Helen and Matt

January 31, 2014 – 3:33 pm

The Beginning


The gentle currents in the pool undulated back and forth. The pool was so clear its turquoise walls shimmered through the wavelets and softened the edges of Helen’s pale yellow bikini as Matt stood ten or twelve feet from her, comfortably staring, admiring and enjoying.

She grinned and confidently spoke, “Well, Matt, 20 years of marriage today and I’m still a happy camper. How about you?”

“Are you kidding? Every time I look at you in that bikini I can’t control myself. Thank God we’re in the pool.”

Her snicker bubbled across the wave tops as she pushed off and swam slowly towards him. When she got to him, she offered her wet lips to his and the two savored a long, wet kiss. He broke first, placing a hand on her shoulders and turning her then pulling her back to him, her back against his front, nestled comfortably against his trunks and the life emerging within them. “Umhh, honey. That feels good.”

They stayed that way, swaying and rubbing for several minutes until her hand reached behind her and slid his trunks down enough to reposition herself with her hips split over his rigid cock where she rode it on the thin material of her bikini bottoms. His teeth pulled the string on her top apart and it floated off. Her breasts fit neatly into his hands as he held and moved her over and over, listening to her moaning and knowing what they would soon do.

Helen moaned a little extra moan then unconsciously flipped her head back so her mouth was next to his chin and in a very soft voice asked, “Matt, ever sorry you never had other women?”

He knew the correct answer, “No, absolutely not. You’re the only woman for me, dear.” but he paused and didn’t say it. She noticed the pause and chose to wait and see if this was good news or bad news. “Honey, do you want honesty or platitudes?”

“Honesty, Matt, always honesty.”

“Well then, I suppose from time to time I’ve wondered what it would be like but, you know, always with one of our friends or someone we know. Seemed more like a safe fantasy if it was a friend where it would never, did never, could never happen. What about you?”

She put her hands over his on her breasts and gave them a loving squeeze. “I love you, Matt and never made it with anyone else but I’d be less than honest if I didn’t say I’d been 2% curious about the whole idea. All our friends have been divorced and remarried and most of them have told me they’ve had five or ten men or more in the course of their lives and they laugh when I admit I’ve only had you. I’ve always been happy and I’m pretty shy around others but my girlfriends talk about it like it’s a game, you know, recreational sex like a good tennis match.”

“So, Helen, you’re telling your girlfriends I’m the only guy?” He laughed, then continued, perhaps curiously, “But, you’ve had fantasies?”

She giggled and wiggled her bottom over his cock, “Well, sure, but like you, just with our friend’s husbands or maybe Denzel Washington or someone like that.” She stopped for a second before continuing, apparently embarrassed now. “Honey, it’s never been important because we’re happy. It’s just been a fantasy on quiet days when life is perfect and I have too much free time.”

“I understand but you didn’t say “had” you said “have.” Sounds about like me. This is embarrassing to talk about but I’ve heard that if you both agree and are open about it, it is recreational to use your words and doesn’t ruin a marriage.”

She turned towards him and stared directly up into his eyes, looking for any sign this discussion ought to end. He blinked but looked straight back at her as she responded with,”You think?”

“I don’t know, just what I’ve read. What do your divorced and remarried friends say?”

“Good point, they’ve all been divorced and remarried. I asked most of them and they say sex had nothing to do with the divorces. It was always more issues than just something physical.”

“Doesn’t mean much because there’s nobody we can talk about it openly with so it’s probably just as well.”

She sighed and hugged him quickly before stammering: “If, if I knew a couple that would, ah, uh, talk about it, would you be, uh, interested, Matt?”

Startled, he paused for a breath, squeezed her tit and rubbed his cock against her groin then answered her with a question of his own, “If you could stand the idea of me having sex with another woman and vice versa, you mean?”

Clearly, this was nervous and new territory for both of them.

“If it’s recreational and we know it’s not love but just for fun, I could live with that. And you, what about you, could you live with the idea of me riding another man’s cock?”

“Only if I get equal privileges to, ah, experience a new woman at the same time!”

Her answer was not words but action. She slid from him, peeled her bikini bottoms off and guided his cock inside her very swollen opening and began to squeeze against him in short strokes, feeling his width and length before she finally answered, “Honey, I think three of our friends as couples sometimes have small, private pool parties where they change partners. They’ve hinted at it a couple times when I’ve figured out what their discussion was about.”

He was beginning to feel how warm she was inside her body as he slid forward and back to match her movements. “Wow, I didn’t know that. What did you say to them?”

“Ugghh. Nothing, Sweetie. I just let it pass.”

“If you’re serious, next time, try one couple and ask about it, let them know we might be interested and let’s see what happens, okay?”

“Uggh, Oooh, Ahhh, God, your cock is sweet.” Her absorption with how she was feeling continued until she spoke again. “Yes, yes. I can do that. Just in case you want to know, the three are Ed and Pauline, Mary and Sam and Ted and Natasha, the Jamaican couple. You have to keep it to yourself though. You know them, right?”

“Sure, but I never imagined. They are all nice people, about our age and in reasonable shape. Now, you’ve got me going and I don’t want any more talk, lean back and let me finish putting this big deposit in your bank.”

Her grin degenerated into passion, panting and then shouting as her moment came to bathe against his flood now heating and spreading inside her.

Two … Getting Organized …


Two weeks went by as Helen and Matt lead their normal lives. The subject of being with others for recreational sex was dropped as daily activities took over.

Their love life remained strong and Wednesday night was no exception as Helen reached her peak then rolled over onto her strong husband as his juices and hers drained out onto his groin. Cuddling and touching always finished their efforts and lowered their energies into soft and caring things as they drifted off. Both were nearly asleep when Helen started and jerked her body a little then pinched Matt’s butt and whispered, “Remember the conversation we had about recreational sex?”

Sleepy no more, he answered, “Sure, but nothing came of it. Did you talk to Pauline or Mary or Natasha?”

“I sure did, today after lunch with Mary here at the house. Want to hear?”

“She’s the gal who’s about fifty, isn’t she? Anyway, go ahead, lay it on me, so to speak.”

She chided him with a whack to his shoulder.”You know Mary and Sam are a couple years older than we are and you know very well who Mary is. Anyway, we had lunch today in town and then came back here and sat on the porch later and talked. While we were drinking cokes and talking, she looked at the pool and told me how nice ours was compared to theirs. One thing lead to another and she mentioned they had occasionally enjoyed the privacy pools with tall fences like ours have and I asked her what she meant.”

“What’d she do then?”

“She got a little quiet then turned to me and asked if I could keep a secret, you know, be discreet.”

He laughed and nodded at Helen’s head to continue.

“I told her, sure, who hadn’t had fantasies and any she had would be safe with me. She grinned and told me that it wasn’t a fantasy, that she and Ed sometimes traded pools and partners, one evening, one couple at a time to break up their sex lives a little. I asked her who they did it with and she told me the group was Ed and Pauline, her and Sam and Ted and Natasha then got a little shy about it.

I just nodded and grinned and told her I’d wondered about that and then took a big plunge and told her about our conversation.”

“And then Mary said what?”

“Her answer was very soothing. She said I shouldn’t be shy or feel guilty, then admitted that all three women had fantasized about making it with you and their husbands had all thought about doing the same with me. They just didn’t think we would ever do it so nobody ever said anything to us.”

“Cool, but it makes me a little nervous. Feel my hands. They’re cold and sweaty all at the same time just talking like this. Did you ask her how it works?”

She held his hands and rubbed them, nodding at her own nervousness. “Yep, I knew we’d both feel that way so I did ask. Here’s what she said. They never change with more than one couple at a time so it’s not group sex, just variety. They also don’t do it very often. The way they work it is to try and make it so that everyone has some dignity. Usually, a couple of the women end up talking and picking a Saturday night for a pool party with one other couple, knowing what was being planned, then the men take off after dinner and let the wives each get their house and pools ready. The guys are usually out for 45 minutes then they drive over to the other wife’s house and knock on the door, pool gear, wine and grin in hand, then take it from there. That way it’s never more than one couple alone and it stays very private. She said they are always done around midnight and they start around 7 or so with lots of social interaction and swimming before getting into the recreation of the evening.

“A better question is, what do you think? Are you still interested, Helen, honey?”

Here is when she burst out laughing. “With the way you’ve always looked at Mary’s big tits? Honey, unless you’re against it, you’re going to Mary’s about 7 this Saturday and Sam is coming here. She knew Sam wanted to have me and I was damned sure you’d want Mary. Now, dear, what do you think?”

“I think, no more sex until Saturday and I say yes, let’s do it. Now, I want to save up!”

At six thirty, Matt stood just inside the door to the garage with his hand on the doorknob and looked at Helen in her Saturday pink bikini and pool cover-up. She looked just as gorgeous as could be before he kissed her and said, “Too late for second thoughts now, right?” She only nodded a little nervously before touching his shoulder in an ‘it’s okay to go now’ way. He understood it and responded with, “Have a great time with a new man and his dick, you’ve gotta tell me everything when I get back. If I’m going to be later than midnight, I’ll call.”

“Same to you big fella. Don’t let your hands get cold and sweaty. By the way, Mary told me she has a problem you ought to be warned about.”

He stopped, turned and looked at his wife with a puzzled expression. “What’s that?”

“Mary told me that she has those big breasts and she’s a little worried you’ll think they sag but she did say her pussy lips and clit get huge when she gets excited to make up for it. Oh, she also hinted that she’s bushy enough that she still wears a fairly full bathing suit to cover the hair up and she wanted to know if she needed to shave it for you. Obviously, I told her no!”

“You’re too much, Helen, too much. Let me get going. I’m nervous that I might be late. I’ll get gas in the car and stop and get a cold bottle of wine.”

She waved and watched him walk to his car and drive off after the garage door sounds stopped when it closed, little butterflies of her own twirling just beneath her tummy as she very softly closed the door the last five inches.

Matt drove to the closest grocery store where he spent a nervous thirty minutes picking the right wine and a few cut flowers for his hostess to be. He skipped the gas station. While he was involved at the store on the way to Mary and Sam’s house, Helen went from room to room in their house, straightening, moving things around, adjusting her cover-up every time she passed a mirror and trying not to be too nervous. It wasn’t working as her pace picked up and she found herself in the kitchen fussing with the cold shrimp she had on a plate, adding garnish pieces and crackers to the plate and moving the two wine glasses around on the portable serving bar. She freshened the ice bucket a second time and glanced up at the clock until the hands finally got close to seven. She had never been more nervous nor more excited, thinking about the pleasures she hoped for. She rubbed her breasts through her cover-up and knew she was being totally selfish, thinking only about what was probably going to happen.

It didn’t take long thinking these thoughts before the doorbell chimed and she smoothed her clothes and stepped to the door. She opened it and there was Sam, wine and a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. She rose to the occasion and gave him an old friend’s smile and extended her arm to take them. “Sam, they’re gorgeous. That is so thoughtful. Come on in.”

“Thanks, Helen. You look great. I brought some wine I thought we might sip while were relaxing in the pool.”

Helen reached her hand to his and said, “Come in then, let’s get these into a vase and the wine opened.”

When he brushed by her in his slacks and loose shirt he stopped and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Umh, you smell delightful, Helen, just delightful.”

It was enough to make her color slightly since they both hoped the evening would be more than a gentle kiss and the underlying thought was enough to tingle the color.

“Sam, you look great too. The evening’s okay with you, for, you know, both me and for Mary?”

“Yeah, I’ve hoped something like this might work out and so has Mary so if we’re all adults and discreet, why not?”

By then, they were in the kitchen and she busied herself with the flowers while he found the wine opener and filled the glasses. While they fussed, she asked him, “Where are your swim trunks, we still use ’em here?”

“I came prepared, got ’em on beneath these slacks. I’m ready to get a swim in and cool off, make me a little less nervous too. How about you?”

“Honestly, I was nervous waiting but now that you’re here I’m fine and I think we ought to get going on the pool and the food and wine for starters if that’s okay. Why don’t you roll the serving table out by the pool and let’s take a dip then. It will be nice to have some shrimp and wine while we cool ourselves in the pool and talk, uh, talk first.”

“Okay, I’ve got it. Sounds like a pleasant evening all the way around. I told Mary I’d leave here around eleven thirty or so just so you know.” She was started out the door and answered that it was fine with a small hand wave.

He let her go first and enjoyed the flowing movement of the bottom of her hips as they moved each time she picked up or put down one of her bare feet. He knew he was going to have trouble getting his slacks over the bump his mind was beginning to form beneath his suit. He rolled the cart to a stop near the edge of the pool coping, sipped his wine and then served some shrimp on a plate for her and another for himself as she got ready for the pool by easily sliding her cover-up over her shoulders revealing her pink suit and tan skin.

“How long have we know one another, Helen?”

“Maybe eight years, why?”

“This is the first time I can tell you that you are gorgeous and not feel one bit guilty about the thoughts I’ve always had and am having right now.”

It was hard for her not to grin as she looked back at him, shot her right leg out and cocked her hip like a twenty five year old model before answering, “Well, big fella, I’d say you’re going to have a certain amount of trouble getting those slacks off.” She wasn’t being coy when she teased him with, “Want me to turn and look the other way?”

He was very relaxed as he answered, “Nope, I want you to guess at what dessert is going to be and you might as well start getting comfortable with it now!”

His drink sat on the pool edge after he knelt to put it there then peeled his shirt off his torso. He then turned to face her with his hands on his belt buckle and zipper. She was obviously holding her breath and he guessed she could hear the metal buckle as it opened and hear the zipper as it slid down and his fly opened. With no embarrassment at all, he grabbed the waistband on each side of his waist and slid the slacks off, showing her a nylon suit that wasn’t skin-tight but wasn’t loose either. He did something then she’d never seen anyone but Matt do before as he casually reached to his front and brushed his hand over his obvious bulge, moving it to the side of his suit, getting the half hardness comfortable then laughing at her focus.

“Helen, you can blink now,” was all he said as he dove over her head and touched the deep end of the pool.

She ducked under and cooled herself off with a quick lap ending back where they both began, arms hanging over the coping, wine glasses and shrimp right there. It seemed perfectly normal to both of them as they stood there shoulder deep in the water. The ice was broken and the old friends spent the next twenty minutes in pleasant conversation enjoying the pool’s temperatures and the cold firmness of the shrimp and sauce. When the plate emptied itself and the last shrimp tail was in the pile he reached over to her lips with his fingers and touched them, gently brushing a stray bit of red shrimp sauce from her lips onto his fingers. He never looked away from her eyes as he brought his fingers to his mouth and slowly sucked the sauce off his first finger, leaving the rest of the sauce on the long finger next to it.

She followed every single motion like her life depended on it, knowing it was a beginning, the real Act I of tonight’s play. Her look was direct and her own lips opened slightly as she felt him suck the sauce into his mouth. It was her feet that automatically moved towards him until her hip touched his. Without words, she reached for his hand and pulled it down to her own mouth and guided the next finger, the longest one, between her teeth where she closed her cool lips over it. At first, her eyes were open and then they closed as her lips sucked around his finger and she began to savor more than the sauce, the intimacy of sucking this man’s finger as romantic as any allegory you could imagine. His hip suddenly felt warm to her and her chest moaned a little moan over his finger, realizing they were about to have dessert.

It was less than thirty seconds but it was long enough for him to know and pull his hand and fingers back, slide it just beneath the surface of the pool and slip it from the top across her right breast. His fingers and palm moved the pink bikini cup aside and completely held the swell of her breast. Unconsciously, her own hand moved and slid beneath the legs of his trunks until her fingers found what they sought and she moaned, fingers wrapping around the rigid shaft after caressing both of his balls and pushing up against his bottom. Their kiss started somewhere in the middle of all this until they were nearly panting from lack of breath when they broke the hungry kiss. He squeezed her breast and rubbed her large nipple, causing her to shiver with her legs and her spine and grip his cock involuntarily with her short fingers.

She stepped away, not letting go, and said, “Sam, not here. Let’s go into the bedroom, okay?”

“Sure, only let me take your top off and caress your breasts with my lips first while we’re here. I’m so ready it has to be.”

“Agreed. Hurry up though because I want you sitting on the pool and I’m going to put this cock in my mouth first.”

Both his hands were on her breasts and the two stepped into shallower water where he could see them above the surface and suck them between his lips. Before he did, he reached for the cold bottle of white wine and dripped wine over each of them then suckled the left then the right nipple, hands moving and massaging them with each sound she made. She let him have five long minutes of kissing her tits and neck until she couldn’t stand it anymore and whispered in his ear. “My turn, Sam.” and slipped both her hands beneath his suit’s waistband and slid them off to reveal a cock about the same size as Matt’s but maybe thinner with a lot of loose uncircumcised skin near the end.

He scooted up to the pool coping, legs still in the water and watched as Helen moved between them, grasped the big and very full cock with her left hand and licked it. Once, twice, then kissed the seam beneath it and slid her hand up the shaft then down, following the obvious curve that made it dive two inches to the left from the base of the shaft to the head. This was new to Helen since Matt’s just got hard and straight and pointed nearly straight up and out. If they hadn’t been in the pool, you might have thought she was drooling as she looked, touched and finally slipped her lips over the head and began rhythmically to move towards and away from him, cupping his hanging balls in her own left hand. He put his hands on her shoulders at first, cupped her tits then finally leaned back and put them straight back on the pool deck as she shivered, whimpered and squeezed her legs together gurgling and yelling with her mouth still full as she came into her bikini bottoms.

It was as much as Sam could stand because he knew she could feel the surge from his balls up his shaft and the heat as teaspoon after teaspoon of slick white liquid bathed her palate and her tongue, sliding down her slippery and open throat.

They stayed just like that, each savoring the moment until his hands found her hair and his voice recovered. “Helen, I want you in the bed. I want you now.”

She said nothing just slid her bottoms off, kissed his cock one last time before sucking that finger of his again and stepping to the corner and climbing totally nude out of the pool, red bush and red hair regal in their movement. Her hand came out as she walked, inviting him and his nearly hard cock to follow her into the bedroom where she had wisely stripped the comforter and opened the sheets in her pre-seven o’clock frenzy of nervous activity.

She was not normally adventurous but when she entered the room this time it was with a new and naked man, the first whose cock she’d touched other than Matt’s in 22 years, she was and ran to the bed where she laid on her back and opened her legs, placed her palm on her red bush and rubbed her clit in a circular motion, watching Sam as his libido recovered and his cock resumed its curve and its hardness, seeing the length of her gash below her clit. When it was fully hard, she dimmed the lights, flipped over to her stomach and got on hands and knees with her open bottom there for him, certainly something aggressive she’d never had the courage to do at 23.

One second he was looking and the next second he was at her entrance, whispering over her back before the head slipped inside, “I don’t have a condom. What do you think?”

“Honey, just fuck me if you’re clean. I am and I’ve had my tubes tied. Don’t wait, do it now like you did in my mouth.”

His hand reached below her chest to rub her titties as he moved his feet slightly and the big head of his cock found the folds of her swollen and wet opening and split them. At first there was resistance as the wide, mushroom head spread them then it was past and her body had opened and he was deep inside her. He stopped as his cock hit her cervix and just moved in little circles matching his hands with his cock’s motion until she groaned and pushed back which started them off. For her, the romance was over and the fucking began, nothing but one hungry female animal pushing back into another animal who was tapping her in the deepest recesses of her own body, way down inside her. He pushed and she pushed and pulled stroke after stroke until they were both sweating. A steady stream of sounds escaped her lips and he began to pant as she quivered and shivered three times, squeezing his cock with her hips and internal muscles each time she came.

With her third orgasm she could wait no longer and screamed into the rumpled sheets, “Sam, let me have it, let me have your cum now!”

To her great surprise, Sam knew something Matt didn’t and he put it into action as he rolled his eyes up, grabbed her butt with one hand and then slipped the other one around her pussy lips to wet it enough for the lubricity to slide a finger against the tight ring of her anus before pressing it wetly aside and sliding up to his knuckle. She squealed, he spasmed and shot spurt after spurt of his own juices deep against her most intimate membranes while rubbing his cock inside her from her own ass which sent her over the edge yet again, this time ending in an absolute dead faint where her knees collapsed and her body fell flat onto the sheets momentarily, taking him with her.

She lay there, awake again two seconds later, whispering, “God, what a fuck you are, Sam.”

He managed to keep his cock inside her and lay carefully on her until she was recovered. “You’re welcome and equally as good. Now, honey, let me lay on my back and you can lay on top of me and let me rub you, okay?”

“Umhh, sounds good.”

He rolled and then she flipped, tits down, onto his stomach where his hands roamed her back, her butt, her upper thighs and she purred with delight before he asked her what time it was.

“What?” a mildly offended Helen said in response.

“What time is it? I want to know how long I have to suck your tits, put my head between your legs and taste your juices, push your pussy lips aside and smell your essence, feel your clit on my tongue and against my teeth, slid my cock in your ass and then sit in that straight chair over there with you facing me and watch my cock push your pussy lips aside and swallow me again, that’s why.”

“Oh God, I’m cumming again and it’s only 9:30! We’ll have to have water and tea to replace all these fluids.”

And, they did, did it all, even in the big master bathroom where she helped him pee and then cleaned it off before lubricating her own finger and bringing him to a double sensation just like he had done for her. Somewhere along the way, she got out their digital camera and took seventy or eighty shots of them fucking and sucking in every conceivable way with occasional rest and cuddle periods where they explored legs, arms and earlobes, enjoying dessert better than ever before.

When eleven thirty came and they had done it all, he held her tits and had his knee against her pussy when he slowly told her, “Helen, I’ve never fucked like this. You are more than anyone could ever, ever hope for and I want you to know that you are the best, other than Mary, of course!”

She giggled and pulled his balls as she answered him, “Thank you, Sam. The same is true for you. Think Mary and Matt are having this much fun?”

“No doubt. If Matt is as imaginative as you are and has a big cock, they’ll do fine. She has a really long pussy opening and you can get lost in there when you get going. She’s great but so are you. Any time you want a pool party, just set it up and I’ll be here!”

She hugged him then pushed him when she saw the clock. “Okay, pumpkin, much as I can’t believe I’m saying this, it’s time to get dressed and go. It’ll take you a half-hour to get home. Say hi to Mary for me and thank her for the evening.”

When he’d risen he leaned down and kissed her before dressing, which she watched and relished. With a wink and a wave he blew her a kiss and left, humming and pretending to be too sore to walk which made her laugh and wonder if she ought to leave the bed the way it looked and smelled or clean it up before Matt came home which could be anytime.

She decided to leave it as it was and laid there with the sheet just covering her hips, waiting, replaying movements and feelings over and over, trying to remember them in sequence and frequently getting lost in the musk of the overwhelming release the sex had been with a new man and what had always before been a forbidden fantasy.

Matt’s Story


The bottle of wine was propped up on the car seat sweating right next to the four yellow roses he’d found to bring Mary. His hand steadied them as he made the corner and then signaled the turn into Mary and Sam’s long driveway. They had a house on three acres which was rather elegant. His headlights bobbed and wove in the early dusk and the shade of the woods through the tree trunks and shadows as he followed the curved drive towards the big Georgian house. Certainly Mary could see him coming if she was watching. When he got halfway he wondered if she was at all nervous or as nervous as he felt right now.

The thought passed quickly since he could see the house and they had made the decision, put the steps in place and Sam was probably about to take a swim with Helen shortly. No more thinking, just experience it and enjoy it if that’s what Mary was interested in. He had the same mental picture of Mary he’d always had, tall at 5’10” and robust with more than a girlish figure but not excessively overweight. She always walked properly and had great posture, carried herself with a great deal of self-control and independence; maybe even strait-laced in a way. Wouldn’t it be funny if her idea of a sexy night was once in the missionary position with the lights out?

The keys jingled as he put them under the mat and carefully picked up both wine and roses closed the door gently and strode up the stairs to the front door and the bell. As his hand reached for the bell but before it got there, the door creaked open and Mary stood there in a lightweight summer dress, smiling and welcoming him with the foyer lights behind her. He couldn’t help noticing how the light outlined her shape through the light dress and all he could do was smile back, say, “Hello, Mary. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind a couple of yellow roses to go with the evening?”

“Matt, they’re gorgeous and you are so thoughtful. Wine and yellow roses, how elegant. Come in, don’t stand out here.”

He stepped in and as he walked by her she turned and he gave her a brief kiss on the cheek.

“How are you feeling tonight, Mary? Everything going well?”

All she could do was shake her head and let her long hair bounce in a most undignified way as she winked at him. “Matt, if you knew how nervous I’ve been since Sam left, you wouldn’t ask but I have high hopes!”

“We sound about the same then. Don’t laugh but I drove around the block once wondering if Helen was really serious about this and that you’d agreed. I had horrendous visions of you and Matt standing here laughing at me at the practical joke you and Helen played on me.”

“Not to worry. Matt is probably going through the same thing and so is Helen so let’s just get the flowers put away and sip a little wine while we talk a little first, okay?”

“Great. Lead on.”

She stepped towards the kitchen with the flowers while he followed with the wine, admiring the hips he was watching in front of him and eventually deducing there were no lingerie lines beneath the dress and grinning to himself at the signal.

When they got in the kitchen she said, “The wine opener’s there, the glasses there. Pour me about half a glass for now while I put these in a vase, would you?”

“Yep. Done.”

He leaned against the marble countertop and watched her stretch for a vase, fill it with water, clip the rose stems on an angle and then spray the four and their greens out in a little fan of yellow on green. “Very pretty, Matt. Thanks again.”

“You’re welcome,” he said as he handed her wine to her. “A toast. Would you like to make a toast since you’re the hostess, Mary?”

She took the glass, stood very straight and not a foot from him, getting very close and looking him directly in the eyes then made her toast quietly but seriously to him. “Raise your glass, Matt, to an evening of certainty, passion and letting go completely.” She didn’t drink from her glass but offered it to Matt’s lips who sipped and did the same to her as he offered his own toast.

“Here’s to gorgeous women in light dresses with no lingerie!”

Something took place that changed the routine Helen had outlined for Matt. One second they were toasting and drinking and the next second Mary was flush against his chest and waist and her mouth was kissing his, seeking to part his lips with her tongue and her hunger. He kissed her back, put his arms around her and rubbed her back from cleft to shoulders and neck as their kiss pushed them against the countertop and communicated their need. When the kiss came up for air, she had a wild sparkle in her eyes and a small little smile as she said, “Still nervous or worried that I might be too straight or not interested?”

He didn’t let her go, just shook his head no and asked the one question he needed to be sure of. “Are you sure this is okay with Sam? We’ve been friends a long time and I’d hate to get in the way of that.”

Her hands were inside the hem of his pullover and cruising his chest as she answered, “Honey, what do you think Sam and Helen are doing or going to do tonight? We all agreed and we’ve all been hoping this would happen. I mean once in twenty or twenty-five years with someone new for fun isn’t going to ruin our marriages especially since we’re open and friends as far as I can see. That settle it?”

For an answer, he reached down to the hem of her dress and picked it up with both hands. “We can swim later. I want to see all of you.”

She shook with a shiver and put her arms over her head and let him strip the dress from her. As he did, he could see she had a tummy and a scar in her bikini line but also that she had these great breasts, something like 42 DD with the darkest aureoles and nipples that had to be a half inch in diameter.

“Oh my God, Mary. You are beyond gorgeous, the earth mother and sex personified! Your breasts are beautiful and how on earth did you know I loved natural hair and lots of it?’

She wasn’t shy as she said, “Thank you but now it’s your turn.” She took a minute to kiss him again then stripped his shirt off and opened his slacks and pushed them to the floor leaving him with a bathing suit and a raging dick. She resumed their kiss and found the drawstring of his shorts and undid it before peeling both sides down and pushing them to the floor. Her hands didn’t immediately go to his cock but instead went to the cheeks of his backside where they cruised the shape and feel of them and the small of his back and top of his thighs before reaching under from behind and finding his balls.

“Yummy, big balls that I’m going to roll over my tits tonight.”

He couldn’t stand it and moved his mouth from her lips to her tits, first one then the other, feeling the bumps on the aureoles and then the turgid nipples now hard and sensitive. While he was doing that with his right hand, his left traced her stomach from naval to pubic and over her mons until the base of his thumb lay at the top of her keyhole, at the top of her opening area where he circled it several times lightly on the dry, hairy area. Each movement sent a shudder and a moan from her lips into his and a frenzy of movement of her tongue around the inside of his mouth until his hand moved down and between her legs where he felt the swelling but not yet the moisture.

She mumbled in his ear as her feet stepped another 8″ apart, “Yes, that’s it, trace my outline and find the prize. Oh yes.”

His hand went down the valley and below her bottom, nearly to her anus with the length of her outer lips before he brought it back up and gently found the gap that once parted was wet, slick and ready. “Mary, this is the best opening I’ve ever seen,” was the only stupid thing he could think of to say as he caressed it, parted it, felt inside her with three of his longest fingers and tried to keep up with the movement of her hips.

She stopped their kiss and looked into his eyes, right hand now around his cock, and motioned him to the center of the kitchen where there was an island. They moved to it and she let him help her sit on it while he used both hands to part her legs as he kissed her beautiful breasts which hung downward and moved outward away from one another with every breath and every shiver. At first, he just looked, kissed her knees then he could wait no longer and put his head towards the v formed where her legs joined her body. Her hands fell on his head and let him know he not only could, but she’d love it.

It couldn’t have been more than a quarter of an inch away when her hair tickled his lips and he could feel the heat from her now very swollen labia. That was enough for him as he flicked his tongue out and slid it between the long, wavering lips midway down her opening then wiggled it and raised his head enough to pull his tongue upward and find what was now a nearly inch and a half long clit standing at attention. When he blew lightly on it, her legs quivered and she shuddered, moaning and saying, “Matt, this is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic” and squirted a half a cup of clear liquid all over his chin as her orgasm overwhelmed her. His head stayed locked between her legs until she came down from the spasms and when she did, she called out, “Put it in me, Matt. Please, put it in me now. I want to do this all over the house but I’ve got to have it now.”

Before he did, he ran the head of his cock over each of her tits and let her suck it briefly. Then, he did something surprising and pulled one yellow rose from the vase and slipped a dozen or more of the fragrant petals off. His hands dropped four or five on her breasts and rubbed them while the other put the balance inside her opening and let them rest there while he repositioned his legs and his cock to put the head right against her long pussy.

The height match was perfect as her legs went over his shoulders and she guided his wide cockhead right into her opening and began stroking and murmuring, over and over. He laid over her, smelling the roses, feeling the petals inside her pussy, feeling her tits and lifting them, pulling the nipples gently. Each time he did, she shivered and clenched his cock with her muscles, saying over and over, rose petals in my pussy, rose petals on my tits, Oh God, I’ve died and gone to heaven.” He leaned over and her mouth insisted in his ear, “You’re going to let me eat that big, straight cock. You’re going to fuck my mouth and my tits with it, here, in the pool, the bedroom and maybe even the maid’s room. You’re going to put this beauty up my ass and give me the ride of my life and then we’re going to rest and do it all again.”

He had no idea where the wine and the time went but by eleven thirty, his cock was limp, her body was spent and they were laying curled up in the walk in closet of the master bedroom, cuddling and talking. “Mary, this has been the best night of my life outside of Helen, you know.”

“Me too, sweetie and I want to do it again sometime. Let’s only hope Helen and Sam have as much fun as we did. God, I love your cock. It’s big and straight and I love it’s not being circumcised. That lets me play with the skin over my tongue and lips and slides it in my pussy like crazy.”

With that, she found some last sign of life in it and sat on top of him, slipping it inside and stroking until she came, clit against his stomach and breasts bouncing wildly with sweat dripping from them.

He just laughed before his thighs had charlie horses and let her flood him with what little juice she had left. “Next time, we drink lots of fruit juice all evening, Mary.”

She collapsed and said she’d probably not be able to walk until Monday then sighed and stood up. “Look at the time, honey. We better get rolling. Helen’s going to be worried and Sam’s going to be here soon. Might work better if you don’t shake hands as you pass after just fucking each other’s wives, at least the first time.”

She stood over him while she spoke legs apart. He casually reached up and put first two fingers then three inside her opening, making her resolve something less than serious as her feet moved to give him full access. When all three were in, he added the fourth then pressed upwards until his thumb and palm were inside where he was now sealed with her labia. She stood still, his entire hand inside her.

Then he made a fist and turned his hand, gently swishing her g spot which was enough to make her lose all control and have one last crushing orgasm that ended in tears on her tits with the intensity of the sensation.

All he did was slowly remove his hand, taste it and then kiss her clit before spanking her bottom and shooing her into the room and getting dressed while she watched, her own hand now fully inside her pussy, knotted and turning slowly. A quick comb through his hair and a wonderful last kiss and they both agreed, he better run.

As his car turned onto the main road, he passed a lone car that looked a lot like Sam’s. He looked in the rear view mirror and saw it turn into the long wooded driveway and wonderfully sexy woman he had just left. He hoped Sam was smiling and tired like he was.

As he drove, the sight of Sam in his car began to shift his thinking from the sex he’d had to wondering how the evening had gone between Sam and Mary. He’d bet it went fine but he’d find out shortly. He was going to be a little bit later than midnight so he pushed the cell-phone button and after two rings Helen picked up. “Hi, honey. I’m running fifteen minutes late but I’m on the way. Have a good evening?”

“Matt, this has been wonderful. I can’t wait to tell you when you get here. I didn’t clean up at all and the smell of sex is everywhere. Rest up on the drive! Oh, how did your evening go?”

“Everything you said about Mary was true except she’s anything but reserved when she doesn’t have clothes on.”

She laughed, “Well, I found out Sam’s about your length in the dick department but his isn’t as thick, has tons of dark blue veins and curves two inches to the right which tickles your pussy something fierce!”

“Enough, already. I can’t wait to hear it. I’ll be there shortly. Wait up for me!”

The End

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