Good For The Gander

August 24, 2013 – 6:44 am

This story is based on a true story. While the detail is filled in by the author, the basic story was the story of my current wife’s life with her first husband. I met my wife in the retirement community where we both lived. She told me the story shortly before we married.

Captain Jim Stulin sat erect in his summer dress uniform. His staid, non-committal expression betrayed none of his thoughts as he faced the small group of well-wishers from behind the speaker on the small stage. He was retiring from Naval service after 26 years and this was to be his last hurrah. It needn’t have been this way, Capt. Stulin had a brilliant professional career and he most surely would have been promoted to flag rank except for those two letters of reprimand. “Damn,” he thought.

The speaker at the podium in front continued with his farewell speech. To the Captain’s right, on the stage sat Julie Stulin. Julie had been a dutiful captain’s wife for twenty six years. She, like the Captain, had aged slowly and her features and figure were that of a much younger woman. She had kept a neat home, raised their two sons to adulthood and managed her husbands navy social life with little assistance from the Captain. . . he had been a poor helpmate and offered little to their marriage. She had performed admirably on all counts and was well respected in their navy community.

As she sat, apparently stoic, her mind was engrossed in her own thoughts. She half-listened to the speaker talk about her husband’s career and graduation from the Naval Academy; then, duty in San Diego. It was reveries of those years occupied her mind. She had married Jim when she was only nineteen and a virgin. She had loved him then and the memory of the passion of that young love brought pleasure even now. She had married a navy officer in the manner of her mother and her grandmother and thought she knew what the life entailed. How little she really knew, she thought

Julie had endured those first years of Jim’s sea duty and made a home. She bore two sons and no woman ever made more passionate love to her man than she had done when he returned from a cruise. It was the life of a navy wife and she accepted it.

Jim Stulin was also engrossed in reverie as the speaker droned on. He might have withstood the negative impact of the first letter of reprimand…it had been over twenty years ago and the woman, the wife of an enlisted man, had been so available. It had been an exciting affair and when it was reported to his superiors he had been told to cease and desist immediately. Of course, he had not…hence the letter of reprimand. Fortunately, he thought, Julie never knew.”

But Julie did know…every officer’s wife in San Diego knew. She was a wife with two children and she remained a dutiful wife and mother. In fact, she had endured several more affairs that her husband undertaken. After that first affair, life for Julie changed. There was the fact of the betrayal…something she couldn’t forgive! There were her responsibilities – her sons and her household. Then, she was also a navy wife. She chose to ignore her husband’s infidelities and maintain a respectable family. The joy left her marriage and she endured…even sex with her husband when he demanded it. He hadn’t demanded it in over ten years.

It was that second letter of reprimand that had driven her to a decision. It had begun when Jim went to visit his Annapolis classmate in the hospital, terminally ill with cancer. There he found Captain Jack Matlin in the act of dying and the Captain’s wife, Annie, at his side. On the second visit, Annie had left the hospital with him…directly to a cheap motel where they satisfied their most carnal appetites. After that it had become a daily thing. Of course, Annie’s husband didn’t die, at least not until he spoke to Jim’s superiors about putting a stop to the affair. Julie had known Annie casually and might have forgiven her but she could never forgive her husband.

Captain Jim Stulin was thinking of the same matter, God! It’s fortunate that Julie never found out. He recalled the affair and wondered why he had gotten involved with an older woman. She was good in bed, he reckoned.

As Julie carried on the duties that were required of her she took satisfaction in doing them well. Her interest in community affairs was well known. She had raised two sons to adulthood where they had become outstanding citizens. Her household was immaculate and always warm and comfortable as a spirit of peace was always present. In all this there was no joy for Julie.

Over the years, Julie had formulated a plan. She became an example of a faithful and dutiful wife in the face of the ugly rumors that Jim’s antics seemed to generate. From the household funds she began to invest in her own, very private account. She knew that when Jim retired, half his retired pay was hers and no one would ever know about her private nest egg. Then, after he retired, the kids were grown and she was released from the duties of a navy wife…then she would have her day!

So Jim’s retirement program ended and there were the customary duties after which Jim left immediately for a drink with his buddies. Julie, on the other hand, stayed and made a gracious departure after all the guests had left. Then, it was time to put her plan into effect.

She went home, showered, primped, and changed into a nicely tailored, red, suit with mini-skirt and white blouse. Black hose were supported by a red lacy garter belt. With the red heels, she was ready and made a final appraisal in the mirror. Suddenly she felt alive, excited and life had become more vivid than she had seen it in years. In the pit of her stomach she felt a tinge of fear. Then, out the door.

She walked the several blocks to the CPO club, attracting much attention as she knew she would in her present attire. At the club she went directly to the bar where she knew Master Chief Doug Whidle would soon appear. When the entered the bar he was doing what he had every Friday afternoon for the past two years. He would normally stay for a couple of drinks and leave for other activities. Doug was well known for his love of women. He had never married but he had known hundreds. His expertise as a lover was often discussed in navy circles.

This Friday evening would be different and Doug would soon change his plans. As his eyes adjusted to the darkened room he espied the woman in red at the bar…ten minutes later Doug and Julie were a couple at the bar. Their cozy behavior was duly noted by several people who knew both Doug and Julie.

An hour later the couple were walking the two blocks from the CPO Club to MCPO Doug Whidle’s quarters and again, their behavior was duly noted by several who passed. Julie remained tense and alert as she made as public a demonstration as she could…word would soon be spreading!

At the Quarters, Doug had made his personal bedroom a guest room and saved the master bedroom for just such occasions as they were approaching. The spacious living room was tastefully furnished. It was into this living room that Doug and Julie entered.

As they approached the MCPO’s quarters, Julie was satisfied that she had succeeded in part one of her plan. She was sure that she had been sufficiently seen to start the tongues wagging. Her husband would know shortly. Cuckolded at last!

Part two was about to commence and the fear in the pit of her stomach was now strong. She was tense and subject to involuntary nervous tremors. She was determined to have sex with this man walking with her and as equally determined to enjoy it. But, what if she didn’t, she thought!

At the door to the quarters, they hesitated only long enough for Doug to place his key in the lock and open the door. Each was quiet as they contemplated the next move. Doug had seen many women through this same door – some were expert lovers, some were not! How would he approach this one?

Julie’s resolve had begun to waiver at the door and she fought the impulse to cut and run. Then, as her fortitude returned, she stepped in front of Doug and entered the living room. Once inside she stood, awkwardly awaiting the next move. The ugly knots in her stomach grew stronger.

When Doug had entered behind her she felt him close as his mouth and lips brushed her neck and his hot breath made a gentle zephyr in her ear. It was when he placed his arms around her waist from behind that he felt the nervous tremors and stopped his activity.

Finally he stepped back a step and said, “Why are we here?” The silence told him nothing as he waited. “I want to be with you but it’s been a long time. Be gentle with me!!” she finally responded. Doug was astonished. “Why me?” he asked. “They say you’re the best,” she replied.

Doug was momentarily shocked. He had never been referred to in that manner before. My God!, At least she’s direct, he thought and said nothing. Then, he took her by the hand and led her into the living room as though she were a casual visitor. He asked if he might take her suit coat as she appeared flushed, perhaps overly warm. “Thanks,” she said as she removed her coat and watched Doug hang both his and hers in the closet. The ugly knots in her stomach has not abated. They sat.

“Hungry?” Doug asked and Julie accompanied him to the kitchen where they worked together to make pasta and a salad. Dinner was pleasant and the knots in Julie’s stomach soon dissipated.

Perhaps this would work out yet, she thought but when the dishes were cleared and decision time approached her old apprehensions returned.

Doug had studied Julie carefully and was quick to note her apprehensions as they returned after dinner. He planned his moves carefully.

“Have you ever had a good massage?” he asked and Julie responded that she’d never had a massage. “I give a good massage,” Doug continued. As he said this he noted a hint of approval in her manner and he reached for her hand. “Come, let me show you my quarters.” he continued. Julie followed willingly, perhaps even eagerly.

At the master bedroom Julie noted a king sized bed and period furniture with subdued lighting and music coming from a Hifi hidden in the room. The room was immaculate, decorated in bold red and black colors with a matching bed cover…a man’s room. So this was where it was going to happen, thought Julie as she surveyed the room. Somehow knowing the particulars seemed to ease her mind.

Doug kept this room strictly for his special guests; preferring to live in a more modest guest room. He kept the room ready, stocked with all the amenities that might be handy for his purpose. As they entered the room, Doug said, “Are you about ready for that massage?” and seeing approval, he suggested, “Take off your blouse and lay face down on the bed.”

Doug waited a few seconds as Julie considered the ramifications of this act; then, went to the drawer for the scented oils. When he returned She was lying just as he had instructed and he immediately proceeded to massage her neck and shoulders.

Julie wasn’t sure just when the seduction started. Perhaps it was when Doug placed his oily hands on her shoulders. More likely it was when he began to whisper nice compliments on her beautiful body, the smell of her shampoo and her breath. Perhaps it was when he kissed her softly on the neck and blew his breath in her ear. Certainly, it had happened before he asked her to remove her bra.

Even more unclear was when she began to react to his ministrations. She remembered hesitating when he suggested she remove her bra. He had made provisions for her to remain face down during the procedure so that she would not have to expose her breasts and she, on impulse, had raised into a sitting position and showed herself completely to him. Doug had looked, a look of undisguised approval. When he said, “Beautiful,” she remembered the warm flush that engulfed her.

When he asked her to remove her lower clothing, he provided a towel to cover her buttocks and she was nude as she lay enjoying the gentle ministrations of Doug’s massage. “He said he was good,” she remembered. As he had massaged her legs, he worked rather methodically up each leg, stopping well before the towel and Julie began to wish he would move closer to her “Y” where she was beginning to lubricate.

“Turn over,” Doug said and she did, sitting up and reaching for the buttons on his shirt. The shirt and trousers were gone in an instant and Julie’s mind was ready for the final act. It was not to be however. Laying on her back now, she felt Doug’s hands gently massaging her arms and shoulders.

It was when his hands reached her breasts that Julie was fully into their play. When he kissed her breasts she responded with the body language of a wanton woman. As he slid farther up her body their lips met and their tongues began their dance of fire, their passions ignited into a flame of lust..

Doug re-appraised the situation and was satisfied. Julie was hot. Still, experience told him that she was capable of even greater passion. He continued his ministrations.

When Julie felt him massaging and kissing up her inner thigh she suddenly realized what his next move would be. She had never been eaten before! “How should she react?” She needn’t have worried because the suppressed scream when Doug’s thumbs spread her outer labia to permit his lips access to the entrance to her vagina told it all. She was wild now…totally into the act being performed upon her.

Julie had never, in her entire life, been so totally turned on. Perhaps it was the licking. Maybe it was the excitement of doing it with a stranger. She only knew that she needed to be penetrated.

It was then that two fingers entered her vagina and proceeded to frigg her as a mouth laved her clit.

Then, she felt the beginning of a powerful climax. This wasn’t supposed to happen yet! She had never experienced a multiple climax and was sure that what was about to happen would end their action. Unable to resist, it hit her like a thunderbolt and Julie was barely conscious of anything except the powerful surge of lust that engulfed her body.

A minute later, Doug fumbled for a moment before moving over her; then, Julie felt herself being penetrated. She quickly adjusted to allow Doug’s massive penis to move more freely into her. Her mind had cleared somewhat after her climax and she worked to please her lover not realizing that she was setting herself up for another climax. As Doug bottomed out and waited for their bodies to adjust, the second thunderbolt struck Julie. “This can’t be,” she thought, “I’ve already had mine.” The second was even stronger than the first.

When Dough began to thrust, slowly at first, he felt Julie respond and the thrusting and counter-thrusting fell into a steady rhythm giving Julie’s mind time to clear. In and out, up and down, the thrusting continued and Doug was utilizing every bit of his ability to make it good.

Doug moved slowly, attempting to stay his steadily growing lust. Beneath him, in the missionary position, his lover was experiencing yet another orgasm and he varied his pace slightly to accommodate her feelings.

Julie had lost count…four, no five, perhaps six! She was into feelings so strong that she could not have imagined them only minutes before. Then, she sensed it! Doug’s penetrations were deeper and more pronounced. He was breathing more heavily and he was going to come! She braced herself for Doug’s final moment and was taken by another thunderbolt…an orgasm more intense than any of the previous.

When she felt the pulsing of Doug unloading his heavily laden balls, she waited for the feeling of hot semen in her vagina, but such was not to happen. It was somewhat later when Doug withdrew that she saw the condom.

After the usual showers and primping, the two recent lovers addressed each other. “When will I see you again? Doug asked. “Not likely soon,” was her reply. “You got what you wanted and I got what I came for.” Then realizing that she had been rather cold she continued, “Your reputation is well deserved. I’ve never been fucked nearly as well before.”

Later, as Julie emerged from Doug’s quarter the morning sun was approaching mid-day. She walked the two miles to her own lodging, enjoying the vivid images and bright colors around her. She felt young again.

As she entered her house, Captain Jim Stulin, her husband, addressed her in a rage. “Where the hell have you been all night?” he shouted. “You been fucking that Chief, haven’t you?”

“What’s sauce for the goose….” she replied.

The End

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