Wrapped in the Cosmic Calculus

February 24, 2014 – 12:55 pm

You know it’s that time of year when you get all the copper-bearing bottom paint, the power sander, rollers, extensions and tape and head down to your sailboat for three days to redo the bottom in preparation for re-launching it for the sailing season. Old clothes, a tall ladder to get up into the boat with and the pleasure of a shower each day after the mess is over with until the next when it’s dry and you finally put the last coat on. It’s 75 miles each way to where the boat is kept out on land for the winter so I usually go down and sleep on the boat a couple of nights and use the marina’s heated showers and bathroom. The television on the boat works and there’s a heater when I hook the boat up to the yard’s electric power just like it is in it’s slip and hooked up to 120 volt shore power. The two or three days has lots of meals eaten at the local restaurants, a couple of extra blankets aboard and a certain amount of satisfaction when you’re done.

This year looked to me to be a pretty easy year with little scraping and straightforward painting. When I left I told my wife Sarah that I wouldn’t be more than three days but if I could do it in two I’d use the cell phone and call to let her know I’d be home earlier. We’ve been married awhile and a few days away never hurt anything given the normal nature of that with her work schedule and mine. I miss her and all her soft freckles but it is always nice when I get home too.

This year everything went right. The weather cooperated, the ablative coating was thin enough to need only minimal sanding and by 4 o’clock on Sunday I was done. I decided to go to the showers, get cleaned up, head home and surprise Sarah. Wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I called her so I didn’t. I did stop and buy her a pot full of blooming daffodils which had been forced over the winter and sat it on the car’s front seat while I hummed my way homeward, expecting to surprise Sarah. The car glided around the last bend and up our driveway while I relaxed, happy to finally be home with the task done for another year. The porch light was on and there was a bicycle in the driveway, which wasn’t ours, a little unusual at 7:30 on a dark Sunday evening.

I walked around the bike and thought that it looked almost like Edward Offeou’s, the husband of a Nigerian couple who lived in a 6,000 square foot home three doors from us. Curious thing, but we all were friends or at least nodding acquaintances. It is my habit to walk back to the garden and check on the plants before I go inside and I followed my habit that night as well. The garden was fine and I turned back towards the house and car to lock it and go in and say hello. As I turned, I noticed my master bedroom lights were on and the shades partially open. You could see in easily because of the low light inside. Probably just enough that no one could see out so I detoured over there to see what it looked like since I’d never been outside looking in at night before. The sidewalk was just next to the two bedroom windows and I stopped when I got to it and slowly looked in.

Surprise would be putting what my eyes say and my heart thumped over mildly. As far as I knew, she had never cheated and neither had I but when I looked in I was completely shocked to see the dark black skin of Edward on his back laid across the cream colored sheets of our king sized bed. Next to him was my very naked wife Sarah on hands and knees with her eyes focused on the center of Edward’s sable groin where an enormous erection was waving, standing as tall as a fir tree and every inch as firm. Her breasts hung down but were brushing back and forth over his thighs as she savored the wet tip of his cock. I could see her stomach where it sagged below the dark bush that marked her parted legs, legs that were moving in little, regular movements. My heart stopped and my breathing stuttered while I attempted to take it all in. At first, I couldn’t, wouldn’t believe it.

During the time I was grasping the reality of what I saw, Sarah reached out and put one hand at the base of his stomach and curled her slim fingers and palm around his cock in his curly hair then pulled the skin upwards over the ridge of his head while she watched with parted lips and obvious lust. Her naked knees were apart and she was almost panting. Her butt was totally exposed and obviously ready as she scooted it my way. I’d never seen her from an angle like this while we had sex. Her opening was two swollen lips wet with her juices or perhaps his and very, very ready for him to enter her. It was damned exciting in a perverse sort of way and stopped me cold, not even worrying about the fact that it was my wife I was watching. I was surprised but did nothing to stop it. As I stood, they continued, passion totally their master.

As her curled hand pulled the skin upwards, it slid over the helmeted head of his huge cock and hid it beneath the rich black skin, leaving only the outline, which she dripped one drop of spit on. Obviously, he had an uncircumcised and very large cock. I wasn’t small or average, maybe above average, but this was enough to get any woman who got this far to go the rest of the way. The contrast between his dark skin on the sheets and my wife’s fair skin was a tableau that just never occurred any other way and kept me speechless and motionless. I ought to have run in and shot the bastard or maybe both of them but I didn’t. Instead, I just stood there doing something I’d never done before …..I watched.

Edward, on the other hand, was very involved and tensed the muscles of his butt which pushed his cockhead towards her face as he reached out for one of her swinging breasts and held her nipple between his fingers and thumb and pulled as her hand peeled the skin back down the shaft to reveal the pinkish head of his cock with it’s wet little drip of clear lubricant which oozed out of the slit at the top. It was too much for Sarah who swallowed it with one gulp, obviously wrapping her tongue around the shaft, laving it with spit and passion. Her other hand found his balls and lifted them from the sheets, rolled them in her palm. As she did, she started bucking her hips, which were now facing me. Her bottom was open and her vagina swollen and rounded on both sides with moisture lacing the long joint where her lips came together undulating down the length.

As I watched, her hips stopped, jiggled then started to move rhythmically until she took her mouth off his cock and said something I couldn’t hear to Edward. It was all he needed as he hoisted her up then helped her straddle his legs with hers, putting her pussy right over the head of his cock. She reached down as they kissed and guided the head against her vaginal lips. No more than one rub up and one part way down and she slammed her hips over it and forced it inside her with one powerful and needy shove.

They stroked like that at least five or six times before her stomach muscles coiled and ground, started that squeezing inside which meant she was cumming. When she did, she pushed her hips down as he pulled until Edward’s cock was inside her all the way to the curly hair at the base, expanding her width and making her head tip back and cry out as she came. Her splatter came oozing out past her pussy lips, which sealed imperfectly now against Edward’s wide cock and ran down his balls as she came and came in pulse after pulse. I could see that he couldn’t help himself then as he thrust the big cock upward carrying her entire body with it as he came in pulse after pulse of creamy, rich and very white liquid which joined hers both inside and running down her thighs..

It was too much. My cock was strong as a rock and at the same time I wanted to kill both of them and go on watching forever. It was hard to tell which and impossible for me to decide what to do next. Somehow, barging in didn’t seem to be the thing to do any longer so, out of an absence of real conviction, I went back to the car, left the driveway to drive around the block and cool off for ten or fifteen minutes. When I was cooler, I decided that the cell phone might be the first thing for me to do, maybe call her and see what she would do when she heard I was ten minutes away.

I dialed and it rang three times before she picked it up. It was very quiet on her end when I told her I’d finished early and had a pot full of flowers for her in ten minutes when I’d be home. She was valiant, hardly did more than one quick breath as she told me she’d be taking a shower when I got there and would be ready when I got home. I hung up, looked at my watch and waited ten minutes. In less than five minutes, Edward came out with his underwear wadded mostly into a pocket, grabbed his bike and rode out of our driveway and quickly over to his house. When he got in his driveway he turned to look at our house and smiled the biggest, whitest smile I’d ever seen. In ten, I pulled in the driveway and took the flowers and my sailing stuff inside and put the painting stuff away before saying ‘hello’ into the master bathroom. It was always nice to see a freshly made bed and a clean wife after being gone two days. There was a sort of new room deodorant spray smell in the room, which was pleasant but doubtless covered up the musky smell of sex.

Somehow, I managed a hello and revealed nothing. Sarah finished her shower and must have been the greatest actress ever to join me and act like absolutely nothing had happened other than red skin and wide eyes presumably from her shower. I suppose I was hurt but at the same time, I had been wildly excited and knew that in the cosmic calculus, she “owed” me one. It would be one I’d never taken and I kind of liked the idea that I could do the same and be guilt free. Maybe after I had, I would bring it all up and we could regain our balance.

Time would tell as we spent the evening as we always did before bed. In bed, she was unreal, sucking my cock and fucking me like there was no tomorrow even sliding her ass over it, which was usually only a birthday treat. This wasn’t all bad since I was the only one who knew that I knew!

By Monday, I was back in the groove and we returned to work, her at hers and me at mine. Nothing happened while we were around each other constantly and two weeks passed with me wondering when I ought to see about getting my little guilt-free affair in to balance the cosmic calculus. Truth is, I had no clue.

The problem took care of itself a week later. I work at home some days and this Tuesday was one of those days. Sarah went in to work while I stayed in the house and worked all morning in my studio. At noon, I took a break and went outside for a walk. I circled the development and returned walking past Edward’s house and beginning to think about what had happened once again. When I got near the garage, I could see his wife, Bahia, inside, clearly agitated and upset. I said hello and she only waved which was unusual so I walked up the drive to see if I could help.

When I got there, I could see she had been crying. I didn’t need to say anything because she stopped with a decisive nod of her head to herself and motioned me to come closer, come into the garage where she was standing.

“Bill, I’m glad you came over. Please come inside with me. There is something I have to talk about with you.”

I was pretty sure I knew that it was going to come out or already had about her Edward and my Sarah and I nervously hesitated. She reached out and touched my hand with hers saying, “Come on, silly. I won’t bite.”

She turned and walked the length of the garage hips flowing beneath her soft dress as I followed her through it then up the few steps into the house. When we were inside she reached around for the garage opener and triggered it down. “We don’t need stray pets in here. Come in. Can I get you a soft drink? A beer maybe?”

Bahia was a very light skinned black woman perhaps with a hint of European somewhere in her background. She was tall at 5′ 10″ and had a narrow waist with generous hips atop long and slender legs. Her neck was elegant and her eyes piercing with soft, dark hair fashioned European as much as African in style. When she turned and asked me for the beer, I couldn’t help but notice her breasts swinging freely where they swelled the top of her simple dress, obviously without the benefit of a bra. If you were into counting size, I’d have to guess 42DD and full nipples. It was enough to get a reaction from my libido.

She cut right to the chase. “You know about Edward and Sarah?”

All I could do was take a sip and nod before calming her with the only question I could think to ask. “Bahia, do you think it was just this once?”

She sniffled, firmed up then said, “Yes, just once with Sarah.”

“How do you feel about it, Bahia?”

“You know, I’m hurt, worried, all that. He’s been in demand before and I’ve had to find a way to live with it. Have you and Sarah talked about it too?”

“No. In fact, she doesn’t know I saw them. I got home early and happened to walk around back and see them through the window. There’s no justification for my standing outside like an idiot and watching but that is what I did. I felt like a voyeur and called on the cell phone then waited until Edward left before I came in. Cowardly, I guess.”

“I’ve never watched anyone else do it. Maybe that’s exciting. Don’t beat yourself up over it. If you watched, you know why she had Edward, don’t you?”

He just nodded. “He’s striking and,” he paused here, “he’s big, very big and very black.”

“Exactly. Well, I wouldn’t hold it against her, she’s not his first.” She looked sideways and puzzled, she asked, “By the way, why didn’t you say something to her?” She looked curiously at him, rubbing her shoulder with one hand while she waited for an answer.

He stumbled and fumbled for words at the directness of her question. “Well, I, ah, uh, I sort of figured it was part of the Cosmic Calculus.”

She pulled her head up and her eyes regained their smile as she turned towards him. “The what?”

“I’ve never cheated and I figure now I am owed one. After that I was going to tell her and see where it lead.”

She laughed enough to shake the big breasts resting inside her cotton dress. “The Cosmic Calculus, eh. Has it worked out for you yet?”

Explosively, he snorted. “Christ, Bahia, I haven’t done anything. Nothing, zip, nada.”

Bahia’s eyes flashed at him and she put her elegantly long hand out touching his knee. “Want to?”

“With you?”

She looked straight into his eyes and nodded before saying, “Now. It’s time I got some of the Cosmic Calculus as well.”

Even more stunned than he had been looking through the window the other night, all he could think of was to repeat his question. “Now?”

“Uh, huh.” When the word left her lips, she winked, reached up, ripped the top of her dress open and spilled the biggest breasts he’d ever seen out and said, “Hold them. You won’t regret it.”

They swung from the middle of her chest out to the sides and back, heavy with flesh and firmness as she moved his hand to the bottom of her right breast and helped it hand cup her aureole and nipple; hold the weight in his hand.

She looked down and parted her lips when she sighed with the feelings his touch sent through her body. “Hal, look at how white your hand looks against my skin? Isn’t it wonderful?”

He melted with one look around to be sure they were alone before nodding and moving his head closer to hers, feeling the heat of her lips which were without makeup but wide and somewhat thicker than Sarah’s; sensual just by existing. Their lips touched and she moved her legs apart but closer to him, shimmying and shaking to drop the dress from her hips leaving her standing with swaying breasts and a pair of white high-cut panties. Her mouth opened and his tongue went inside hers as she did the same to him. Below, her hand had coursed across his chest and unbuckled his belt and his pants which dropped and allowed him to step away, dressed only in his boxers.

Bahia sucked on his tongue and pushed her other breast against him as her hand slid inside his shorts and found his balls at the bottom which she cradled and rolled in her palm before feeling upward and moving around his fully engorged cock. The touch was electric and he pulled back from her lips approvingly.

As he did so, she whispered in his ear, “This is only the second cock I’ve ever touched, Hal, but it’s the second big one I’ve had and I’m going to make love with you until your Cosmic Calculus is balanced again.”

Before he could move, she dropped to her knees, big breasts sliding down his front and over his cock and sucked the head inside her mouth. He could see her lips sealing around it and feel the warmth of his head at the back of her throat as her tongue moved over and around his shaft, cushioning it, cradling it, heating it with her moisture. “No white woman could ever match the ability of her large tongue and lips to suck a cock,” was the only thought that ran through his mind. Certainly Sarah hadn’t been able to come close. He had died and gone to heaven as she held his balls and sucked his cock, inhaling through her nose in noisy, passionate breaths.

Over her back he looked down the bumps of her spine to where her hips divided. He could see the heart shape of her butt and the tips of her vaginal lips and hair as they glistened, swelled and moved with her efforts. The more he watched, the more he wanted his cock inside her.

She must have felt it and moved easily when he asked her, “Bahia, honey, I want you and I want you now. Let’s go to the bedroom and do this on your bed, right where Edward might do it with you!”




Her slurp as his cock slipped out of her mouth was answer enough before she sprinted away down the hall, big butt cheeks flying and legs churning as he raced to catch up.

She fell on the bed and rolled on her back as she pulled her legs up to her tits and offered her self to him. He stopped and touched it, the first black lips he had ever touched. She jerked and ground her hips at the touch but moaned happily as he returned and parted her lips with his finger to reveal the pinkest inner vagina he’d ever seen surrounded by dark skin. It was too much and his head bobbed as his tongue touched her button at the top of the keyhole. She screamed, “Shit, Hal. Shit, Shit, Shit. Screw me. Take me now.”

His cock was dripping his own juices as he slid his tongue up her vagina and then down and dug it into her pink, moist opening. He took his time and moved inside her three times before he noticed her tummy starting to jerk spasmodically. Quickly, he raised his head and positioned his cock in front of her pussy and guided it with his hand. He took the head and placed it just below her clit and gently pushed enough to bury the rim with her outer lips before sliding it lower and lower until her push swallowed and enveloped him. When he felt his wide head spreading her opening then getting past it, he picked up his pace and begin stroking into her and out, into and out as he felt her anus with a little wet finger and sucked the nipple she offered him. When he released it she grunted and turned her large tit to herself and sucked the same nipple while he watched and drove his cock against her cervix as her heat flooded him with her first orgasm. He stopped, let his cock fill her then when her last spasm was done he withdrew partly until the top of his cock was raking the rough little patch of skin inside her body directly behind her clit. He raked it once then again as he moved up and back inside her, never moving more than an inch.

It was too much for Bahia who screamed a long wail and hit her spot, came all over the inside of her vagina while pulling his butt deeper against herself and grinding with strength he had never seen. For Hal, it was too much and the flood of his white, creamy liquid moved in pulses she could feel down his shaft and spurted against her cervix and the walls of her vagina setting her off once again. Neither was done and both settled down to serious pumping for several strokes before he rolled to the side, rolled her up and on top of him where she controlled the pumping. When she was above him, she was naturally swinging her massive tits too and fro until he grabbed one in each hand and pulled. She started to shudder again as she leaned towards him and used her muscles to squeeze his cock, getting one last squirt of his cum in the process.

She wasn’t human right then nor was he as they both grunted, sweat and smelled the heat of their coupling. She lifted up and turned enough to suck his wet cock back to life. When she had examined it, licked it and felt the taste of both their juices, she kneeled over it again but this time, rubbed it with her pussy until it was wet again then put it against her ass and slowly slid her butt over his cock, burying it in her rectum and smiling that special smile.

He used his fingers and entered her vagina, touching his own cock inside her body through the tissues that narrowly separated the two channels. She twitched and leaned forward with lips open to his. When they kissed they both tasted the cum she had taken from them.

Her hand found the panties she had discarded in haste and she rubbed it across her pussy before bringing it to their noses and inhaling it as they came one last time in total collapse. As she fell in a screaming faint, the panties landed around his neck where they rested as the two lay entwined, connected and depleted from the energy of the sex they had just finished.

Neither could speak or wanted to and both were now emotionally discharged enough so she curled her head against his neck and began to breath deeply, began to nap, happy with what she’d just done, happy with her sable skin on his, her vagina holding his softening cock inside her.

He joined her and the two slept a contented twenty minutes curled and wet with each other’s juices until she stirred and whispered to him. “What should we do now, Hal?”

Groggy, he tried to answer her, “You mean, do we tell them?”

It came as a purr, her answer. “Yeah, that’s what I was wondering.”

“What do you think we ought to do, Bahia?”

Her wiggle told him what she’d say as she answered. “I think we ought to keep the Cosmic Calculus to ourselves until we’ve got it right, don’t you?”

A giggle and a squeeze of the cheeks of her butt above him was his answer as he took no time at all to respond. “We only did it in one or two positions, right, Bahia?”

“Sixty Seven to go until we even begin to think about finishing the Cosmic Calculus by my way of thinking.”

His hand rolled one of her large breasts over and felt the button on the end as he kissed her ear. “Honey, it’s going to take years for you and I to get this perfected. We can tell them once we get it right, eh?”

She nodded, kissed his neck after moving her panties aside and balling the wet nylon into the pocket of his pants. “I’m available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes Wednesdays when he plays golf.”

“Find someplace safe for these and when you want me, take them out, feel me in them and come to me. I’ll be here. Edward and Sarah have no clue what they’ve started!”

Any reasonable man would have to agree, even one whose cock was swelling and whose smile was nearly adding a second grinning face to the head on his neck. It was new and different but it was definitely part of the Cosmic Calculus, which was now beginning to work perfectly.

The End

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