Servicing Larry’s Wife

February 20, 2014 – 12:06 pm

Larry opened the bedroom door for me and I went in. This was their guest bedroom, but I was just going to get ready in here. Then I would be going to their bedroom, exactly as we had arranged.

“Thank you Larry, this’ll do nicely.” I said. “So I’ll see you and Judy in about fifteen minutes then. Now you’d better go and get ready, hadn’t you?” I smiled at him. He was a nice chap and I was so much looking forward to my task tonight.

“Sure.” he replied nervously. “See you later then.” He closed the door gently behind him.

I felt pretty good as I undressed. Larry and his delicious little wife! Weren’t they a catch? And wasn’t she a little darling? Now that I had met Judy in person, she was even better than I could have hoped. She was medium height with a pretty face, cute glasses which made her look stylish, and shortish light brown hair. And her figure was out of this world; beautiful full breasts, slim waist and nice broad hips. Just the right age as far as I was concerned. Not a silly teenager but a mature female who knew about sex. I could imagine myself having her, easing my huge cock into her warm and willing body.

Larry was about the same height as Judy and, well, putting on the pounds. It looked to me as if Judy did a bit of working out in the gym, but not Larry. He always seemed rather nervous and on edge, but maybe that was just because I was here to service his wife for him. I had summed him up pretty fast when we met at that bar on the edge of town. Pleasant guy but lacking confidence, that’s what I thought at the time. He had a beard, and that’s always a sign of someone wanting to hid an inadequacy, real or imagined, and probably in the bedroom department. Mind you, most people are a little intimidated when they meet me for the first time as I’m 6′ 3″, and tall and muscular as well. So I towered over Larry and he agreed with everything I suggested. Mind you, it was my show as I was the one who had responded to their ad on the Internet and driven all this way to meet him. I keep an eye on the ads in the contact sections of the net, and Larry and Judy’s ad was the sort of thing I always go for. There was something missing from their sex lives. Well his sex life at least, and they were looking for a big male to help them out. “Couple looking for a man to have sex with wife while husband watches” the ad said. “Safe sex a must, have pics if you do. Looking for non-smoker, drug and disease free, discreet. Not into anal, pain, BDSM, watersports, spanking or rough sex. Ideal guy would have a muscular body, full head of hair. Being very well hung is an absolute essential.” To top it off there was a nice little pic of her tits, but not her face of course.

They emphasized well hung and, well, that’s me all right. The ad said they wanted a photo, so I emailed the really powerful one of me standing, naked, with hands on hips. My massive erection is sticking out and right there, kneeling in front of me, is a pretty blonde girl. She has both her hands on my cock and is smiling up at me. Her lips are wet and it’s very obvious that she’s about to take me in her mouth. This photo always works because even with both her hands on me, there’s plenty of cock still visible and that’s what the ladies really go for. When I’m aroused like that I’m 12″ or more and as thick as your wrist. You might think it’s a fake, but I promise you it’s not. God was just very good to me and gave me not only a fantastic body but also the most amazing piece of equipment for mating with females. What’s more, when it goes hard, I mean hard like an iron bar, smooth and shiny. God, I love you!

Larry had shown the pic to Judy and the email response was immediate, together with several very nice pics of Judy in a bikini, and then a few very nice topless ones. So we emailed each other a few more times and I agreed to meet him that week end to discuss “things”. As always I asked for the meeting at a bar, one of his choosing, but it had to be quiet, very quiet, where would could talk confidentially. Larry said he understood exactly and gave me the name of a small bar within walking distance of where he lived.

Larry was very jumpy at first and I had to buy him a lot of drinks to calm him down. At long last we got down to details of what he and Judy wanted. Slowly but surely I got him to tell me their most intimate fantasies. He wanted to watch his wife being taken by a big man. She wanted to have sex with someone different, someone other than Larry, but she didn’t mind if he watched her doing it with another man. It’s a very common fantasy, for men anyway, and I take full advantage of it. “Married Virgins” I call them. Sure they’ve had sex, lot’s and lot’s of it, for several years. Then they stop and say, “So, that’s all there is? Just her and me, and my cock and her pussy?” And so they feel discontented and that’s when the ads begin appearing. They want a “little excitement” in their sex lives and they look for another person to join them. Sometimes female, sometimes male. Sometimes another couple, but it’s difficult for them to handle two at once and they know this instinctively. Easier with one they think. But there are amateurs and then there are professionals. I think I’m a professional, as far as this game is concerned, anyway. It’s my pleasurable sport, and I certainly enjoy it. And here was Larry, offering me his gorgeous little wife, on a plate!

“So what happens next then Chas?” asked Larry as we left the bar.

“I’ll give you a call tomorrow when I’ve worked out a few things. OK?” I replied. “In the meantime, give these to Judy and tell her I’m looking forward to meeting her.” I grinned and handed him three extra photos of me in action, one more photo with the blonde and two with a dark haired lady, not unlike Judy herself.

Then I went home and began my script. I told you, I’m a professional. I took notes of all Larry’s fantasies and Judy’s too. Then I wrote the script to satisfy those fantasies. Obvious really, isn’t it? But there’s a little twist here. Larry had told me all about his fantasies and what he and his wife wanted, but he never thought to ask me what I wanted. And, needless to say, the script has to take account of my fantasies, or should I say needs, because I don’t have fantasies, only realities.

The script was ready by the morning and I rang Larry. In fact it was Judy who answered the phone when I rang and she almost dropped the receiver when I told her who it was. “Oh!” she had said. “It’s you Chas. I’m sorry….” Her voice trailed away in confusion and she handed over to Larry. Then, in a fairly businesslike but friendly manner, I told him what he was to arrange. I told him what time of day I would arrive, what we would do in the way of introductions, where the action would take place, and how I wanted the room arranged. Also, most important, what props he was to get and where they were to be positioned in the room. I made him go and get paper and pencil and write it all down, to make sure he had it right. “Call me” I said “When you’re ready.” It was all or nothing and I sat back waiting for the phone to ring. There was a good chance he wouldn’t call, but I thought Larry was too keen to see his wife being taken by a big stud to cool off.

I must say that I enjoyed the anticipation. I looked at Judy’s photograph repeatedly over the next couple of days, thinking about what I would do to her and imagining the look on Larry’s face as I took her. What a lovely couple they were, and how little did they appreciate that they were playing with fire. When I had finished with his wife, their marriage and their lives would never be the same again. She would crave more of what I would give her, and he would want her to have more of what she needed. After having my 12″ of hard cock, they just keep coming back.

Larry phoned only two days later to say that everything was ready, and could I make it on Sunday? I played it cool, said it would be OK, then danced round the room with excitement after I put the phone down. Judy was mine!!

I rang their doorbell at exactly 12:00 on that Sunday and Larry came to let me in. It was a very ordinary sort of modern house with a lounge, study and dining room, all where you would expect to find them. Larry showed me into the lounge and asked me if I would like a beer. I declined but asked him to get me an orange juice. He scuttled away while I made myself at home, wondering where the lovely Judy had got to. This wasn’t quite according to the script. Larry came back with my orange juice and then he sat, watching me nervously and making polite conversation.

“So, where’s Judy?” I asked.

“Oh, just getting ready.” he said hesitantly.

“And how ready is she Larry?” I asked with a grin.

At that moment she came into the room. I stood up to meet her. She looked stunning and, most important, she was smiling at me. She wore a white blouse and a short dark skirt that showed off her long and shapely legs. I suspected that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her blouse shook provocatively as she moved across the room.

“Ah, Judy, how nice to meet you at last, and may I saw you are looking stunning.” I said. I shook her hand and she blushed, knowing what we would be doing together in only a very short time. Then I kissed the back of her hand and looked deeply into her eyes. I made all sorts of promises with those eyes, promises that she liked.

“Thank you.” she replied huskily, taking a seat opposite me, on the sofa. She crossed her legs and I wondered what was up there, inside that tight black skirt.

We chatted about this and that and all the time she didn’t take her eyes off me. Larry was like an excited schoolboy, unable to sit still for a moment. Then he said he would go and get our meal. We would eat it here, he said, if that was all right with me.

“Perfectly.” I replied with a smile. “You run along and get it and I’ll just sit here and chat with your lovely wife. We need to get to know each other, don’t we Judy?”

He left the room. I turned to Judy. “Tell me, darling, do you know what we are going to do this afternoon?” I asked, sitting down on the sofa next to her.

Her eyes glistened with excitement. “Oh yes, Larry’s told me.”

“So you’re completely ready then?” I said, sliding my hand up her leg towards her skirt.

She licked her lips, wetting them, and I kissed her. I knew what she would like and I flickered my tongue in and out of her mouth in an imitation of sexual penetration. I put my hand inside her blouse and, sure enough, there was no bra, enabling me to cup her naked breast and tease the nipple. Her tongue responded to me, swirling around mine. She was hot and ready.

“Now, I’m completely ready.” she said quietly as she broke away from my kiss.

Larry came back with a tray. “Larry, there’s been a slight change of plan” I said. “I don’t think we are eating anything now, perhaps later.”

“OK.” he said, putting the tray down. “So what’s next then?”

“We’re going up right now Larry.” I said. “That’s all right with you, isn’t it?”

“Yes, fine.” he replied, wide eyed. The time of his wife’s mating was drawing very close and his excitement was mounting.

So here I was now, in their guest room. Fourteen minutes to go. I stripped off my clothes and laid them on the bed. Like always, I checked my appearance in the mirror. A muscular naked man looked back at me and I liked what I saw. My cock hung loosely between my legs, swinging as I moved. Not long to go now, I thought. In my mind I could see Larry’s lovely wife, naked and with her legs spread, waiting for me to take her. My cock began to rise, which pleased me. Once it was up, it would stay up until I had had her. I held it in my hand, masturbating slowly as I thought of it easing into her, while Larry watched.

Five minutes. I put on the toweling robe which lay on the bed, and rinsed my mouth at the basin. Three minutes. Time to go.

I walked slowly down the passage, past the stairs, to their bedroom door. It wasn’t quite closed and I just pushed it open. Larry, wearing a toweling robe like mine, was sitting in a chair at the end of the big double bed, and he jumped to his feet as I came in. And there was Judy, sitting on the edge of the bed. Her robe was draped around her, but loosely. I knew she wouldn’t be wearing anything under it. She looked up at me and I could see the lust in her eyes.

For a moment I just stood and looked at the two of them. Larry looked excited, but obviously didn’t know quite what to do next. Judy just sat there on the edge of the bed, looking at me. But her eyes were smiling and no doubt she was thinking of what was about to happen.

The room was exactly as I had told Larry to arrange it. It was a sunny day outside, but the curtains were drawn so that the room was lit by a warm tinted glow. The phone was unplugged. And there were the things I had asked for, all in the right place.

“Well, Judy and Larry.” I said. “Here we are then, all ready for a little fun.” I went to Judy and held out my hand to her. “Come here Judy” I said. “Come and stand over here with me.” Obediently she took my hand and got to her feet. I led her to the end of the bed, to where Larry was standing. Then I turned her to face me, so that she had her back to Larry. I let go of her hand and took a pace back from her.

I undid the cord of my robe and the front fell open. Then I took it off completely and threw it to one side. I knew the effect this would have on her.

“Oh my god!” she whispered, her eyes locked onto my hard cock. “Look at the size of that, I can’t believe it.” Then she looked up at me and smiled. “Those photos weren’t fake at all were they?”

“No” I said. “And now I want to find out if there’s any fake bits on you, Judy darling. Your husband will strip you for me, won’t you Larry?” Over her shoulder I looked at Larry. “Take off your wife’s robe, Larry, so I can see her beautiful body.”

Judy started to undo the cord. “No.” I said quickly. “That’s for Larry to do. He’s going to give you to me.”

Larry stood beside us. “Undo the cord, Larry, and pull open the front of your wife’s robe for me.” I said.

He fumbled with the knot, then managed it. Her robe opened down the front, letting me see her magnificently full breasts with wide pink areola and hard excited nipples. Slowly I let my gaze travel down her body. Her waist was neat enough, but her body then flared out into wide child bearing hips. Her lower abdomen bulged delightfully over her triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair.

“Now take it off her.” I said. Larry took the robe at her shoulders and drew it off her, leaving her naked in front of me. My cock hardened at the sight of his gorgeous wife, stripped and ready for her mating. I was going to enjoy mounting this little filly, and I had a surprise in store for poor Larry, and Judy as well.

“Thank you Larry, I think she’s lovely.” I said. “I’ll tell you when I need you.” He scuttled away, leaving Judy and me standing together in the middle of the room.

“Very nice Judy, you have a really lovely body.” I said “So full, mature and sexy. I think we are going to make a very good couple.” Slowly I walked round her and she just stood still as I did this, waiting for the first touch. But I did nothing until I came back to face her. Then, slowly and deliberately, I reached out and cupped one of her magnificent breasts in each hand, feeling their weight. Her nipples were stiff with sexual excitement and I wondered if she was wet between her legs yet. I drew my thumbs across her nipples and she shuddered.

“Hold my cock Judy.” I said. Tentatively, she reached out and gripped my hard shaft with both hands. “Oh my god.” she said. “It’s so hard, like a hot steel pole.” Her eyes glittered as she spoke, as she anticipated being impaled on it.

“Your husband wants a few photos of us together, did you know that?” I asked. Judy looked a bit stunned. Then she said “Might be nice, something to look back on in later years!” She giggled, still holding my cock in both hands in front of her.

“Right Larry.” I said “You can get the camera now.” Larry went to the chest of drawers and came back with the Polaroid I had told him to get. “Probably be best from here Larry.” I said, showing him where he should stand.

Judy and I turned towards him. I put one arm around her waist, then upwards to cup her breast. Judy continued to hold my stiff cock in one hand. “Smile for the camera Judy.” I said. The flash went off, capturing us in our erotic pose. “That’ll be one for future generations to see how randy their ancestors were, won’t it Larry? Now then, a few more, I think. Remember that first photograph you saw of me Judy?” I asked.

“Yes” she replied, with a smile. “Extremely well”.

“Well then? How about one like that?” I said, looking at her quizzically.

Her smile broadened and she slowly got down on her knees in front of me. She still had both hands on my cock. She licked her lips, looking up at me. The flash exploded again.

“Are you watching this Larry?” I said “Your wife is going to put my cock in her mouth and suck me. That OK with you Larry?”

Larry was kneeling with the camera now, going for a close up of his wife’s face only a few inches from my hard erection. He couldn’t say a word, he just nodded. I decided to tease him a bit more. “Larry,” I said. “Tell your wife you’d like to photograph her sucking my cock” I smiled at him.

He cleared his throat but still didn’t say a word. Judy turned to look at him, still holding my massive erection in front of her face.

“Larry?” I said.

“Go on then Judy.” he said in a strangled voice. “Suck him, I want to see you do it.”

Judy turned her head back to my cock, licked her lips and then, opening her mouth wide, took in the glistening knob. The flash went again as her mouth descended on me. And what a cock sucker she was! She had one hand on my balls, wriggling her fingers, and the other wrapped round the base of my shaft as she gobbled at the knob. Her tongue swirled round it and from time to time I could feel her teeth rub on my cock, just below the helmet. Then she began to do me properly, sucking hard and forcing her head up and down so that my cock went to the back of her throat. I held her head and controlled her actions, anxious not to spoil the script by cumming too soon. The flash went again and again.

“She ever do you like this Larry?” I asked “You wife is the best cock sucker I’ve ever had, god I can feel right down her throat Larry. If she’s not careful I’ll spray my cum all over her, really I will Larry.”

And she really was good at it, and she wanted me to see what she was doing, the whole visual thing. She was kneeling in front of me, and had bent my cock down so that it was almost horizontal. Her lips slid up and down the shaft as she worked on me, and she would look up at me from time to time to see how much I was enjoying it. Her breasts shook and wobbled as she swayed back and forth. If she made me cum, I thought, I would want to spray those beautiful tits all over and then rub it in. But that wasn’t in the script and I wasn’t going to let it happen.

“All right, my little cock sucker.” I said. “You can get on the bed now.” Judy slowly let me go and stood up. I pointed to the double bed. “Lie on your back.” I said. “In the middle.”

Quickly she scrambled onto the bed and did as she was told. She lay there quietly, arms by her side, waiting for the next move. But I could take my time and tease Larry a bit more. I got slowly onto the bed near her feet and she automatically brought her knees up to give me some room. I knelt there, stroking my cock and looking at her magnificent body. Judy looked straight back at me, her eyes wide with excitement.

“Now then Larry” I said “What I want you to do is to put your hands on Judy’s knees.” Larry knelt on the bed beside his wife and did as I told him. “Now open her legs for me Larry.” Judy didn’t resist as he slowly pulled her knees apart.

“Oh Judy.” I said, as her legs parted. “What a lovely pussy, so neatly trimmed, just perfect.” I leant forward slightly. “All right Larry, you can let go now, I’m going to find out how your wife tastes.” Obediently Larry removed his hands and got off the bed, leaving me to enjoy her.

It was time to warm her up a bit. I stretched out full length on the bed, my head between her thighs. Then I began to explore that hairy pussy with my fingers. I slipped my hands down her legs and probed between her pink labia. I could feel her entrance now, flowing with lubrication. But I knew what she would really like me to do before I fucked her, and I was an expert. Ever so slowly I began to lick all round her pussy, first her thighs, then her belly, ever so slowly getting closer to my target. Now my tongue probed into her bush, wriggling between her lips, and she began to moan and run her hands over my head. I found her tiny clit, sitting in it’s little compartment, and gave it a quick flick, which made her jump. I would come back to that. Now I trailed my tongue down between her lips and probed into her, then further and further down, towards her anus but not touching it. I spread wetness all round her hairy sex, matting the hair. But the best bit was still to come. I looked up at her from my task, only to see her eyes tightly shut as she concentrated on her pleasure. Peeling back her lips to expose her little clit, my mouth descended and closed on it. “Oh my godddd!” she said, her hips bucking. Slowly I sucked it out of it’s hiding place and felt her whole body writhing in pleasure under me. I drew cold air in between my lips and she shuddered at the sensation, then put my warm tongue back against her clit again. “Huh, huh, huh.” Judy gasped as her hips jumped up and down. Now I would go for the kill. Pressing down on her firmly, I sucked her clit into my mouth as far as it would come and rubbed it with my tongue. It worked, exactly as I knew it would. With a yell of ecstasy, her hips jumped under me and she held my head firmly between her legs. “Aaaaaargh!” Her legs wrapped around my head now and we rolled on the bed together as she moaned and shouted in her orgasm. I held on, still sucking her clit and holding the cheeks of her backside, my fingers trying to prise her apart.

She came down from her heaven only slowly, and I was going to take her there again, I knew that. When I fucked her, she would orgasm again. Twelve inches of hard cock pounding into her would see to that.

I rose from my task as she lay moaning on the bed. “You see Larry, that’s the way to do it. Make her come, clamp your mouth on her, suck and hang on. But now comes the bit you really want to see, eh?”

I stroked my cock and looked at Judy lying there, her legs apart and her wet pussy glistening. She was really ready now. The look on her face said it all. She was panting slightly and flushed. That look said “I’m ready for your cock, take me and fuck me hard.”

“Here’s the condom.” said Larry, handing me the packet.

“Oh Larry.” I said. “If you want me to use that, then you put it on me.” I sat up, my erect and throbbing cock sticking out towards him. Poor little virgin Larry, he’s never touched a man’s cock in his life and here he was, faced with a dilemma. Either put the condom on me, or see his wife have unprotected sex. He blushed furiously. “Can’t you do it?” he said, confusion all over his face.

“No Larry.” I replied with a grin. “Unless you want me going into your wife bareback and getting her pregnant,” I glanced at Judy, who was grinning madly at her husband’s problem, “then you put it on me.”

Fumbling, Larry tore open the packet and took out the condom. His hands shook as he leant over towards me and positioned it on the head of my cock. Then, holding it there with one hand, he unrolled it down my shaft with the other.

“Give me a little stroke Larry, just for the hell of it.” I said. Larry glanced at Judy, who was giggling, her big breasts shaking. “Judy would like to see you do it, wouldn’t you Judy?” Judy nodded vigorously. Larry’s hand slid slowly up and down my shaft. He was pretty good.

“Now then Larry” I said “Let me get a bit closer to Judy and you can rub me on her a bit, how about that?” I lay down across one of Judy’s thighs, so that my cock was inches from her pussy. “Come on Larry.” I went on. “Give Judy a little pleasure then.”

The look on Larry’s face was superb, a mixture of lust, excitement and terror at what he was about to do. He was kneeling on the other side of Judy from me and now he did as I had told him. Reaching across her thigh, he took my cock in his hand and brought the tip to her labia. Judy jumped as my cock touched her, then groaned as Larry began to rub it up and down. Her lubrication and my saliva spread everywhere, and I could feel how slippery she was, ready for me to slide in.

“Now then Larry,” I said, “I’ll give her just a little bit to start with, so you get me in just the right place, that’s it, and I’ll just ease it in slowly.” Slowly I pushed my hips forward and watched in delight as I saw my knob pop into her. Judy gave a little gasp as I penetrated her for the first time. She raised her head so that she could watch the amazing sight of her husband slowly sliding my cock into her.

“That seems OK doesn’t it Larry?” I said “Now if you let go, I’ll give her about half and we’ll see how it goes.” Larry released me and sat back, looking stunned. What had he done? But there was the picture right there in front of him; a powerful man with a stiff cock, fucking his pretty little wife.

I eased forward and Judy groaned loudly as my thick shaft slid into her. She was impaled on about 6″, and there was another 6″ to go.

“All right little Judy?” I asked her. “I’ve got about half in, you want the rest?” I rolled over above her now. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open as she panted with excitement. As I eased forward, she drew her legs up and back, opening herself completely to my penetration. My hard shaft continued slowly into her body, sliding in smoothly and easily. Judy arched her back and groaned again. “Oh my god!” she whispered. “It’s so big, it’s filling me, I’ve never…ooh!…ooh!”

I was right into her now, the whole length of my cock embedded in her warm wet pussy. “You see Judy, you took the whole thing, no problem.” I said to her. “Now Judy I’m going to give you a fucking you’re never going to forget, so here we go then.” As I spoke I raised myself on my hands, poised over her, and began to run my shaft slowly in and out of her. Glancing down, I could see my greasy cock easing back and forth, dragging her lips with it, and pressing on her clit on each stroke.

The effect was fantastic. Judy, this delicious little wife, was losing control by being taken like this. She threw her head back and made catlike mewing noises to start with, but as I warmed her up and began to fuck her seriously, she got noisier until she was crying out in passionate pleasure with every one of my thrusts into her wet pussy.

I glanced sideways at Larry to see how he was enjoying watching his little wife being properly fucked for the first time in her life. He was standing beside the bed, watching intently, his eyes sparkling. His robe was open and he was stroking his 6″ cock. He really was enjoying the show!

I shifted up a gear and began to pound Judy properly. The whole bed was shaking and banging as I ripped into her. Her beautiful full breasts wobbled and rolled on her chest in time with my thrusts. “Hey Larry.” I said. “You ever seen your wife doing it like this before? Look at her Larry, she’s getting a proper fucking this time isn’t she?” Larry didn’t answer, but his hand began to fly up and down his cock, faster and faster.

Judy had her hands on my shoulders now, her nails digging into my flesh as she screamed. She was rising towards her second orgasm and I would make sure it happened. From my press up position I dropped down onto her, wrapping my arms around her slight body and clamping her against me. But my cock didn’t stop thrashing in and out of her wet pussy for a second. We rolled across the bed and she lifted one leg to let me go on fucking her. My hands held her buttocks, then slipped down her crack, until I had my fingers flickering round her pussy and anus. That did it for her. With a scream that shook the room, she climaxed, her body going rigid in her ecstasy.

I still had a long way to go and I wanted more, and slowly this time. “Judy,” I said, as she recovered from her climax. “Get on top of me, quickly now.”

Judy was wonderfully obedient, I must say. As I lay down on my back, she knelt astride me, facing away from me and towards Larry. She took my cock in both hands and then, raising herself, inserted me into her. Then – bliss- she eased down onto me. The view was amazing, my massive cock sliding into her as her backside descended on me.

I couldn’t see her face of course, but I knew exactly what she was doing. She was teasing Larry with her performance, rising up and down on me, allowing him to get a good view of my shaft sliding in and out of her willing body. And as she got faster, her breasts bounced and jiggled.

Larry was enjoying the show, no doubt about that. His robe was open and he was masturbating furiously now, his hand flying up and down his stiff little cock.

It was time to move on to the next part of the script. Sitting up, I put my arms around Judy and held her breasts. Then, so Larry could hear me, I whispered in her ear. “Do you know what your husband wants, Judy?” She giggled and shook her head. “He’s never told you, he said he would be too embarrassed.”

I whispered in her ear. “What he wants, Judy, is for you to suck him until he comes in your mouth. And he has to be tied into that chair while you do it to him.” She reacted exactly as I thought she would. She laughed. “C’mon.” I said. “You’ve got to do it, it’s only fair after all the fun we’ve had.”

She got off me we stood up. I put out my hand to Larry. “Got the ties Larry?” I asked. He looked a bit sheepish, then produced a bundle of thin plastic ties from the pocket of his robe. “Good” I said. “Just right. Now, Judy, take off his robe before he sits in his chair, like a good boy.”




We were all stripped off now, Larry sitting in the wooden chair at the end of the bed. I gave some of the ties to Judy and we set about our task. There were dozens of them and we did a superb job. His arms and wrists were tied to the arms of the chair, and his legs and ankles were tied back to the legs. His legs were spread, his cock sticking up in excitement as he thought about what his lovely wife was about to do to him.

“OK Judy.” I said. “He’s all yours.” With a quick smile at me, Judy knelt down between her husband’s legs and leant forward. Larry’s eyes closed as his cock slid into his wife’s mouth and her head began to nod. Judy put her hands on his thighs and just ate him alive. Up, down, up, down, her head rose and fell as Larry groaned and writhed helplessly in his plastic bonds. I just sat on the end of the bed and watched Judy doing it to him. It was crazy he hadn’t asked her to do this for him before, she was so good at it. Larry was rising and rising to his climax, groaning loudly now and trying to thrust into Judy’s mouth. Judy looked so tasty, kneeling there, naked, sucking his cock so hard and strongly. Then, with a great shout, Larry began to squirt his cum into her mouth. She was as good as her word and began to swallow and swallow as it jetted down her throat.

Larry slumped in his chair, totally drained. Judy leant back, letting his cock fall onto his leg with a slap. Then, lovingly, she took hold of it in her hands and caressed him. “You should have said….” she said to him. “It’s no problem….”

“Well Judy that was brilliant.” I said, getting to my feet. “But we’ve got a little unfinished business, haven’t we darling?” She turned and smiled. “Thought you’d never ask!” she replied. “What’s it to be this time, big boy?”

“Anything you like.” I said, stroking my cock to get it to full hardness again. “Ladies choice this time.” She went quiet, thinking for a moment. “Hmmm” she said “I’m not sure…so hard to decide, but you haven’t had me from behind yet and I love that.”

“Perhaps you’d like a little bareback ride,” I suggested, with a grin. “You know, natural like.”

Her eyes lit up with pure lust. “Now that’s a thought!” she said, looking at Larry.

“Judy, you wouldn’t!” said Larry, looking a little panic stricken “I mean, you’re not on the pill or anything and…. well you just can’t!” His voice trailed away. He was still tied into the chair, so he couldn’t do much about it. I knew I had won already and it wouldn’t be long before I was having completely unprotected sex with his wife, and then spurting my sperm into her, while Larry watched helplessly from his chair. It was what I had planned from the beginning.

“Just a little bareback then, Judy?” I went on. “So you can feel me inside you properly? Of course there’s always a little bit of risk, but then, what the hell….” I gave her my most winning smile and I saw her eyes flit down to my fully erect weapon.

“Hmmm….” she said, stepping up to me and taking my cock in both hands “Well, maybe just a little fuck, for a very short time, that can’t hurt, can it?” she giggled. “I mean, you’re not going to cum in me, or anything are you? You promise to be careful, don’t you?” Her fingers began to pull at the condom and I felt it slipping off.

“Judy, listen” said Larry “You had your last period two weeks ago, you’re at your most dangerous time, I mean it’ll only take just a little bit and….”

The condom came off with a snap. “Yes.” she said quietly, turning to Larry. “I know, but it’ll still be fun, doing it with Chas bareback. It’s what I’ve wanted ever since I saw him today, to mate with him properly. And you wanted to watch me having sex, didn’t you Larry, so you won’t mind if I do it bareback, will you? I’m sure Chas will be specially careful….”

She dropped the condom into his lap, then turned back to me. “I want you to fuck me with that beautiful cock Chas, fuck me hard, make me cum again.” Then she turned and slowly knelt down in front of me. I dropped to my knees behind her, my cock in my hand.

“Chas.” said Larry, squirming in the chair. “You’ll be careful, won’t you? I mean, pull out and not cum in her? She’s my wife and you mustn’t get her pregnant? Chas?”

“Well Larry.” I replied, shuffling forward as she spread her legs in front of me. “There’s always a possibility. But you’ve had your fun and now Judy wants hers, and who am I to deny her?” Judy’s hand came up from between her legs, reaching for me. I got a little closer and she took it. “Oh dear Larry!” I went on. “I think we’ve got a problem already, look at that!” There was a dribble of pre cum on the tip of my cock. I heard Larry gasp as he saw it, but Judy just giggled. Her hand pulled my cock to her wet slippery pussy and she nuzzled the knob in between her labia, mixing the cum with her wetness. Then she left me there, poised and waiting for me to slide in.

It was the moment I had worked so hard to create. At last I was there, kneeling between this lovely wife’s legs and about to slide my naked cock into her fertile body, while her helpless husband watched me take her. I wasn’t going to pull out, they both knew that. Once I was in her, I would fuck her until I let her have all my cum, squirting it deep into her mature childbearing body. The deed was about to be done. I would be the rogue stallion, breeding with her.

I ran my hands down her flanks and held her by the hips. Then I pushed my hips forward. I felt the pressure increase until, with a popping sensation, my big knob slipped into her. She gave a little gasp as she felt the initial penetration of my shaft, then groaned as I let her have the full length in one slow steady thrusting movement. “There you go Judy.” I said. “How does that feel, better with no protection isn’t it? Living a bit dangerously?”

“Oooooo!” she replied, smiling over her shoulder. “Don’t you dare cum in me, Chas, that would be very naughty, now wouldn’t it?” But as she said it, she was moving back and forth, sliding up and down my rigid cock, exciting me, milking my cock. And I responded by thumping into her a little faster. Her eyes closed slightly as she savored the sensation of my hard cock deep in her. I slid my hands all over her body, under her soft belly, over her swinging breasts and down between her legs to where we were joined. She began to groan and sweat. Moving my position slightly, I began to thrust upwards a little. “Oh Chas, oh, oh!” she said as I rammed her. I glanced at Larry. He was silent now and appeared to be enjoying the show. “Oh Larry.” I said to him. “What a fuck your wife is, so juicy, so slippery, so warm, mmmmm.” I saw his cock rise as I spoke to him. But now I had to concentrate on what I was doing, not teasing Larry. Taking a firm grip of Judy’s hips, I began to hit her hard and fast, working towards my ejaculation, when my sperm would shoot into her. “Oh Chas, ugh, ugh, Chas, that’s too much, ugh, ugh, oh fuck me, fuck me, go on, more, yessss!” said Judy as I got ever faster. The sweat on her backside mingled with the sweat on my belly. Our bodies were united, intent on one objective, a successful mating, and nothing would stop us getting there. I could feel her whole body tensing up now, her pussy tightening on my cock, and then I knew she was about to orgasm. With a final series of rapid thrusts I pushed her over the edge and into the sexual abyss. “Oooaaargh!” she yelled, her buttocks clenching together as she climaxed. And at that moment I exploded, sending a stream of cum deep into her womb as I continued to thrust and pound her.

We stayed united and stationary for what seemed a long time. I felt the cum leaking out around my cock and running down our legs. Larry sat there, mouth open. “Oh my god.” he said quietly. “I never thought you would, didn’t know….” His voice trailed away. Then, placing one hand on Judy’s backside, I gave him the view of a lifetime. Judy was still kneeling as I slowly pulled out of her drenched pussy. My cock was half erect and it came out of her with an obscene noise, followed by a flood of my semen. I patted her backside and turned to Larry. “There you are Larry.” I said. “Freshly fucked pussy, every husband’s dream or nightmare, depending on your particular fetish. What do you think Larry? …..” I wiped my hand between her legs, bringing it up covered with wet, a combination of lubrication, saliva, and sperm.

Judy and I languished on the bed together under the duvet, having sent Larry off downstairs to get some wine. I lay on my back and she lay beside me, one leg thrown over me.

She kissed me on the lips. “Never.” she said. “Never had I had it like that. That was just magnificent, the very best. To feel you like that, fucking me so hard and violently, then when you came in me, feeling your hot cum squirting into me.” She buried her head into my shoulder. “Grrrr!” she said. “God, I want to do it again. I’m such a slut, please can we?”

“Give me a little rest, OK?” I replied “And then I’ll fuck you some more, longer this time, while your little hubby watches. He likes that, doesn’t he, watching you getting fucked?”

“He’s a bit of a fetish man” said Judy “But I don’t mind if he wants to watch me getting it. I can see it gives him a thrill. But this…” She stroked my cock “This is my fetish, this big fellow here.” She smiled up at me as she lay in my arms, still stroking me with one hand.

Larry came into the bedroom with three glasses of wine. “Very good Larry.” I said. “Put the tray on the table there and bring a couple of glasses over here for your wife and me.” Obediently Larry hurried to his task, then took his seat again in the chair at the end of the bed, looking at Judy and me lying there under the duvet, naked, and drinking his wine.

“You wouldn’t mind if Judy was pregnant, would you Larry?” I asked. “I mean, she enjoyed that fucking so much, don’t you think she deserves to be pregnant, that it would be the right outcome.”

“I’m not sure….” stammered Larry. “I mean she’s my wife and it should be me who….”

“Sure Larry, I understand, but no one would know would they?” I replied “Just you and Judy would know, and you wouldn’t want anyone to know the circumstances in which Judy got in the family way, would you?”

“No.” he said. “I suppose not.”

“It’s just so lovely lying here like this.” I said, changing the subject. “Just one thing missing….”

“Chas!!” said Judy in mock outrage “I can feel that! You couldn’t do it again, not possibly!”

Oh yes I could! My rising cock did not need any help, it just grew right up to her pussy and with a little thrust, I penetrated her. “Oh my god Chas!” Judy said “You’re in me again, I can’t believe it!”

This time it was different, it was slow and easy. I eased gradually into her until I was in her up to the base of my cock. Her legs eased apart to allow me free entrance and I began a stroking movement as I held her backside. I flicked the duvet off so Larry could watch what he liked watching, a huge cock stuck in his wife’s pussy. Judy responded to my thrusts, pushing down on me, urging me to cum again in her. We went on with this for ages, her sliding against me, her breasts rubbing on my chest and her crotch grinding on my leg as my cock slid remorselessly towards another ejaculation. Finally, speeding up the pace a bit, I could feel it coming, bubbling up from my balls. In a series of spurts I came in her again, and felt my sperm run out of her all round my cock.

“Well Larry, I reckon we’ve done it now, don’t you think?” I said, peering down at him. Larry’s gaze was fixed on his wife’s pussy, leaking my cum onto the bed. “If she’s not pregnant now, she never will be.”

The End

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