My Wife Stella’s Thrills

February 25, 2014 – 11:24 am

It has been a while since I’ve detailed any of the experiences that my wife Stella has been a apart of, but rest assured that does NOT mean that things have not been going on! To the contrary. I suppose that one reason I have taken some time off from writing about her experiences is because I am not sure that the stories are being read and enjoyed. What I have hoped for was that a number of men and women who read and enjoyed these stories would share some of their personal experiences and even their personal fantasies with me, and in doing that not only would I come to know my readers, but perhaps some of you could contribute ideas on things that would be done to Stella. This may or may not be the last of my stories, so really the rest is up to you, the readers. To answer a few FAQs: (1) yes, Stella is real; (2) yes, these things that I write about are true: and (3) yes, we have this kind of fun periodically, and we also enjoy a lot of time alone together. Write to me care of the editors and share your experiences and fantasies, and at he same time describe yourself to me too.

Just before the holidays I got a call from an old friend of ours, Hans, who is a major player in the business world. He was putting together a special get together and end of the year party for some very powerful Asian businessmen. The party was missing something he told me, and that was some special entertainment! He wanted Stella to join them at this weekend party that he was hosting on a small island in the Caribbean. She was excited and nervous, but the plans were made, and she was picked up on a Thursday evening by a limo that drove her to a private airport where she joined Hans for a flight on the corporate jet to this island. He would not give her any of the details of who was going to be there or what was going to be done, but he did have the limo driver hand me an envelope that contained full details just so I could follow along and he also assured me that she would call and someone would e-mail me often to keep me in the loop real time with all that was going on.

Thursday when they arrived very few people were at the compound, and Stella basically unpacked her clothes in a luxurious room and headed off to the dining room where dinner was served by a staff of Thai waiters and waitresses. After dinner, drinks were served and Stella was given a tour of the place, showing her where the pool with a waterfalls was, where the hot tub was located, and also where the theater was. The theater was locked and at least for now, off limits to her eyes. The surroundings were lush, and the climate was hot and humid. She wore a simple sundress that was very short, the panties that she sore were a simple mesh thong, and the only other thing she had on were sandals with a heel. As she toured she noticed the Thai staff all looking her over and smiling, several talking at low tones in their native language. As she got ready to call it a night, she was told that two of the servants were assigned to her and would be doing anything and everything that was needed, she met the two Thai servants, both female, and they both looked as though they could not be more than 18. They escorted her to her room, and guided her to the oversized bathroom where they helped undress her and then they used a device that misted her entire body with a fragrant spray. A cool mist that felt good, and caused her nipples to harden immediately! As the one girl misted Stella, the other used a fluffy hand mitt to massage her body, not missing an inch! As they finished the misting treatment, they had her sit in a barber’s type chairs and they proceeded to lather her pussy with a rose scented soap and the one trimmed most of what little hair she had into a small triangle, while the other gave her a pedicure. With that done, they both had her stand and they picked up what looked like feather dusters and dusted her with a lightly scented powder, from her neck to her feet. She was brought to her bed and tucked in. A small fountain/waterfalls in the room lulled her to sleep in no time.

Stella was awakened by the two girls as the sun was coming up, again they escorted her into the bathroom and walked her into a huge shower, where they washed her from head to toe. The girls were wearing rather modest bathing suits (which surprised Stella) and Stella was nude. After drying her off, they helped do her hair, make-up, and even gave her a manicure! When they were done, again they dusted her with this lightly scented powder. They had her slip on a pair of sandals and a satin robe, and they escorted her to the pool. There they removed her robe, and gave her a tray with her breakfast. The sun was already fairly hot, so being naked was not a problem. They gave her a phone so she could call me, and then they left.

When Stella called me she sounded like she was in heaven, and she could not say enough about the pampering that she had been treated to. Here it was Friday morning and she felt like a princess. I laughed to myself. I knew what was around the corner for her, although she had no clue. She remarked about the wonderful powdering that she had twice so far, and about how wonderful she felt after it. Again I laughed because mixed in that powder was a fairly powerful drug that would, over time, reduce her ability to struggle too hard or fight off whatever was coming! We said our goodbyes, and she told me that she looked forward to whatever treat they had next for her.

She dozed off in the sun, and as she gradually awakened at about noon time, there were others by the pool. As she focused on the others, she realized that these were the guests. She wondered why they were all looking her way, and it was then that she realized that she was still nude! No towels around to cover up with! She felt a bit funny, almost like she had a drink or two, so she just decided to continue laying there. Some shade trees kept her from getting a sunburn, and a half hour later the two girls returned, put a robe on her, and returned her to her room. Again she was misted and powdered! After the powdering, the girls opened up a massage table and had her lay on her belly, and they both began giving her a soothing massage. She melted as the girls massaged her neck, back, the backs of her thighs, and even the cheeks of her ass. They had her turn over and they began on the front of her body. They started on her face and neck, then her arms and hands, feet and legs, and then they started massaging her breasts and belly and as she got turned on more and more, the girls giggled and started massaging her pussy! This went on for almost thirty minutes, and the whole time the girls massaged her with a scented lotion (it also contained that special drug mixture!). As the massage finished, another girl came in and began to apply henna tattoos on Stella. First on her breasts close to her nipples, then on her belly close to her pussy, and then, after turning her over, on the cheeks of her ass.

Afterwards, Stella looked at them in the mirror and loved the colorful decorations. She was escorted to the balcony for a light lunch, and some additional time soaking up the sun. It was almost 3 in the afternoon now. She had no idea that soon the real party would start!

Stella called me at 4, as was pre-arranged. She was still very excited and feeling HIGH as she described it. She wondered if it might be all the attention! I knew that it was the drugs that had been applied were taking affect, and I also knew that in an hour things would begin! She laughed as she told me how the guests looked her over and how sexy she felt. She also wondered if I knew what was planned. All I could do was laugh. I sure did! Again we said our goodbyes, but this time I knew that she would soon be experiencing some unique tortures!

It was almost 4 when the two girls returned. They were still wearing modest bathing suits. They escorted Stella into the shower, but this time just rinsed her body off with very warm water, taking special care to rinse her pussy and the cheeks of her ass. They slipped a thin robe on her, again with slippers, and then escorted her down a back hallway and down a flight of stairs that led to the kitchen. She stood there and wondered what this was all about, but simply shrugged her shoulders. The one girl handed her a pretty cocktail which she drank rather quickly as she had not had anything to drink since lunch. Soon she was feeling even more woozy!

The two girls were then joined by two of the Thai men. They then escorted Stella over to what looked like a rolling table. The girls removed Stella’s robe and the guys lifted her up and laid her on her back on the table. Feeling no pain, she just laid there as the four of them quickly used the straps built into that table to secure her wrists at her sides and her ankles apart. Other straps held her thighs apart and one that crossed her belly kept her from moving at all.

Once she was strapped to this table, several chefs began placing sushi and other appetizers all over her body. Several large spoons of caviar were shoved inside of her cunt with some carefully laid along her slit. A mirror placed on the ceiling allowed her to see the beauty of how the food and henna tattoos looked on her body. They held a cup with a straw by her mouth, and she drank, almost as if she knew she was better off drinking it!

The guys then rolled her out to the main dining room and the guests were introduced to their first course! She laid there covered with food as the men stood around her looking both at her body and the food! They were invited to start eating, and then each was provided with sharpened chop sticks. As the guys drank and ate, she felt the tips poking her often. Frequently the pokes were from sticks that were not seeking any food, but simply the enjoyment of hurting her, poking her nipples, belly button and all over her cunt. A tiny spoon was used to scoop the caviar out of her pussy. Never quite enough to pierce her flesh, but enough to hurt! The host announced that the cocktail hour was over and they all left the room. Stella was then rolled back into the prep room where they removed the remainder of the sushi and used a warm water spray to wash her off. The girls dried her body and again fixed her make up and hair into yet another style.

When the girls finished, the chefs again came in with trays of food. This time it was slices of meat, pieces of fish, and even some vegetables. The food was placed all over her, and this time slices of meat and fish covered her breasts and cunt. She was then rolled into another room where the guests were invited to partake in the main course.

This time the they had two of the male servants serving the food off of her, and when a guest came up with a plate, one of the servants would use a two prong fork to get the food off of her body and place it on the guests plate. The servants were not very gentle and when the guest pointed to a piece that was on her breasts, belly or cunt, the servant made sure to poke her extra hard! She laid there and each time the fork would poke her, she would try to yell that it hurt, but the two girls that were assigned to her would cover her mouth to silence her. They giggled each time the servers would poke her extra hard!

As the guests sat to eat, the host asked if anyone wanted seconds, when none spoke up, he gave a signal and the two servers and the two girls proceeded to eat their meal. The servants however ate directly off of Stella’s body! The guests lit their cigars and watched as the two guys and two girls ate their meal off of Stella, frequently biting her on the nipple, the breast, on the thighs, and on her pussy. No one bothered to cover her mouth when she cried as she was bitten, and the guests seemed to enjoy that she was in pain! This went on for almost twenty minutes. Again she was rolled into the prep room where she was again washed off and dried.

Now she was prepared as dessert! This time the chefs placed a warm chocolate syrup on her pussy and all over her breasts, belly, and thighs. On top of this was placed cherries, fresh cut up fruit, jimmies, and loads of fresh whipped cream. This time the chef inserted a tube into her cunt and squeezed in a load of strawberry syrup. She was again rolled out, this time into a rec room. The guests walked around her looking, laughing, some dipping their fingers to taste whatever caught their fancy! Many tried the strawberry syrup, taking their time dipping into her pussy. As the guests around her gradually had their fill, several of the were handed glasses of brandy and took their seats. Stella was still coated with most of the dessert. She thought that the servants would again finish things, but not this time. The host had some entertainment ready! The two girls rolled the table to the center of the room where some colored lights were focused on Stella. The girls locked the wheels and held a cup and straw again for Stella, at this point she knew she had better take advantage of this cocktail! It was almost 8 pm now!

As she laid there some music started and a girl came over to the table. This was not one of the two assigned to her. This one was very pretty and wore a black bra and panties. The girl smiled at Stella and this one spoke English. She told Stella that she was going to start hurting her for the enjoyment of the guest, and with that she reached over and pinched Stella’s nipple, twisting and pulling it at the same time. Stella started to cry as the girl pinched her nipples and then started biting them. She bit down hard! While she was crying, the girl began to finger Stella’s gooey cunt, first with two fingers, then three, and four, and she pushed until she has her hand inside of Stella’s cunt! The guests loved that, and while the girl was fisting Stella, the two other girls assigned to Stella came over and started playing with her nipples, playfully at first, then pulling on them, then they began sucking on them hard, all while the other girl fisted her..then it all stopped and the girls left the room. At that point a huge black guy came into the room and walked over by Stella, and then a second one. The first one grabbed her cunt so hard that she screamed, and the other slapped her tits. The guys then picked up two hoses and started hosing her off with very hot water. The steam was rising as the water hit her body. The one guy aimed the hose into her cunt and washed all of the syrup out, and soon she was washed free of all of the food.

Her skin was red from the hot water. The one guy climbed on top of her and started fucking her pussy as hard as he could while the other stuffed his cock into her mouth. The guy fucking her pulled on her nipples and squeezed hard enough to make her try to scream, even with a guy’s cock in her mouth. But they just continued until he came, as he climbed off of her he bent down and bit her belly hard enough to leave teeth marks, and the other came in her mouth and he too bit her, but her bit her on the breast. She sobbed as the two guys left the room. It got quiet now and the two girls returned carrying a medium sized box. They reached into the box and pulled out a five foot long snake and showed it to the crowd. They applauded. The one girl reached over and opened Stella’s cunt and the other girl placed the head of the snake against Stella’s cunt lips, as she cried, the snake started to enter her pussy, pushing in deeper and deeper. The girls pointed to the crowd how Stella’s belly was rising from the snakes movements! It was at least 18″ deep…The girl who spoke English returned and told the crowd that the snake was a determined reptile and would continue pushing its way into her body…she smiled and told the crowd that some snakes were known to enter the womb by pushing past the cervix and as she studied the snake, she told the crowd that it was likely that this one was past Stella’s cervix and that to help get Stella’s mind off of the pain in her cunt, they were going to use some thin needles in her tits! The guests were invited to come up and stick as many pins into her tits as they liked!

Slowly they got up and came forward, the first guy took about 6 pins and stuck them into both breasts. The next guys took about the same amount but he focused on sticking them into her nipples, straight in and deep. The next few used about the same amount. The needles were thin, sterile and about an inch and a half long. By the fifth guy, her breasts were being well covered, as were her nipples. She cried and sobbed as more and more needles went in. One of the guys pointed out how her belly was moving from the snake. It was in at least 2 inches now! With that the guest all sat down and watched. They left her there as the snake continued pushing for almost 45 minutes. Eventually the girls returned and slowly they pulled the snake out, but first they marked it, and as they pulled it the rest of the way out, they were able to see it had been in almost 28 inches! The crowd gasped.

With that they unstrapped Stella and helped her to her feet. They walked her over to a large tub in the middle of the stage and sat her in it. It was filled with warm water. She rested and relaxed in it and watched as the two male servants took the girl that spoke English and secured her in a standing position, and stripped her of her clothes. Stella watched as the girls that were attending Stella earlier began making love to this new victim, and the girls would take turns to come over by Stella and remove some needles from her breasts and nipples, and after removing them from Stella, they placed them into this new victim. They started placing them into the girls nipples and breasts, then they placed some into the cheeks of her ass, and after that they placed quite a few into the girls pussy and belly. The guests loved it. Once all of the needles were out of Stella and in this other girl’s body, they brought a strange looking brass pole in. It was almost three feet high. Rounded at the end, like a long metallic dildo! They two girls had the guy raise the victim up, and they placed the metallic tool in between the girls legs and lowered her until it was deep inside of her. The girls then placed two brass clips on the girls nipples, and a small brass rod inside of the girls ass.

The guests were then informed that a small remote control would be passed around. The remote could either deliver some mild and erotic buzzes that might cause her to orgasm, up to wildly painful shocks, to her tits, cunt or ass! As the remote was passed around this victim experienced orgasm after orgasm, and she never quite knew whether she would cum or scream in pain!

After they had tired of that, they removed the metallic rods and the pins from the girl. They placed her spread out on a pool table and blindfolded her, they did the same with Stella. For the next two hours, the guests watched as the male servants took turns raping each one, and when they were finished raping the two girls, the Thai girl who was tied, was untied, and she helped the guys entertain the guests by using a variety of smaller snakes and reptiles inside of Stella. Toward the evenings end, the Thai girl brought out two smaller snakes and placed them by Stella’s sore nipples, and they immediately bit down and started sucking…these snakes from the forest in Thailand sucked blood from any warm-blooded victims…when the guests showed their excitement, the girl produced two more and placed them by Stella’s cunt lips, which they too were immediately and firmly bitten! As the guests left, the girl kissed Stella’s cheek and said that the snakes wouldn’t be finished for at least an hour.

Stella laid there crying as they all left. Her two servants stood and watched in amazement!

The End (for now) –

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