Storebought Cuckold

January 22, 2014 – 12:10 pm

For a long time I have had fantasies of being cuckolded by my wife. The whole idea of her deriving sexual pleasure from someone else’s cock was driving me wild. I toyed with the idea of convincing her to take some new lovers so that she would experience the joy of having a bigger and better cock stuffed inside her. I believed however that this would be a futile endeavor because she was not the type of woman who would agree to this sort of thing. She needed the soft loving relationship that we had developed over the years and would probably not be able to relax and feel comfortable enough to enjoy the experience. I was also afraid that if she did fool around with someone else that he or they would interfere with our daily life. This I did not want to happen. Yet, at the same time the fantasy of her sharing her body with others still raged within me. I wanted her to have sexual encounters and pleasures that I was not able to provide and to be replaced as her sexual partner.

My plan was two-fold. First I needed a cock to replace mine. This was easily achieved by purchasing one from a mail order catalogue. I was going to be replaced by a store bought lover. I ordered a simple plastic vibrator with a length of 7″ and 1 1/4″ diameter and metallic gold in colour. With these dimensions she would not be scared off yet at the same time she would now experience a member two inches longer than mine in her pussy. Then second part of my plan would be to ensure that her sexual pleasure with her vibrator would be more satisfying than with my cock.

When the fateful night came I told her I had a surprise for her and she had to meet a few conditions in order to receive it. I did not want her to form any preconceived ideas about her new dildo until she had cum all over it. After some kissing and fondling during which time I had her completely naked I told her to place a blindfold over her eyes and she could have her gift. Slightly reluctant she complied. I started by giving her amazing oral sex, the only sex I was hoping to deliver from now on, then when she was really worked up I twisted the vibrator to low and started to stroke her shaven pussy lips with it’s tip. She started to moan and then to my joy she started to buck her hips toward it. She was ready for it to penetrate into her pussy. I was breathing quite hard and getting very excited myself at the prospect that she was about to have her new cock deep within her, deeper than I would ever reach. I dipped the tip of her vibrator between the folds of her pussy lips then slid it up and down her slit at little. She was really hot now and I started to ease it into her bit by bit.

Her moaning and bucking increased in intensity as she was taking the vibrator deeper and deeper into her. It may have been because I was usually a little busier at this time controlling my own member when we had sex but I swear her reactions where much lustier than when I was entering her. I continued to insert her vibrator into her until it was completely buried in her pussy. Then once it was fully into her I started to pull it out and slide it back in again plunging the entire length deep within her pussy. It was at this time I realized she was enjoying herself more than ever before and at the same time that this vibrator was fucking her in places that I have never been and never would be. I fucked her like this for a long time, with her moaning and squirming and breathing as she was fucked better than ever before. Suddenly I noticed she was getting ready to cum and when she did I could feel her tense up around that vibrator like nothing I have ever experienced before. If she had grabbed my cock that hard I swear it would have been squished. As her orgasm receded I left the vibrator buried to it’s hilt deep within her pussy as her mini orgasms shook her body, I then moved up to her pillow and gave her a deep and passionate kiss. I had been down where the action was watching her pussy get fucked. During a long kiss I slowly pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and I could feel her whimper as it left her body. I swirled it around her pussy lips a little then shut it off.

Then I moved to between her legs for my turn. I had been so excited by this whole experience that I new I could not hold out for long. Also I wanted to start laying the ground work for her to associate better sex with her vibrator and poorer sex with my cock. After about a minute or less I deposited my cum in her pussy. I was satisfied from my short time in her pussy and my wife was satisfied from the fucking she had received earlier. All my wife could say to me for the longest time as we laid in bed was how much she loved me. She asked to see “IT” for the first time, since she had been blindfolded the entire time. She held it in her hand then placed it between her breasts and cuddled with it. My plan had worked out perfectly. She loved the personal attention from me and the sexual attention from her vibrator.

I did not push the use of her new partner on her, instead I waited until she was ready to ask for it instead. We had great sex a few times after that, then one night as she was having trouble reaching orgasm and I new I could not hold out much longer, she whispered in my ear that maybe I should “call for backup”. I pulled out of her and reached into the dresser drawer and pulled out her golden partner. I turned it on and started to fuck her once again to a tremendous orgasm. Then she gestured me towards her open legs to relieve myself. Instead of penetrating her this time I moved onto the next section of my plan to reinforce my lack of fucking ability and the superior sex while being fucked by her vibrator. I merely slid my cock up and down her slippery slit that was glistening from her come and started cumming over her slick pussy lips.

Over the next several lovemaking sessions I repeated this procedure or came quickly so that she would ask for the vibrator to finish her off. I really enjoyed sliding her new partner into her cum soaked pussy and bringing her off to a fantastic orgasm. I also made sure that I serviced her orally licking and sucking her pussy till she was slick and loosened up.

Once this routine had been set in place I actually refrained from penetrating her pussy and did not cum at all during sex for a while; not enough that it would feel awkward for her but enough to show her that only her orgasms were important. I masturbated afterwards to relieve myself while thinking that my fantasy was becoming reality.

The next step in my plan was going to be the hardest to get the nerve to implement.

I was going to have to let her in on my fantasy in order for it to come to fruition.

It wasn’t easy at first, but I managed to relate to her that I was deriving great pleasure from her being well fucked by that vibrator and that I no longer wanted her to allow me to have her in that way. I was never again to have the pleasure of pounding my cock deep within her pussy. I would keep her sexually satisfied with my tongue, my fingers and any pretend cock she wanted. She was a little taken back at first but as I explained she warmed to the idea. After our talk and the last part of my plan was completed we started to kiss and fondle each other.

I started kissing her lips, then moved down to her breasts. Sucking and licking on her swollen nipples. Then I moved down her sides, down the outsides of her legs then back up on the insides of her thighs. I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit ,then slid two fingers between the fold of her pussy lips. She then instructed me to come up and fuck her with my cock one last time. I was so horny that I could not resist that temptation, even though it was not what I has planned. I kissed my way up to her face, then placed my cock at the entrance of her eager pussy, but before I could penetrate her, she put her hand on my chest and informed me that I was no longer allowed “in there” and that I should go get her “new man” to do the job.

My heart skipped a beat and I almost came right there. I gave her a big kiss on the lips then as I moved down toward the end of the bed to the dresser I sucked long and hard on her beautiful pussy. I reached into the drawer and pulled out her “new man”. I slid it into her pussy and fucked her with it to a convulsive orgasm. After she had cum I started to wonder how I was to get relief. I started to move to go to the bathroom and masturbate but she stopped me and said I could wack off onto her pussy as long as I did not enter her. A few strokes later I spewed my cum all over her clean shaven pussy lips. I realized the deal was done and that she was very happy with our new arrangement.

Ever since then I have lived my fantasy, my wife has moved up in the size of her dildos and I have noticed a distinct difference in her pussy’s appearance. She is much looser and her labia are quite extended from the frequent sessions of oral sex. She can take some of the biggest toys in the store and I am always in charge of using them on her. On average she likes the ones that are at least 9″ in length and 2 1/2″ in diameter.

She teases that on the anniversary of her first dildo fuck that I would be allowed to put my cock in her pussy but that she doubted she would even feel me in there now.

We have never been so happy and sexually satisfied.

The End

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