. She just stared up at the ceiling. I stood up but nobody took notice. I moved to the side opposite Jim and sat down, but nobody even looked. Judy was virtually free from restraint. Hank kneeling between her legs, had only a token hold on her ankles. She could have pulled her dress down, sat up, got up, gone away, baked a pie and danced a polka. But, she didn’t move. She just lay there, naked and exposed.

Nobody moved for the longest time, until Jim tentatively reached out a hand and ran his fingers over the tips of her nipples. Judy jumped slightly but the slight moan that escaped her lips encouraged him and he began to play gently with first her nipples and then her entire breast. Hank, who was taking the situation in hand, leaned forward, his hands moving up her thighs, dipped his head and kissed her on the inside of the thigh. Then he brushed his lips in long sweeping movements along the top of her leg.

Jim slid his hand down across her breast and, when she didn’t protest, he also moved in, taking the other nipple into his mouth.

“Oh God,” Judy moaned audibly, and, although it was a sound of dread, she didn’t move a muscle. I sat there, few feet to the side, and watched, mesmerized.

‘Whoa!’ I thought. This is really out of hand. I knew I could and should stop it, but I couldn’t act.

I wavered and watched as Hank moved his mouth into her pubic hair his tongue sliding directly to her clit. I became aware of an extremely urgent erection, so strong that it was painful.

“Oh God,” Judy moaned again, this time without the tone of fear or dread, as Hank worked her with his tongue.

I knew Judy; I’d been married to her twelve years. Sex wasn’t her strong suit. She didn’t much allow oral sex, even though it was the only real way she could get an orgasm. That and direct manipulation with the fingers, which she didn’t often allow either. I suspect she preferred to do it herself rather than allow somebody else to intrude. In fact I knew it because she’d told me so in a frank moment some time in the past. Not once during our marriage had she ever climaxed through intercourse. Never. Not once in twelve years with me, and according to her, not once ever.

These were cool, almost clinical observations. I watched Jim kissing her breasts, and Hank tonguing her black-haired box and I mused about her general lack of sexual appetite as she lay passively under their double attention.

But wait. Maybe not so passive. She started to roll her head from side to side, slowly at first but then faster until she was almost thrashing. The veins in her neck stood out and her teeth were clenched. No doubt about it. I hadn’t seen it happen all that many times, but I knew that Judy was hitting an orgasm.

“Oh, God!” She began trusting her hips into Hank’s face and then she screamed as the orgasm swept over her.

Then, she was quiet and still again.

“Oh God,” she panted indistinctly through the clothes still bundled across her mouth. She sounded embarrassed. Even regretful. Reproachful, even. Jim and Hank had drawn away from her. She could have moved easily now. Nobody was touching her, let alone restraining her. But she just lay there, legs apart and arms flung out on the carpet. Then, the clear and unmistakable sound of a zipper broke the silence.

“Oh God,” she said again, still panting from her orgasm, and I saw that Hank was undoing his jeans. I watched, frozen and fascinated, as he stood up to step out of them. His stiff cock waved in front of him as he bent down to her again. Jesus, what a cock he had! Although it wasn’t very thick, it was very long! I’d seen him in the shower, but never with an erection. And what an erection he had!

Then, it came to me in a shock that he was going to fuck my wife! I was still grappling with the concept of it when he knelt down between her legs, poised himself above her on his hands and moved up close to her pussy. “Oh God,” she said, as Hank moved in. I watched, mouth open, as he positioned his cock, rubbed it up and down and across her wetness several times and then slowly pushed forward and slid his cock all the way into her. She was so wet that her pussy enveloped that long tool without so much as a whimper.

“Oh, God!”

Jesus. Hank was fucking Judy. He was in there. Deep inside. All the way. My best friend was fucking my wife! And I was just sitting here watching. But not just sitting. Unconsciously, I had unzipped my fly, taken my cock out and was stroking it. The pain of that erection was almost unbearable.

Everything had been happening slowly. I had become quite detached. It all seemed like some sort of hypothetical experiment which had you pondering about the outcome. But now it was happening. Right in front of me. Hank was thrusting into her at a rapid pace, like he was afraid somebody was going to stop him and he had to get as much as possible before it ended. Little did he know the level of excitement that I was feeling right then. Who would stop him? Certainly not me, and not Judy. After her climax to his tongue she was loving everything he was doing. Her legs had come up gradually, higher and higher until they were wrapped around his waist. With each thrust, she was pulling him deeper into her.

Jim wasn’t about to stop it either. He was just lying there, stroking his cock through his jeans and loving every minute of it.

We could all hear the sounds of their fucking. The slap of his balls against her ass, and the friction of it. Rapid, steady thrusting, not varying his pace at all, he just kept pounding away at her. Minutes later, it could have been five or ten, I couldn’t tell because time had become blurred, he began grunting and hunching and driving harder and harder into her. Suddenly, he practically lunged into her and I knew that his cum was pouring into her. His face was a tight mask of passion and effort and concentration.

“Oh, God!” she screamed as his cum poured into her belly. “Oh, God!”

Then Hank collapsed on top of her body and lay with the side of his head on her breasts. They both lay perfectly still, panting loudly.

But not for long. Jim tapped Hank on the shoulder and without hesitation he withdrew from her, his half-hard penis coming out of her with a loud plop.

She moaned a soft, “Oh, God,” as she lost the warmth of Hank’s penis.




I hadn’t seen Jim undressed, but there he was, totally naked and very hard. I looked at his cock, and remember thinking how big it was. I never knew he had such a cock. Although not as long as Hank’s it was much, much thicker. He quickly took Hank’s place between my wife’s legs, his ready-to-go erection already pointing eagerly at her wet, black pussy hair.

Without hesitating, Jim leaned forward, parted that hair, and pushed his large cock directly inside. Even though he was much thicker than either me or Hank, his cock slid almost effortlessly into her very wet pussy. The wetness wasn’t all Hank’s either. She was wetter and more excited than I had ever seen her.

I remember thinking here we are: My wife, Judy, full of cum from a just completed hard fucking, and being fucked again already by my other very best friend. My stomach was sick, but my cock was hard and throbbing.

Jim started like a distance runner moving quickly and easily into his stride – intending to run the whole race – paced for the long haul. He wasn’t concerned about being stopped. He knew I wasn’t going to interfere, and Judy certainly wasn’t going to end this. He had all the time in the world and he intended to make the most of this fuck. All these years he’d known my ‘unapproachable’ Judy, and now he was going to give her the fuck of her life.

The pace of his hips never varied – up and back, and then down and in, running hard, like a piston engine. I could see the muscles in his ass contract as he drove that large machine deep into my little wife. Noisy, too. He grunted with each stroke, and soon Judy began to respond with a small grunt of her own. Then I noticed that her hips were clenching in tune with Jim’s. She was beginning to really enjoy this fuck also. Soon she was thrusting in time with Jim.

There were other noises, too. Hank’s climax had filled Judy and the fucking was noisy as well. Wet. Sloshing. I watched in a stupefied daze.

This was not going to end soon. Jim was obviously a skilled and conditioned cocksman, and he was going all the way to the top of the mountain with my wife. They were both covered with sweat, their naked bodies glistening in the sunlight that streamed through the windows.

“Unngh, unngh, unngh,” Jim’s grunts kept the steady pace and Judy was now responding stronger, her buttocks clasping hard each time he plunged into her.

“Ohhh, God,” said Judy. I watched amazed as she lifted her legs and locked her ankles around his back. Her arms grabbed his head and she pulled Jim down to her body. His pounding now began to increase in tempo, as he sensed that my wife was approaching a climax.

“Unngh, unngh, unngh,” louder and faster he went.

“Oh God, Ohhh God!” she said, much louder this time.

“Ooohhh, God, Ohhh GOD!” screaming now, over and over again.

Well, fuck me. I’d seen a lot today I had not expected to see, but what I was seeing took the gold medal. There she was. Judy, flat on her back on the living room carpet getting her brains fucked out in rapid succession by two old friends, wracked in orgasm.

“OOOHHH….” Then she collapsed, her legs dropping, her head falling back.

“Oh God!” she said, her voice cracking as she came down from it. But Jim was not done, not by a long shot. He was still going hard at it, he had now lifted her legs high up and placed them over his shoulders. He braced himself on his arms and pounded into her harder and harder, faster and faster. The dress was now around her neck and away from her face. She looked across at me, her eyes wide, pupils dilated, mouth open, panting. She kept looking at me and I kept looking at her as Jim pounded away. And then he lifted his head and grimaced and he too was unloading into her, and still looking into my eyes, she said it again and with startled surprise, almost a yelp.

“Oh God!”

She squeezed her eyes shut and lurched into another shaking spasm. She’d done it again. Who would believe that? Judy? My Judy? What the fuck was happening?

Nothing whatsoever, going by the body language coming from Jim and Hank. They were both zipped up and fully dressed in microseconds. And sheepish, avoiding my eyes, already leaning in the direction of the front door. Well hell, I knew that stuff.

Hank tried to mumble something, “I .. ”

I cut him off, “You guys had better go,” I said quietly.

They nodded very quickly, still avoiding eye contact. I trailed them to the door and they were down the path at a fast walk and away into Hank’s car and gone at a speed only fractionally less than breakneck. I knew that stuff. They’d turn the corner and start shouting, “Jesus Christ,” and punch each other in the shoulder. Of course they would. That’s what I’d have done if I were them. But I wasn’t. I was only the husband and I went back into the event room feeling blank.

Judy was still on the floor but she had rolled on her side. She struggled slowly to her feet as I came into the room and the dress rolled down her body of its own accord. She bent and picked up her panties, and without looking at me, she walked slowly down the hallway and into the bathroom. I heard the door shut.

I’m sitting here on the back porch looking out at the garden. I’ve run through it all in my mind. I know what happened but I can’t work out why I let it happen. Pretty soon Judy will come out here and find me. She’ll have to say something and I’ll have to say something because we can’t say nothing, either of us. I have no idea what she’ll say. I have no idea what I will say. I’m trying to get some words together but it ain’t working.

Fuck the lawn. Maybe I’ll just go fishing.

The End

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