It All Started When….

February 19, 2014 – 8:03 am

It all started when the kids got a little older; the mortgage seemed to get bigger with rising interest rates, and things were not great at work for me so I was not getting any overtime.

My stunning (size 10 (34-25-35) highly sexed) wife in her early 30s, Ellie, had one or two friends who worked in one of the gentlemens club down town.

Since we were married 8 years earlier, we had enjoyed a very full sex life. It included lots of fantasy stories and porno films to get us going. I also had taken plenty of horny photos over the years. Ellie had plenty of sexy clothes that she loved wearing out on her occasional Friday nights out with her girl friends, at which there had sometimes been a little bit of extramarital fun. This, though, had been with my blessing, as my wife is a very horny individual who loves her body and needs sex.

Anyway, Ellie must have told one of her friends who worked in the industry, Anne, about our declining financial predicament. One thing led to another, with the upshot that Ellie put it to me one night, when we had had a few drinks together and real good fucking session, that Anne had suggested perhaps she might want to try working at the club. She said that she would start as a topless waitress first to see if she liked it.

My cock just raced to attention again!

What a fantastic idea! My wife stripping in front of all those men! I tried unsuccessfully to hide my enthusiasm. The fact that it also paid well was almost inconsequential! We enjoyed another fabulous long lovemaking session, just thinking about it.

Ellie started the following week, working two to three nights per week. With my job no longer being busy enough to get overtime, that was fine as I could get home in time for the kids.

Ellie was very nervous at her first night. But with encouragement from Anne and the other girls at the club (Pussy Palace), she soon settled in and enjoyed the attention. The first few nights she worked only as a topless waitress in a supplied uniform, going around and getting customers drinks orders, cleaning up tables, bringing out food, etc. She made a few extras in tips from customers, but that only was on account of being nice, and not doing anything sexual in particular. The uniform that she was supplied was a pink bikini with silver beading and a silver neckpiece. She wore high heels with stockings.

After around a month or so, Ellie stepped up from just waitressing, and began doing lap dances for the customers (no sex), with the occasional stage strip. For this work, she was asked to supply her own gear. We had fun picking out the new g-string and bikini outfits with the side clips for ease of removal.

The first night she did stage work, I managed to get a baby sitter and went down to watch. I got a huge hard-on! She was great! I went home not long after her dance, but she pulled in $400 that night in lap dances at usually $50 a go, that was 8 guys! She loved it! Our sex life really picked up. We fucked most nights she worked, but we had a real good session that night! She came home with her pussy on fire, and her nipples hard and erect, with obvious signs of being played with.

During the lap dances, under normal legal work conditions in these parts, the dancers are able to strip completely and sit on the laps of the customers. Customers are entitled to cuddle and play with the girls tits and arse. No pussy touching by customers is allowed. The girls can, if they like the customer and get worked up etc., put on a bit of a show themselves for the customer. This may involve opening their legs nice and wide in front of the customer, pulling their pussy lips apart and perhaps slipping a finger or two in. Ellie clearly had done a little of that this first night. Her tits in particular had that look and feel of having been vigorously kneaded and squeezed quite a bit.

It was after a couple of months work at the Pussy Palace that the most amazing thing happened.

A very wealthy businessman had pulled off a big deal, and wanted to hire the club out for a private night. I had heard that clubs like the Pussy Palace occasionally put on these events when the doors were closed to the public, and things can get a lot more raunchy!

Anne asked Ellie if she wanted to do the night with her. Because of the nature of the engagement, the club management did not force any staff to work these private nights. Staff had the choice. The money, however, was fabulous: guaranteed minimum of $1,500 per girl plus special lap dance tips, for about 4-5 hours work. This would be different than just stripping: the night would involve being paid for sex.

Ellie actually was excited about the idea of being paid by men to fuck. As it was my biggest fantasy, what could I say? I creamed my pants at the thought!

Our after work fuck sessions had often demonstrated that she had got very horny at work (her sopping wet pussy backed that up!). Normal club night rules when open to the public, however, prevented anything occurring. Licensing laws are strictly policed where we live, and the management ran a legit club.

Ellie told Anne she would do it. My stunning, beautiful, brunette wife was about to become a prostitute and fuck for money!

The night was incredible. The businessman wanted the works, and he would bring a party of 20 of his corporate friends. Ellie did not know the full price, but she understood from rumor among the girls that he was paying well in excess of $20,000.

Twelve girls agreed to work the night, each basically working as pairs. Ellie was to work with Anne. Each pair was to put on a special show, as well as work the room the rest of the night. Instead of the normal lap dances, the girls would be doing lap fucks. As the club did not have separate rooms, but only a petitioned lap dance area, the girls would do the lap fucks in that area (in view of the other customers!). Ellie told me the rates: $40 hand job, $60 oral, $100 for a fuck. Extras would be more.

Ellie chose for the night one of her favorite working outfits: a black leather g-string and triangle frame bra set. Her beautiful tits and arse would be virtually fully on show, and I noticed she also took her string nipple clamp (a little string thing that tightens at each end to her wonderfully responsive, pointy brown nipples).

To kick off, three pairs of girls put on shows where they stripped and went around the room, and warmed some of the guys up. These shows, although just the starters, still were a little different to a normal night: that the girls did some customer cock wanking and sucking. Ellie said it certainly helped build the atmosphere, as did the rapid alcohol consumption.

It was after the second of these opening raunchy double strips that one of the moments Ellie had waited for arrived: her first paid fuck! She said the guy, Jim, was about my age (33), with a cock that was not any longer than mine (6 inches) but quite thick. He paid her the $150 ($50 for the strip plus $100 for the fuck), and sat down on the lap dance couch. She performed her usual lap dance strip, dancing rapturously while slowly removing her top and g-string. She sat on his lap, allowing him to rub and squeeze her tits, and play with her arse.

After the first song finished, to get his cock fully hard and ensure smooth entry, she wantonly fingered her wide open pussy right in front of his face. Her cunt rapidly got sopping wet, as she let him also stick a finger or two in her cunt, and work them around to build up the cum juices.

She then pulled his pants and undies down. Jim’s dick was at full attention and ready to go! Realizing he might not take long to explode, she hopped on his rock hard cock facing him, so that he could also continue playing with her rock-hard tits. That soon got a little tricky, so she turned around facing the middle of the lap dance table, and let Jim enter her from the rear. In less than ten minutes from when his thick cock entered her soaking, hot cunt, Jim squirted his juicy cum into my wife beautiful fuckhole!

After Jim, Ellie scored two more lap fucks in quick succession as he told the other men on his table what a good fuck she was! Her cunt was rapidly filling up in pussy juice and creamy cum! Ellie said she did not worry about the fact that cum juices were dripping from her cunt as she worked: the aroma made her even more horny, and it did not go unnoticed by the customers.

The fourth pairing on stage was when things really heated up. The two girls pulled two of the guys onto the stage, and there under the catwalk lights (rather than to the side where the lap fucks were) proceeded to fuck the lucky customers at no charge! To add to the excitement, both girls allowed the guys to cum on their bodies so everyone could see, rather than in their pussies.

Ellie and Anne were the fifth pairing for the night. I knew they were close friends, but I still can’t believe what she did. Ellie and Anne put on a full-scale lesbian show. They started by slowly, to the rhythm of the music, removing the few clothes each had on. They had put makeup on their nipples to make sure they glistened in their rock hard glory.

Anne led the way. She commenced by leading Ellie in a deep, passionate tongue kiss, and then started kneading Ellie beautiful 34b tits. It was not long before the compliment was returned, and both girls took turns to suck and bite on each other tits. Ellie told me that she got so turned on, it almost became like Ellie and Anne were the only ones there.

They furiously finger-fucked each other pussies, and then jammed up against each other using a big dildo. By this time, Ellie reckoned her cunt was in full orgasm, and she had to release it. She crawled up over Anne so that her cunt was over Anne size 36b tits, and proceeded to feverishly finger herself to cum. It just happened, so Ellie reckons. There, on stage, in front of 20 men, she started pissing on her best friend tits!

The golden shower poured out of her gorgeous, soaking pussy all over Anne tits and face. Anne had to do the same. They swapped places, and Anne only took a couple of minutes to piss all over Ellie tits and face. (Ellie and I sometimes play our own pissy games at home which she loves, so she would have, by this stage, been quite happy to drink a little of that warm golden flow).

They then rubbed up against each other spreading the piss all over each other torsos, faces and hair.

The crowd was enraptured. As they stepped off stage, one customer immediately asked he they could do a pissy show for him in the lap dance area, and said he would pay them $250 each for the privilege!

The girls readily agreed, but suggested that he might want to see the final show of the night first, as the two girls doing it (Pauline and Rhonda) were going to put on something really special. A live dog fuck!

Pauline and Rhonda didn’t muck around. They came out on stage in the nude.

They started by following Ellie and Anne’s lead, and going straight into some full-on lesbian action. They kissed each other, softly and caressingly worked each others tits over, and after opening their pussies wide to show the crowd, gave each other a little finger and a little lick to get themselves ready. They also put some honey on their pussies to make them attractive for the oncoming activities.

When they were good and wet, the dog was brought out on stage by the bouncer. It was a Labrador cross. Ellie reckoned the dog must have done this before, as he knew straight away what to do.

It started licking Pauline sopping honey-drenched cunt with its furry tongue, while Rhonda got to work on its cock, masturbating it. The dog cock soon emerged from its sheath. It was big and red so Ellie told me.

Pauline fucked it first. She got down on all fours with her legs spread apart and her pussy nice and wide. Rhonda then put some sox on the dog front feet so that it didn’t scratch, and proceeded to help the thrusting, horny dog find its target.

After a few thrusts, the dog’s cock found Pauline’s wet pussy. Rhonda was having some difficulty preventing its knot from entering Pauline, as the dog really was thrusting with great vigor. Pauline was yelling out, Fuck me! Fuck me!

Ellie said she had never seen anything like it, and that it was incredibly sexy! The dog came with a great gush inside Pauline, and doggy cum soaked out on the stage floor with Pauline’s pussy juices from her huge public orgasm. Rhonda (who was the larger of the two girls, at size 12) had managed to keep the dog’s knot out of Pauline. But Ellie said when they got the dog going again and fucking Rhonda (it took quite a few minutes of masturbating and sucking of his doggy cock to do so, to the crowds delight), Pauline was not so successful. The dog knot entered Rhonda’s cunt right as she hit a loud orgasmic climax. “Oh! Fuck! Yeessss!” she cried. They were locked together on stage, as the dog continued to hump with incredible vigor until its cum spurted into the inside of Rhonda. It took a full ten minutes after the dog came for the knot to go down enough for them to disengage.

By this time, the small crowd had gone wild with excitement. With a nod from the management, the other girls had been given the ok. They pulled the mens cocks where they sat, and started to fuck and suck (it turned out the wealthy businessman, Rick, had put an extra few grand on the bar to cover for all the girls).

So you had the dog fucking the two girls on stage, while 20 businessmen were being fucked, sucked, and generally lewdly entertained by the other 10 girls all in the open stage area. Some girls were taking it up the arse and in the cunt at once, while others sucked and fucked at the same time. With two horny, rock hard businessmen for every one girl, there was plenty to go around!

By the time the night finished (it went way over time to about 3AM in the morning), Ellie told me she had fucked six of the businessmen, including the special pissy show she put on with Anne at $250 each. Two of the businessmen had fucked her up the arse for an extra $100 each. Ellie brought home $2,900 for the night work, plus a red hot pussy full of cum and pussy juice which was just aching to be fucked some more. With such a fantastic story to tell me, and the excitement of expectation I had (especially as it had built up over the 3 hours that she was late), we had a fabulous fuck session.

Sloppy seconds could never be better!

The End

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