Mister Walden’s Punishment

October 10, 2007 – 10:00 am

Todd sheepishly closed the computer window as Tara stood behind him
tapping her foot. In her best and loudest, Katherine Hepburn voice,
Tara said, “Mister Walden, I will not have you reading that filthy
internet porn in my Department. Please come to my office at the end of
the day, I wish to discuss this with you.”

“Yes, Ms. Stevens.” Todd responded quietly.

“Christ,” He thought, as Tara walked away, “getting busted reading a
dirty story was one thing, but did she have to announce it to the whole

Todd was getting back to work as Sheila, the office tease walked by.

“Bad, bad boy. Ms. Stevens is going to Ssspank! your sorry ass.” She

Todd thought she was joking. Mel wasn’t, Ms. Stevens looked for
reasons to spank the sexy young intern. Todd worked silently the rest
of the day, processing claim forms for either payment or review by
At five o’clock, Todd walked nervously to Ms. Stevens’s office. The
door was open and Tara was on the phone. Todd stood in the doorway
waiting while Tara finished her conversation.

“Come in Mister Walden, close the door.” The way Tara said Mister, it
was always spelt out, never the abbriviation. “Sit.”

Todd sat in the chair indicated and said, “You wanted to see me Ms.

“Yes Mister Walden, I’m sure you are aware of Company policy regarding
personal use of computers.” She said.

Todd started to explain, “Yes Ms. Stevens, but it was only a story..”

“It is in violation of Company Policy. No buts about it!” Ms. Stevens
cut him off. “I’ve reviewed your personel file and must say that I’m
quite impressed with your performance to date. However, violating
Company Policy is not to be taken lightly.” Tara frowned at Todd. “I
have here a formal disciplinary write up for your actions today.”

Todd took the offered paper from Tara’s hand and read the notice.
The paper clearly stated that he had been reading x-rated material on
the Company computer. There was no other action on the form, just a
permanent written record in his personel file that he had been caught
reading internet porn on the company computer.

“Ms. Stevens, please you can’t put this in my file. I’m up for
promotion in a few months and this will kill my chances.” Todd begged,
“Please I’ll work extra hours, anything if you can forget this. I
promise I’ll never do this again.”

“Well I guess we could trade one form of discipline for another.”
Tara smiled as she said the following words, “Would you be willing to
submit to a spanking instead?”

“A spanking? Your kidding right?”

“No Mister Walden, I most certainly am not. You have a choice to make.
Sign the paper or drop your trousers and lay over my knee.” Tara was
not playing games.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Todd thought to himself. Then outloud, “That’s

“No Mister Walden, it’s a choice. One discipline or another, one goes on
your record the other goes over my knee.” Tara replied with a smirk.

Anything was better than having a permanent record. Standing up he
walked around the desk and started to lower his pants.

Tara patted her knee. “Come on Mister Walden, don’t dawdle. We
haven’t all night you know. The boxers as well.”

Todd stood pants around his ankles, wondering what he should do. If he
dropped his boxers, Ms. Stevens would see that his cock is rock hard.
Tara could hardly have not noticed. Pulling the boxers down, Todd
quickly laid across Tara’s lap.

“My what an attractive bum you have. I am so going to enjoy this.”

Todd could feel his cock getting harder as Ms. Stevens rubbed his
butt. He wished she would just get on with it.

“Now, We’ll start with ten swats of the hand. Please count them and
remember to say thank you after each one.”

Swat, “One, thank you.” God this was embarrasing.

“That should be, one thank you Ms. Stevens. Let’s start over shall we.”

Swat, “One, thank you Ms.Stevens.”

Swat, “Two, thank you Ms.Stevens.”

Swat, “Three, thank you Ms. Stevens.”

Swat, “Four, thank you Ms. Stevens.”

Swat, “Five, thank you Ms. Stevens.”

Swat, “Six, thank you Ms. Stevens.”

Swat, “Seven, thank you Ms.Stevens.”

Swat, “Eight, thank you Ms. Stevens.” Oh, that’s starting to sting.

Swat, “Nine, thank you Ms. Stevens.”

Swat, “Ten, thank you Ms. Stevens.”

Thank god that’s over. Todd started to get up, when Tara placed her
hand on the small of his back.

“Not so fast. Were not done yet.” Tara told him.

“What? You spanked me, now let me go.”

“That was just a warm up. I have plenty more to give you before I’m
done.” Tara said, picking up a plastic ruler.

“Now, for the next ten I want you to say ‘thank you Mistress’. Is that

“Yes Ms. Stevens. Um, Mistress.” With that Tara let him have it.

Whack, “Thank you Mistress.”

“Let’s try that again. You forgot to count.”

Whack, “Two, thank you Mistress.”

“No Mister Walden. Let us start with one.” Tara informed him.

Whack, “One, thank you Mistress.”

Whack, “Two, thank you Mistress.”

Whack, “Three, thank you Mistress.”

Todd was aware of wiggling his sore ass already. His cock pinned
between Ms. Stevens’s thighs. Tara for her part worked the ruler all
over his ass. It was taking on a lovely shade of red.

Whack, “Four, thank you Mistress.”
Whack, “Ouch. Five, thank you Mistress.”
Whack, “Six, thank you Mistress.”
Whack, “Aagh. Seven, thank you Mistress.”

Todd felt as if his ass were on fire, the pain growing with every

Whack, “Eight, thank you Mistress.”
Whack, “Ungh. Nine, thank you Mistress.”
Whack, “Ten, thank you Mistress.”

Tara took a minute to enjoy the look of Todd’s red ass, rubbing the
ruler against the tender flesh. Todd used the minute to will his cock
down, it didn’t work.

“Stand up.” She commanded.

Todd stood with his penis pointing straight out. Tara grabbed his
cock none to gently and started to tug.

“I think you enjoyed the punishment. Tell me, was the dirty story you
were reading about a naughty little boy being punished?” Tara asked,
rubbing her fingernail against Todd’s pee slit.

“Yes, Ms. Stevens.” Todd responded blushing red at the question and
Tara’s handling of his penis.

“That should be Mistress.” Tara gave Todd’s cock another tug.

“Yes Mistress. I’m sorry Mistress.” Todd corrected himself.

“Now, If you can remain silent for the next ten I’ll let you go. If you
cry out I’ll start with your ass again. Is that clear?” Tara asked.

“Um, do you want me to count, Mistress?”

“No, Mister Walden. I want you to be silent for the entire ten count.
Then you may thank me.” Tara explained.

“Yes Mistress.”

Tara held Todd’s cock in the palm of her hand. Applying the hard
plastic ruler up and down the shaft. Todd struggled to keep from crying
out. There was no way he could stand for Mistress to start over. The
tenth whack landed squarely on the head of his cock and Todd bit his
tongue to keep from crying out. Tara was disapointed, she had so
hoped he would cry out. Well maybe next time.

“You have something to say?” Tara said with a final whack to Todd’s

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

“You may go now Mister Walden.” Tara dismissed Todd and turned back
to her work.

Todd silently pulled up his pants and walked out of the office. As he
left Sheila walked up to Ms. Stevens’s door and knocked. Todd was glad
that she hadn’t come a couple of minutes earlier. He walked straight to
the men’s room to relieve the pressure that had been building in his

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