September 9, 2013 – 2:47 pm

My wife and I met in 1992. She was 24. I was 35. The age gap then did not seem so apparent nor did it seem to be of importance. She had graduated from college and I was self employed. I remember thinking what a fox. I was also very surprised that not only did we date, but that we ended up married. This was my second, her first.

Our first five years of marriage had their ups and downs. We generally got along well together. As I mentioned, she is Asian and we had some challenges learning to understand and blend cultures together. Of course we had the same male/female challenges like any other couple.

I was and am very proud of my wife’s appearance. She is 5’4”, 115 lbs and, unlike some Asian women, she is a very curvy 34c-23-34. I was fully aware that many men would find her attractive, as well that she would be put in some situation where she would get hit on (asked out).

At first I was never worried, in our fourth year she mentioned an incident were one of her customers had asked her out. Of course knucklehead here persisted in the usual questions. Would you have gone out with him, if not married? Was he your type? Were you flirting etc.? Her answers did make me a little jealous, but she added she was married to me and not to worry about it. Of course that night we made love and I found myself conjuring up those images.

Over the next several months I began to notice or paying attention at a minimum and took note that a lot of men gave my wife a good look over, a wink or a smile. I asked her about that and she said it was not uncommon and she appreciated the attention, most of the time. Sometimes it was unwanted.

Our own sex life seemed satisfactory. During that same year Nori met a very attractive woman from the Philippines they developed a nice friendship. I think in someways this was one of the steps that led to a change in our own relationship.

Mila was also married, but it was obvious that she liked men and really didn’t try to hide it from My wife or even me. My wife’s questions changed. She asked me about penis sizes, what was normal for frequency of intercourse, about anal and oral sex. About the same time Mila asked Nori to join her on occasion on her nights out.

I always got the same story. Nori was there to help Mila stay out of trouble. My own wife’s dress began to change subtly at first. The dresses were shorter, sometimes lower cut, a little more makeup.I can’t complain as I seemed to be the beneficiary of this.

I asked finally one day if she danced with other men. She paused then confided that she had, but again she told me not to worry. To my surprise she invited me to join her and Mila when they went out. I asked if that was ok with Mila, and she told me Mila didn’t care, but I wasn’t to be judgmental either, about Mila’s behavior.

It seemed fair, when we went out. Hell, I felt like a lucky guy to escort two beautiful Asian women both dressed to the hilt. Well it was a nice fantasy anyway, quickly dispelled.

Mila knew a number of men in the club and a number of men seemed to know my wife as well. She explained it as being friends, which as it turned out was honest. Even with me sitting there both gals were asked to dance, but an hour later Mila left the bar with a young gentleman. I asked Nori if she wanted to do that. She didn’t give me a clear answer, but told me she had men make the offer to her. She said she thought about it but didn’t do it.

I had left off asking Nori if she had wanted to go and she told me she had thought about it, but, she seemed to be joking. It was at that time I had all sorts of thoughts. I wondered who she usually danced with, if, who and how did she flirt. Was she attracted to the other men, or was she there just because her friend wanted someone to go with?

I found myself getting angry and jealous, yet completely interested and somewhat excited. As my wife sat there, she seemed to look incredibly attractive, her soft skin, her breasts seems larger, her lips full her eyes sexy. We left shortly after that and had I thought a very passionate night of lovemaking.

During the next week, I brought up many of my feelings to Nori. She told me she did enjoy going out with Mila, and she couldn’t say she didn’t enjoy the attention she received. She did comment that she didn’t dance while I was there. She told me out of respect for me, but she would have liked to dance either with me or with some of the men whom inquired.

I asked her if she wanted me to ever go out with them again. She told me Mila brought that up, after the two had discussed my questions. Mila suggested if I was really curious to go in separately and sit at the bar, and observe, but, she also suggested only if I would not get weird. (I think she meant jealous)

I asked Noriko her feelings, she told me she would feel somewhat self conscious, but it would be ok. I told her to just act like I wasn’t there. I would be good…boy I sure didn’t know what I was offering or asking.

Next Saturday rolled around quickly. Nori really played things to the hilt, asking me for suggestions of what she should wear. I thought I would encourage being conservative, but, instead just the opposite, even suggesting maybe she should buy some new clothes, I told her perhaps a nice slinky black dress low cut, short, some high heels, the whole enchilada.

Its odd I didn’t really want to do this, yet it was like some taboo that I didn’t or couldn’t ignore. I left he house first to get a seat at the bar. Good thing it seemed busy.

Thirty to 45 minutes later Mila and my wife came in the door. Both looked great, and I heard a couple of guys comment on the “babes” that had walked in. Noriko seemed to wink at me briefly, but then played the part of a stranger.

They took a table maybe 15-20 feet from me, where I could see, but not necessarily hear. With the music beginning to play hearing was out of the question anyway.

I looked at the guys in the crowd wondering or fearing who would ask my wife to dance or make a move on her or whose invite she would accept. It was fascinating sitting there, watching both ladies, attractive, sophisticated and sexy sitting sipping their drinks, and observing the crowd themselves. I tried to guess what my wife was thinking.

I watched in some infantile anger as a guy went to my wife’s table and obviously asked her to dance, even though my wife didn’t do anything unnatural when she smiled and accepted his offer. I felt momentarily betrayed. (I also remembered my promise.) She looked great. It seemed as if her breasts were going to pop out of her dress. Her suitor seemed eagerly impressed. I vaguely recalled seeing him in the bar the last week. He was one of the guys who my wife seemed to know.

When the song ended he walked her back to the table and left. Whew, that was ok!! Nori didn’t even give me a look. (Later she told me she had to pretend I wasn’t there.) Again I watched a couple of men approach their table and asked one of the women to dance, but were politely rejected (this was better.)

Until two guys walked in and Mila gave them a very friendly wave. They immediately came to the table and sat down. It seemed obvious that Mila knew both men and made the introductions. One man left, the other had intentions, if I judged correctly, of wanting to stay with Mila. My wife seemed a little distant, but then I realized she seemed to be looking at the crowd.

Then she seemed to fixate on something. I realized it was a male. She got up from the table and walked over to a man standing at the dance rail. She seemed glad to see him, touching his arm as they talked. I got my first surprise when I saw him offer her a cigarette and she accepted it (she rarely smokes). She took his arm and slowly guided him back to their table. As they talked and joked I ordered another drink, again perturbed but fascinated as well.

When they got up to dance those pangs returned. Even more so when a slow number came up next and he put his arms around her and she him. they seemed close, way too close (of course a mile would have been too close). He was rubbing the small of her back. She was smiling as they danced. When he snuck a kiss he took another a longer lingering kiss. When that happened I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Mila, by herself. She looked at me and asked how I felt,

I said, “How do you think?” She reminded me again that I had asked Nori to act naturally and that I would behave myself. She told me that my wife really enjoyed getting out, but she also loved me very much! Then Mila floored me with. “You have to understand your wife, Ray. She is natural with men. They like her, and well, she likes them. The man she is dancing with has made love to her before. I about choked on that.

“Mila,why are you telling me this?” She told me Nori wanted me to do so. If you want her to stop, go cut in. If you dont know, stay and think.

When Mila told me that a bomb exploded. I started to get up, but Mila firmly, for a small woman, guided me back to my chair. She told me she was joking. She told me Nori had mentioned the discussion we had, and Mila was sure I had some very strong interest in seeing my wife with another man not only dancing but sexually.

I was not mortified, but what to answer to this gal!! She told me Nori had mentioned she would get (Rick) to kiss her and Mila was to see. Nori didn’t believe Mila when she told her what she thought.

I finally told Mila I just didn’t know, I love my wife and certainly enjoy her. She asked me point blank if I got excited when I saw Noriko kiss. I said yes!

We actually left early as I pretended successfully to pick up my wife. This time Noriko was more direct with me about what I was wanting. At the same time I asked her if she had entertained thoughts like this. She told me she had on occasion been very curious.

I finally told her if she wanted to experiment she could. Believe me its wasn’t just a nod, it was quite a talk on ground rules. Whether I would be there, or she would go alone etc.

I asked her if she already had someone in mind. It hurt a bit when she told me she did. She told me she had met a man a couple of months ago at her job. He was attractive she said, intelligent, a little younger than she was and he had asked her out several times. She told me she would feel more comfortable the first time going out with him alone.

I asked her if she planned on having sexual relations with him. She was diplomatic and told me she really wasn’t sure if they’d even get along. and that I needed to be patient and understanding.

I finally agreed, even though it was a gut wrenching thing to do. I listened as she called Ron. The conversation was innocent even when she told him she would be free this coming Friday. It didn’t take a brain scientist to figure out he made the proper response and the date was set.

Forty-eight hours never passed so slowly. A mixture of anxiety, interest and jealousy would sweep over me. Nori seemed so natural about it. I think it was her way to keep me calm or at bay.

I was home as she got ready. I tried to make love to her while she was getting ready, but was rebuffed as she told me she didn’t have time. Ron was going to pick her up and she wanted to be ready. It drove me crazy watching the attention to detail she seemed to take, fixing her hair applying her makeup, putting on a sexy little dress. She laughed when I commented on that. She said “What do you want me to wear? A sack?” Would have been fine by me.

We had discussed earlier that I didn’t want to be here when Ron picked her up. I told her so she didn’t feel nervous I would be gone. That I would visit a friend in Portland and be back in the morning. She told me I didn’t have to do that, but I insisted.

I left just a few minutes before Ron got there, parking not quite around the corner. It offered me a view of the front yard and porch, I probably could have been spotted by Nori if she was looking.

Ron came driving up in a new Mercedes Benz, nice car. He got out. He looked to be in his late 20’s, tall, dark complexioned, good shape. Jeez made me feel great as I looked at my beer gut. I watched him go to the door then inside…my own heart was beating like crazy.

Luckily, they came out of the home reasonably quickly. She had her hand on his bicep, then he opened the door for her, great nice gentleman!! Then off they went….

I sat there for an hour. I didn’t really want to go see my friend in Portland. I had already nixed my idea about following them. I decided I would just go home. After all Nori had somewhat indicated for me not to worry, or that’s how I perceived it.

I decided to park the car around the block and just sit at home till she returned. I did make a couple of decisions. If they came home I could hide in my den. Besides, it gave me a good view of both our living room and family room, and if I got real nervous, I could leave by my den door. But again, while I was jealous, suddenly I had gotten relaxed about what was going on. So what my wife had gone out. She had never cheated on me (or so I thought). This was something new and we could stop if we (or I) wanted to.

I sat in my den, reading, though I was having to concentrate as my mind wandered through images that were carnal to passive. About 11pm I saw headlights and glanced out the window and saw “his” car. Good, I thought. They didn’t stay out late or….

I locked my den door though the view is still pretty good thanks to some faulty carpentry. I could hear extremely well, and as mentioned my view was pretty good. Believe me I felt like a pervert doing this!!

When they came in it seemed relaxed, my wife didn’t look like she had been mauled. Their conversation initially seemed like any other given the situation. She got him and herself a glass of wine, talked about various things. In fact I was getting bored to an extent.

Ron asked her why she called him. Her response, almost word for word, “I’ve been attracted to you since we met. I initially refused your offers, because I’m married, but the opportunity came up where I had time to go out and I wanted your company” He asked, “What about your husband?” She told him “Not to worry about that.”

He asked if he should be going as it was getting late. (I thought he should!!) Nori told him he could go if he wanted, though she would like it if he stayed even better. He told her he was extremely attracted to her and wasn’t sure if he could behave much longer. Then she not quite whispered, “Who said I wanted you to behave?”

“It’s not often I am here by myself.” He didn’t need any more encouraging. He moved close to my wife on the couch and they began to kiss. I heard her tell him,”You kiss very good. I will be good for you.” In minutes they were both naked. The cooing of lovers, heavy breathing, my wife’s nipples were fully extended. He was one hung guy. Her hand kept sliding up and down on his shaft as his own fingers played and pried her pussy, the wetter and wetter she obviously became.

“You have a nice big cock for your Asian whore?” “My husband is maybe half your size.” “Please fuck me. I need it!” for the next hour I listened and watched my, what I thought conservative, wife play whore, fucking him then sucking him and back to fucking. I even heard her tell him she had cheated on me twice before him. Once with a mutual friend and once with Mila’s husband!

The End

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