My Boss The Slave

October 16, 2007 – 11:48 am

Lucy was an executive lady at the age of 42 and never
been married. She was totally successful in her
business life but at a cost of social life. She had no
sex life at all. Her young secretary Kim said she was
always too tight and gave an address to a nightclub she
said would help her loosen up. She liked Kim but at
the time she just stuck it in a drawer and ignored it.
Today however, she was really tired of work and didn’t
want to go home for another sandwich and TV so she
decided to stop by and check it out.

The place was a total dump with a sign on front Mama
Pet House. She knew it must be some kinds of a strip
tease show but since she had driven this far, she just
as well get a drink before heading home. As she entered
the bar, she noticed that most everyone there was women
of all color and age. She had a bad feeling that it
might be a lesbian bar and would have to curse Kim
when she get back.

She found a stool at the bar and asked for a drink as
an old woman in her older 50s came over and pour her
one. She noticed several women had their shirts or
dresses pulled up and hands were moving underneath them
as she looked around. There was female kissing and
fondling as she found herself getting excited at the
sight she would have thought taboo earlier. She was not
a lesbian but the sight was arousing anyway.

A young blond girl in her mid twenties sat down beside
her and she noticed she was very attractive. She was
wearing a short skirt and blouse, which displayed her
tits, which she tried to ignore.

“Hi,” said the girl. “My name Nina.”

“Hi Nina,” replied Lucy. “I’m Lucy. Good to meet

“Well Lucy,” said Nina, “are you a bottom or a top?
I bet you’re a bottom and I would love to dominate you

Lucy unaware of the terms got the message that Nina
thought she was gay and told her she had just dropped
in for a drink and didn’t get into such things as this.
She told her after this drink I am going home.

“I bet your wet,” said Nina and before Lucy could
object she felt her hand go between her legs and touch
her pussy. “I knew it she said with a smile on her

Lucy stunned by the hand didn’t say anything as Nina’s
fingers had found her wet spot and was rubbing her
clit. It felt so good and she couldn’t stop it as she
spread her legs wider for more access. Sweat was
forming on her face as the hand found her rose spot and
started stroking it. She knew what she was doing with
her hand and it was driving her clit wild in
excitement. Her breathing was becoming harder as she
felt a thrill she hadn’t felt in years. She knew it was
wrong but she couldn’t force herself to tell her to
remove it.

She closed her eyes as she felt Nina unbuttoning the
top of her blouse and pulling it apart to expose her
large breasts. She could hear the others in the room in
the background but the hand in her cunt and other on
her nipple was turning her so much she didn’t care. Her
bra fell off as Nina was pulling on her nipple.

“Tell me you want to be my slut tonight whore.” Nina
tweaked her nipple to get her meaning across. “I want
to hear you beg you old slut.”

“Yes,” replied Lucy. “Make me your whore. Please don’t
quit now. I need it bad.”

She felt a hard slap to her face from the hand that was
on her tit.

“Stand up and undress you old bitch.” Nina demanded.

“Please not here there are others watching. Anywhere
else is fine,” she replied as she felt a second slap to
her face.

“Shut up slut and undress now.” Nina demanded again.

Lucy got off the stool in total surprise at how this
young girl had dominated her so easy. She didn’t have
the will to resist as she removed the rest of her
blouse and then pulled her skirt down and stepped out.
She stepped out of her heels.

“Remove the slip and panties too,” demanded Nina
looking her down.

Slowly Lucy removed her skirt and closing her eyes
lowered her panties down to her knees and then stepped
out of them. She could hear whistles in back and name-
calling but she ignored them and stood in front of the
girl half in age totally naked with others looking at
her. She didn’t dare look elsewhere as she knew her
face was totally red in embarrassment.

Nina picked up her half empty glass and threw her
drink on her tits.

“On your knees slut in front of my stool!” She yelled
at her.

Lucy dropped to her knees in front as Nina spread
her legs exposing her bare pussy in front of her face.
She had never made love to a woman before but couldn’t
help but stare at her pussy in lust. She wanted her
face so bad in there.

“Lick my cunt slave and it better be good.” Nina
commanded her.

Lucy leaned forward and put her face in the young girl
pussy and started lapping at her clit. She tried to
lick as she would want someone to do her and hoped it
would be enough to please the young mistress. Her own
pussy was soaking wet and noticed that Nina was also
as she continued her tonguing of it. There seemed to be
other events behind her going on but at present all she
could think about was licking the cunt in front of her.

Finally she felt Nina come and then a foot on her
shoulder pushed her on her back on the bar floor. She
looked up around the room and saw some of what she had
heard earlier. There were women totally naked around
her. Some were being spanked. Some were licking their
mistress’ asses, pussies, or tits and even some getting
an enema. She was still watching when Nina kicked
her between her legs causing her to yell out in pain.

“On your hand and knees slut. I’m going to ride that
ass of yours.” Nina directed.

Lucy got up and turned on her hands and knees as she
had seen a woman do seconds earlier. Her will to resist
was gone and replace with the need to come. She felt
Ninas weight on her back and her hair being pulled by
the roots upwards. A hard slap on her ass and a command
to crawl got her started across the bar. Several women
made lewd comments as she passed wanting a turn with
her latter but Nina would tell them she was hers for
the moment and maybe later. Her continued swats on her
ass kept her moving till they returned to the bar and
Nina got off.

“Is my slut thirsty again?” Nina asked.

“Yes mistress. Slut needs a drink.” Lucy gasped in

“Bend over the barstool slut on your stomach. Mabel.”
Nina turned to the older woman; give me that small
sample bottom of Scotch over there.

The older woman gave her the bottle as Nina walked
behind Lucy to her surprise and place the bottom at the
entrance of her asshole.

“Tell me to fill you up slut. Tell me to shove this
bottle up your big ass.”

Nina laughed.

“Please mistress,” cried Lucy, “shove it up my ass.”

Lucy felt the bottle driving sliding up her ass as she
tried to relax her muscles to keep from breaking it.
Liquid was pouring into her bowels as if she was
receiving an enema. When it emptied out, the bottle was

“You better hold that in while I slap your ass slut,”
said Nina behind her as the first slap hit her ass
and she screamed from the pain. She held her ass
clenched as she could fighting the urge to take a dump
while the slaps were being applied. She was in tears
and totally humiliated at being spanked as if she was a

“Do my slut need to go to the bathroom. Ask me for
permission slut.” Nina remarked.

“Please mistress. I need to go to the bathroom.” Lucy
cried out in desperation. “Please mistress. I can’t
hold it any longer.” Tears were rolling from her face
as she awaited the answer.

“Go to the john slut but you better be clean when you
get back.” Nina replied to her relief.

Lucy waddled to the restroom trying to hold her ass
tight with her hand. Several stalls were already
occupied with women doing lewd acts in them as she went
by fast to find the empty one. She sat and relieved
herself as she felt her first climax for the night.

Damn, the girl had made her cum without even a cock in
her pussy. She cleaned up as best as she could and used
the sink to make sure. She saw one lady face shoved in
a john while her mistress was striking her ass with a
short strap of some kind. She didn’t want to go through
that as she walked back in the bar room and saw Nina
still sitting on a stool.

Nina called her over and told her to sit on the
stool beside her. A drink was already on the bar.

“Drink up slut,” demanded Nina.

Lucy took the drink and tried to down it in one gulp in
her excitement. The taste was salty as she realized she
had just drink pee. She almost choked as she saw
Melissa smiling face to her side.

“Drink it all slut.” Nina whispered in her ear.

Trying to keep from throwing up, Lucy drink the rest of
the drink in one swallow and held her breath to prevent
it from coming back out.

“You better get use to the taste slut,” said Nina
reaching behind her and goosing her ass. “I have great
plans for you.” She reached her hand in back and worked
it on her clit again while she sat on the stool. She
couldn’t help from wiggling her ass allowing her more
access to it.

“Such a good little slut,” smiled Nina. “You love to
have your pussy rubbed don’t you.”

“Yes mistress,” Lucy pleaded. “please rub my slut

Lucy was totally embarrassed. She was in her mid 40s
sitting naked on a bar stool with her ass over the back
edge and a young girl fingering her pussy from behind.
She just couldn’t move. This girl had total control of
her body as she wiggled her ass to allow more access in

“Nina, I see you have another big ass slave and it
didn’t take you long either”

Lucy recognized the voice and froze. It was Kim her
secretary. She tried to hide her face.

“Well I’ll be darned if it isn’t Mrs. Anderson,” laughed
Kim. “Melissa this is the bitch boss I’ve been telling
you about for months. And here she is all naked at your
command. I can’t wait to spank that ass of hers. Do you
know Lucy that Nina and me are roommates and we
share our slaves?”

She pinched Lucy on the ass and sat on the other side
of her as Lucy tried to look forward only.

“If I knew she was your boss Kim, I would have had her
fuck her ass with a bottle on the counter,” smiled
Nina. “I’ll be more than happy to share her fat ass
with you anytime you want.”

Lucy’s face was totally red from the way the girls were
talking about her. She felt Kim reach in back and
then a finger at her anus opening. Soon it was shoved
in as she moaned from the excitement.

“I always thought she was a tight ass,” announced Kim,
“but I guess I was wrong. You can drive a truck up this
asshole. Why don’t we take her to the bathroom Nina?
You know what I like to do too our new slaves.”

“Why not,” agreed Nina, removing her hand and
demanding Lucy get up.

Lucy had seen things there and didn’t want to go back
as she pleaded with Nina and Kim not to go. Kim
grabbed her right ass cheek in a tight grip and pushed
her forward marching her in. They found a stall not
being used and Nina demanded she get on her knees in
front of it. Raising her lid, she demanded Lucy put her
head in. Lucy was crying but did as told as Nina
lowered the lid back down on the top of her head.

“Warm that big butt of hers up while I get ready” said
Kim. “I want to see those bumps on her ass bright

Nina started swatting Lucy’s ass as she tried
desperately to keep her face out of the water. Her hair
was already wet and several times the slaps were so
hard her face plunged in. Finally it ceased and she
thought she had a moment to relax when she felt
something cold and wide at her asshole. She realized
immediately what it was and tired to get up only to
find Nina had a tight hold on the john lid pinning
her down.

The dildo entered her virgin asshole as she screamed
from the pain. Her face plunged in the water
momentarily and came up only to have the dildo plunge
farther up her butt. Her asshole was on fire from the
onslaught as she tried to yell for mercy only to have
her face plunge in and out the water by the push of
the dildo by Kim in back.

“I always wanted to shove something in your ass she was
yelling behind.” Kim yelled out loud. “Take this

Lucy’s face went deep in the water of the john as the
dildo pushed all the way in her ass. She tried to yell
but water filled her mouth cutting her off. Finally it
withdrew as she gasped for air and started working it
way in and out slowly as she started getting
accomplished to it for one. It was finally starting to
feel good as she felt her body reacting to it and her
butt pushing back in anticipation.

Nina sensing she was enjoying it got up and squatted
over the john and started peeing on the back of her

Lucy was close to cumming when she felt the pee and
cried out. The smell was strong and it stopped her from
cumming. She felt the dildo withdraw as soon as Nina
was finished.

“Slut wash you face and hair before you come back out.”
Nina laughed. “It better be good. We are going to
take you back to the apartment tonight and have some
fun with you.”

She heard both leave her in her humiliated and
frustrated position. She raised the lid of the john and
removed her head. As she turned around several women
had witness the event and her face blushed bright red
as she tried to stand up and walk to the sink to clean
up. Several women were making lewd comments about her
and what they would like to do with her. She hurried as
fast as she could leaving her wet hair hanging down
uncombed to get out of there fast. She practically ran
out the toilet and into the bar with head low to keep
from seeing anyone.

Nina got off her bar stool as she arrived and
grabbed her wet hair in one hand.

“Come with us slut,” she said pulling her alone by the

Kim had gotten in back and was slapping her ass while
she walked with Nina.

She was their slut now and there was no escape from the
feeling deep inside. She would do whatever they told
her. Others were watching as she was led out naked to
the parking lot.

“Should we get her car,” said Kim.

“Naw leave it here.” Nina replied. “We’ll drop her
off tomorrow before work to pick it up.”

They led her to Nina’s car as Nina got in to drive
and Kim and Lucy got in back. As soon as they were in,
Kim pulled her skirt back and grabbed her head pulling
it down to her snatch.

“Lick my clit cunt.” She yelled at her. “I better come
before we get there if you want any skin left on that
fat ass of yours.”

Lucy started licking as if her life depended on it. She
knew people passing back could see her ass in the
window but right now she better please her mistresses
or she may not have one left. She worked her tongue
fast on Kim’s smelly pussy hoping to get her off fast.
The bumps in the road drove her nose deep in her mound
as she continued.

She smiled as she felt her cum in triumph only to have
Kim move sideways in the seat and tell her to tongue
her ass since she got done early. Disappointed she
started working her tongue around her asshole and then
inside. She hoped they would get there soon. Her pussy
was on fire. She wanted to be their slut. It was an
executive decision.

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