Book Club

September 30, 2007 – 10:00 am

“Dan was an idiot,” Tina said.

“That’s not true,” Donna said. It was easy to defend her
ex-boyfriend. She’d been defending him from her friends for close
to a year. Even though the asshole had cheated on her, Donna
lapsed back into the habit of sticking up for him. It was her
lunch hour and Tina was nice enough to come across town just
to meet Donna and hear her whine about Dan. Donna felt she
should have let Tina tear him down but old habits died hard.

“Donna, listen,” Tina started. “The jerk never respected your
intelligence. How many times have you told me how he snubbed your
opinion anytime you tried to give it? The boy treated you like a
dumb blonde and that wasn’t right.”

“How smart could I have been to be with him?” Donna said. “Maybe
I’m not that bright after all.”

Tina growled. She was never one to indulge in self-pity and
she didn’t tolerate it in others. Donna’s best friend chewed her
lip for a minute while Donna waited for her to yell. Instead,
Tina came to some sort of a decision and fished out a card
from her purse.

“I wasn’t going to tell you about this, but I think you need it,”
she said.

Donna looked at the card and smirked. It said “Consequence Book
Club” and had an address.

“A book club?” Donna said. “That’s going to get me over Dan?”

“It’s a different kind of book club,” Tina said. “You need to
be in an environment where you actually get to use your brains
for something other than thinking about Dan. Our next meeting
is this Friday and our book this time is Gone With The Wind. Get
off your moping ass and read it before then and you can come with

“I don’t know, Tina,” she said. “I read ‘Wind’ years ago but
today is Monday. I won’t have time to reread it before Friday.”

Tina took Donna’s hand and squeezed it. “Donna, just do it,
okay? Trust me on this one.”

She couldn’t say no. “All right. If you really think it will

“Good,” Tina said. “I’ll pick you up at six this Friday. I’ve
got to go back to work now.”

They hugged and Tina said something odd before going.

“Oh, and dress sexy. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.”

Donna spent the rest of the week reading her old tattered copy of
Gone With the Wind and trying not to think of Dan. It was
easier than she thought. Rhett was a welcome change from Dan.
They were both scoundrels but at least Rhett had cunning. Rhett
was also never intimidated by Scarlett’s intelligence. Reading it
again reminded her of how much she had wanted a man like Rhett
when Donna was a teen and when she thought about Dan, she
wondered how her expectations could have dropped so low.

Reading didn’t help kill the physical cravings though. The three
months before she caught Dan in bed with the neighbor, he had
lost interest in their bed. They had gone from sex every other
day to not even a grope. Donna would think that with a
three-month lull in sex, she would have become used to not
getting any but that wasn’t the case. At least when he was in the
house there was the chance of sex. Now that he was completely
gone, Donna didn’t even have the physical touch that comes from
sitting together on the couch or lying beside each other in bed.
This ache was only heightened by the torrid up and down romance
of Scarlett and Rhett.

Donna read through the thick book in record time. Tina had
been right Donna didn’t have anything better to do. Her mind was
filled with the story of Scarlett, Rhett, Ashley and all the
other tragic figures. Even Donna’s southern accent was thicker
through sheer association. She still thought of Dan but it was
mixed in with thoughts on the Civil War and ballroom dances.

When Tina came to pick Donna up on Friday, the look of
approval on her face made Donna glow inside. Donna spun around to
show off the new sundress she had bought and Tina impishly
wolf whistled. The green dress set off her blonde hair and the
cleavage the dress created was almost sinful. Donna felt like a
real southern belle.

Tina, on the other hand, was dressed more formally. Her black
hair was held up in a strict topknot Donna had never seen on her
before. Tina was wearing a tight white blouse that did
nothing to cover her large breasts. Her one concession to
dressing normal was a nice pair of slacks and sensible heels.
Donna liked how her friend had dressed professionally yet sexy
enough for a date.

“What kind of book club is this?” Donna asked. “Is it some sort
of cover for meeting singles?”

“Nope,” Tina said. “Did you read the book?”

“Of course I did,” Donna said. “Though the way you’re dressed, I
don’t think anyone’s going to mind if you didn’t.”

Tina laughed. “I sure as hell would,” but she wouldn’t
elaborate. Any questions Donna had were put off as Tina
assured her they would all be answered in time. All Tina
would talk about was the book and she kept asking Donna to quiz
her on it. Donna rattled off questions as Tina drove them to
their destination. It reminded her of cramming for a test and
when she brought it up to Tina, her best friend only smiled
and told her to just wait.

The house they went to looked normal enough. It didn’t look like
a place for singles. There were only four other cars in the
driveway so it couldn’t be half the party Donna expected.
Tina didn’t appear put off so Donna followed her lead. They
walked up to the door and rang the bell.

A man answered the door and Donna instantly saw why Tina had
insisted they dress well. He was attractive but not handsome. He
was too intense to be handsome. His blue eyes looked at Tina
and than at Donna before turning back to Tina.

“Does she understand?” he asked Tina.

“She’s a fast learner,” Tina said back.

The man looked at Donna and this time she felt like she was being
evaluated. Had it been anyone else, she would have made a
smart-ass comment about boys and their clubs but she couldn’t do
that with this man. His eyes analyzed her while his mouth pursed
in thought.

“My name is Kyle. Welcome to the Consequence Book Club.”

“Thank you,” Donna said. He held the door open and they walked
in. Tina led her nervous friend to a large living area. An
entire wall was made of windows but the shades were drawn over
all of them. The furniture was dark and gothic, every piece
either covered in leather or sporting some sort of ornate
decoration. The only things bringing life to the room were
various plants hanging from hooks in the ceiling.

Other women were there and Donna was surprised that no one
stepped forward to make introductions. Tina was talking with
Kyle in the hallway and Donna wasn’t comfortable enough to talk
to these strangers. For that matter, they weren’t talking to one
another. The tension in the room wasn’t putting Donna at ease at

To pass the time she examined the other women. The first woman to
catch her eye was the oldest woman in the room. She had streaks
of gray in her blonde hair but she was in better shape than
anyone else there. Her red pantsuit gave her a professional air
marred only by the almost excessive jewelry she wore. The diamond
earrings were good but the sparkling emerald necklace and the
rather large diamond rings she had on both hands seemed to scream
that she was far too wealthy to associate with the likes of

In contrast to the older woman was a young lady who couldn’t be
more than twenty. She was a small brunette who picked nervously
at her blue jeans. Her inherent shyness was in conflict with the
white halter-top she wore that was so sheer, Donna could clearly
see the woman’s small breasts under it. The effect was close to
being topless and Donna found herself averting her eyes out of

The last stranger was a robust black woman. She sat on the couch
with a regal air that discouraged Donna from sitting anywhere
near her. She wore a purple sweater that clung to her curvy chest
and a matching purple skirt. The woman’s hair was long and
beaded, and it made little clicking noises every time she moved
her head.

Kyle and Tina entered the living room and the effect Kyle
had on the other women amazed Donna. The older woman actually
blushed. The black woman bit her bottom lip and took a deep
breath. Somehow, the younger woman became even more withdrawn,
shrinking back and tilting her head down. Even Tina was
acting different, grinning like it was her birthday and tomorrow
was Christmas.

“Donna can have the bench,” Kyle said. “Tina and Rosa, help

“Over here, Donna,” Tina said. She was pointing to a long
leather-covered bench. The black woman got up to help so Donna
assumed she was Rosa. She almost introduced herself but Tina
impatiently prodded her to go to the bench. Donna sat down on one
end but Tina shook her head and turned Donna around. When she
was straddling the bench, Rosa pushed her gently down on her
back. Rosa took care to sweep out Donna’s blonde hair so that it
hung over the edge of the bench.

“What’s going on, Tina?” Donna asked as her friend spread
Donna’s legs. Mona was gently pulling her arms back and Donna
felt extremely vulnerable. That feeling only escalated when she
felt cold steel quickly slip around her wrists and ankles almost

Being bound changed everything. Donna demanded again to know what
was going on.

Tina was smiling and Donna found that infuriating. “It’s part
of the book club, Donna. Trust me, okay? You’ll love it.”

There was nothing Donna could do. She tested her restraints but
the metal cuffs that held her gave her no freedom. She would have
to trust Tina and although Donna knew her friend would never
hurt her, Donna couldn’t help worrying over what was to come

For now it appeared to be the restraining of the others. Kyle
ordered Tina to the back of the couch and Donna watched in
amazement as her friend pulled down her pants and underwear. With
her ass now bare, Tina draped herself over the couch. She was
facing Donna and Donna couldn’t get over how happy her friend
looked. Kyle produced a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Tina’s
hands behind her back.

“Don’t worry, Donna. Just relax and have fun,” Tina called
out to her friend.

Donna was too stunned to argue. Across from her, Kyle was
removing a plant from its ceiling hook and replacing it with a
length of chain. He called the older woman to him by name and
Lucy was quick to obey. She willingly slipped on leather manacles
that Kyle then attached to the ceiling chain. Lucy had to
stretch in order to reach the ceiling but Kyle seemed oblivious
to her discomfort. He was more concerned with popping open the
buttons on her jacket to reveal the white lace bra she had
underneath. As Donna stared, Kyle yanked down Lucy’s skirt to
expose her white panties and bare legs. She wondered why Kyle
stripped Lucy while Tina undressed on her own. From the big
smile on Lucy’s face, Donna assumed the woman just enjoyed the
personal attention.

The youngest woman was next. Kyle called her Jen, and ordered
her to the chair. Without being told, Jen stripped off her pants
and halter-top. She was completely nude when she sat down on a
hard wooden chair. The chair must have been cold because Jen
hissed when she sat on it. Kyle paid her no mind as he chained
her ankles to the legs of the chair and her wrists to the arms.
Donna noticed the longing Jen had in her eyes for the mysterious
Kyle but the man didn’t give her a second glance.

Kyle assigned Lucy to another bench. She shimmied out of her
sweater to uncover the largest breasts Donna had ever seen. She
tried to take off her skirt but Kyle stopped her and made her
lie face down on the bench. Donna watched as Rosa’s large breasts
were crushed flat on the leather padding. Kyle chained her
wrists and ankles to the bench legs just as he had done to Donna.
When he was finished, he lifted Rosa’s skirt to reveal her wide
mocha ass without panties, of course.

“I now call this meeting of the Consequence Book Club to order,”
Kyle said. He opened a desk and selected a riding crop. He
swished it through the air several times to test his swing and
all eyes in the room followed every movement of the crop. The
sight of the implement frightened Donna but she was too surprised
to protest. What had she gotten herself into?

“As you know, tonight’s book is Gone With the Wind. I trust you
all enjoyed it as much as I did. I have no doubt that you studied
it well.”

“We’ll start with Rosa,” Kyle said. “Rosa, what was the last
names of the twins, Stuart and Brent?”

Donna thought about it as Rosa tried to remember them. They were
small characters, and other than a report on their death, they
never appeared again after the first page. Despite this, Donna
knew the answer.

“I don’t know,” Rosa admitted. “Johnson?”

Kyle clucked his tongue. “No guesses,” he said.

He brought the riding crop down on Rosa’s ass and the loud CRACK
echoed through the living room. Rosa gritted her teeth but didn’t
complain at all.

“Jen, same question,” Kyle asked. “What was the name of the

The young woman swallowed. “I have no idea,” she said in a

“I appreciate the honesty,” Kyle said and swung the crop down
hard on Jen’s spread thigh. Jen cried out and tugged at the
chains that held her. Donna’s stomach clenched at the sound of
those chains pulling and Jen breathing harder.

“Tina, do you know their names?” Kyle asked.

Donna’s friend smiled. “The Tarleton twins,” she said.

“Excellent,” Kyle said. He was standing behind Tina and
Donna couldn’t see where his hands were now moving. Tina
gasped and then purred as Kyle did something out of Donna’s

“It’s your turn, Donna,” Kyle said. He walked from around
Tina and Donna couldn’t help noticing that his fingers were
glistening with moisture. He had just fingered her best friend!

“This is crazy,” Donna said. Cute guy or not, she wasn’t this
desperate for male company! She was about to insist on being
released when Kyle stood over her. Her protests choked in her
throat. The intensity of his eyes was focused on her bound body
and her stomach was twisting but in a good way. He reached down,
grabbed the hem of her dress, and slowly pulled it up over her
waist. She was being undressed and against everything her common
sense was telling her, she was enjoying the attention.

“Donna, who was Ashley Wilkes engaged to?”

It was an easy question but Donna had a hard time remembering
with her dress pulled up. Instead of concentrating, Donna
couldn’t stop watching Kyle as he tapped the crop in his hand.
Would he strike her thigh as he did to Jen or smack her
elsewhere? Worse, what if she got it right? If he touched her
sex, would she be able to be indignant or would she moan like

“Melanie,” Donna said. “Her name was Melanie.”

“Not bad for a first timer,” Kyle said. The tip of crop stroked
gently up her thigh and Donna tensed. Up and down the crop tip
moved, teasing her skin and making her clench in anticipation.
Lightly it brushed over her yellow panties and briefly she felt
the tip of the crop pass over her pussy before pulling away.

Kyle walked toward Lucy and asked her a question but Donna
wasn’t listening. She was too confused. As much as she was
dreading sexual contact she was more disappointed when the
contact she received was so light. There was no telling what he
had done to Tina but just from her moans she knew it had to
be more than what she received. Donna couldn’t explain it but she
felt distinctly rejected.

Lucy must have answered wrong because Kyle was swinging the crop
upward toward the woman’s breasts. The crop landed hard on her
bra, slapping loudly against the cloth. The bra must not have
offered much protection because Lucy was wincing as Kyle swung
again. He slapped both breasts twice and then walked away as Lucy

“Your turn, Rosa,” Kyle said. “Which of Scarlett’s parents went

“It was the father, and I didn’t need Lucy saying it was the
mother to know,” Rosa said. She was proud although she was bound
facedown with her ass showing.

Kyle chuckled. “I’m sure you didn’t,” he said. He used the crop
to trace a line down Rosa’s back. The large woman closed her eyes
and tilted her head back as the crop traveled down her spine. She
shivered and even moaned a little as the crop traveled over her
ass. The tip dipped down between her thighs and Donna strained to
watch from her bound position. All she knew was that what Kyle
did put a big smile on Rosa’s face.

“Jen, finish this line: I can stand anything from you but what?”

“See you cry?” Jen asked.

“A better guess than some,” Kyle said but it didn’t stop him
from spanking her with the crop. He hit her four times on both
thighs, striking rapidly as she twisted in the chair. Jen cried
out with each hit but they were cries of pleasure mixed in with
the pain.

“Need me to repeat the question, Tina?” Kyle asked.

Tina was still glowing from her earlier reward. “I know this
one. He can’t stand to see her with another man.”

“Romantic, but wrong,” Kyle said. He grabbed Tina’s hair and
pulled her head back as he spanked her with the crop. One, two,
three, four times he hit her on the ass and Donna could hear
every painful slap. Tina’s face was scrunched up in pain but
she was also annoyed with herself for missing the question.

Donna was feeling conflicted. She felt bad for Tina getting
spanked yet at the same time she was also relieved. She knew the
answer to this question and she worried that Tina might steal
the reward away. Donna hadn’t been hit with the crop yet and the
sound of all these women moaning was just reminding her of what
she had been missing since her boyfriend left.

“Same question, Donna,” Kyle said.

“He couldn’t stand Scarlett to lie,” Donna said.

The smile on Kyle’s face was genuine and Donna felt herself
flutter inside. “Excellent. You are doing great.”

Donna watched as the crop moved between her thighs. The tip of
the crop slipped under her panties and glided across her pubic
hair. As the leather pushed against her sex, Donna pulled at her
restraints out of frustration. She gasped when the crop stroked
over her lips, back and forth as Kyle teased her. When Kyle
removed the crop, Donna could feel that her face had flushed and
Tina was looking right at her. She expected her friend to say
something but Tina was too engrossed in the game for

The questions continued and Donna was caught up in the
competition to please Kyle and answer his endless questions. The
punishments kept increasing in severity and more clothes were
lost through attrition. Donna was surprised at the amount of pain
the other women could endure. Rosa suffered through a five-minute
spanking on her thighs but never came close to asking Kyle to
stop. In fact, Donna noticed that the black woman was humping the
bench as he spanked her! The pain only heightened Rosa’s desire.
Jen missed a question about the soldiers who came to the
plantation and received a harsh cropping on her right breast.
Kyle never hesitated as he cropped her nipple again and again as
Jen moaned and thrashed. Her small breast was covered with welts
but other than being upset over not knowing the answer, Jen
didn’t mind at all.

Lucy confused the order of Scarlett’s children and paid dearly
for it. Kyle spun her around and spanked her bare ass without
mercy. Donna watched as Lucy’s ass went from pink to red to a
dark crimson before Kyle finally relented. Lucy whimpered when
he stepped away and Donna was shocked to realize that Lucy was
whimpering because he had stopped!

She saw similar behavior from Tina. When her friend didn’t
know the name of Scarlett’s first husband, Kyle decided that her
punishment had to be more than just a simple spanking. He
produced a pair of metal clamps from a pocket. The other women
moaned in sympathy for Tina but Donna suspected they were
jealous. Kyle snapped the nasty looking clamps right over
Tina’s bare breasts. Her friend cried out at the biting pain
and her eyes were shut in extreme pain. Yet when she opened her
eyes, Donna recognized the small look of triumph in her friend’s

Donna understood where that triumph came from during one of her
own rare punishments. It was a terribly trivial question about
the length of Rhett’s military service, a fact so odd and barely
important that Donna suspected he gave it to her just so she
would miss one. Instead of being offended at being given a rigged
question, Donna was excited at the prospect of what he might do
with her.

For starters he removed her panties. Because of the way she was
bound, he had to cut them with a pocket knife, and Donna had
chills from the touch of cold steel on her thigh. When her
panties were removed, Kyle walked around to Donna’s head and
stood over her. She looked straight up at him as he readied his
riding crop. His eyes were focused on her and that just made her

He brought the crop down, not on a thigh, but directly onto her
sex. It was a light tap but the shock of being struck there was
intense. The crop came down again a little harder and this time
she could feel the sting directly on her pussy lips. Her sex
clenched hard as the crop came down again and again on her sex.
Donna tried not to scream but after the seventh spank, she
couldn’t help herself. The pain was so intense it bit deeply into
her very being. Donna shut her eyes and shrieked with every sharp
slap. The chains held her tight as the harsh sensations increased
and multiplied. When Kyle finally stopped, Donna shivered and
collapsed in her bonds. She ached, but at the same time, being
the center of this man’s attention was priceless.

It wasn’t all punishment. There were rewards as well. It started
with caresses from his hands or maybe a gentle stroke from the
crop. As the rewards escalated, Kyle became more personal and
Donna found that the womens’ jealousy became more visible as
well. When Kyle rewarded Rosa with a kiss, Tina actually
growled. Jen was rewarded with a shoulder rub and the icy gaze of
hatred from Lucy said it all.

Since Donna was getting more answers correct than the others, she
received more rewards. At first she was a little taken back by
the soft intimacies Kyle gave her, but she realized it was silly
to be shy about a guy who had her bound in his living room. He
started by giving her little kisses where his tongue barely
parted her lips. As she got more answers right, Kyle’s mouth
moved downward to her neck, to her shoulders, and even to the
cleavage of her sundress. His hands become involved as well and
Donna was surprised at how gentle his fingers were in comparison
to the cruelty of his crop.

The stakes were raised to a new level when Kyle unzipped his
pants. Donna watched as he slipped out of his pants to reveal his
cock. It wasn’t particularly large but it was proud and hard.
Kyle asked Jen a question that Donna didn’t even pay attention
to. When she got it right, Kyle simply pulled her head to his
cock. Donna watched in a jealous fit as the young woman took
Kyle into her mouth.

They all had a chance with Kyle’s cock and Donna was surprised
by how badly she competed to have it. If Tina had told her
last week that Donna would spend a few hours answering questions
for the privilege of feeling a cock, Donna would have laughed and
never stopped. Yet here she was, racking her memory for the name
of the old woman Rhett loaned money to in order to get his
children accepted. She got the answer right and Kyle bent down
so she could run her lips over his hard length. Donna didn’t even
mind that his cock was already wet from other mouths. For now, it
was all hers.

Kyle announced that it was the final round of questions and that
once everyone had answered one more question, the night was over.
Donna looked at the wall clock and was surprised to see that it
was already midnight. After a week that had dragged on too long,
this special night went far too fast. Donna felt a knot of fear
grow in her as she considered what he said. Throughout the night,
despite how he rewarded or punished her, Donna hadn’t had a
climax. For that matter, none of the women had. Was the night to
end without satisfaction?

It was Rosa’s turn but Kyle didn’t make it simple for her. He
climbed onto the bench and got right on top of her. She moaned as
his cock wedged between her buttocks. Kyle pressed down on her
and it was obvious that Rosa enjoyed having so much of him
touching her. She almost didn’t hear the question although his
mouth was right by her ear.

“How old was Rhett when he left Scarlett at the end of the

Rosa didn’t answer. She closed her eyes and although she was
tightly bound, she ground against Kyle’s body as best she could.
It was clear to Donna that Rosa didn’t know the answer but she
was milking the time as best she could. Donna couldn’t blame

“I need an answer,” Kyle said.

“Fifty?” Rosa asked.

“Wrong,” Kyle said. To Donna’s surprise, Kyle didn’t punish
her. He simply climbed off her body and moved to Jen. Maybe that
was punishment enough.

He kneeled in front of Jen, put his hands on her thighs, and the
young woman moaned as he massaged her thighs with his hands. Her
legs were covered with the welts he had placed there and Jen
winced under his touch. It didn’t mean she complained though.

“How old was Rhett, Jen?” Kyle asked.

Unlike Rosa, Jen wasted no time in guessing. “Forty?” she said.

Kyle kissed her knee. “No,” he said.

He Mona and walked over to Lucy. Her underarms were still pink
from where he had used the crop last. Kyle walked up to her and
wrapped his arms around her. His hands grabbed her ass and she
cried out as his fingers squeezed the welts he had put there over
the course of the evening. He pulled her close to him and his
cock was trapped between their bodies.

“Have an answer, Lucy?” Kyle asked.

“I know this one,” Lucy pleaded. “Let me think, let me think,”
she said, although Kyle wasn’t saying anything. He was, however,
dancing slowly against her. With her arms stretched up above her
head, there was little she could do except move her hips with
him. She tried closing her eyes to think but it was obvious from
the way she danced with him that she wasn’t thinking at all.

“Forty-seven,” Lucy finally said.

“No,” Kyle said and he stopped dancing immediately. Lucy only

“Tina, you and Donna have performed the best tonight,” Kyle
said. “Because of that, I will give each of you a chance to
answer and whoever comes closer will get the reward. The other
will just watch.”

Kyle walked behind Tina’s bent over body and Tina
squealed when he entered her. Donna’s jealousy burned within her
as she watched her best friend accept the cock that should be
hers. Kyle pumped his hips once and then withdrew from her body.
Tina shuddered and moaned in frustration.

“I think he was forty-two,” Tina said.

“Let’s see what Donna says,” Kyle said. He walked over to Donna
and his cock was shiny from being inside Tina. Donna didn’t
mind. She was silent as he climbed on top of her and she didn’t
even flinch when his skin touched the various welts on her body.
For some reason, he didn’t enter her. His cock was pressing down
on her sex, just barely outside of her wet, wet pussy.

“How old was Rhett, Donna?” Kyle asked.

It was crystal clear in her mind. “He said he was forty-five,”
Donna said.

“I knew you would get it,” Kyle said and the moans of
disappointment from the other women were drowned out by Donna’s
scream of delight as Kyle entered her. His cock entered quickly
and hard, taking Donna by surprise but she welcomed him. It was
her reward, hers by right of her intelligence and she planned to
enjoy every thrust, every roll of his hips, every gasp he uttered
on top of her bound body.

Donna strained against her restraints. She wanted to hold him as
he rode her. His cock kept driving into her as she ached to wrap
her thighs around him. The cuffs held onto her wrists and ankles
no matter how hard she pulled and struggled. Eventually she gave
up trying to move her limbs and moved the parts she could move.
Donna could move her hips, pressing up into Kyle as he thrust
down into her. She could move her mouth against his, kissing and
biting whenever his lips came close enough. When his hands groped
her breasts, she arched her back and forced her nipples against
his hands. Again she felt like she was being rewarded for using
her mind.

In the back of her mind, was the fear that he might quit at any
moment. Chained as she was, there was nothing she could do if he
did stop. Maybe he would climax and roll right off her. Perhaps
at any moment he could withdraw and say her reward was over. The
thought of not getting off terrified Donna and only made her
thrust against him harder. She just had to come tonight and even
though she was bound, she refused to believe she was helpless.
Donna moaned. She clenched him as tightly as she could with her
pussy. The far from helpless woman made all the right sounds and
all the right moves to keep Kyle pumping and pumping.

Finally, it happened. She felt as if she had been ignited from
within. Donna melted into the bench as Kyle continued to ride
her. The sexual frustration and tension that had built up over
the past few months was released amid her moans of pleasure. One
orgasm blurred into another and Donna was only barely aware of
the frustrated moans of the other women. Briefly she wished she
could share that wonderful feeling of climax but it was quickly
forgotten as she succumbed to the continuing pleasures.

When Kyle pulled out of her, she realized she didn’t even feel
him come. He released her restraints and walked away to free the
others. Donna could barely move but she found the strength to
pull her dress back down over her body. None of the other women
were talking and when Donna started to say something, Tina
signaled to her to be quiet. There was a sharp tension in the
air. The women were obviously very turned on but denied the
satisfaction Donna had enjoyed. All of them were impatient to
leave and Donna found herself imagining how vigorously and
completely all of them would be masturbating as soon as they were
able. She was proud of herself for not needing to masturbate and
she carried her afterglow on her face like a trophy.

Once all the women were dressed, Kyle spoke again. “The book for
next time is The Count of Monte Cristo. I recommend you read it
completely and do not fool yourselves into watching a movie
adaptation. Arrive promptly at the usual time. This meeting of
the Consequences Book Club is adjourned.”
The end.

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