Annette’s Photo Shoot

October 30, 2013 – 2:31 pm

A friend of mine, Paul, a well known local politician and businessman (names have been changed), told me what happened recently to him and his wife and I would like to believe it was not just a fantasy. But it’s up to the readers to make up their own mind.

Paul had been married then for some twenty years and his wife Annette, having been educated by very conservative parents was still as inhibited as she was when they first met. She was a mature and very attractive lady in her forties now, slim, blond with a classic hairstyle. I had always thought of her as some elegant lady like actress, Julie Andrews.

What Paul liked most about a woman in general and his wife in particular were her breasts. Especially small tits like hers excited him so much with those pink long nipples that just thinking of them gave him an instant erection. Sometimes she could get quite aroused when he played with them. Unfortunately she didn’t like it often enough.

In general, sex was only of secondary importance to her and Paul had often complained about it in the past. Another thing that annoyed him was that there was no way he could talk her into oral sex. She had only twice given him a blow job, reluctantly and of course not until he came. He thought it was a shame she didn’t even know the taste of his sperm.

All in all he was quite frustrated with his sex life, but he blamed it on the inhibitions she got indoctrinated with during her childhood.

Despite this unsatisfying sex life, Annette still excited him. In fact, he had always wanted some professionally taken erotic pictures of her, featuring her small breasts, and when had found a company in a magazine looking for ladies to pose for erotic pictures, he decided to contact them.

Firstly, she was strictly against it. She could not bear the idea of showing her nude breasts to strangers. Actually, she was convinced they were too small and not attractive to men. Nevertheless he had finally convinced her and she had reluctantly agreed to have those pictures taken under the condition that she didn’t have to show her breasts and that she could keep her bra on for the session. He didn’t particularly like that but since she also agreed to wear her sexiest semi-transparent white bra, it was OK to him, as long as the pictures would look sexy. Now the photographer he had once met, and with whom he had discussed the shoot, was about to arrive.

Annette was sitting on the couch looking a bit nervous. She was wearing a red dress with a deep decollete. She had done a particularly good make-up job for the photo session, giving her a really classy look. When Paul opened the door, he was a bit amazed to see three men standing there waiting to be let in. One of them was a large black guy and one of the others was tall and blonde.

The third one, looking like a bodybuilder, was wearing photographic equipment. He guessed all three of them to be around thirty years of age. After he let them in he asked why they needed three people to shoot photos and where the original photographer was.

The shorter one said “Well Sir, he couldn’t make it. So he hired our crew. We are freelance from the same business, if you know what I mean. Apparently, you said you would leave it up to the company to make this look best and that the price would not be a subject, so I thought it would be favorable if I have your wife posing with male models. It will make it look much more erotic, believe me. That is if you agree of course.” After a short reflection he did agree. “Why not. As long as you know what you’re doing. Let me just check if your credentials are correct.”

Paul called the original photographer who confirmed that he had to sub-contract this job and apologized for not being able to do it himself due to a private problem. He said he had hired the men from a company specialized in erotic pictures and movies. Hearing this, Paul got suspicious, but he didn’t say anything and hung up. In the meantime, the three men introduced themselves to his wife, complimenting her on her looks, which made her blush instantly.

While the bodybuilder-photographer installed the equipment, the two male models sat down on each side of Annette. The blond one said, “This looks quite promising, I don’t think we ever undressed an elegant mature lady lately, I really look forward seeing more of you.” He started caressing her shoulders and running his fingers along her neck and around her pearl necklace, then slowly descending towards her decollete. Seeing his wife getting nervous, Paul turned to the three men, a little embarassed. “Well, sorry, there is just something you ought to know. I asked you to come to take nude pictures, but this is not quite true. Actually, my wife doesn’t want to show herself nude. So if you could just make some shots with the front of her dress opened. She’ll keep the bra on though.”

The three men looking quite amazed after that revelation and after a short reflection, they started to laugh and the photographer said, “You gotta be kidding Mister, if you think we have come all the way for nothing. Do you realize we came under the impression that you and your lady actually wanted to do something out of the ordinary, if you know what I mean. Actually we were told that this about breasts and since all three of us like those sort of games, you are not getting rid of us now so easily. Having seen your lady here, we are already too much turned on to quit.” Annette now had a real anxious look on her face and started getting up from the couch, but she was instantly held back by the two men.

Paul, feeling his anger building, made a move forward and shouted.”Just let her go now that….” He couldn’t finish the sentence. The muscular photographer had put his arm around his throat, cutting off air and bloodflow. “Now then, Mister, don’t get excited.” he said.”We don’t want to hurt anybody, but you have to let us do our job tonight. If you agree, just lift your hand.”

Paul, who was just about fainting, had no choice but to agree. “Just want to make sure you keep still, so move your pants down to your knees and sit on that chair.” the photographer ordered. He quickly got a pair of handcuffs out of his bag which he used to attach Paul’s hands behind his back. Paul was sitting there in underwear, his pants down on his knees, feeling quite humiliated. “Now to your lady.” said the photographer, “You see your man can’t help you and as long as you do as we say, you’ll be allright. Tell me that you will be a good woman.”

Annette was still frightened and just couldn’t say anything but slowly nod her head. “Look lady.” said the blond guy. “You just have to overcome your shyness. I can tell you we are all looking forward to seeing what you have to show.” He grabbed her inside her cleavage and made her turn towards him. Paul managed to say,”Please don’t do anything to her. You have to understand. My wife has never shown herself nude in front of other men. Don’t humiliate her.” The three men laughed and the photographer said, “Maybe we can get her out of her shyness. I bet a mature lady like her likes to be at the mercy of three young studs like us.” Annette stiffened immediately and shrank her arms in front of her chest.

All of a sudden she felt her arms taken from behind with a strong grip and held behind her body. It was the big black guy still sitting on the couch, but behind her, while she was turned towards the blond one. Before she could say something the blond one said, “Calm down, and keep quiet for now. We want to see those tits of yours and we are going to whether you like it or not.”

He started unbuttoning her dress slowly and opened it up until her bra was completely exposed. Annette had a nice sun tan except her breasts which showed now white at the top of the bra. The white flesh against the tanned one made the view even more arousing which was exactly the reaction Paul could observe on the three guys.

Seeing her nipples through the transparent bra, the guy who had unbuttoned her blouse said to the black one, “My God, she’s got no tits but look at those gorgeous nipples. Actually she’s right. She could keep that bra on. I would just like to get those nipples showing a bit more for the pictures.”

Paul felt helpless. The blond guy’s fingers went slowly over his wife’s breasts and he could see her nipples reacting to the caresses by stiffening and growing even more. The guy’s fingers went up and down and around the nipples until they were really hard. All of a sudden he took both nipples between his fingers and started pulling and squeezing them, all through the bra.

Annette was trying less and less to shake off the black guy who was still holding her arms firmly behind her back.

Paul couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the look on Annette’s face. She had her eyes half closed and she was obviously getting aroused by that treatment, one man holding her from behind and the other fingering her nipples. Those nipples now became really erect and swollen, protruding through the bra. Paul was now also getting excited seeing these men working on his wife’s beautiful breasts.

The black guy had released one of her arms and started moving his fingers into her bra from the side. She started breathing heavily.

In the meantime the photographer had started taking pictures and came very close to them. He said to Paul, “Look at that Hubbie. I think she really likes it.” Turning to Annette, he said, “Now, tell us. Say that you want us to take care of those nipples a bit more.” Still breathing heavily, she nodded.

The black guy grabbed one of her nipples through the bra and said.” I didn’t hear you.” She whispered, “Yes, take my nipples please.””You hear that?” said the blond guy to Paul. “I think you got a real hot one here.”

The black guy got up and standing in front of Annette he said, “Your tits and nipples are so fucking exciting, I have to show you what they did to me first, honey.” He quickly opened his zipper and, dropping his pants, revealed his big erect cock. The blond guy, all the time continuing to rub her nipples, said, “We’ll allow you to lick and suck on this big black cock. What do you say, does this excite you?.”

Paul saw that his wife had mixed feelings. She probably felt desperate and helpless but he could very well notice that this very helplessness excited her, being forced to do something she would not dare to do volontarily. She looked to him.

“Now on your knees.” The tone was getting harder and this felt like a real order to Annette. She didn’t know that such big cocks even existed, Paul’s being of average size. As much as she had been aroused before, now she felt afraid. She knew of course what the man wanted but she felt really disgusted by the idea having to take this big meat in her mouth.

Suddenly she felt a strong push from behind and fell forward from the couch onto her knees. She was now just in front of the cock while she still thought whether or not she should really do it, the blond guy pinched her nose. In a reflex to breath, she gasped and opened her lips. Instantly she felt the big stiff dick being rammed into her mouth, making her almost throw up. The black guy kept her head firmly by her hair and left his cock in the same position for a while, then pulled it out of her mouth and said, “Now you slut, you ask me gently to suck my cock and maybe I’ll give it again to you.” She thought she didn’t hear right, but when the black guy gave her a slap across the cheek and the blond one pulled her hair from behind, she gasped and managed to say,”Please. Could I suck your cock?” “Then, open your mouth wide now and don’t bite.” she was ordered. When she obeyed, he took his cock all the way down until she started coughing. “Press your lips together and suck. I know you want it.” said the photographer, while taking pictures.

While her head was firmly held by the blond guy, the black shaft went in and out of her mouth with that typical sucking noise. Strangely enough, after a while she got used to it and the thought of her being called a slut and forced to suck a big black cock while Paul was watching even excited her. She was ashamed of it, until she looked over at Paul and was shocked at what she saw. Still firmly sitting on the chair, his arms behind his back, he demonstrtaed a big bulge in his slip. He was clearly aroused at seeing his wife being forced to do what she had refused with him. He even hoped, to his shame that the guy would come in his wife’s mouth as a sort of punishment. This thought made him feel unconfortable on the chair and he wished his cock could be released out of the slip.

The blonde guy had also taken his cock out and was rubbing it inside her bra and under her armpits. Annette felt that the big black cock swoll even more in her mouth as it was throbbing and pushing against her throat. The photographer said, “Lady you don’t know yet what your’re up to; our friend here holds a surprising quantity of cream just for you.”

This is what she was afraid of, and just as she wanted to pull her head back to avoid any sperm, he came. Paul was amazed at what he saw. It must have been a huge load that went all over her tongue and ejaculated with such a force that part of it went all the way up her throat and back out through her nose again. She caughed a bit but when ordered to lick his dick and to swallow it all, she was amazingly obedient and he actually thought that she did not look as disgusted as he thought she would. Paul admitted to himself that he was now jealous of the guy who had just shot off his load in his Annette’s mouth, something he never managed to do. The black guy handed her a paper handkerchief to clean up the dripping sperm from her lips.

“And now you can show us those tits and we’ll sure take care of them.” said the photographer. The blond guy made her stand up, lowered her dress below her breasts, unzipped her bra and took it off. There she was, in front of three unknown men, her bare breasts exposed to their lusty eyes.

“They are beautiful.” said the photographer, “Say hubby, show us how you suck them.” He pushed Annette over to the chair and made her bend over until her nipples touched Paul’s mouth. “Now you suck hubby.” ordered the black guy who’s dick had become erect again.

Paul whispered to Annette “I’m sorry.” and took her left nipple in his mouth. Her nipple was still swollen from the previous treatment and while he was sucking on one nipple, both the photographer and the blond guy had undressed and came closer with their erect cocks. The photographer took the right nipple between his fingers and started rubbing and rolling it. Paul felt his wife getting in a state of arousel again, and he let the nipple go.

“Your sucking is not good enough.” said the black guy. “I’m sure she wants more. We’ll show you what a real breast treatment is.” He went to his bag and took out two big crocodile clamps joined by a chain. Seeing those Annette made a movement backwards, but she was held by the other two men on either side of her. The black guy took her left breast nipple between his fingers and pulled it forward, set the crocodile clamp just on the base between breast and nipple and let it go. He then proceeded to do the same with the other breast. Paul heard his wife’s whining noise as the clamps pinched her nipples.

They made her lay down on her back on the couch. The photographer said to the black one, “Give me nice pose for a picture, pull on that chain.”

Paul did not know that those small breasts were so flexible. The black guy pulled on the chain which elongated Annette’s small tits by almost double of their length. The nipples alone must made 3 inches. He held her breasts up while the blond guy was stroking them with his hands. But what was most unbelievable to Paul was his wife had stopped whining but instead she was breathing heavily and was flickering her eyes. Then all of a sudden the black guy released the clamps which made the restricted blood flow instantantly into the nipples. Paul had never seen his wife’s nipples so big and swollen before. Annette was now in a state of extacy and shouted: “Don’t stop now please.” “The lady hasn’t enough.” said the blond man. “In that case you have to earn it if you want more.”

He made her bend forward on her knees and clamped two heavy weights on her nipples. Then they stood formed a circle including Paul’s chair and ordered her to crawl on her knees and hands from one cock to the other. Her breasts were hanging down, ridiculously elongated by the heavy weights.

Paul would have liked to feel ashamed for his wife being so humiliated, but he was too aroused for it. He had a hard on and could hardly retain himself. When they finally made him stand up and allowed him to take his slip of he was could not, but join in. His wife had to take one cock after the other in her mouth.

Two of them finally took the weights off her tits and started squeezing the nipples and breasts to an extent which could easiliy have been a milking movement, would she have been lactating. With one cock in her mouth and her tits and nipples being worked at, Paul watched her convulsions incredulously as she had an orgasm.

Was this his wife? Being forced to suck the cocks of strangers and having her breasts mistreated, and yet she could not help it but to come. This thought made him so furious he took his wife’s head and rammed his cock deeply into her throat. She was gagging but he continued his movements back and forth. He pulled it out of of her mouth just before cuming and shouted at her. “This is what I always wanted to do darling.” He virtually exploded in her face; an enormous squirt went right up her chin all over her her, the next ones up her nose, lips and her mouth.

Just when she thought she had managed all that hot juice, her head was flicked over by the blond guy who made her open her mouth and shot his load right on her lips and tongue. Now it was the photographers and the black ones turn, who had been wanking at her side until they could both unload their juice on her face and hair. She was dripping, but Paul couldn’t believe what he saw: she actually licked the sperm from her lips.

After the three men quickly departed after this session (they had made sure Paul and his wife would keep quiet, threatening to put the picures on Internet for all his political business friends to see), Marianne went to take a bath, visually shaken by the events. When he came to the bathroom to see after her, he noticed her slip on the floor. It had a big wet spot all over, nearly as large as the slip itself.

The End

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