In The Ass

October 21, 2007 – 10:00 am

Adriana was working the evening shift at the town’s only
motel when she noticed an elderly black lady walk in
with a young blonde to her side. The ebony lady was in
her early 30s, very attractive, tall and well developed
while the blond was slightly overweight, in her 40s,
and smaller. What was stranger was the black lady had
her hand down on the blond ass and was rubbing it and
she was dressed like a slut in leather skirt and

“I have a reservation for a week,” the elderly lady
said. We’re here for a convention this week.

Adriana checked the records and indeed noticed the lady did
have a reservation but what was strange was the bill
had already been paid by the motel owner wife, her
boss, Dana.

“Yes ma’am, I have it here she said. You are in room
302 and the floor is empty this week so you will have
all the privacy you want. Can I get you a room,” she
asked the blond handing the key to the woman.

“She is my slave and will stay with me,” the woman
replied. “Slut get the bags and carry them up to the

Adriana watched in silent as the blonde left and went to
the car. She was amazed at what she had just witnessed.
Surely it was a joke or something.

“Is something wrong?” the ebony lady asked.

Adriana turned flushed in the face.

“No, I was just surprise at what you said,” she
stuttered. “I thought for a moment she was your slave
or something.”

“She is my slave. I do with her what I want and when I
want. Does that brother you.” The lady inquired.

“No,” replied Adriana, “to each there own.” She returned to
her work as the blond walked past hauling large bags in
her arms struggling with each step.

“When you get off work tonight, maybe you would like to
join her. I always enjoy training a new girl.” The
elder black lady smiled at her.

“I’m not into that kind of thing,” Adriana told the lady.
She tried to avoid looking up at her. The woman was
beautiful but she had never been with a woman before
and wasn’t planning on it.

“Suit yourself,” the woman said. Turning away she shook
her butt at Adriana and smiled. “This is what you will be
missing; she said and then proceeded on.”

Adriana watched her ass wiggle out of the lobby and she had
to admit she was getting excited looking at it. She
returned to her work trying to ignore what she had
witnessed earlier but her thoughts kept drifting back
to the woman. Her name was Paula according to her
records. Her mind drifted to the thought of the blond
on her knees licking the woman ass. Then she started
placing herself in that image.

She was getting wet and tried to break the thoughts off
and get some small work done. Twice she had to go to
the restroom to wipe her cunt from the images she was
imaging. Surely she wasn’t lesbian. When the late night
woman came who was a young black girl in her late teens
and quite an airhead, she immediately passed on the job
stuff and headed for the car. The thoughts were still
in her mind and she couldn’t get them out. Maybe she
could try it for one night. She had nothing else to do
since her divorce years ago.

She turned off the key and went to the back door of the
motel and made her way up to the third floor. She
listened in the doorway and could hear moans from
within before she finally got the courage to knock. The
blonde answered the door dressed only in a robe. Her
mouth was wet and her hair was all messed up like she
had been in a fight.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Paula asked me to come up,” Adriana replied and heard
Paula in the room tell the woman Tara to let her in.

Tara stepped aside as Adriana continued in the room with her
weak knees wishing she had never come up.

Paula was lying on the bed when she walked in totally
nude with her legs spread wide and her head against two
pillows propping it up. Adriana had her first look at the
black lady pussy and it was so delicious as she stared
at it. It was oblivious she had interrupted the blond
eating her pussy out as she stared at how wet and open
it was.

“Are you just going to stand there slut,” Paula asked?
“Strip for me bitch.”

Adriana hands were shaking as she slowly removed her blouse
and bra. She lowered her pants stepping out of them and
stood up.

“Drop your panties too,” demanded Paula looking at her
body. “Show me your twat.”

Adriana reached down and lowered her panties knowing she
was providing the Tara a close up view of her ass as she
stepped out of them. Standing up she awaited the next
command as she felt the air breeze on her privates.

“Turn the chair around and sit backward in it,” Paula

Adriana turned around and got the desk chair. Placing the
back towards the bed, she sat backwards on it with her
rather large ass sticking out over the edge.

Paula sat up and rubbed her cunt with Adriana viewing at

“Tara,” Paula yelled, “tie her hands and ankles to the
chair. I don’t want her moving when I shove my cunt in
her face.”

Adriana knew she should get up and run but she was so
excited at the thought of licking her cunt she couldn’t
resist. She felt Tara at her side pulling her hand down
and tying it to the chair leg and then her ankle. She
repeated on the other side till she was fully immobile.
Paula was now standing with her cunt only inches from
her face and she could smell her sex.

“Does my little white slut want to eat my pussy?” she

“Yes. Please let me eat it,” Adriana replied.

Paula pushed her hip forward smothering her cunt in Adriana
face as Adriana pushed her tongue out into her clit. She
was stoking it up and down like she used to have hers
done when she was married. It tasted so good, she
thought, lapping it like a dog lapping a hand.

“Tara give her some incentive to do better,” Paula said.

Adriana felt a hand slap her ass in back hard. She yelled
in Paula cunt and then resumed her licking faster. It
came down again on the other cheek and then between
them. Her ass hurt as she starting lapping in earnest
to please her mistress. She couldn’t move her butt as
the Tara was slapping it at will as she screamed and
licked as fast as she possibility could.

“That’s better. Tara you can quit now.” She told her
white slave. “She finally got the message. Loosen her
asshole for me dear.”

Adriana didn’t know what she meant as long as she didn’t
spank anymore. She suddenly felt a tongue between her
cheeks and then at her asshole. It felt so good as the
tongue in and out her asshole. The rimming was driving
her over the edge as her pussy was soaking the chair

“She’s ready mistress,” Tara called up stopping her

“Good get my strap-on. I want to fuck my new slut
puppy.” Paula commanded.

“No.” yelled Adriana. “I’ve never been fucked there.”

“What did you say? Did I say you could speak?” Paula
asked looking mad as hell at her? “Tara slapped her ass
till she begs for me to fuck it.”

Tara immediately got behind and started slapping Adriana ass
cheeks as she yelled out in pain. Finally she couldn’t
take it any more and begged Paula to fuck her. She
wasn’t going to be able to sit for weeks her ass hurt
so much.

Paula brought the fake cock to her mouth.

“Open up and get it nice and wet for me unless you
prefer a dry cock up your ass?” She asked.

Adriana opened up sucking on the rubber dong trying to get
it as wet as she could. When it was withdrawn, she
held her breath in fear as she felt it at her asshole

“Take this up your virgin ass white slut,” Paula said
as the dong penetrated her opening with her first push.

She yelled in pain as it remained just at the opening
till the pain started to cease and then felt it slowly
working deeper in her ass. The initial pain had
lessened and she was finally starting to get use to the
feel of it in her ass. She felt like her bowels were
stuffed as it finally made it way inside to where Paula

She begged her to go slow as she worked it slightly
back out and then pushed in again. It had been so long
since she had been fucked and it was beginning to fell
good as she tried to push her ass back to keep it in
with each stroke.

“I’m going to rim you ass good girl,” Paula said from
behind. Tara present you ass to my new slut puppy so she
can return the favor you did earlier.

Adriana saw Tara large ass pushing back on her face. She
didn’t care anymore, as the cock in her ass was feeling
so good. She thrust out her tongue wagging it on the
older woman asshole and then working her way inside her
loose hole. She was close to cumming and didn’t want to
quit now. Paula must have realized it too as she
withdrew the cock in one quick motion from her ass as
she yelled in Tara ass for her mistress to keep fucking

“Tara come finish pleasing your mistress,” Paula said
removing the strap-on and climbing back on the bed and
spreading her legs. Tara immediately crawled at the foot
of the bed and started lapping her cunt.

“If you say anything without permission, I’ll have Tara
put you in the hallway still tied to the chair,” Paula
said staring at Adriana. “Your ass is mine and I’ll use it
when I want.”

Adriana watched Tara lapping Paula cunt and making her cum
as she lusted for the chance. She was soaking wet and
so near cumming as they got up to shower leaving her
tied up. She knew not to speak but only listened at
their chat in the shower as she wished it were her
there. She heard a knock on the door, as she remained
frozen in panic.

Adriana heard the voice of the young black girl who had
replace her that night at the door. She was staring in
fear as Paula opened it letting her inside.

“All the quests have arrived,” Terri the young girl
told her and have been assigned rooms. The motel is
locked up for the night so we can do what we want.”

She then saw Adriana tied to the chair behind Paula and her
eyes lit up.

“Can I have her later,” Terri asked smiling at the
pitiful sight of Adriana struggling to get loose. “I would
love to spank that fat white ass of hers.”

“Of course you can later when we come down,” Paula
said. “But I must tell you she has a loose ass and
won’t be too much fun.”

Adriana was ashamed of what she had gotten herself into as
she tried to look straight down at the floor in

“That’s okay, Terri replied, I’m sure I can find
something big enough to shove up her butt.” She left
smiling at Adriana. “See you later honey. If you’re nice,
I’ll let you lick my sweet ass.”

Tara came out and dried Paula off while Adriana dangled in
the chair wondering what she had gotten herself in for.
Was everyone in on it including her boss. She was still
in thought as Paula slapped her tit hard waking her
from her dream.

“Got to get you ready for the night’s activities,”
Paula said. Tara undo her hands and tie them behind her
back. I want her feet tied so she can barely walk and a
nice plug shoved up her lily-white asshole. Better
shove a cock up her mouth too.”

As soon as Tara released her hands, Adriana immediately
started swinging trying to get the women away so she
could untie her legs and run but both women was easily
able to overpower her and retie them. She was so short
of breath she offered no resistant as they tied her
feet together with about a foot apart.

“You’re pay dearly for that later,” Paula said slapping
her face. “Never disobey me again or you’ll wish you

“Here it comes bitch,” she heard Tara in back as she
felt a sharp pain in her asshole.

“Oww!” she screamed as Tara rammed the fake cock deep in
her ass. She was still gasping for air from the pain
when Paula pulled her hair back and shoved a dildo in
her mouth before she could speak. She muttered her
displeasure as the plug hooked around her head.

“Don’t lose the one in your ass dearly or I’ll have Tara
reinsert it for you. She just loves that you know.”
Paula yelled. “Time to go down and enjoy the

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