Mature Games 2

October 24, 2013 – 7:08 am

I woke up with the biggest hangover I ever had in my life. I was not sure where I was and then, it all came back to me, the happenings of the previous evening. The first reaction was a feeling of disgust at my self. What ever I did was alien to my morals and upbringing. I felt ashamed to face Stephen and tried to avoid him. He took the cue when I answered him in monosyllables whenever he tried to talk to me and thus left me on my own for the rest of the day.

Sam tried to ring me quite a few times and I asked Stephen to tell him I was not well. From what I gathered in between the lines, he was not happy with my attitude. Anyhow, I did not worry about it. Next day was Monday and I had to go to work. I have not told you about my work. I am a medical doctor and work in an out-patient private clinic. Usually Mondays are quite busy after the weekend and there have been an array of patients one after the other. As I was busy finishing my paper work for the last patient when the next patient walked in. As I lifted my head, I was shocked to see it was Sam! He had a grin that said more than words could say. He stood there for some time and then asked me “Is this the way you treat your patients?” I stammered and asked him to take the chair. He pulled the chair across the table and sat but kept staring at me. I asked Sam “Why did you come?” He replied “You know why I came. Why the heck did you not answer my phone calls?” I stared on his face and exclaimed, “Whatever happened on Saturday was a mistake. I don”t want a repeat of that.” He got up and came around me and stood behind me. He started to rub my neck and whispered in his sweet voice, “Kim, honey.” I said “Please take you hand off me.” and tried to push his hands away. But he continued to massage my neck and I have to confess that it made me feel really good and I was beginning to relax. He said “I know how much you enjoyed what we did last Saturday and you can”t deny that.” I knew he was right. It was an experience I never had in my life; Even in our early-married life sex was not so exciting. But, my marriage vows and Christian values were making it hard for me to accept it.

His hand slid down to my bosom. I was wearing a sleeveless, tight fitting dress and with both his hands, he grasped my breasts. I looked up and trying to push his hands away, said “Please Sam, this is my office and the door is open. There are patients as well the staff girls outside.” He gently squeezed my breasts, said, “I will lock the door for you, honey.” He went and bolted the door from inside and came back to stand behind me. His hands started to unbutton my dress. I pressed the intercom to the reception area, and told the girl that I have to do an insurance report, which is going to take a long time, asking her put back my next appointment by half an hour.

— Sam —

I was angry with her as she kept ignoring my phone calls. I wanted to confront her and the best way was to make an appointment as a patient and I was lucky there was a cancellation. I could not wait to see the look on her face when I walked in. I knew what she was going to say. Even though she kept protesting I knew that she wanted me after what happened last Saturday.

I started to unbutton her dress from the top and after 3 buttons, I was able to reach her bra-clad tits. I pulled her up from the chair and turned her towards me. I pulled her dress off her shoulders. She was wearing a blue colored laced bra of a very thin fabric which could not hide her rounded nipples making an indent and visible; the bra was pushing the breasts up to exaggerate the size. They were magnificent for her age. My lips began to play softly over her exposed upper shoulder and across the back of her neck. I gently nibbled her ear. As I continued to kiss her gently, she was getting aroused. She put her arms around my neck pulling me closer to her. My hands worked their way across to her chest. I began to massage her breasts through the soft, thin fabric of her bra. As I gently pinched and rolled her erect nipples, she rolled her head back allowing my lips to contact the front of her neck. My lips and tongue touched the side of her neck. I could feel her body shudder. I began to nibble the lobe of her ear. She emitted a low groan that undeniably signaled her pleasure. I gently bit her neck, making sure that I did not hurt her too much. She moaned loudly.

I gently led her to the examination couch and asked her to lie down. We both could not help being amused by the parody of the situation – here she is, a doctor, made to lie on the examination couch by a patient or rather some one pretending to be a patient and about to be fucked! The very thought excited me! I unbuttoned the rest of the dress and it fell apart exposing her bra and panties. She had on matching blue panties. The examination couch was not wide. I stood next to her. I had this wicked idea.

“Hey” I said, “Let us play doctor and patient – I will be the doctor and you will be the patient!” She was quite amused by the idea and she giggled. I went to the table and grabbed the stethoscope.I put the stethoscope around my neck. Wow, it felt great playing doctor. I stood over her and in a serious tone asked her to remove her bra and panties. She said “Yes doctor.” trying her best to suppress her laughter, sat up, removed her bra first and then her undies pulling it down to her feet, wriggling her feet out it, threw both pieces on to the floor and lay down again. I put the stethoscope in my ears and then placed the other end on her chest. She kept looking at me as I moved the scope over her chest. I put it over her nipples. She shivered from the coldness of the metal. I then placed it over her heart and with a frown, pretended I could not hear anything. I said, “Oh my God, you have no heart beat and you need cardiac massage.” She chuckled as I took her left breast and started to massage it. It was more of a squeeze rather than massage! I could feel her nipple getting stiff and I kept squeezing it harder. I said, “It is not working, it needs a mouth to heart!” and bent down and started to suck on her nipple. She sighed with pleasure. I went from one nipple to the other. I licked, sucked and nibbled like a hungry baby and she held me tightly against her bosom.

After what appeared to be an eternity, I reluctantly let her tits go. “Let us finish the examination.” I told her. I put the stethoscope back on my ears and started to examine her further down. First the belly – she had a very firm and flat belly. Then I placed the scope on her pussy. She had short and curly hair, which was clipped. I gently tried to insert the round piece into her pussy. It was quite wet and slippery and easily slid in. The coldness must have made her shiver a bit and I pretended to listen inside for a minute or so. She was quite engrossed by it all. I told her, “something is not right here, let me do a manual examination.” She laughed. I inserted two of my fingers inside the pussy and felt all around. It was quite tight and wet. She started to wriggle with pleasure and her moaning became louder. I hoped people out side would not hear. Any how, it was her problem, not mine.

I said, “You need a proper examination with a speculum.” She gasped “Oh no Sam!” I said “Doctor to you, my dear.” I made her move down the couch where the stirrups were already in place. I lifted her legs one at a time and put them up in the stirrups. I could see from her expression that she was shocked and at the same time excited. The metal speculum was lying in a tray next to the couch. I have seen it being used once when my wife Marie was at a hospital. I took it and put it inside her pussy and pushed it open. Wow. I could see the inside of her cunt. It was like looking down into a cave. She kept wriggling partly because of the stimulation of the cold metal and partly because of the thrill. I moved it inside her pussy until she begged me to take it out.

I told her, “There is one more examination to make.” In a tone of surprise, she asked me “What else?” “Of course, a rectal exam.” I said. “Oh No” she cried, “No way.” “Yes my dear. No physical exam is complete without one.” I said and pulled the glove on my hand. She looked at me hoping I will change my mind. She was mistaken. I found the tube of KY jelly and applied a liberal amount on the index finger of the glove. “Be gentle, Sam.” she cooed. “Doctor to you, my dear.” I said as I inserted my finger into her asshole. Mmmm, it was so tight and the entrance almost strangulated my finger. I knew that she was an anal virgin. Something for me to contemplate, in the near future. She squirmed as my finger explored the hole. “Oh Sam!” she exclaimed and I knew that she was enjoying it. Very encouraging. I was tempted to go further, but did not want to push my luck. Another time, probably. I noticed that she was looking at the wall clock. It was almost 20 minutes since I came in and I know I have at the most another 10 minutes before the girls start to hassle her. Reluctantly I pulled the hand out of her ass hole.

— Kim —

I was aware of the time limitations too. But I was very excited by this role playing. I have never been explored in my anus in any way. At first I was a bit scared, whether it was going to hurt me or not. But when he had his finger inside, it did give me a pleasure, which I have never enjoyed. But I was not going to let him know that. I looked at his crotch and I could see his bulge gradually growing in size. My hand reached the bulge in his pants and I started to fumble trying to pull the zipper down. He helped me to pull the zip down and pulled his pants down. He had a silk jocks and it was not doing a great job in holding back the bulging cock. He pulled the jocks down and climbed next to me on the narrow couch. There was hardly any space for both of us. He rolled over me and his cock moved towards my face. I was worried about what may follow. I have never gone down on Stephen in my life. He has asked me a few times when we were first married, but, after a few refusals, he never asked me again. Sam let his cock rub on my face, first on the eyes, then on the nose, lips chin and then it came to rest over my chest in the deep valley between my tits. I held my breasts around his cock with both my hands. He moved his cock slowly in the tight channel I created for it. It felt so wonderful as his cock kept rubbing on the soft silky skin of my tits. He did not ask me in so many words, but I knew that he wanted me to take his cock in my mouth. I did not volunteer to do so. I think he soon realized that I may have never done that before. I was glad that he did not make an issue of it.

He continued to tit fuck me and I loved it; I held my breasts even tighter around his cock. I knew he was getting to the point of no return from his loud moaning. I wanted him very much in my pussy. It was ready as hell, wet and warm waiting for his cock.

He moved his cock down my body and inserted his cock into my pussy. It went in easily and I started to grind against his groin. He kept moving his cock in and out of my cunt, each move was in increasing pace and his balls kept slapping against my arse. I kept pushing my hip towards his crotch to meet the thrusts of his cock. We were both panting and grunting all the time. He kept driving harder and harder and it was taking me to the edge of an erupting volcano. Then with a sudden pounce, he came inside me, and I screamed “Oh my God!” as his cum poured inside my pussy with a gush, filling it and overflowing down my legs. He kept pumping for few more minutes as he still maintained his stiffness even after he came. I kept thrusting my pelvis against his as I had orgasm after orgasm; I lost count of how many I had. He collapsed on top of me and we lay there in shared exhaustion for a minute or two, clinging on to each other.

We got up from the couch. There was only 5 minutes before the next appointment. He helped me to wipe my pussy and legs to get rid of his cum with a towel and I wiped his cock with the same towel. We quickly got dressed. We both realized that there was a smell of sex in the air. Fortunately I had some air freshener handy and I gave a liberal spray of it, all around the room. 2 more minutes to go. He put his arms around me and held me tight. “Oh Sam, I don”t know what is happening to me and I am all confused.” I exclaimed. He kissed me gently and said “Don”t worry honey; every thing will work out okay. We will discuss it another time.” We passionately kissed each other before I opened the door for him. He left without turning back. The two girls at the desk looked at me with a puzzled stare. I just ignored them and called for the next patient.

To Be Continued

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