Bathe Me

October 20, 2007 – 10:00 am

Mistress Jade sat back in her plush velvet chair, in her
private dungeon. She wore her regular dominatrix outfit
of tight red leather. Jade was an attractive woman of
thirty, with raven-black hair that cascaded past her
shoulders. Her slender hips, prominent bosom, and long,
curvy legs insured a reliable stable of regular

At that moment, her bare feet and calves were being
kissed, massaged, and otherwise worshipped by a twenty-
three-year-old slave (she thought of him as her ‘boy
toy’) – a buff, handsome young man named Carl. He was
almost entirely naked, as befits a submissive male; a
black g-string and a leather neck chain were the only
items of clothing on his body. She let out soft purrs
of satisfaction, as she ran her blood-red fingernails
through Carl’s head of soft brown hair.

Jade was truly born for the life of a domina. She never
felt more pleased with herself as when barking stern
commands to a big, strong man crawling on his hands and
knees in front of her. But tonight, she was feeling a
bit more generous than usual. She was rewarding Carl
for his submission during a lengthy session in her
downstairs dungeon, in which she delivered no fewer
than forty whacks with a wooden paddle onto his exposed
buttocks. Needless to say, Carl’s backside was smarting
with pain. But he made no mention or complaint of it,
as he rubbed his mistress’ lower legs.

“Very good, my pet,” she told him, giving his ear an
affectionate squeeze. “Now, I want you to fetch me a
bottle of wine and a wine glass from the kitchen. Put
both of them on a silver tray.” Her fingers reached
down and tugged at the waistband of his g-string. “And
you will have no more need of this g-string, Slave
Carl. I need you to be in a state of full arousal, when
you present me with the wine.” She let the waistband
go, so it made a soft ‘snap’ against his skin. “Now,
go!” she commanded him. Cark thought her second request
a bit odd, but he knew better than to question it. He
let go of Mistress Jade’s feet, rose, and ventured into
the kitchen.

A couple of minutes later, Carl re-entered the living
room. He was carrying a silver tray with a bottle of
fine Italian red wine and the wine glass, just as his
mistress had commanded. Unlike before, he was now
completely naked. His impressively thick erection
bobbed in the air as he walked, nearly grazing the
bottom of the tray.

Carl was very well-endowed; his cock was a full nine
inches long, and over an inch thick. (Luckily for him,
he only needed a minute of self-stimulation to produce
the erection Mistress Jade required.)

“Ah, thank you, my pet,” she cooed. She instructed him
to place the tray on the wooden table beside her.

He gingerly placed the tray on the table. Jade gave his
behind a playful squeeze, and uncorked the wine bottle.
Carl waited patiently for her next command, as she
poured an ounce of wine into the crystal glass. She
took a small sip, and placed the glass right on top of
Carl’s rock-hard manhood. “If I let go of the glass,
can you keep it steady?” she asked him. Carl nodded his
head affirmatively.

“If you drop the glass, and wine spills on my carpet,
you will be required to lick it up with your tongue,
and you will be punished by being sent home early. Is
that understood, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress Jade!” Carl responded. Mistress Jade
savored the wine, taking small sips and letting the
glass rest on her slave’s rigid penis, for intervals of
about fifteen seconds each. Carl did an admirable job
of keeping the wine glass balanced on his shaft. It
took great mental focus and concentration to keep his
penis at it’s full length for the ten minutes that his
mistress used it as a makeshift coaster.

At one point, he could feel a few beads of sweat
forming on his face and chest. He was afraid that if he
got too sweaty, that would make the glass slip off and
fall. But Mistress Jade relieved him of his special
task, before that happened. Carl let out a big loud
breath, as she took the empty wine glass off of his
cock and set it on the floor. Carl beamed as she
complimented him on his ‘most excellent’ service to

“As your reward, you will spend the night at the foot
of my bed. But before we go to bed, you will take a
nice hot bath with your mistress. Would you like that,
Slave Carl?”

“Oh yes, Mistress Jade! I would love that!” Carl’s eyes
lit up at the idea of sharing a bath with his beloved

“You will have the honor of washing me, Carl. I will
give you a washcloth, for you to use.” She led her
slave by his neck chain into the bathroom.

“And if you bathe me like a good slave would bathe his
mistress, then I just may see what other uses I have
for your cock, tonight…” She let her voice trail off
suggestively. Carl gulped hard.

“Y-yes, mistress!” He eagerly followed Mistress Jade
into the bathroom. She shut the door behind them, and
told Carl to face the door. He did so, silently
reflecting how much he dearly loved to serve Mistress

Jade began to slip off her red leather outfit, just two
or three feet away from her ‘boy-toy’. She smiled to
herself. Ah, this was the life…

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