Captain’s Orders

August 28, 2007 – 10:00 am

The morning began uneventfully.  The girl who woke me left before I
could see who she was.  I didn’t go the common showers because of my sinful
shower the night before.  Even Captain Malory’s quarters were tame as the lusty
Captain slept alone last night.  When I woke the Captain up and performed the
mundane chore of getting her a glass of water, she climbed out of bed, flipped
her computer on and immediately began reading files.  I would find out later
that the entire ship was wired into a computer network and that the other
officers filed daily reports to Kristen.  The Captain made reading the reports a
daily ritual as she searched for something to amuse herself for the day.

Kristen Malory sat at her desk, still completely nude.  Even with her red
hair a tangled mess she was still the sexiest woman I had ever seen.  The
sunlight reflecting off the water bathed her body in an amber glow.  She absent-
mindedly played with her nipple as she read the reports, twisting and coaxing
the red nub until it was hard and flushed.  I couldn’t tell if she was doing it
just to tease me but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

“Cabin Boy, help me get dressed,” she commanded as she stood up.  “We
already have two members of the crew in the brig for infractions.  I want to
spend my morning making sure that they are suitably punished.  It’ll be a good
opportunity for you. We’ll see if we can make a proper spanker out of you.”

Oh my God.  My heart was racing as I rushed to get Captain Malory dressed. 
For once, it looked like I would be the one humiliating someone!  I’m ashamed at
how excited this made me but I couldn’t deny the feeling of impending power I
felt.  Being the only male on board, I was always conscious of how low in the
pecking order I was.  When women weren’t avoiding me out of fear of Malory, they
were usually snickering at me for some reason or another.

Captain Malory dressed the part as I helped her.  Today she choose to wear
a white halter-top in which the full shape of her plentiful breasts was clearly

She neglected to wear panties, and decided on a short red skirt that
barely came down over her ass.  While I laced up her six-inch-heel thigh boots,
Captain Malory slipped on a leather jacket that had been torn just enough to give
her the ‘pirate trash’ look she favored.  A sword belt was added, and a dagger
was slipped into a boot sheath.  Once again she looked like a slut from a Pirate
Romance novel.

She wasn’t finished yet.  A red and white striped bandana was used to hold
her long red hair back.  This allowed people to admire the incredibly large gold
hoop earrings she wore.  Being a woman, she of course had to put make-up on,
something that caused me to wait very impatiently.  Ruby lipstick for her lips I
expected, but then she took out some face paint and did something truly bizarre. 
She painted a black circle around her right eye, and then filled it in
completely.  It looked exactly like an eye patch, but being paint she didn’t
have to keep her eye closed.

“What do you think?” My sexy employer asked.

Keeping in mind that this woman decided whether I got laid on this ship, I
lied.  “It looks very sexy,” I answered.

“Perfect, let’s get me some breakfast and then on to the brig,” she said. 

Like an excited puppy I hurried behind her.  Captain Malory took her time
at breakfast, relishing her meal.  I had the distinct feeling she was
teasing me. I don’t think anyone could take that long to eat.  On the other
hand, she was using her dagger to eat, so maybe she didn’t want to cut herself. 
Sometimes I think she carries this pirate fetish a bit far, but since this  is
what gained me the chance to
watch naked women all day I wasn’t feeling too judgmental.

Upon arriving at the brig, I felt a shiver as I stepped into a place
created for the sexual bondage of others.  The brig is, as you would imagine, a
very dark place filled with an assortment of chairs, tables, and odd-looking
wooden frames decorated with metal shackles.  Light came in only through very
small portholes. There were several electric lamps but they were shut off at the

Ornate wood paneling covered the walls, and a dark hard wood floor wrapped the
room in a smoldering sensuality.  I spotted a chest; similar to the one Captain
Malory kept in her room.  I knew what kinds of toys and chains we would find

Taking center stage in this room of sensual trials was a nude woman bound
to some sort of bench.  Face down, her wrists and ankles were chained firmly to
the legs of the bench. Her back and buttocks were about waist-high to me,
allowing easy examination of her sensitive parts.  The woman’s head
lifted up when we came in, revealing a pretty face framed in an oval of short
blond hair.  At first I thought she might be Jamie, Dr. Allston’s assistant, but
I saw that I was wrong.  This girl had a look of fear on her face that would
never appear on the bitch nurse’s face. 

Hanging on the far wall was a table that was slanted at a forty-five
degree angle.  Chains suspended the table from the ceiling as well as secured
the nude struggling woman on the table.  She had the dark tan everyone had on
board this ship, a golden color that covered her from head to toe.  Her dark
brown hair was in a ponytail, and it was pulled straight up and tied to post
above her head.  This prevented her from struggling much, which I thought was a
damn shame.  She had the largest set of natural breasts that I had seen, two
large tanned globes that just begged to bounce around while the girl struggled
I resolved to free her hair as soon as possible.

“No one keeps an eye on them, Captain?” I asked.

“You think I should have some big muscular girl with long blonde hair and
a spiked collar keeping an eye on them?” she asked sarcastically.  “This is a
ship, Cabin Boy, and on a ship, everyone does their job and we don’t need to set
aside someone to baby-sit the disobedient slackers.  First Mate Jordan assigns
crewmembers to come by and give the punished a bathroom break, which is all the
attention I’m willing to give those who can’t follow the rules of the ship.”

“But Captain,” the blonde protested, “Bonnie and I were only a little
bit late to our duties!  It’ll never happen again!”

The Captain quickly slapped the blonde’s ass, causing her to squeal at the
sting of the blow.  “I’ve read your discipline report, Brenda, and according
to crewmember Patton, you and Bonnie were over two hours late because you both
overslept.  I can see now that you’re the type to lie and whine about your
deserved fate.”

“Cabin Boy, retrieve the gags from the chest and gag these two sluts. I
want to work on them in peace,” Captain Malory said as she stroked Brenda’s

“Aye, aye, Captain!” I beamed.  Oh yeah, it was easy to get into the
spirit of things with two hot babes tied up and at our mercy.  I selected two
ball gags from the chest and buckled them onto our two captives.  This was the
first time I had ever done this, and the only mishap was when I had squeezed the
straps too tight on the big-breasted woman’s head.  Her enormous chest
distracted me but she began flailing right away.  I quickly loosened the stress
of the gag, but Captain Malory was already chuckling at me.  Great, I was already
making an idiot of myself.

I had to admit the ball gags looked great.  The white balls held their
lips open, forming a perfect ‘O’ of desire.  It caused them to look like they
were ready to suck down a cock at a moment’s notice.  Or perhaps they were
moaning their pleasures, their lips frozen open. 

Captain Malory selected a pair of paddles from the chest, and surprised me
by handing me one.  The paddle was black with a white skull and crossbones
pattern etched into it.  The grip was leather, and imitated the handle on
Malory’s sword.  Not many paddles came with a wrist guard.  Captain Malory then
went to Brenda’s backside and motioned for me to follow.  Standing on the
opposite side of Brenda’s exposed ass Captain Malory began my education.
“If you are ever to gain any respect on this ship, you must learn how to
paddle a woman’s ass,” my thoughtful employer said.  “First, you stroke your
paddle over the woman’s ass like this.  It helps to prepare her for the
punishment to come as well as to draw her attention to the coming ordeal.”

 She illustrated her point by rubbing her paddle over Brenda’s ass,
softly as if she were laying icing down on a cake.  Goosebumps were rising on
Brenda’s ass; the tension must have been terrible for her.  I helped the
Captain, letting my paddle join hers as we fondled Brenda’s ripe ass.  When
the captain was satisfied that Brenda was scared out of her mind, she
continued her teaching.

“Your problem is that you’re too timid,” Captain Malory
explained.  “Never forget that these daughters of dogs are getting paid a lot of
money to do their duties.  They knew the rules when they signed on yet they
still insist on slacking off.  Don’t show these bitches any mercy, because they
are robbing me of my wealth.  On the other cheek don’t let yourself get angry. 
If you get angry, then they might get hurt, and if they get hurt I’ll lose more
money from the lawsuits.  Be firm, be ruthless, and be controlled.  Are you
ready to give her the first one?”

“Aye, aye, Captain,” I said, my cock throbbing from the excitement I felt. 
Lifting my paddle up, I remembered everything she told me.  Then with as much
force as I could control, I brought the paddle down on Brenda’s waiting ass. 

Smack! The sounded exploded in the room, followed by Brenda’s muffled
shriek.  Brenda jumped in her chains, but she was too secure to move much.  I
was quite proud of myself. 

“No, no, no,” my unimpressed captain said.  “Like this,” she said and then
SMACK! The paddle came down, flattening Brenda’s left buttock.  Instantly, a
welt appeared in the shape of the skull and crossbones.  Brenda flailed for a
good three seconds from that blow.

“Try again,” Captain Malory said.  “And remember to move your paddle
around.  Striking the same place repeatedly is too painful for anyone to endure,
even these scurvy sluts.”

That was how I learned to spank a woman.  I would bring my paddle down,
and then Captain Malory would critique me and bring her paddle down to show me
how to improve.  One, two; one, two; our spanks rained down on Brenda’s
ever-moving ass.  Red welts covered her ass as Kristen Malory taught me the
finer points of spanking.  Watching Brenda’s ass bouncing from every paddle
spank, I noticed for the first time how sexy an ass could be.  I just didn’t
know that it needed to be covered in the red heat of a good spanking to be truly

Oh how her ass moved! The red buttocks would clench after every spank and
often her hips would shift lewdly as she tried to comfort herself.  Captain
Malory would spank the lower side of her buttocks and it would cause Brenda to
bounce forward, almost as if she was humping the bench.  Between the two of us,
we made Brenda dance on that bench as she tried to avoid the stinging spanks
we gave her.

“Enough, my eager cabin Boy,” Captain Malory said, and I reluctantly
obeyed.  “It is always a sure sign to stop when the victim’s tears are flowing
this freely.”

I walked around to Brenda’s head, and to my shock, Captain Malory was
right.  Brenda was sobbing, still twisting in her bonds as she tried to
comfort herself on the hard bench.  I felt like shit.  While I was getting my
kicks, this poor girl was crying her eyes out.

Captain Malory must have read my expression, because she grabbed my hand. 
“Here, feel this,” Captain Malory, placing my hand directly on Brenda’s sex. 
To my surprise, she was wet – exceedingly so.  I gently pushed, and my finger
slid right into the slippery opening.  Brenda moaned through her gag as I
pulled my finger out.

“Some tears are for pain, but some are also for desire,” Captain Malory
said.  “Just make sure you know which are which.”

It was good advice; invaluable actually.  I trusted this older woman
completely and was grateful that she saw something worthwhile in me to teach.  I
just wished I wasn’t receiving sex advice from a woman who had painted herself
an eye patch.

“Cabin Boy, bring me the small cat-o-nine tails from the box.  Bonnie
shall be your next study partner,” Captain Malory commanded.

I selected the tool she required and took the time to admire it.  It was
an intimidating toy.  Just like the paddles, the handle was leather and shaped
like a sword hilt.  Tapering from the hilt were nine separate leather lashes. 
The lashes were a foot long and about a quarter inch wide.  A little fearful of
this new device, I handed it to Captain Malory with respect.

“You use the same technique as you would a paddle, my Cabin Boy,” Captain
Malory said.  She slowly trailed the rod of the whip over Bonnie’s heavy
breasts, and I bit my bottom lip as I watched.  She passed the lashes softly
over Bonnie’s nipples, and already the red buds were hardening.  Malory laughed
but kept passing the whip over Bonnie’s breasts.  Bonnie stared at Malory,
tensing for the lashings that couldn’t be avoided.  Malory knew this of course,
and took her time as she toyed with her victim.  Her crimson lips formed a
sneer as she lazily passed the lashes over her victim.

“Take your weapon, Cabin Boy,” Captain Malory said, passing me the cat-o-
nine tails. 

Bonnie’s brown eyes relaxed when she saw me take the whip.  This really
pissed me off.  I was used to not getting respect out in the hallways, but
getting this total disregard when I was armed was just too insulting.  Gripping
the cat-of-nine tails tightly, I planned to do my best to wipe the relief off
her face.  I stepped back, and held my arm back so that I could lash her across
the breasts, from right to left.

SWISH! The lashes swished right across her large right breast, creating a
very satisfying cutting noise as the lashes bit into her smooth skin. 

My first swipe totally missed her left breast, so I swung the whip
backhanded.  SWISH!  That time I lashed her left breast perfectly, causing her
whole body to shift to the right.  Her ponytail went tight as she accidentally
jerked so violently it pulled at her bound hair.

Faint pink stripes were already appearing on her right breast, so I
lashed it again. SWISH! I added to the nine marks already there with another
distinct set.  Again she shifted away from my whip, turning as much as she could
in her bonds to the left.  The ponytail jerked again, and I wondered if the
tears beginning to spill from her
eyes were from my lashes or the pain of her hair being pulled.

SWISH!  I changed my angle this time, bringing the whip down at a diagonal
angle starting from higher up.  This way I was able to lash the inside of her
cleavage, coloring her left breast with red trails.  I tried to do the right
side of her cleavage the same way, but the angle was too difficult to do easily. 
It didn’t matter to Bonnie; she still tried to dodge, no matter how impractical
it was.

Left to right, right to left, and inside her cleavage, I covered Bonnie’s
chest with red stripes.  The noise was terrible and exciting at the same time. 
With every swing, the sound of the air being sliced was punctuated by the sound
of stinging flesh and Bonnie’s muted screams.  Her nipples were bright crimson,
the blood rushing as I brought the lashes straight down on her large aureoles. 
When I struck her nipples just right, her whole body would arch against her
bonds, lifting her back and ass towards me.

When my arms began to be as heavy as a cannonball, Captain Malory stopped
me with a simple raising of her hand.  I stopped, and realized just how
exhausted I was.  My arm and wrist were aching, but it was worth it.  Bonnie’s
body was dripping with sweat and trembling all over from the punishment I gave
her.  Her heaving breasts were a dark red color with small spots of white where
my lashes had somehow missed her.  It was strange; I don’t think I was as
turned on by her generous breasts as much as I was turned on by the knowledge
that I was the one who made them look so beautiful.

“Check the color of her tears, Cabin Boy,” Captain Malory commanded, and I
knew exactly what she meant.  I placed my hand over Bonnie’s sex, which shocked
her clenched eyes into opening.   After pausing for a count of five seconds, I
slipped my middle finger right into Bonnie’s sex.  I felt her pussy clench my
finger and there was a load moan from under her ballgag.  My finger fucked her
wet sex for a few thrusts, and then I pulled out.  My heart was racing, but I
was trying to emulate Captain Malory’s steel nerves by being as outwardly calm as

“I’d say those are tears of arousal,” I said smugly as I held up my
glistening middle finger.

Maybe I was a little too smug.  Maybe Captain Malory was just really horny. 
Whatever the reason, the gorgeous redhead smiled and took my hand in hers. 
Locking those gray eyes on me, Kristen stuck her tongue out and moved my finger
to her mouth.  Inch by inch, she sucked my finger in and I nearly whimpered from
the sight.  I had been daydreaming about placing something in her mouth for days
now and to see my finger go where my cock could only dream nearly made me beg
for sex right there.

“Yes, I would say you’re right,” captain Malory said when she removed my
finger from her mouth.  Her tongue made sure there wasn’t a drop of Bonnie on
my finger when it left her mouth.  I merely stood there dumbly while she talked.

“Release them from their shackles, and handcuff their wrists behind their
backs,” Malory commanded.  I did as she said; eager to do anything to take my
mind off of the fingerjob she’d given me.
While I released the grateful victims, Captain Malory was preparing for
their next ordeal.  She stepped onto a pedestal that was a foot off the ground. 
Opening a bottle she retrieved from the toy chest, she squirted some sort of
brown substance onto her tall thigh high boots.  It was distracting to watch
Captain Malory make a mess of her boots and I was dreading polishing them later. 
When I had both Bonnie and Brenda down on the ground and their wrists tightly
handcuffed, Captain Malory instructed me further.

“Remove their gags, Cabin Boy,” she commanded from her perch.  “Listen my
lazy wenches.  I’m giving you a chance to earn back the work you stole from me. 
I’ve just poured a particularly sticky syrup on my boots, and it is your job to
clean them.  Bonnie, you have my right boot to clean, Brenda, you shall take
the left.  I don’t want to step down from her until you have removed every lick
of this syrup from my boots.  I don’t need to tell you two that you are not to
use your hands, do I?”

“No, Captain,” Bonnie said weakly.  Brenda merely stared at the tall
length of the Captain’s boots.  I can’t say I blamed her.

“Well, get to it!” Captain Malory snarled.  The girls immediately crawled
over to the Captain, hobbling on their knees with her hands cuffed behind them. 
Soon they were both licking the Captain’s boots, although you could see them
hesitate, as their tongues tasted the salty leather under the sweet syrup. 
Brenda was the worst, she kept trying to lick Malory’s boots in a way that
didn’t get blonde hair into the syrup. 

Malory was not amused.  “Cabin Boy, get the paddle and motivate whichever
one you think is the slowest.”

By the time I returned from the toy box, both of them were working pretty
fast on her boots.  I knew my redheaded captain wouldn’t be impressed, no matter
how much faster they were.  Plus I was eager to please my demanding Captain. 
Rubbing my paddle over Bonnie’s bouncing ass, I looked to my Captain for
confirmation.  A nodding smile was all I needed.

A single spank motivated Bonnie wonderfully.  Her entire body undulated
as she tried to lick the sticky syrup faster.  Since that was the first spank
her bottom had received that day, I felt confident in raining a few more blows
to her buttocks.  Bonnie’s round ass jerked from every blow, which was erotic
enough, but Malory’s sensual smile of approval was even more of a turn-on.  

Brenda was slowing down in my opinion, so I gave her a wake-up spank as
well.  She cried out as soon as the black paddle collided with her already
crimson ass.  Brenda was even more encouraged by my spanks than Bonnie was
due to the tender state of her lovely tight ass.  I was careful not to spank her
more than twice before switching to Bonnie. There was no sense over doing it. 
Especially since Bonnie’s ass wasn’t even half as red as Brenda’s.

Captain Malory stood quietly as the two lovely ladies licked her boots. 
She stood tall and proud, her hands on her hips and her smile never losing any
of it’s wickedness.  Captain Malory could have been posing for a painting with
the commanding presence she projected.  The girls, on the other hand, looked
like worshipping island slaves with their dark tans and lovely nude bodies.  The
two women were upright on their knees, still licking the boots like their
life depended on it.  As sexy as they were bent over, the two of them were even
sexier upright.  Their breasts would hang down as they leaned forward and I had
to resist the urge to reach out and cup the soft hanging tits.  I didn’t think
Malory would approve if I copped a feel, so I stuck to spanking the two gals. 
Eventually I managed to get both of their asses to be the same shade of red.

When the girls had finally, franticly cleaned Malory’s boots, the captain
raised her hands for me to stop my paddling.  Hands still on her hips, she spoke
down to the guilty gals.

“Remember this punishment the next time you shirk your duties,” Captain
Malory said.  “Ask yourself, would you rather clean your assigned areas with a
brush, or would you rather clean my boots with your tongue?”

“We’ll be good, Captain, I swear it!” Bonnie said.  Brenda tried to
profuse her loyalty as well, but Malory silenced her with a raised hand.

“Silence, you two aren’t done yet,” Captain Malory declared.  “You have one
more cleaning job left.”

Captain Malory stepped down from the pedestal, and sat down before her
frightened crew.  She lifted her red skirt to her hips, and leaned back on the
pedestal grabbing the chair behind her to lean on.  Her nude pussy on the
pedestal and her body stretching back with her elbows resting comfortably on the
chair seat, Captain Malory merely waited for them to get the message.  Since they
were slow to understand, I took the initiative to give each of them a loud,
unexpected spank.

“Very good, Cabin Boy,” Captain Malory purred as the two girls bent down to
lap at her pussy.  Their hands bound, the two girls fought to keep their balance
as they were both bent over.  Since there was nothing for me to do except watch
two pretty women lick an even prettier woman, I kept giving the two gals
occasional spanks.  Captain Malory didn’t object.  Both of her hands were
grabbing the heads of her two slaves, holding them down as they licked their
Captain.  Malory’s eyes were closed shut and her chest was breathing hard as the
two girls cleaned her pussy furiously.  I was jealous of the oral delights my
Captain was enjoying, but I was smart enough not to interrupt her pleasure with
my desires.

After a few minutes of watching her enjoy herself, I noticed the
Captain suck her lower lip in hard as she reached her first orgasm.  Her eyes
popped open and looked me straight in the face as I gave Brenda’s sore ass
another punishing spank.

“You have learned very quickly, my Cabin Boy,” Captain Malory said as she
shifted her pussy closer to the two girls.  “In return for your good services
this morning, I give you permission to pick a mouth and fuck it.”

“Yes ma’am!” I snapped, and I think I even saluted her.  The paddle was
tossed to the ground as I quickly removed my shorts and underwear.  I knew
exactly whom I wanted and I grabbed big-breasted Bonnie by the ponytail and led
her away from her cleaning chores.  Following me on her knees, I took Bonnie to
a nearby bench and sat down.  This time, her eyes were full of fear instead of
the cold disregard she gave me earlier.  Still sitting upright, I used my grip on
her ponytail to direct her to my erect cock.  Without a word of command from me,
Bonnie used her lips to lift my cock and swallowed me in.

“Ohhhhh” I moaned as Bonnie’s lips engulfed my cock, all the way down to
my base.  I squeezed my thighs around her, crushing her sore breasts between my
thighs.  It was such a turn-on to feel the heat still rising off her tits from
the lashing I gave them.  Bonnie moaned in complaint to my squeezing, but I
ignored her.  It’s a credit to Captain Malory’s lack of mercy that I was able to
treat a beautiful woman as coldly as I did.  With all that I had suffered on
this ship, I felt hostile to Bonnie for shirking her duties.  What right did
she have to goof off when I’ve had to endure public humiliation?  That Bonnie
was obligated to satisfy me was a logical assumption, and one that I fully
expected to see completed. 

What was really weird was that I think Bonnie agreed with me.  Her big
brown eyes were full of submission as she looked at me, and she never broke her
pace for a moment.  I knew she had to be exhausted, but still she kept bobbing
her lips over my cock.  Her head bounced up and down the full length of my
shaft, my hand still gripping her ponytail tightly.  Somehow, after all she had
gone through, Bonnie still managed to suck me tightly.  Even her tongue showed
no sign of slowing as it completed swirl after swirl on the tip of my cock.

Across from me, Captain Malory was enjoying the show.  She was staring at
Bonnie between my legs as Brenda licked between hers.  Malory had opened her
shirt and was playing with her full breasts.  From my vantage spot, I could see
the dew gathering on Brenda’s pussy and I knew how badly she was enjoying
this.  Malory saw what I was looking at and she blew me a kiss.  Watching that
mouth pucker up almost made me ejaculate right there.  It was when Malory
clutched Brenda’s head with both hands and started climaxing loudly that my
nerve finally broke. 

I answered her loud moan with a moan of my own.  Bonnie stiffened when my
cock exploded in her mouth, but my grip on her ponytail prevented her from
leaving.  Keeping her pinned, I emptied my cum into her mouth.  Bonnie gave in
and moved her head very slowly up and down my cock, milking the final spurts
from my member.  Only when my cock began to shrink in her lips did I let go of
her, and she was quick to collapse on the ground.   Bonnie lay there gasping,
shifting her legs back and forth.  I knew she desired her own relief, but I also
knew it wasn’t mine to give.  Besides, my toes were still clenched from the
force of my orgasm; I could care less about her problems at that moment.

Later, when Captain Malory was finally as sated as I was, she pushed
Brenda’s head away and gave me further orders.  “Cabin Boy, shackle these two
to those chains hanging from the ceiling,” she commanded.

The girls groaned briefly in disappointment, but didn’t say anything.  I
was relieved; I didn’t think I had the strength to do any more paddling.  The
girls were heavy to pull up, but they didn’t resist.  I released their wrists
from the handcuffs, and then lifted their arms high above their heads and
shackled them to the ceiling.  It was a terrible temptation to fondle them,
especially Bonnie with her breasts just standing there unprotected.  Captain
Malory came up to inspect my work, and probably also to ease my temptation to get
a last lick of their tits.

“I know you two sluts are dying for some sort of sexual release,” Malory
said as she buttoned her shirt.  “Well, that’s too bad!  To complete your
punishment, both of you will be left here for six hours to reflect upon your
laziness.  You’ll receive a lunch break, but there will be strict orders for you
not to masturbate until your punishment is over.  Am I understood?”

“Yes, Captain,” they both said miserably.

“Good,” Malory said simply.  “William, after you report to Second Mate
Theresa for your exercises, you have the rest of the day off.  You’ve earned

“Thank you, Captain,” I said, quite surprised that I was being rewarded
for receiving a blowjob.

“Don’t thank me,” Captain Malory said with her usual wicked smile.  “I just
want you rested for your duties tonight.”  Then she left.

I stood there, a little worried.  Brenda said “uh oh.”  I have to admit,
I agreed with her.

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