Sellme 6

February 21, 2014 – 9:46 am

When I first met my beautiful young albino wife, Sue, she was a shy and retiring person who did not easily mix in company and found it difficult to talk at all to strangers. I always wondered why such a beautiful woman should be so shy, and never really found out the reason. At first she had a hang up about sex, and I thought she was a repressed prude, but then came our marriage and then came Carl and Eddy, and how Sue has blossomed. Instead of being sexually shy and diffident she has become very adventurous. To show you how adventurous I will tell you about another side of the relationship that started recently.

Carl and Eddy both swear that my wife is their only sexual partner and has been since the first meeting. But one weekend a year or so ago the men went on a visit to Amsterdam with several of their colleagues from work. They spent the 3 days there visiting a variety of live sex clubs. This got them so horny that they came round to our house as soon as they landed in the UK, and Sue was fucked twice on the doorstep of our home.

The next time I met them in our sports club they told me all about their holiday. The thing that fascinated them most was one show when a ram and a pig fucked a very attractive woman. They had not told us about this when they came to our house. Neither of the lads had ever seen bestiality before and they just could not get it out of their minds. They wanted to explore the subject more and asked me if I thought Sue would help. I told them to forget it, there was no way she would consider it, and would probably think it quite revolting.

In spite of my advice, on their next visit Carl asked Sue if she would have sex with an animal. Her reaction was as I had predicted; she was shocked and furious. She thought it a disgusting idea, and only a really sick pervert could consider it. But Carl persisted, telling Sue about the show in Amsterdam, how the audience was of mixed sex and they all enjoyed it immensely, even the girl being fucked, and Eddy backed him up. Sue calmed down, but still refused to consider the idea. On their next 2 visits Carl and Eddy persistently asked my wife to try animal sex, but she refused to even talk about it. On the second of these visits Carl brought some magazines showing girls having sex with dogs and goats. Sue glanced briefly at these, but showed no real interest and was not interested in Eddy’s offer to log onto the net to show her videos containing bestiality.

A few days after this last visit Sue asked me what I thought. I said I would like to see her having sex with an animal; I had never even thought about it before but the description of Carl’s had really fascinated me. I emphasized that it was her decision; if she felt repelled by the whole idea she should stand firm and refuse. Sue said nothing, but on the lads next visit, when they again raised the subject and begged her to have second thoughts she asked them to describe what had happened in Amsterdam in detail. She then asked Eddy to show her bestiality on the Web, and he downloaded a few videos showing women with dogs. With all 3 of us men practically on our knees begging, Sue finally said she would consider animal sex. We all talked it over, and she agreed to give it one try, if she didn’t like it that was to be it, finished. We decided that the most suitable animal for the trial was a dog.

We had dogs ourselves, but Sue is the dog fan in our house, and thought of them as her children, so it had to be a new dog. Now although neither of us is a farmer we live on a small farm, and some of our friends leave their pets with us when they go abroad. It saves on boarding fees. A regular visitor was Ben, a beautiful young, giant Irish Wolfhound. His owners went abroad once a month on business, leaving him with us for a few days at a time. He was a gentle, friendly giant, and we decided he was ideal for the experiment, although we were a bit worried that he was so large.

The next time Ben was left with us we arranged for Sue’s young son to spend the time with his father. Sue spent the morning of Ben’s arrival giving him a bath and grooming him. We knew that his owners took good care of him, so there was no fear of parasites of any sort. Carl and Eddy drove down in the afternoon, and we got ready to start. We had obtained a liquid from a dog breeder who swore it would arouse a male dog and Sue had sprinkled some on her knickers an hour before we began, and sure enough Ben did show an interest in her.

We all adjourned to our bedroom, and the door was closed. Ben was held on a leash as Sue got undressed and smeared a little KY jelly inside her vagina. She then took a spray bottle containing a solution of water and a mild antiseptic, knelt down by Ben and washed his genitals, talking softly to him as she did so. She lay down on her back on the floor. Ben was released, and Sue called him over. Ben trotted over to her, and sat down by her side.

Sue petted him for a bit and the dog began to lick her body. I got her to spread her legs really wide. I positioned Ben between her legs and he gave her lower body a desultory licking, but although he sniffed at her cunt he did not touch it; after a while he stepped over her and started licking her breasts. Obviously this was not going to be easy. In fact we spent hours trying to get Ben interested in Sue. We poured the dog arousal liquid on Sue’s cunt, introduced one of our own bitches to the room, held Ben and tried to feed his cock into Sue’s vagina manually; at one stage Carl told Sue to give Ben a blow job, but this she absolutely refused to do. In spite of all this and various other tricks, Ben showed no sexual interest in Sue whatsoever. Eventually the dog became confused and distressed and Sue called a halt. The lads were very disappointed, and persuaded Sue to try one more time after a nights rest. They then took her to bed, and spent the following day with us.

The next afternoon we went through the same ritual. Sue undressed in front of Ben in the bedroom, smeared KY jelly into herself, then washed his genitals. We again spent some time trying to get him to show sexual interest in Sue as she lay naked on the floor before him, but, as before, nothing happened. Then at Carl’s suggestion I smeared some honey on Sue’s snatch. This time Ben did show interest, he went and licked Sue’s cunt clean, then continued licking for some time, and for the first time Ben’s penis began to swell.

Sue now knelt down by Ben and started to play with his dick. This was different, this definitely interested him. He began to prance around as his prick grew bigger and bigger. Eventually Sue took the semi-hard prick in her mouth and sucked it, it quickly grew to an immense size and Ben started thrusting into Sue’s mouth. Sue stood up, then Ben jumped up onto her, putting his paws on her shoulders. He is a large dog and we realized that the end of Ben’s enormous prick was pushing into Sue’s bush. I got Sue to open her legs wide, then I grabbed Ben’s prick and placed its tip against the opening of her cunt. Carl and Eddy grabbed Sue and laid her on her back on our bed. As she was being lowered slowly onto the bed I kept trying to force Ben’s prick into her love hole and by the time she was horizontal the tip was just inside her cunt.

Sue’s legs were dangling off the side of the bed, and Carl and Eddy each grabbed a leg and they spread them wide apart before wrapping them round Ben’s back. At first Ben seemed unsure of what to do, then he gave a mighty thrust and the whole of that massive cock burst through into Sue’s cunt. She gave a piercing scream as he penetrated her all the way and I thought she had been hurt, but when I moved towards her she waved me away. It did not take long for Ben to realize what a good thing he was onto, and he started to give Sue a vigorous fucking.

As Ben began to fuck her Sue wrapped her legs tightly round his back to try and slow the dog down, but he was too strong and Sue had to let go. Instead she put her feet on the floor and responded to Ben’s fucking, thrusting whenever the dog thrust and withdrawing as he did; she had to adapt to his rapid tempo instead of being able to control him. The lads and I stood around watching, it was fascinating, and I could see why they had enjoyed Amsterdam so much. And when Ben licked Sue’s breasts, and she hugged him we realized she was enjoying it too. It did not take long for Ben to climax, and he shot all his spunk into Sue’s vagina, then he withdrew. We asked Sue how she felt, and she was fine.

When Ben had finished he sniffed at Sue’s cunt from which his own sperm was dripping and gave it a quick lick, then jumped on the bed and lay down beside her. Sue got dressed and we all went downstairs. Sue still had Ben’s sperm oozing into her knickers and he kept following her around. After an hour or so the dog’s penis started growing and we decided to return to the bedroom. Once there, Sue got undressed, used more KY jelly then washed Ben’s genitals again. As soon as she had finished he gave a deafening squeal and jumped on Sue. She knelt down on the floor and, with a little guidance from me, Ben entered her doggy style. His massive prick gave Sue a real battering and he lasted a long time before once more shooting his sperm into her.

But then we were not quick enough. Instead of slipping out of Sue, Ben kept his prick inside her. We realized he was going to form a tie as his knot swelled, and we rushed to pull him away, but it was too late. To a background of growing screams from Sue Ben formed his tie, and seemed determined to turn around, in the normal dog fashion so we helped him to accomplish this. I was really worried that Sue would be hurt, but she assured me that, in spite of the pain she was able to cope. We had to stay with them to make sure that Ben did not try to move. He once walked a few yards and dragged Sue behind him; she screamed out in more pain saying it really hurt. Ben and Sue were tied together for over half an hour and at the end Sue had an orgasm!

And so began an ongoing relationship with Ben. Whenever Ben stayed with us, and at the same time Sue’s young son was away, the lads would come down and watch Sue being fucked by Ben, before fucking her themselves. And the dog came to expect sex with my wife only when in the bedroom with her, and after she had gone through the same ritual. His owners noticed no difference although he did become excited whenever they drove up our track with him. They thought he was pleased to be coming to the farm for a short break and said we pampered him. If only they knew that he was looking forward to the only sex in his sheltered life, but with my wife, not another dog.

After a while there were several variations in the theme. The first was when we had 4 dogs boarding when another friend left her 2 Alsatians and a small terrier with us. Eddy wondered if watching one dog having sex with Sue would encourage the others. Although the dogs got on together we had them on leashes in the bedroom just in case. Sue came in and went through the usual ritual and soon Ben fucked her, doggy fashion, with Sue lying face down on the bed. He tied with Sue, then, as he finished, we let one of the Alsatians go.

This dog went straight to Sue’s rear and started licking Ben’s spunk, which was flowing out of Sue’s cunt. Within seconds the dog became aroused and tried to mount Sue. I had to help him, but he soon had his enlarged penis inside Sue, and gave her another good doggy fucking. The second Alsatian also mounted and fucked Sue and like the first 2 he tied with her. Then came the turn of the little terrier. He just could not reach Sue’s cunt so she had to lie flat on her stomach on the floor and spread her legs wide. The terrier still needed our help to get started, but he too eventually fucked and tied with Sue. By this time Sue had learnt to cope with a dog’s tie, and if she was unable to prevent him from moving around could move in synchronization with him. But when the little terrier tried to walk away Sue stayed where she was lying face down on the ground, the poor little dog went nowhere.

That night we all fucked Sue, then we allowed the dogs to stay in the room. By the next morning the 4 dogs had fucked her at least 3 times each and the men had matched them.

A few months ago other friends left their young horse with us whilst their own stable was being repaired. The inevitable happened and Carl asked Sue to copulate with this animal. Sue’s first reaction was to refuse, the horse would be far too large to enter her, but Carl is very persuasive and if you are interested I can tell you the story of what happened.

The End (but only for now) –

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