Squeeze That Carrot

October 22, 2007 – 10:00 am

Kristy and Troy were very happy that they had found an
ebony mistress on the web. They had corresponded with
the woman for two months now sending photos she
directed and obeying her every commands of lewd
activities. Both had decided that they wanted it for
real life.

Their daughter was out of college on her own now and
neither had to work anymore being fairly secured
financially. When the mistress agreed to come live with
them, they were overexcited and fucked all night long.
Her sister was also coming along to help in their
training she wrote them.

The day of their arrival, both waited nervously at the
door. They were totally nude with only handcuffs on and
leg cuffs the mistress requested they purchase. When
the door ranged, Troy opened it hoping it was them or
they would be exposed.

Two large black ladies appeared in the doorway.

“Get our bags out of the car white boy,” Mistress
Dina told Troy.

They walked in and took a seat on the couch with Kristy
still standing nude in the center of the room. Neither
paid too much attention to her except for an occasional
glance. They were talking about some woman they had met
at the airport that evening. Kristy stood still awaiting
their command. Her pussy was already wet from
anticipation. She was extremely disappointed that they
were ignoring her. Surely she was attractive.

Troy came back with two suitcases in his hands both
fairly large. His cock was sticking straight out.

“In the bedroom boy,” Mistress Dina demanded. “When
we come in there, you better be on your knees with your
fuck face to the floor.”

Troy proceeded to carry the bags to the bedroom as the
mistresses watched his ass wiggling while he prodded
along. Finally, Mistress Audrie got up and walked over
to Kristy.

“Slut, bend over the kitchen chair,” she demanded.
“Bend over the back of it.”

Mistress Marcy proceeded to get some cord in her purse
and tied Kristy hands to one side of the chair and legs
to the opposite. Her ass was sticking up over the back
of the chair. Audrie gave her a hard slap on the ass.

“I just love to teach white sluts like you whose boss,”
she said and reached down and pulled Kristy tit hard
downward. Kristy yelled out in pain.

“Get use to it slut.” She continued. “Your ass is mine
later after we tame that wimp ass first.” “We’ll be
back for you later.”

Mistress Dina and Audrie both left leaving Kristy
tied to the chair still excited. The bedroom was on the
other side of the house as she listened impatiently for
any sounds. At first there was little noise and then
Kristy could hear Troy yells.

She got excited as she heard his begging and yelling
for mercy and imagining what he must be going through.
She tried to rub her thighs together to masturbate her
pussy in desperation but failed to get enough fiction
to do any good.

As Troy’s yells were getting lower and lower, she
suspected he was licking their pussies by now and
imagined it was her. Maybe he was tonguing their asses,
she thought. Oh how she needed something to rub her
cunt against.

Thirty minutes went by as Kristy continued to wait. She
would do anything they wanted she thought if they would
only come out here. Finally, she heard noises down the
hallway and waited her turn in anticipation. She looked
to the side hoping to see them enter.

As they entered, Kristy was stunned. Troy was on his
hands and feet with his ass straight up in the air.
Mistress Dina was walking upright between his legs
with a black strap-on cock shoved up his ass and
holding his ass so she could fuck it while he crawl

Mistress Audrie had a lease around his neck leading him
in. Kristy could hear the slapping sound on his ass and
knew Dina was shoving the fake cock to the max in
his ass. She couldn’t see his face down below but saw
the stripes on his ass cheeks and knew he must have
been in hell. Her pussy was no longer strobing as she
looked with fear as they approached. This was more than
she had anticipated and a touch of fear rose up.

Pulling a stool to Kristy side, they made Troy bend over
it as Dina continued to pound his asshole. Audrie
tied the lease to the bottom of the stool. Troy was
panting heavy underneath and Kristy could see the dildo
was near the same size as his own cock which she had
had in her ass only 3 times before.

She still couldn’t see his face, but his panting was
heavy and knew his asshole was being ripped apart. She
felt Audrie grab her by the hair and lift her head up.
Both Mistresses was naked as she stared at the hairy
cunt in front of her.

“Your wimp husband was no fun,” she said. “He’s just a
sissy boy to be use.”

“How about you slut?” “You want to lick my pussy.”

“Yes mistress,” begged Kristy, eyeing her mistress cunt

“No, I think you’re an ass licker.” “Aren’t you?” “Tell
me you want to put that tongue of yours in my butt
slut.” Audrie commanded.

“Yes mistress.” “Please let this slut lick your ass,”
Kristy begged.

Mistress Audrie turned around presented her large ass
to Kristy view. Bending over she started pushing it back
towards her face till Kristy nose was pressing in her

“Do what white girls do best,” she said. “Tongue my ass
slut and I better get excited or you’ll feel my belt on
that big ass of yours.”

In her awkward position, Kristy had trouble getting her
tongue to Audrie asshole but finally was able to reach
it and started licking around the rosebud.

“In my ass slut.” “If I wanted an ass teaser, I’ll get
a boy.” Audrie yelled back at her.

Kristy started working her tongue in the entrance of her
asshole, which was already loosened, and then inside.
She felt her ass muscles clinch her tongue as she tried
to work it in and out to please her mistress. She felt
a hand on her ass and knew Mistress Dina must have
come up behind her. Her ass was being spread in back as
she feared she was about to shove something in it.
However, nothing happened as the hands left her behind
and she continued her tonguing.

Slap! Slap!

Kristy felt the sharp pain of a hand on her ass. She
couldn’t yell due to her tongue was embedding in Audrie

Slap! Slap!

She withdrew her tongue from Audrie asshole and yelled
in her ass from the pain.

“Did I tell you to quit slut.” Audrie commanded. “Get
your tongue back in.” “If you remove it again, I’ll
whip that ass of yours till you can’t sit for a week.”

Kristy tried to work her tongue back in as the slaps
continued on her ass. Her ass was stinging in back as
Dina was taking no mercy on her position. Her face
was pounding in Audrie large ass from the walloping as
she continued to get her tongue back in with little

“I don’t think she likes your ass Audrie,” Dina
said. “I’ll go get my toy and play with her for a

“No, please,” yell Kristy trying to get her tongue back
in but Mistress Audrie had already move forward. She
walked over to Troy still lying on the stool with the
dildo still buried in his ass and took a seat on his
back. Troy moaned from the weight.

“You want to lick my ass, don’t you boy?” asked
Mistress Audrie.

“Yes mistress,” replied Troy in a shrill voice.

Audrie reached down and gripped Troy balls from behind.
“Oink for me pig,” she said, squeezing them hard.

“Oink. Oink.”

“See,” said Audrie looking over at Kristy disgusted
face. “Boy knows how to please his mistress.” She gave
him a couple of more squeezes on the balls.

“Oink. Oink.”

Kristy didn’t have time to watch as Mistress Dina had
returned to her side with a large black strap-on dildo
around her waist. She had one of Troy’s belts in her

“Time to train this slut’s mouth,” she said pushing the
dildo to Kristy lips.

Kristy didn’t open her lips. The dildo was very large
and she knew she would choke on it.

Swish. “Agggh!”

Dina had brought the belt down on the back of Kristy
already red ass. When she opened her mouth, Dina
pushed the fake cock in. Kristy was gulping trying to
accommodate the huge object as Dina now had a good
grip on her hair to prevent her from dislodging it. She
took her time pushing it farther and farther in as
Kristy eyes were about to pop out from the strain of her
mouth being opened that far.

“At least she’s a good cocksucker,” laughed Audrie. She
slapped Troy ass.

“Come on boy get that butt of yours moving.” “I need a
good ride.”

Troy was trying to rock on the stool with Audrie still
slapping his ass and telling him to move it. The weight
on his back was preventing him from doing much more
than shaking his ass and legs in vain. He was doing the
best he could with his ass already beaten. Audrie heard
a whistle sound and looked up.

“Your slut is peeing on herself,” she laughed and
slapped Troy ass harder.

Dina had shoved the dildo deeper in Kristy mouth. She
had lost control of her bladder choking on the cock.
Both mistresses were laughing at her plight as Dina
slowly withdrew the cock from her mouth as she gasped
for air in humiliation.

“So excited, she couldn’t wait to get to the bathroom,”
Dina teased. “I think she’ll lick better this time.”
“Want you slut?”

“Yes mistress,” pleaded Kristy in desperation and

Mistress Dina bent down and started untying her
hands and feet.

“Go clean yourself in the tub slut.” “I’ll be there in
a minute to check up on you.” Dina told her.

Kristy didn’t hesitate to get away as she practically
ran out of the room with her ass wiggling wildly.

Audrie had untied Troy and led him over to the coffee
table by the side of the couch. Asking Dina for
help, they proceeded to tie him over the table with his
head underneath it and his legs stretched out over the
top and tied in back.

“I’ll have a cigarette while you check on the slut,”
Audrie said. “Don’t see an ashtray so boy will have to
do for now.”

Troy heard the ladies from above and started stashing
around underneath. He felt a hard slap to his ass.

“Don’t move boy or my cigarette may touch those white
cheeks of yours.” She pointed out. “I’m going to use
your asshole as my astray and if you move I may shove
it up your butt.”

Troy stopped moving immediately as Audrie lit her
cigarette. She dumped the first ashes in his ass as she
heard him gasped in pain.

“I’ll be back later,” said Dina watching with
amusement. “I better check on the slut.” “Probably
rubbing her cunt on the john.”

She proceeded to the bathroom and saw Kristy still in
the tub showering off.

Pulling the curtain aside, she swatted her ass hard
between the cheeks.

“Turn that water off and get out of there, now!” She

Kristy immediately turned off the water and grabbed a
towel drying off. She was almost dry when Dina
grabbed her hair forcing her to her knees by the john.

“Clean my toilet slut.” Dina demanded.

“No. Please mistress not that,” Kristy yelled, but
Dina grip on her hair forced her head down to the
rim of the toilet seat.

“You still don’t know whose boss,” she said. She
reached back and started slapping Kristy’s ass hard with
the palm of her hand. “Clean it slut.”

Kristy started running her tongue around the edge of the
seat cover as she tried desperately to avoid the swats
on her ass. She had tongue the whole cover by the time
Dina quit hitting her ass. Taking a seat on the john
and still holding her hair, Dina demanded her bitch
to eat her cunt.

As Kristy was tonguing her clit, she teased her by
threatening to piss on her face if she didn’t do
better. Kristy was working hard to please. She was using
her tongue like she used to force Troy to do on her and
hoped Dina would be please. She was relieved to feel
her cum on her tongue and glanced up at her mistress
with triumph in her eyes. Her triumph was short lived
however, as piss hit her face.

“Ahhh.” She tired to back away, but Dina still had
her hair in a knot. Some of the piss went in her mouth
but most fell down her chin back in the toilet.

“Now clean it and then wash you face,” Dina yelled.

Kristy went back to her tonguing her clit in
humiliation. Finally Dina released her hair and told
her to get back in the living room in 2 minutes with
her makeup on. She put her face in the sink and turned
the water on full force trying to get the smell off her
face. She knew better than be late.

Troy’s ass was full of ashes by the time Dina
returned to the living room.

“What did you do with the butt”, she asked Audrie

“I gave him a choice of his asshole or his mouth,”
Audrie replied. “I let him split on it first before
feeding him.”

“The slut will be back in a minute,” Dina told her.
Then we can have some real fun.

The woman just sat and talked till Kristy returned from
the bathroom. She could tell Troy was cramping up very
bad from the position he was in and all the ashes made
his asshole look like a black hole. She walked to where
the mistresses were sitting on the couch and got down
on her knees. Mistress Dina grabbed her chin and
holding it tight in her hand spoke down.

“Slut.” “You and boy will always refer to us as
mistress from now on.” “You will do anything we request
without question or delay. “Everything you now own will
be ours and your only purpose will be to attend to our
needs.” “You will not be allowed to have sex unless we
tell you.” Do you understand slut.” Dina asked
pressing tighter on her chin.

“Yes mistress.” “Slut is here to please mistress.”

Audrie slapped Troy hard on his ass.

“What about you boy?” She demanded.

“Yes mistress, boy is in to serve your needs.” Troy
screamed out.

“Good.” Dina responded. “Slut clean Mistress Audrie
astray before it spills on our new carpet.”

Kristy crawled over to where Troy was bent over and
started lapping the crack of his ass to clean the ashes
off. The mistresses watched in amusement as Troy cock
was getting large from the tonguing in his ass. When it
was clean, they made Kristy untie him as he lay on the
floor trying to get the cramps out of his back and

“Slut, prepare us a drink.” Mistress Audrie added.
“Boy, get over here and tongue our feet.”

Kristy immediately got up and went to the kitchen to
prepare the mistresses a drink while Troy crawled over
and started worshipping the large black feet before
him. The mistresses were discussing plans for their new
slaves when Kristy arrived back with a tray of two
glasses. She bent at the knees before each mistress as
they took the glass and told her to put the tray back
and return. Quickly she did as requested and returned
to her position on the floor.

“Boy toy is doing such a good job on our feet; I think
he should be rewarded.” Mistress Dina told Kristy.
“Slut, get behind him and milk his cock with your

Kristy moved to behind Troy and grabbing his cock
started pulling it up and down like she was milking a
cow. Her cunt was soaking wet wishing the mistress
would let him shove up her cunt for relief. He came
very quickly as the mistress laugh at his poor lack of
control and made him crawl back and lick it up from the
carpet below.

“Crawl here slut and pleasure our cunts.” “Mistress
Dina said.” You have five minutes to make each of us
cum or you’ll be punished for being worthless.”

Kristy immediately crawl to the nearest mistress Audrie
and started lapping her clit in earnest. She was
panting hard trying to get the larger black lady off
and finally managed but with only one minute left.
Crawling to Dina, she tried to make up time but
without result as Mistress Dina yelled at her how
worthless she was and she would just have to punish
her. She told her to walk to the nearest door and bend
over which Kristy did without question.

Her wait was not long as Mistress Dina returned with
rope and tie I around her neck to the doorknob. She
then tied behind her knees and same and her ankles
keeping her firmly planted with her face to the
doorknob and her ass pointed out in back. She left her
for a minute and then returned behind her. She felt
her ass being spread and then a cold object at her
asshole entrance.


Whatever the object was, it had been roughly shoved
deep in her asshole. Then a slight withdraw and
something liquidly was shooting up her asshole. She
didn’t know what it was till she heard Audrie tell her
to shoot all that dishwasher soap up her big ass. She
started feeling a tingling and burning sensation in her
asshole as Mistress Dina kept squirting the body
till it was totally empty.

“You better hold it if you know what’s good for you.”
Mistress told her pulling the bottle out quickly as
Kristy yep and tried to tighten her asshole as tight as
she could. She felt her ass cheeks being spread again
and another object there.

“Oh shit!” She yelled. She squirmed again the door side
trying to relieve the pain.

“That carrot should hold it in for awhile.” Mistress
Dina laughed. “You better not shit it out slut.”

“She’ll be shitting bubbles for weeks.” Mistress Audrie
was laughing. “We may have to start calling her

“Boy.” Dina yelled. “Get your white ass over here
and lick my cunt. You have one minute to make me cum.”

Troy crawled over as if processed and started lapping
her clit. She was already near climax and had little
trouble getting her off.

“Why don’t we take boy outside and have a nice little
piggy ride while we look around there.” Audrie

“Love to.” Dina replied slapping Kristy hard on her
ass cheek. “Don’t lose that carrot slut.”

Kristy remained frozen holding her ass cheeks as tight
as she could. She heard the ladies laughing kicking
Troy’s ass as he crawled outside. Dina suggested
they find something to stick out of his tail to make it
more real as Kristy heard the sliding glass door close
from inside the kitchen.

She needed to shit as she clinched her ass cheeks as
hard as she could.

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