Amy’s Threesome

February 18, 2014 – 12:38 pm

I knew early on that I wasn’t making her happy. Our sex drives seemed out of synch. When I was tired from work and wanted sleep, she wanted sex. When I was rested and ready, she was in the mood less and less often.

When I left school and worked full time (two jobs), and she was finishing school, our social lives were very different. My social life revolved around emails to my friends and family, 2,000 miles away. My day off each week was spent with her and her family – church and dinner. She spent evenings out with her friends, supposedly being the “sensible one” as they drank and pursued men. She also spent many weekends out of town with her school clubs and visiting her mother.

Her last boyfriend, Drew, had been a real jerk, but she told me that the sex had always been great. He was much more physically dominating than I was, and had a thick 10 inch cock that she enjoyed very much. She had gotten back together with him several times after fights, just for his cock. She kept in touch with him, as he owed her money, but she didn’t tell him we were married for almost a year, although he called at least once a month.

Sometimes, when we were in bed, she would tell me about how Drew had thrown her over the furniture and fucked her from behind. How good it felt when his big dick thrust into her, and how much she enjoyed him pushing her up against the wall and fucking her as her feet were held off the ground. How much she loved the sensation of his cock in her mouth, and how overwhelming the sensation was when he fucked her sweet ass. She raved about the way he would overpower her, and force her to do whatever he desired. She also told me how they had often had sex in the shower, which we did only rarely, as I found it uncomfortable. Whenever she told me about her sex life with Drew, the sex would be really hot, and I let her know that I enjoyed hearing about her prior experiences.

Although I’ve never had any complaints about my 7 inch penis, I suspected that she might want something that I wasn’t able to provide for her. I wanted her to be happy, and didn’t want to lose her. During pillow talk, I told her that I wouldn’t mind if she wanted to have sex with other men as long as I knew; as long as she wasn’t lying to me. Sex was sex, but our relationship was the most important thing, the permanent thing. As long as we were honest with each other, I had no fear that it would ever end. She insisted she wasn’t interested in anyone but me, but admitted the thought was intriguing. I also admitted to being turned on by the thought of opening our marriage.

My two jobs weren’t bringing in enough money to pay for everything we wanted, so she started working occasionally as a topless dancer. I would usually stop by after my evening job and wait to take her home. On her work nights, she would get really wild in bed, especially if the tips had been good. I enjoyed watching her dance for other men, and she liked to send other dancers to tease me at my table.

One night, I arrived to find her very excited. One of her customers had been flirting with her all night and invited her to his motel room. She asked me if I was willing to take her to his motel. Of course I was. My only conditions were that I be there and that he wear a condom if he was going to cum inside her. When we got there, she asked him if they could shower together. She told me to wait thirty minutes before joining them in the bathroom. As I waited, I heard the shower start, then muffled voices, gasps, moans, and thumps. I anxiously awaited the minute I could join them. Entering the bathroom, I pulled back the shower curtain and saw my wife’s playmate holding her against the shower wall.

Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he thrust his manhood deep within her. Her wet hair was plastered to the side of her face and their lips were locked in a deep, passionate kiss. She opened her eyes and looked right at me as she climaxed – one of a dozen I witnessed that night.

Shortly, she turned off the water, fell to her knees and began sucking his hard, wet cock. She started by kissing and licking around it, while glancing at me with a wicked smile. Finally, he reached down and pulled her head into his crotch, forcing his cock into her throat. The sight of my beautiful wife, lost in the throes of sexual excess, was a tremendous turn on for me. My own cock was hard and straining at my zipper. I reached down to stroke myself through the fabric as his cum jetted into my wife’s face. Her cheeks sucked in and out as she swallowed his load, something she never did for me. He turned his head towards me, smiled, asked me if I was enjoying the view, and winked. She continued to stroke and suck his tool, telling him how hot he made her. He never seemed to lose his erection, just pulled his cock from her lips and told her to get out of the tub and bend over the toilet. As she did, he slid his cock into her from the rear. He told me that I was missing out, and asked her if she’d like to suck my cock while he fucked her. I frantically undid my pants and guided my cock to her mouth. The feel of her lips wrapped around my flesh was wonderful, and she began taking me deeper as she rocked forward from his powerful thrusts.

As he continued to fuck her, I realized that there was no condom on his cock; that the package we had brought was still sitting, unopened, on the counter. I asked them to stop and put a condom on before he came inside her. Instead, she pulled her mouth away from my cock and told us to switch places. She wanted him in her mouth and me in her cunt. In seconds, I was balls deep in her warm, juicy hole as she lunged forward on his cock. The silky sensation was somehow different, better than it had ever been. I entered her by feel, as my eyes were riveted on her lips as they worked his shaft. She is a beautiful and sexy woman in the first place, and I had always felt she looked even sexier when she sucked my cock. But this, this was the most intense erotic vision I had ever experienced. My beautiful wife was frantically sucking another man’s pole as I drilled into her sweet pussy. The situation was just too much for me, and I exploded into her. As I pulled my softening cock from her pussy lips, he pulled his erect penis from her lips. He stepped over, and slid the head of his cock between the red, gaping lips of her womanhood.

“Do I need to put on a rubber?” he asked, as he slid into her a quarter of an inch. “Yes” I said, reaching for the package. Her only response was a low moan. I handed him a condom, which he quickly unwrapped and skinned onto his cock, pulling it out of her for a few brief seconds. Then he slid back into my lovely wife, causing her to cry out in ecstasy. As he continued to drive into her, she began to cum again and my own cock grew back to fullness. We took turns for the next few hours, one of us in her pussy, one in her mouth, sometimes breaking to kiss her, suck her breasts, or lick her sweet pussy. I came two more times, he came at least four, twice in condoms and twice more in her mouth. She came over a dozen times as we filled her with our cocks. The sun was rising as we left his room and drove home, talking about the wildest parts of the evening. She told me that she had several orgasms before I came into the bathroom. She even opened my pants and sucked my limp noodle while I drove. Although my cock was down for the count, I was still excited as I kissed and licked her face, neck, shoulders, and breasts while stopped at lights. Later, as we held each other in bed, I thanked her for allowing me to be a part of her adventure and she thanked me for the wildest night of her life. I was excited at the thought of our new life as swingers, and what it would do to bring us closer together.

Later that day, when we woke up, she wouldn’t discuss what had happened. Our sex life was wild for several weeks, but she wouldn’t talk about our adventure. Later, she finally admitted that it had happened, but denied any enjoyment of it. I tried to remind her of how exciting it had been for both of us, how many times she had cum. She insisted that she had only acted out my fantasy because I had gotten her drunk. She also accused me of only wanting to have threesomes so that I could justify screwing other women.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the future brings.


The End

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