Slave Party

September 26, 2007 – 10:00 am

My slave hubby and I just attended the most exciting
spanking party ever. My pussy still tingles with the
memory of it.

It was at my girlfriend Sally’s mansion. Her slave is
ultra-rich and she controls him wonderfully.

The party was for both Masters and Mistresses and their
slaves (male and female). The only criteria: Everyone
had to be attractive (gorgeous women and handsome
sensuous men only).

We arrived at 7 as per the invitation, observing the
dress code. Mistresses and Masters were to wear sexy
black outfits; their slaves, white.

The invitation specifically read: “Dress to excite.”

I chose black thong bikini panties and a shorty
nightgown that buttoned in front – no bra (of course).

I made my hubby Joe wear tight white jockey shorts and
a white T-shirt saying (“She Slaps MY ass; I Kiss

I got a lot of smiles, laughs and compliments on that

I began getting hot from the very beginning of the
party. It was great foreplay in itself just walking
around looking the various outfits.

Most of the slaves were on leashes. Some had to crawl
on hands and knees. I allowed Joe to walk upright
because I’m very proud of the great bulge in his
underpants. He’s huge and I enjoyed seeing the envious
looks I got from some of the Mistresses and gay
Masters. Even the slaves were giving him the eye. He’s
lean, fit and sexy – the cutest, most spankable ass
you’ve ever seen. With his short blond hair, he looks
like a surfer. Some of the Masters were flirting with
me too, and that was nice.

As we led our slaves around, socializing, meeting each
other (slaves weren’t allowed to talk, of course), I
happened to notice a guy, clad in tight black
underpants and a black T-shirt that read:
“MasterSpanker.” He was dark, Italian by the look of
him. Strong and very sexy I must say. Like a
bodybuilder with black, hair and confident brown eyes
that looked fearlessly into those of whoever he spoke

He was very polite to the Mistresses and other Masters
– both gay and straight — but I could see a streak of
playful meanness in those eyes.

His slave was a beautiful blonde in a white teddy. I
took an instant dislike to her. She reminded me of a
rich, Little-Miss-Perfect cheerleader I knew in high
school who always got the guys and looked down on me.

For a quick moment, I entertained a fantasy of taking
her over my knee.

He led her on all fours on a leash and I must say his
masterful control of her excited me a little – even
though I’m all-dominant (nothing “switch” about me).

Our eyes met several times during the night.

At one point I cornered Sally and complimented her on
the party. “I’m already hot,” I told her. “And the
spanking hasn’t even started yet.”

She kissed me lightly on the cheek and giggled. “Don’t
be so sure,” she said. “Harold got a little surly with
me earlier and I had to discipline him a little.” She
turned to her athletic husband who stood beside her,
dressed in white undies. “Show Jeanne my handiwork,

Harold looked embarrassed. But I could see he was far
too well-trained to disobey. Reluctantly he turned
around and slid his jockeys down, exposing his
wonderfully smooth, tight buns.

“Lean forward and give her a good view,” Sally said.

Humiliated, he leaned forward, revealing a nice red
glow on his cheeks. Not quite blistered, but clearly,
she’d given him some stern attention.

Sally and I both laughed. “Wow,” I said. “He has a bee-
autiful ass and you’ve done a lovely job on it.”
(Harold’s face began to turn almost as red as his ass).

I noticed Joe, my husband looking away. I gave his butt
a playful slap with the leash and said, “What’s the
matter honey? You think it’s too mean of Sally to
paddle her guy and show him off to me? Do you identify
with him?”

I was enjoying this. I knew Sally was too. Slaves were
allowed to speak when they were spoken to. So he said,
“It looks like it hurts.”

Then I got a devilish idea. “Well why don’t you kiss it
and make it well?”

Sally laughed her delightfully dirty laugh.

Joe stared a me, incredulous. “Oh, come on Honey. You
wouldn’t make me do that,” he said.

I grabbed his ear and forced him to his knees. “How
dare you get insolent with me? Now, not only are you
going to kiss Harold’s ass. You’re going to get a tail-
warming of your own. Now kiss it!”

Sally made Harold lean over even further and we cheered
as I made Joe plant a kiss on each of the poor guy’s
reddened cheeks. So delightfully humiliating!

Some of the guests nearby got a kick out of it too.
They applauded and whistled.

I was already becoming the hit of the party.

I heard a great booming laugh behind me and turned to
see the sexy, dark “MasterSpanker.”

“That’s great!” he told me. “You have a terrific

Then he led his Britney Spears doggie away.

“Who is that hunk?” I asked Sally, enjoying the flush
of jealousy I knew I was setting off in Joe.

Sally told me his name was Brad and his poor honey was
called Debra.

I asked her if there was a private bedroom where I
could take Joe for his spanking.

Although we’d been to several spanking parties, I was
still a little shy about spanking Joe in front of
others. I enjoyed watching others getting spanked
though. I found it very erotic.

Sally pointed me to a bedroom at the end of a long
hall. “Give him a good one,” she said, kissing my
cheek. “And I want to see your masterpiece when it’s
finished. We can compare it to mine.

“Maybe we’ll make Harold return the kiss.”

I laughed heartily, I really admired Sally’s boldness.

As I led Joe toward the bedroom, I passed several other
rooms and noticed the spanking was already beginning.
Some of the doors were open and I could see inside.

In the first room, there were two couples – one gay;
one lesbian. Their slaves knelt on the bed side by
side, bare fannies up, with their panties/jockeys down
around their knees. The Master and Mistress stood
behind them, reddening their respective servants’ rear
ends. The Mistress was beautiful and so was her lesbian
slave. The Master was big and bearded, like a
lumberjack and his gay slave was slim and kind of

The Master and the Mistress both held paddles and were
taking turns. She would smack her woman. Then the
massive mountain man would hit his boy-toy’s rear with
a resounding SMAAACKKK.

The Master and Mistress were laughing together and
having a lot of fun. But their slaves were taking it
bravely. Not so much as a whimper.

Later I heard the Mistress and Master had made a bet:
The winner was the first one who could make his/her
slave “yelp” (make a noise like “ouch” or “ow”).

In the next room, two masters, dressed in cowboy hats
and chaps had their slaves on their

hands and knees and were astride them, riding them
around the room. One slave was a woman the other a man.
But for the purposes of this little game they were both
horses – a stud and a mare.

The guys rode them hard, making them “trot.” The woman
slave was a lovely model and I was surprised at her
strength in being able to carry the guy on her back
like that.

The male slave was very believable in the role of horse
(his huge penis hung a good 11 inches down as his
Master walloped him with a riding crop). It gave my
pussy a real tingle to see him handling that big-dicked
“pony” so masterfully. The Masters would call out
“giddy-up” and “Yee-Haw” having a wonderful time.

In fact all of it was getting me super-hot and really
in the mood to get Joe over my lap.

I led him into the bedroom and closed the door.

There were two double beds in the room, right next to
each other. I sat on one and made Joe slide his
underpants down and lie over my lap. I held his big
cock (which was always hard when he was near me)
between my thighs. That’s how I held him in place.

I can’t begin to tell you how hot it gets me – the
feeling of power of having my sexy man under my control
like this. It drives me absolutely out of my mind.

He’s a wonderful lover and knows how to use that “heavy
equipment” of his. There’s nothing like the orgasm I
have in our post-spanking love-making sessions.

I started as I always do, giving him a few slaps, then
rubbing my hand over his ass soothingly, then
continuing. If I pace myself and have the willpower to
resist making him fuck me long enough, I can keep
spanking him for as long as an hour or two like this –
bare hand to bare behind – getting turned on beyond

He jumps and twitches when I really smack him. I allow

But I’ve long since broken him of the habit of putting
his hands back to shield his buns, or trying to escape
off my lap.

Early on, he learned that if he doesn’t take it like a
man, I tie him up and paddle him with my favorite
kitchen spatula.

When I do that, I’m merciless!

So he takes my hand-spankings bravely.

When I’d been hand-spanking him for about 10 minutes
and his ass was just beginning to get that rosy glow I
love to see, I heard a rustling and the door opened.

I looked up, startled, and saw that guy Brad, the
MasterSpanker, and his cheerleader cutie Debra walk in.

Brad was as startled as I was.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said. “I thought the room was

Our eyes met and I must admit I flirted with him.

“That’s all right,” I said. “I should have locked the
door.” I could see him scanning my body, giving me the
once-over. And the already sizable bulge in the front of
those black pants seemed to expand a little.

“Looks like you’re doing a pretty good job on him,” He

“Why thank you Sir,” I said, batting my eyelashes like
a southern belle. It gave me a little shiver to know
how humiliated Joe must have been to have these two
strangers looking at his exposed red bottom.

“Debra here needs a little of the same,” Brad said.
“We’ll find another room.”

Now, as I say, I had never spanked Joe in front of
anyone before. I’d threatened too and teased him about
letting my friends watch. However, usually at these
parties, I’d get turned on watching others get spanked,
then apply my discipline to my husband in private.

So I don’t know what came over me. I was just so hot at
this point in the spanking. Plus, this man was so very
sexy, that I must have been a little out of my senses.

Something made me say: “Would you like to join us?”

Joe was stunned. He looked up at me. “No, Honey. It’s
too embarrassing,” he said.

I gave him a hard slap, right in the middle of his

“Who asked you?” I said. “You’ll stay right here and
you’ll apologize to our guest. Say, ‘I’m sorry Brad.
Please stay.'”

I couldn’t believe my own boldness. But he obeyed me.

Brad sat facing me on the bed opposite us and ordered
Debra onto his lap. Our knees were less than four feet

She lay over his strong legs and he slowly slid her
panties down, exposing a beautiful derriere.

Something made me say, “Wow, your slave really has a
nice ass. So creamy and white.”

She scowled at my impudence, but I didn’t care. She was
well in hand and couldn’t retaliate.

“Enjoy looking at that creaminess while you can,” Brad
said. “It’s not going to keep that paleness for long.”

And sure enough he began to turn it bright crimson.

Like me, he was a hand spanker. But he carried such an
impressive wallop that a belt or paddle would have been

I found myself trying to compete, hitting Joe harder
and harder. But it was no contest.

Still, there was a powerful undercurrent happening
between us. As we spanked our respective slaves, we
were flirting shamelessly.

And I found myself getting hotter by the moment.

Soon we were talking to each other and it was doubly
thrilling for me. Not only was I incredibly hot for
this guy. But knowing how jealous I was making my slave
hubby gave me an added rush.

I could feel Joe’s enormous dick getting harder. I knew
the idea of having a “rival” for me was working wonders
on him.

And I could see Debra was jealous of the vibes between
us too.

I don’t know what made me do it. But at one point,
between slaps, I said to Brad, teasingly, “Gee, it’s
hot in here. Do you mind if I undo my nightie a

“Why not at all,” he said, smiling. “You should be

Joe jerked his head up and looked at me. “Honey! What
are you saying?”

Again I slapped him a good one and said, “Shut up,

I undid the top button, continued spanking, then undid
the second. I could see Brad was loving my little

And Joe was getting more jealous and turned on.

Soon all the buttons were undone and my breasts were
completely exposed, standing up nicely if I do say so
myself, my nipples hard as diamonds.

Their firmness wasn’t lost on Brad. “Wow,” he said.
“What fantastic tits you have — so beautiful. I love
the way they stand up as you beat his ass. You are one
hot woman.”

Debra, whose poor fanny was red as a beet by this time.
Said: “Stop flirting with her.”

Brad gave her the hardest slap yet.

“Boy, you sure can hit,” I told him. “I wish I could
get Joe’s ass that red. I know it’s because you’re so
much stronger than I am, but still . . .”

“Not completely,” Brad said. “Would you mind a little
helpful critique of your technique?”

“Not at all,” I said.

He told me to extend my arm and raise my hand higher
into the air, and he demonstrated.

(Smackkkk down on Debra’s lovely cheerleader fanny!)

“The arc gives you more power,” he said.

I tried it and could feel the difference right away –
So could Joe, of course. My hand smacked his butt with
more force than I’d ever delivered before. “Yee-ouch!”
Joe said.

And Brad and I both laughed.

I don’t think I had ever been so hot. My new found
hitting power coupled with the strong attraction I was
feeling for this masterful stud and the sensation of
holding Joe’s big, rock-hard dick in place between my
legs was sending shivers all through me.

And I could see by the way Brad was eyeing my breasts
that he was getting turned on too.

We were… like, “partners in crime” I guess you could
say, feeling a strange bond.

Gradually, I became aware that this heightened erotic
state of passion was putting some new, sexy ideas in my

“Wow, this is such fun!” I told Brad. “I’ve never seen
Joe’s ass so red. Thanks a million for the tip.”

Brad smiled a devilish smile. “It could get redder,” he

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“Would you like to see it REALLY glow?” he said,

Somehow, I knew exactly what he was suggesting. “You
mean you think YOU could brighten it up?” I asked.

Brad nodded, and gestured to the MASTERSPANKER logo on
the front of his shirt. We both laughed.

“I guess something in me wants to show off for you,”
Brad said. “But yes. I think I could impress you with
the spanking I could give him. And I’d love to see you
spanking my honey here.”

Suddenly, both Joe and Debra at once jerked their heads
up to look at us incredulously.

“What?!” Joe asked.

“You wouldn’t let her spank me!” Debra said to Brad.

And instinctively we both landed an extra-hard slap on
their asses.

“Shut up!” we both said at the same time.

All at once there was nothing I wanted to do more than
to get that haughty little bitch across my lap – and
watch Brad give my Joe the tail-warming of his life.

“Shall we just make them trade places?” I asked Brad,
trembling with excitement.

“I’d like to try something else first,” he said.

Brad’s idea was much more creative. He made Joe and
Debra kneel on the bed — naked as jaybirds — right
next to each other, their heads down and their cute
bare asses up, exposed and vulnerable for us.

I enjoyed the rear-view of Joe’s big stiff dick and

And I could see that, despite her humiliation, Debra’s
pussy lips were moist and glistening.

Brad and I stood there awhile just looking at them.
Debra’s fanny was considerably redder than Joe’s. But
we had both done an excellent smacking job. It was a
turn-on seeing them together like that.

And so was seeing the massive bulge in the front of
Brad’s underpants. I was trying to figure out a sly way
to ask him to take them off for me when he looked at me
and said, “I bet the crotch of your panties is soaked.
Wouldn’t you be more comfortable taking them off?”

I slid out of them quickly and faced Brad, my shortie
button nightie undone, my breasts exposed, and proudly
showed my body off to him. I even turned slowly to give
him a good look at my bare ass.

Then I turned and faced him again.

“Looks like that big dick of yours is straining to get
loose,” I said. “Maybe you’d be more comfortable
stepping out of your shorts.”

We both laughed as Brad took his black jockeys off,
exposing his huge cock. Between the two men, it’s hard
to say which guy had the larger penis. But believe me I
was very pleased with the view – Double vision!

As all this was going on, the slaves were seething with
jealousy, stealing looks back at us.

Finally we got on with the spanking. I stood behind
Debra and Brad stood behind Joe. We

spanked them with both hands, alternating left right.

It was thrilling to feel my palms stinging that stuck-
up little bitch’s ass.

And it was doubly thrilling to watch what Brad was
doing to my hubby’s poor bottom. Man! His powerful arms
extended fully over his shoulders and each smack
sounded like a firecracker going off.

Joe started wriggling, moving his ass around trying to
avoid the slaps. I know it was mean of me, but the
sight of him squirming his bottom around like that
aroused me and I couldn’t resist teasing him. I spoke
to Brad and said, “I think your little doggie likes
you. Look at how he’s wagging his tail for you.”

Brad laughed. “Yeah.” He commanded Joe. “Wag that tail
for me.”

He hit him several super hard slaps and, indeed, poor
Joe did exaggerate his fruitless efforts to avoid the
smacks by “wagging his tail even harder.”

In spite of my self I giggled like a schoolgirl. “Good
doggie,” I teased.

Brad laughed to and told him: “Let me hear you bark for

Joe was humiliated. But he was not about to disobey.
“Arf! Arf!” he said.

Brad and I nearly fell down laughing.

Several times Joe tried to escape, attempting to crawl
over the other side of the bed. But each time, Brad’s
strong hands seized him by the waist and pulled him
back, effortlessly.

I can’t explain why the sight of that – and the
spanking he was giving him got me so hot. But it did.

I kept teasing Debra as I spanked her. “Bet you never
thought you’d have a woman spanking your ass in front
of your master tonight did you?” I asked her.

When she hesitated to answer, I gave her an extra-hard
swat. “DID YOU!!??” I repeated.

“No,” she said.

“That’s a good girl,” I said and impulsively “rewarded”
her by gently rubbing her pussy. I was amazed to feel
how wet it was. I knew she was humiliated and turned on
too. So I kept alternating between hard slaps to her
ass and sensual strokes of her cunt.

Finally we decided to take them over our laps.

Brad and I took our places on the bed again – the same
position we were in before, but this time sans undies.

Brad made Joe lie nude across his knees, and red-faced
Debra lay across mine.

We spanked them for about half an hour. And when our
hands were tired, true to his promise, Brad had
“painted” Joe’s bottom the darkest shade of red I’d
ever seen – I mean STOP SIGN red.

And speaking of red, Debra’s face was nearly as red as
Joe’s ass. I had continued teasing her, asking her
embarrassing questions like, “How do you like the way
my tits are turning your man on?” and “How to you like
seeing the job your master is doing on my guy?”

If she hesitated to answer, I’d whap her extra hard.

When she’d say, “It makes me jealous,” I’d reward her
for her honesty by stroking her pussy.

She actually came several times – nice shuddering
climaxes that made me tingle as well.

When we finished, Brad and I rewarded the slaves for
submitting to us. We found some soothing lotion in a bureau
drawer and allowed Debra lay on her tummy on the bed as
Joe gently applied the lotions to her stinging fanny.

Then, Joe lay across the bed and Debra rubbed it on

“Don’t pretend it doesn’t turn you on, to massage my
slaves ass,” I said to Debra.

She blushed, proving me right.

Brad chimed in: “That dick of your is pretty hard,
buddy,: he said to Joe. “I think you like my slave
soothing your ass.”

To cap the evening off I did what I’d been longing to
do all night:

We made Joe and Debra get up and stand – one on each
side of the bed — and watch, burning with jealousy, as
I lay on the bed, naked, with Brad and we made out like
hot teenagers. I jacked his immense cock as we kissed,
and complimented him, loud enough for Joe and Debra to
hear: “Thanks for the powerful spanking you gave my
husband. You got me so hot.”

He kissed me passionately and massaged my nipples. “It
was my pleasure,” he said. “Looking at these marvelous
tits gave me inspiration.”

Then, rubbing my sopping wet pussy he added: “And thank
YOU for spanking Debra for me. It was great seeing her
in such good hands.”

Then we got up, and all of us put our outfits back on.

We led our slaves back out into the party, knowing we’d
shared one of the hottest nights of our lives.


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