September 27, 2007 – 10:00 am

Things were progressing nicely, she reflected.  He was turning out to be
everything she wanted and more.  He was actually calling her “Miss” now,
without being prompted.  Only in intimate moments, but that was fine with her.
She wanted a submissive partner, not a slave.  Outside of sensual moments, they
pretty much continued to be on an equal footing, except that he was more
thoughtful and caring of her wants and needs than most of the men she had
known.  It was time to proceed, she smiled to herself.

He was driving over to her apartment after a relatively stressful day at work.
One case in particular was really wearing him out.  He hated the guy he was
defending.  He even thought he was guilty.  But it was his duty to give him
zealous representation to the best of his ability, and he only hoped that the
prosecutor was doing an equally zealous job. 

He parked the car and walked up the steps.  He loosened his tie and rang the
bell.  He could see her come toward the door through the long window next to
the doorframe, and he was mesmerized anew by her soft beauty.  He wasn’t quite
sure what spell she was casting over him to make him act the way he sometimes
did around her, but he didn’t care.  He just wanted to make her his forever so
he could bask in the glow of warmth that surrounded her.

She opened the door and saw a tall, handsome, distracted man before her.  His
normally clear blue eyes were a bit clouded, and his wavy hair was unruly curls
where he had run his hands through it.  Still, he smiled at her, and she smiled
back.  Poor baby, she thought, he really DOES need what I have to offer.

“I thought we would order pizza tonight, pet, ok.” she said as if it were a
statement, and not a question.

He quickly grabbed her up in a big bear hug.  “Whatever you want is fine by me.
I just wanted THIS all day.”  He inhaled deeply.  He wasn’t sure what scent
she was wearing today…lilac maybe?  But he liked it.  She was so feminine.
He wanted to revel in that femininity.  He wanted to pamper her and let her
know how much he adored her.

She reveled in feeling his frame pressed against hers.  “Well, then, maybe we
should just pass up dinner altogether,” she teased, knowing that he was ALWAYS
hungry after a long day at work.

He pulled back and looked down into her laughing brown eyes.  “I didn’t say
THAT,” he teased back.

She started to walk down the hall, and he followed, entranced by the wiggle of
her rounded bottom in front of him.  She stopped first in the kitchen, and
automatically made them both drinks.  Rum and coke for him, and a wine cooler
for her.  He took a deep pull on his and sighed.

“Rough day, eh?” she asked.

“You have NO idea.  This asshole.  This loser…oh….argh!  I hate him!” he
declared passionately.

She went into the living room and again, he automatically followed the swaying
tush.  She perched on the sofa, and patted the cushion next to her.  He
followed the unspoken command and sat.

“Now…TELL me…”

And he did.  It was against policy, but how the hell could he always keep cases
bottled up inside him with no release.  He would go insane.  Without a doubt,
he could trust her, of all people.  He told her of the crimes his client stood
accused of, he told her of the coarse language the guy used…profanity-laden
sentences, racist comments, he told her of the sexist way the guy treated the
women he came into contact with.  He even told her that he thought the guy was
guilty of all of it, and how little self-respect he had at the moment because
if he walked, it was going to be because of HIM.

She listened intently.  Poor baby, she thought as she listened to the diatribe.
She refilled his glass once and let him just ramble on.  Such hostility was
built up in him.  And look at the way he was sitting on the sofa. Bolt upright,
not even leaning back against the cushions.  He DEFINITELY needs what I have to
offer, she thought.

He finally wound down and looked at her.  They were fairly familiar with one
another now, but he was slightly embarrassed that he had ranted at her quite so
much.  “How was your day?” he finished up lamely, with a sheepish smile on his

She laughed, and pulled his face to hers for a quick kiss.  “Not as bad as all
that, sweet.”

She got up off of the couch and told him to sit there for a few moments.  He
was going to take a bubble bath, she told him.

He laughed, “Only women take bubble baths.  Maybe a hot shower instead.”

“No, pet,” she gently admonished him, “You are going to take a bubble bath, and
I am going to go run it for you now.”  And before he could utter another
syllable, off she went.

He sat there for a bit.  A bubble bath?  Was she joking?  He would feel like a
kid, or a fag.  He would just tell HER to take the bath and then he would
shower, he decided.  He got up off the couch and went into the bathroom.

He stopped and appreciated the view.  She was on her knees, swishing the water
around.  The scent of sandalwood floated through the air, and the only light
was that of three large candles in the room.  Her bottom was sticking out, as
if greeting him.  Enticing him, that was what it was doing. 

She had heard him come down the hall and smiled to herself.  She purposely
stuck out her ass and wiggled it slightly as she stirred the water, making sure
it was warm, but not scalding.  She heard his breathing deepen somewhat as he
watched her, and she slowly turned her head at him and smiled.  “Why don’t you
go into my bedroom and take off your clothes, pet?”

He turned around and left the bathroom.  He slowly stripped, envisioning her
naked, on her knees before him, and his cock hardened a bit.  He thought about
thrusting deep into her wetness, and he hardened some more.  He remembered the
sensations of her pussy clamping around his prick when she orgasmed, and he
hardened even more.  Unconsciously, his hand stroked his cock as those visions
ran through his mind. 

SLAP!  He jumped as her hand sharply smacked him across the ass, and he pulled
his hand to his side.

“What were you doing, naughty boy?” she playfully purred.  “Thinking of me, I

He smiled at her, “Yes.  Of course, I was thinking about you.  Look what just
the THOUGHT of you does to me,” as he gestured to the almost fully erect penis
bobbing in front of him.

She laughed.  “There will be time to take care of HIM later.  Now…come
on….your bath awaits.”

She took him by the hand, and the next thing he knew, he was seated in the hot
bathtub, white suds floating around him.  He had even forgotten to object

She pulled down a white fluffy sponge and told him to relax and let her take
care of him.  He looked a bit apprehensive, but relaxed when she began soaping
up his chest and back. 

She loved running her hands over every inch of his body.  His skin was becoming
all flushed with heat and from the pressure of the slightly scraping sponge
running over it.  He was SOOOO perfect for her, she reflected, as she even
grabbed the shampoo and washed his hair, luxuriously massaging his scalp.

He lost himself in the sensations.  The hot water, the softly scrubbing sponge,
her fingers on his head, the scent of the candles, the sandalwood bubbles…
Ok, he conceded to himself.  He was enjoying this.  And he was definitely an
adult and definitely not gay.  In fact, his cock had gotten soft when he first
entered the bath, but her ministrations had made him hard again.  He noticed
that she even gently washed THAT.  But she didn’t linger overly long.  He
wished she had.  He thought a strong come would just increase the pleasure in
the bath.

Finally she told him to stand.  He did, and she let the water flow down the
drain.  She turned on the water again, and adjusted the temperature.  She
turned the shower spray on and rinsed him completely.  Even making him bend
over so she could rinse the crack between his cheeks.  He felt a little
embarrassed about that, but it DID feel kind of good.

She had him step out of the tub and she rubbed lotion all over him.  The
sandalwood scent again.  He inhaled. “Well, at least you didn’t make me smell
like a flower or something,” he smiled at her.

“Well, it was a toss-up.  Gardenias or sandalwood.  I decided that you probably
wouldn’t appreciate being a prom corsage, so this was the choice.  I am SO glad
you approve,” she finished, slightly sarcastically.

“Now look at me.  I am all wet.”  He snorted and she shot him a mischievous
look.  “My CLOTHES.  I meant my clothes!  Why don’t you go into the living
room, and I will ‘slip into something more comfortable.’”

She noticed that the semi-hard prick of his twitched at that statement.  And
she smiled, licking her lips.  “GO…” she commanded.

He went into the living room, naked, and selected some music.  He heard her in
the bedroom.  The closet door opened and closed.  He lit some candles and
turned the lights off.  He sighed….it was so relaxing here.  He could escape
here, into a world where nothing else mattered but the two of them.

He heard her come down the hall and turned and his mouth dropped.

She was a vision of lust.  She had let her long golden hair down and it rolled
in waves a few inches below her shoulders.  The black…thingie…that she was
wearing looked like a teddy.  It was shiny and had silver zippers running
across the bra cups.  It came down to just above her pubic mound.  The garters
extended from it and she had black silky stockings that made her legs seem like
they went on forever.  She had black high heels on.  And, NO panties.  If he
had any doubts about that, they disappeared when she twirled before him and her
pale white curving ass was displayed for him in all its glory.

He was speechless, she noted with approval.  As it should be.  She had never
shown him her REAL lingerie.  So far all he had seen were bras and panties.
But tonight… tonight he needed this.

She strutted over to the high back chair and perched herself on it.  “Come
here, pet,” she crooned to him throatily.

He walked over to her slowly.  He was aware that the semi-hard on he had was
now a full-blown raging erection.  He was aware of everything about his body.
The heat and pinkness from the bath lingered.

“Here, pet,” she commanded, as she gestured to the spot on the rug before her.
He sank to his knees before her automatically.  “Miss…you look GORGEOUS.” he
told her reverently.  “Please…let me take care of you.  Let me touch you.
Let me make you feel good.”

“In due time, sweet.  In due time.”  She smiled down at him, noting the dazed
look on his face and drinking it in.

She pulled her body to the edge of the chair and slightly spread her legs.  She
loved the way his glance immediately went to her pussy.  He made an
inarticulate noise and an involuntary movement toward her.

“Pet…what are you doing?” she asked sharply.  “Did I not tell you that you
would touch me LATER?!”  She allowed the note of displeasure to color her tone.

He looked up at her face immediately and slightly paled.  “I… I… I’m sorry,
Miss.  Its just…Its just that you are so beautiful.  I just want to touch
you,” he stammered.

She smiled.  But there was a slightly evil cast to that smile.  “Stand up.”

He obeyed the command without thinking.  He rose to his feet before her and
looked down upon her.

“Turn…slowly…” she continued.

He did as she told him.  It was easier to allow her to tell him what to do.
They both achieved happiness and incredible pleasure that way.  They had been
together often enough now that he didn’t really mind anymore.  There was less
pressure for him.  All he had to do was let her command and he followed.

As he turned 180 degrees, she spoke again.  “Stop.”  She looked at his ass.
Firm and rounded.  Not a bubble butt, but he HAD an ass, not like so many men.
She reached out and caressed it.  And she licked her lips.

His cheeks automatically clenched as he felt her soft hand against his ass.
She soothed him, making cooing noises as she touched him, and he relaxed and
began to enjoy it.  She kneaded and stroked.  Ran her nails across them,
raising tiny little lines where she dug in.  She withdrew those magic hands
from him and he clenched again.

“I said, RELAX” she repeated, as she stood up.  She could feel the wetness
between her thighs.  She was more than ready for the next step.  She thought he
was too, even if he didn’t know it just yet.

She pressed her body against his from behind, and he felt the patent leather of
her bustier against his back.  Her legs slid against his, and the silkiness of
her stockings felt heavenly.  The zippers across her barely restrained breasts
scraped him gently.  And the heat of her pussy against his ass was amazing.

He made an inarticulate noise as she reached around and lightly pinched his
nipples.  She nibbled on his ear and licked it, flicking her tongue in and out
rapidly.  He was hard.  Very hard.  And he ached to touch her, but he knew
better than that, by now.

“Oh, pet…you are excited, aren’t you,” she whispered in his ear.  “Do you
want me?  Do you want to bury your face in my lovely pussy and lick and suck me
until I tell you to stop?  Do you want to take this big beautiful cock of your
and thrust it deep inside me and fuck me till I tell you to come for your Miss?
 Remember what it feels like?  Do you…” she trailed off as one of her hands
started to lightly jack him off and the other weighed and caressed his balls.

He groaned loudly.  “Please….  Please, Miss.  Let me touch you.”

“Not yet, sweet.  We have some unfinished business first.”

She pulled away from him and spun him around to face her.  In her heels, she
was just about as tall as he was, and they stood eye to eye.

He looked at her, with a confused look on his face.  “Unfinished business?” he

“What were you doing when I came into the bedroom just now?” she asked.


“When I told you to strip, what were you doing when I found you in the
bedroom?” she asked again.

“Just now?  Umm…  I was thinking of you.”

“And?” she prompted.

“And…. oh.  I was touching myself,” he finished.

“Yes, pet.  You were.  And I told you before.  I don’t want you to do that
unless you ask me first.  I will almost always give you permission, but I think
I deserve the respect to be asked, don’t you, pet?”

“Yes, Miss.  And I do respect you.  I just didn’t even realize I was doing it,”
he told her.

She looked at him seriously.  “Well, then that IS a problem.  You obviously
need to be more self-aware.  And I am going to help you.”

He looked at her, concerned now.  “What do you mean, Miss?”

She walked over to that huge couch and perched herself directly in the middle.
“Over my knee, pet.” And she patted her lap.

He stared at her, stupefied.  “WHAT?!” he asked.

“Pet…. NOW.  I am going to teach you that you must be more aware at all
times.  NOW… over my knee…” she commanded with a tone that she had never
used before.

He shook his head back and forth, but found himself walking across the room.
“I… I don’t know about this,” he told her.

She smiled up at him.  She knew this had to be handled very carefully.  But it
was a step that they needed to take if their relationship was going to

“Sit, sweet,” she told him, and he did.  “You need to understand…this is
something that I need to do.  I need for you to accept that.  I need for you to
allow me to guide your behavior.  Now, have I embarrassed you or humiliated
you?  No.  I haven’t.  I am not about that.  BUT…I WILL be in charge of you.
And I WILL expect that you follow my directions.  And if I tell you to do
something and you don’t, or, as in this case, I tell you NOT to do something
and you DO, well, then….that behavior must be corrected.  Do you understand,
pet?” she finished.

He sat for a moment.  Processing the information she had just given him.  He
thought about it and realized that he should have seen this coming.  He should
have known that sooner or later it would come to this.  And it was decision
time.  Put out or get out, as they said in his fraternity days. 

His eyes flicked over her again.  She was so amazing.  She was everything he
wanted in a woman, appearance-wise.  Her mind was every bit the equal of his.
Her sense of humor meshed with his.  She was a sympathetic listener.  And he
certainly couldn’t deny that the best orgasms of his life had happened with
her.  He took a deep breath…

She watched the thoughts running through his mind with trepidation.  Those
crystal clear eyes showed her everything.  She saw the positives, and the
negatives.  She saw him weigh the two and analyze them.  And then when he took
a deep breath, her heart jumped.

“Yes, Miss.  I understand.  And if you say that I need this, then I do.”  He
looked into her eyes and he knew that he had made the right decision by the
warmth that he read there.  He got off of the couch and quickly laid down
across her lap, ass raised to her.  “Please….” he said.

“Oh, pet,” she moaned, thrilled that he made the choice that he had.  She ran
her hands over his smooth bottom, caressing the skin there.  “You are indeed a
treasure.  Your mistress will never abuse the trust that you place in her.  I
promise you.”

He sighed, and braced himself for what was to come. 


Her hands traced over the mounds of his ass.  He was so soft there.  So
untouched.  She quickly ran a finger up the crack and enjoyed his involuntary

“Now pet, you know that you disobeyed me in the bedroom, correct?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“And you understand that if you are to appreciate that disobedience, I need to
discipline you, correct?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Then I am going to spank you.  With my bare hand.  Twenty times.  It may hurt
a bit, but this IS a punishment, pet, and it is supposed to.  Do you
understand, sweet?”

“Yes, Miss.”  He sighed.  In for a penny, in for a pound, he thought.  “Please,
Miss, I deserve to be punished.”

Her hand came down swiftly on his right cheek.  He gasped.

“Pet…I do NOT think you sufficiently understand that you MUST obey my wishes
for this relationship to continue.  This is not some game.  Since I think I
must make that impression upon you, I am going to up it to thirty smacks.  And
I am going to make it hurt.”

“Yes, Miss, I understand,” he told her, wondering how much it would really


She began to spank him.  She was enjoying the pinkness of his ass. The heat was
delicious, she thought, as she licked her lips.

As the spanking continued, he was counting to himself.  She smacked harder than
he had thought her capable of, and by the time he had counted up to ten or
eleven, he was smarting from the pain.  It was more than just little stings, he
thought.  These were more like… well, more like the way his mother had
spanked him when he was a little boy.  It hurt!

Around twenty, his bottom had surpassed pink and was now red.  There wasn’t any
white left on it, because she was smacking him in a different place each time.
She paused and ran her hands over the warmth.  “Pet, are you ok?” she asked.
“That was twenty.  Now for the ten to show you that this really IS a
punishment, and not some game.”

“Miss…” he started.

She paused.   “Yes, sweet?”

“Miss…I know this is not a game.  It HURTS.  Please…I won’t touch myself
again.  Just don’t give me ten more,” he pleaded.  He knew that he was on the
brink of crying.  He could feel the tears in his eyes, and he didn’t want to
cry in front of her.  But if she gave him ten more spanks, he didn’t think he
could hold it back.

She was touched.  “Ohh…sweet…I am glad that you understand that now.  But
it is too late.  Once I decide on a punishment, you ARE getting it.  So,
remember, in the future, to avoid a punishment, just do as I ask.”  She used a
matter-of-fact tone with him.  It was key that he remember this lesson.  She
couldn’t waver.

With that, she commenced the final ten swats.  Her hand ached, but she put some
extra strength into them.  These were the true punishment spanks, after all.

As he reached twenty-two in his count, the tears began to fall.  He didn’t even
have the urge to leave anymore.  He just wanted this over with. 

“Twenty-eight.  Twenty-nine.  And….THIRTY!” she pronounced as she finished up
the spanking.  He didn’t move and she grew concerned.  “Pet?  Are you ok?” she

He slowly slid off her lap to the floor at her feet and turned his face to her.
 The tears ran down his cheeks and even though she was finished, he continued
to cry.

“Pet?  Pet?  Please….talk to me…” she grew agitated but tried to hide it.

“Oh Miss.  Please…. I am SO sorry.  I won’t disobey again.  Your pet is so
sorry.  So very sorry…” he stammered out between sobs.

She slid to the floor next to him and gathered him in her arms.  There was more
going on here than just the release of the spanking, she knew.  She let him sob
it out and making shushing noises.  Finally he was taking great gasps of air
and she knew that it was over.

He looked at her and was amazed.  He felt better.  Much better.  It wasn’t so
much the spanking, or even the embarrassment of crying in front of her.  That
felt sort of natural.  His heart felt lighter.  His soul felt healed in some
way.  He pulled away from her and stood, extending his hand to her.

She reached up and allowed him to help her from the floor.  She was concerned.
What was he doing?

He seated her on the high back chair again and sank to his knees before her.

“Thank you, Miss.  I don’t know what came over me, but…and I can’t believe I
am saying this…that spanking made me feel whole again.”

She smiled, reassured that she did indeed know what he needed, and extended her
hand to cup his cheek.

“Pet.  You ARE my pet now, you know?” she asked almost rhetorically.  Because
she knew that they both knew that.  And now…they could get on with some
loving this evening.  But first…

“Call for pizza, pet, ok?  I am getting hungry.  Taking care of you is hard

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