5 Years Of Being A Slave

October 19, 2007 – 10:00 am

There are three small cells in the upper hallway off
mistress’s bedroom. I am in one of them. For the past
week I have been in solitary confinement, naked,
closely chained in anklets and wrist cuffs, only able
to move as far as the collar and lead chain allows. I
am mistress’s Morgan’s body slave. She owns me. How did
I get here? how did my life turn out this way? Here is
my story.

I was nineteen and alone when I moved from Colorado to
New York City. I didn’t know anyone when I met Heather
at the club. She was gorgeous and like a big sister to
me so when she asked me to move in to her beautiful
apartment on the upper east side, I was thrilled that
someone of her stature took interest in me. I loved the
attention when she picked out my clothing, my nail
polish, hair style. she even put me on a diet and
helped me loose nine pounds.

I loved doing things for her so when she asked me to
give her a bath or massage, it gave me great pleasure.
Doing her toe nails, oiling her body, shaving her, all
made me feel wonderful. At night she would sit on the
sofa and I would kneel next to her on the floor. She
would pet my hair, stroke my cheek.

I loved her. I love licking her and spend hours
bringing her to orgasm. It was natural when she told me
to lick her toes, or to go on all fours while she
fucked me with a dildo. When she asked if I would wear
her collar as a special sign of our commitment to each
other, how could I resist?

Soon I was wearing her collar and calling her mistress.
my day was filled a busy schedule of caring for her
house while she worked and being a loving submissive at
night. We socialized with a small group of wealthy
middle age woman and their slaves. Chastity belts,
nipple rings, tattoos, brandings, I never knew a world
like this existed. it was like being in heaven.

Mistress told me to pack for a car trip to North
Carolina for the vacation. we would be gone a week. I
couldn’t wait for a trip to the shore and a chance to
meet Heather’s older sister

The drive was route 95 for hours. we arrived after
dark. the house was on a fifty acre estate in the
middle of nowhere.

When the door opened, a beautiful girl wearing only
anklets and a collar met us. when she saw Heather, she
knelt on the floor and kissed Heather’s shoe. we were
led into the living room where I saw Mistress Jarla
for the first time. she was in her mid forties, but
looked much younger. she greeted Heather with a kiss
hello then came over to me and gave me a big kiss on my

My mistress asked me to undress so her sister could see
how beautiful I was. when I was naked she had me put my
hands above my head and turn around for her. she got up
and fingered my nipples and opened my mouth with her
hand. she placed me on all fours, opened me with her
thumb and index finger so her sister could see my most
private parts. I heard them discuss me like a piece of
meat. My mistress even had me masturbate for her so her
sister could see how hot I was.

When the anklets were held out, Jarla simply said she
wanted to see how I looked with constricted steps. When
the wrist cuffs were added with a connecting chain I
began to panic.

I couldn’t believe what I saw next. Jarla took out her
check book and wrote a check for fifty thousand dollars
and gave it to Heather. They weren’t sisters after all.
Heather had sold me into slavery.

Before she left me there she told me what she had done.
It was how she made her living. I never saw her after
that night.

The next day I was taken to the barn and branded with
the initial “S” for slave girl. a few days later my
nipples were pierced and large gold rings with the
letter “M” were placed on each of them. my clit was
ringed so many times that it would be impossible to
have male sex. I was locked in a chastity belt. I was
mistress Jarla’s body slave. She had arranged the
entire thing when she saw me at the same club I met
Heather at.

I was held under the strictest of slaveries. my day
consisted of attending my mistress in her toilet,
wiping her after she peed. I spent hours licking her,
massaging her, doing her toes over and over again. If I
dripped polish on the floor or didn’t do a color
perfectly, she punished me ruthlessly.

When she wasn’t using me, I was made to kneel in
perfect posture by her desk until she called me for
something. my ankles were always chained. I was always
kept in a chastity belt so I was deprived of my own
orgasms. At night I was chained at the foot of my
mistress’s bed nearby for service.

When it pleased her, my mistress would take off my belt
and allow me to masturbate on her toe, after which I
would spend hours licking and polishing them.

If I was disobedient, she would whip me with a single
tail which was the most painful experience of my life.
If I didn’t follow her rules and rituals she would put
me in a slave hood for days at a time or keep me in
close chains for three or four days without rest. I
became her mindless animal.

She is busy training a new girl now. I am trained and
ready for sale. I will have a new mistress. I was sold
for one hundred thousand dollars. I met my new owner
when she inspected me last week. She is only sixteen. I
am her sweet sixteen present. She is picking me up this
weekend. I will serve her perfectly.

I don’t know how long the ride to my new home was. I am
in slave hood and cape. I am in close chains. I arrive
in night.

My hood is removed. The cape is removed. The chains
holding my ankles are undone. As I adjust to the light
I see the girl I met last week. My new owner. the older
woman with her must be her mother. I am told to kneel
and I go to my knees and place my head to the floor. I
am a trained animal.

I hear a voice command me to crawl across the room and
approach. I do. The lick command is given and I
mindlessly begin to lick and suck my young mistress’s
naked toes.

“Kneel!” I am positioned and I am up in perfect
posture, back straight, hands on knees, head down in
front of the woman who now owns me.

“Look-up!” I look into the face of my mistress for the
first time. She is a young wispy blond barely sixteen.
Her mother is perhaps thirty eight and does the
talking. She explains what I already know. I am to be
her daughter’s slave.

She has full ownership rights over me and I am to be
her total and complete slave. When her mother asked me
if I understood what she meant, I performed ambiences
and submitted myself as her daughter’s slave girl.

To welcome me to the new household I was taken to the
basement and given twenty strokes with the single tail.

For the next three years I lived with mistress Leah
and her mother Marie. I was always chained and belted.
Mistress Lee, as she liked being called, led me around
the house with a nipple leash. I began the day as her
toilet slave. I bathed her, shampooed her hair. I
washed her feet and polished her toes and fingers. I
dressed her. She was multi orgasmic so I would begin
sucking her in the early morning before getting up for
school and would continue till getting her bath ready
at 6:30 am.

when she finally left for school I hobbled into her
mother’s room. Mistress Marie slept naked and my daily
ritual with her was to wake her by sucking her toes and
moving up to her clit.

I would suck her for an hour before she had enough.
next I would prepare her bath. She undid my belt so I
could get in with her and shave her. She loved body
massages so she spent the morning being pampered. When
she went out for lunch I would be locked in my kennel
until she or Lee got back.

Sometimes I would be put in without my belt on so I
could masturbate, but most of the time I was led into
the kennel belted with my wrists chained to my collar
so I couldn’t have a release. I was usually so tired
that I went right to sleep.

When Mistress Lee got back from school she would
release me from the kennel so I could cook, clean, do
laundry and so on.

I cleaned every room every day so the house was
At around 4pm, the house work was done and the young
mistress would bring me to her room where I would be
put though all the positions she had taught me. Kneel,
beg, crawl, stand on one foot, stand for inspection,
belly, all special posses with rituals I performed till
she was tired.

Sometimes she would put me over her kneel after
unchaining the belt and spank me until I begged for an
orgasm. sometimes she commanded me to belly dance for
her wearing only my anklets, which were never taken
off, or sometimes she would have me kneel in front of
her and slap me across the face as hard as she could
just so she could see me bleed.

The afternoon sessions were exhausting. She once had me
stand on one foot without moving for two hours. If I
broke position she whipped my breast.

Many evening after dinner Marie would go out and I
would be alone with the young mistress. She would talk
to me and knew every detail of my life. We were almost
like friends until she would clap her hands and I would
once again become her owned property. One minute we
would be watching a movie, the next I would be licking
her toes and ass cheeks till she came on my face.

My time in that household went by quickly. I was now
almost twenty four. My fifth year of slavery…

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