October 12, 2007 – 10:00 am

“I’m sorry Mandy,” Tyler Gordon, the Chairman of the
Articling board said quietly, staring at the tall
blonde girl in front of him. “but this is the second
time you’ve screwed up a major memorandum. I’m gonna
let you complete your articling process, but you’re not
gonna be hired back when you finish.”

Mandy Jones gulped. This had been her dream. To work at
Simon and Mays, one of the top 3 Law firms in Toronto.
She had worked her ass off in Law school to get
accepted as an articling student, and she couldn’t bear
the thought of not being hired back. It would
drastically reduce her chances of buying the posh house
she had earmarked for herself in a few years time, and
it would lower her in the pecking order among her group
of snotty and ambitious friends, all law and business
students. Not to mention her self-esteem would suffer a
mortal blow. After leaving her small town of Cornwall,
she had told herself that she would never leave go back
there, or anywhere, but downtown Toronto, with the
skyscrapers, sleek cars and bubbly nightlife.

“That’s all for now, Mandy,” Mr. Gordon said. “I just
thought I should be upfront with you. I didn’t want to
lead you on about your future here.” His eyes flickered
lightly over her long legs when she crossed them.
Suddenly a thought came to her mind, and she smiled

“What’s funny?” Mr. Gordon asked, sounding annoyed. “Is
there something I’m missing?”

“Nothing major, Mr. Gordon,” she said softly. “I was
just thinking how when I was a kid, my dad used to
always give me options to being grounded for a week,
which was hell on earth, back then.”

“Oh?” Mr. Gordon’s eyes were bored. “What options?”

“Well,” Mandy ran her hands through her lustrous hair,
and cocked her head, her blue eyes pearls of light as
they focused on Simon Gordon. She was dressed formally
today, in a white shirt, black jacket and short black
skirt that was far above her knees. She knew she looked
the prototypical bay street lawyer, with one exception.
She was still a law student, and her chances of
becoming a bay street lawyer would become infinitely
smaller if she didn’t act now.

“Well what?” Mr. Gordon sounded impatient. “What
options did your dad give you?” he shot a look at his
watch and the papers strewn across his desk.

“He gave me the option of receiving discipline.”

“Discipline?” Mr. Gordon’s eyes sharpened, and he
dropped his pen on his desk. “You mean_ _”

“Yes, Mr. Gordon,” Mandy interjected, her eyes boring
into his face. “the option was a thorough spanking to
substitute for my mistakes.”

“And did you _ _?”

“Of course I did,” Mandy tossed her hair back and ran
her hands over her sleek, white thighs which were
becoming more visible by the minute. “I always prefer
dealing with a problem, practically and privately.”

“You mean_ _?”

“Of course he spanked me in private,” Mandy shrugged.
“When my mum was away. She would never go for that, you
know. With the sort of body I was developing.” She
gestured towards her legs and breasts, casually.

“Stand up, bend over on my desk, and raise your skirt.”

Mandy hesitated for a second, then bent over the desk
and raised her short skirt over her hips.

Walking stiffly to hide an engorged portion of his
anatomy, Mr. Gordon walked around the desk, and gazed
in wonder at the delectable portion of Mandy’s anatomy
that was now exposed. Close to his eyes now, was the
round, fleshy expanse of her rear cheeks, barely
covered by the sky blue thong she was wearing. Running
across the length of the ass-cheeks were a sets of red,
splotchy stripes that told of the punishment they had
endured. Mandy felt his hands on her ass, and gasped.
“Umm, Mr. Gordon, do you really need to touch _ _”

“Quiet!” Mr. Gordon snapped, touching the red welts,
and beginning to squeeze the unpunished flesh below

Mandy gasped, as she felt Mr. Gordon’s hands on her
buttocks beginning to pinch, knead and massage the
flesh. She knew what was going to happen next, and was
not surprised to hear the words. “Remove the panties.”

“But Mr. Gordon,” Mandy protested. “It’s just a thong.
It’s not protecting anything.”

“Do as I said,” the now confident Lawyer said, standing

Mandy sighed, but slipped her hands back, and slowly
rolled her tiny thong down her fleshy buttocks, now
feeling extremely vulnerable as she realized she was no
longer in control. She began to gasp as Mr. Gordon took
full control of her buttocks, squeezing them viciously
and forcing her to bend over, her breasts pressing into
the table.

“Mr. Gordon,” Mandy said, feeling as if she was talking
to an automaton, as she listened to his heavy
breathing. “What if someone comes in?”

“The time is now 8.30pm. there’s no one left on this
floor, and no one will hear your screams through this
door, as I blister your ass.”

Mandy gasped, but said nothing, wondering why her ass
was suddenly free of Mr. Gordon’s groupings.

“I think it’s only right that I continue your family
tradition, don’t you?” Mr. Gordon said, and then Mandy
gasped as turning round, she saw the large brown belt
that he had unbuckled from his waist.

“Please Mr. Gordon,” she gasped. “my ass can’t take any

“Tough luck. You should have thought of that before you
started telling me all about your spankings.. What did
you expect?? Don’t waste my time. Strip!!”

Staring into the lustful man’s eyes, Mandy slowly
removed her skirt, her jacket, and her shirt.

“The bra!”

Mandy complied, exposing her round, perky breasts and
hard, pink nipples, suppressing a smile as she heard
Mr. Gordon’s gasp of lust. She pressed her fingertips
against her nipples, pinching them and rubbing them
further until Mr. Gordon told her to stop. “Bend over,”
he muttered. “It’s your ass I want.”

He smacked the belt against his hand, and then raising
it high, brought it down hard on the soft white
buttocks inclined towards him. Mandy’s piercing scream
tore through the office, and her buttocks twisted and
shook in pain.

“Hold it up!” Mr. Gordon commanded.

Mandy raised her buttocks again, trying to still the
pain racing throughout her rear, not succeeding. She
screamed again, as the leather tore through her rear
end, and this time, she felt Mr. Gordon’s hand holding
her back down. Again and again, he raised the belt and
brought it down hard on her fleshy behind, ignoring her
pleas and sobs. She yelped, as the lashes spread to her
thighs, covering the entire expanse of flesh between
the top of her hips and the top of her buttocks.

“Keep your hands away!” Mr. Gordon ordered. “And keep
your ass raised.”

Sobbing in pain, but feeling a wetness permeating her
pubic regions, Mandy obeyed. She had always taken this
sort of discipline from her dad, but never so
relentlessly. She felt as if Mr. Gordon wanted to tear
her apart with the belt. And she loved it.

After a few minutes, he dropped the belt and told her
to turn around. Rubbing her buttocks frantically, she
obeyed, and then gasped again as Mr. Gordon grabbed her
nibbling, biting, squeezing and pummeling them, until
she screamed in orgasmic surrender. Then she felt his
hands on her head, pushing her down to her knees,
urging yet commanding. Looking up at him from her
position below, she took his cock into her mouth,
swallowing, nibbling, sucking and blowing, until he
spilled his essence into her mouth.

“Do I get hired back?” she asked softly, after he had
been completely drained.

“Of course.” He said. “What would I do without you?”

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